This summer Lily at the age of ten had just started to become more like a women with the presence of small breasts. Her Dad noticed also as many times around her , his eyes would wander and he would feel his dick get hard. He wanted her very badly as the days went by. One night a few hours after Lily went to bed, he went to her door. He heard the slight snoring from within and knew she was fast asleep, with his dick hard, he opened her door and slipped inside. His eyes feast upon her small form as she lays tangled in the bed sheets with the nightgown she wears bunched up by her thighs, showing a bit of yellow panties underneath. He can not help himself but to softly touch her soft thigh as he lets out a small moan. He moves over his little girl and places his forearm against her throat so she can still breath , but not enough to scream. As he puts pressure down slowly, his free hand lifts the tangled nightgown from her small body, pulling up to expose the new breasts budding with their perfect pink nipples. His hard cock bulges at the seams of his jeans as his eyes feast upon the little one before him. He starts to rub along the nipples as they respond by hardening under his touch. Lily's eyes flutter open sleepily as she looks to him, *Daddy?* He looks down at her with love in his icy blue eyes.... *Shh baby girl... Daddy is not going to hurt you... am just going to feel a bit....... it will be alright, just be a good girl and stay still for Daddy.* She tries to stay still as his rough hands move over her small form, pulling and pinching her nipples as she can not help but for her body to respond as they stiffen under his fingertips. She feels all sorts of strange sensations run throughout her body . He holds her down a bit more as he slides down her body and starts to rub outside her panties, feeling the sweet folds just underneath. He gets more and more anxious as he pulls the panties from her hips as her young, bare pussy becomes exposed to him. * Oh my baby girl, look what a pretty girl you are.... you are going to be a good girl for Daddy aren't you? Going to be Daddy's special little girl.* He trails his finger over the flower-like lips and flicks along her small clitoris as he makes it start to harden with his fingertips. He brings his finger up to taste his little girl, * mmmmmm and so tasty to.* He dips his wet finger down along her slit as he starts to enter her little hole. Lily starts to cry out as it becomes painful for her to endure. She starts to wiggle and squirm under her Daddy as his finger starts to probe within her tight little pussy. He feels her move under his arm as he just presses down harder to make her quit fighting. He feels the tightness inside as he moans a bit, his fingers come to her hymen as he starts to push against it. He looks down at her as he presses down on her throat and in one quick thrust he pushes his finger deep inside her as he tears apart her hymen a bit roughly. She cries out as much as she can muster and comes out as a tiny squawk of noise, barely heard as she feels deep pain begin to spread from between her legs. He pulls out his hard cock as he looks down and see that a few droplets of blood seeped from her hole as he finger his little girl and strokes his very hard cock. Lily glances over as her eyes widen in fear at the sight of her Daddy's engorged and uncut cock. Watching as his hand slides up and down it, feeling his finger inside her as she gets scared knowing what is next. He moves over her as he must have her now, his desire takes over as he mounts the small girl. He kicks apart her legs with his knee as he slides his cock along her wet hole, dipping the tip in as his need grows. Lily tries to cry out, but manages a mere whimper, but Daddy pays no attention to that single sound as he pushes his hard, long cock into his sweet lil girl's hole. Inch by inch he moves inside her as he can not believe how very tight she feels. He gasps in delight as he bucks into the velvety walls, opening her up for his length as he plunges in every inch. He starts to rub her little clit with his thumb as he fucks his little girl,feeling it harden and swell. * You will learn to cum for Daddy little one.* The sensations rush through her body as she feels her body react,unsure of what is going on, her body cums quickly.She cries out softly beneath her Daddy as she is helpless to do anything but lay there and wait for him to finish as her eyes close, hoping its just a bad dream. He fucks his little girl without mercy as he feels his need surmount, hips bucking wildly as he squirts his seed deep inside her. He falls upon her as he is now spent, * Good girl, such a good girl for Daddy, you made Daddy very happy tonight. Daddy wants to make you his special girl, so he will come every night and teach you to like it to.* Lily utters a soft cry as a tear slips from her eyes, as he pulls out of tight little hole, removing his arm from her throat and slips out of her room. She curls up as small as she can get, knowing he will come again.

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2008-12-02 16:45:02
why the fuck do you read it cunt is dripping....

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2008-09-04 22:30:56
I do hope you are getting therapy you sick bastard


2008-08-02 01:49:32
My pussy just got so wet


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this was the most awfull storie i have ever read


2008-06-28 19:26:15
I liked it very much (keep up the good work)

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