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My eyes popped open as I heard the chiming of my doorbell. I sat straight up in bed and wondered "who the hell would be here this early?" I jumped out of bed, stepped into my slippers and slowly made my way to my bedroom window. Unfortunatly i couldnt see anything ouside and, then made my way down the hall to peek out the front door. My heart was pounding in my ears, as I walked towards the door, wondering who was here. I was very tired, and was kind of pissed that i wasnt sleeping by now. But when i saw who was on the other side of the door my mind completely changed.

It was him...the man fantasize about, the man i had just masterbated to earlier. I opened the door and asked him what he was doing over this early. "I had to see you, I have to talk to you, and i knew your husband would be at work now", I let him in and we sat down on the couch to talk. He looked amazing even tho he only had on a pair of jeans and a t shirt. His smell was so intoxicating, I could feel myself getting wet with just the sight of him. His eyes looked me up and down, and it was then i realized that i was only wearing a tank top and panties. I quickly jumped up to head down the hall to my bedroom for my robe. But as i was reaching for it by my bed, I felt somone enter the room. I turned around and there he was, staring at me. "dont put anything on, you look sexy" He said to me with his eyes sparkling under the dim lights that shone in my bedroom. He reached out for my hand and we sat down on the edge of the bed. "now what do you want to talk about sweetheart", I said in my sweetest voice. " I cant stop thinking about you.." "I know your married, but all i think about is you and I want you so bad". i couldnt believe my ears! The man i had wanted for so long was in my bedroom telling me he wanted me just as much.

He was holding my hand and looking deep into my eyes, waiting for a response. "I feel the same way", i said to him, with tears stinging under my eyelids, "I think of you all day and all night", "I was actually thinking of you earlier, while i was bathing", I could feel my cheeks burning to a shade of crimson as i said the words. I bowed my head in embarrasement, and he took his hand and lifted it back up to look at him and said, "there is nothing to be ashamed of," " i think of you the same way, LOTS of times" He brought his lips to mine and the feeling of finally kissing the man i had thought of so long shook my body into instant orgasm. I bit down on his bottom lip and moaned as i soaked my panties with cum. he looked at me and smiled and shook his head a bit," I didnt know you wanted me that much". "yes", I said "i have always wanted you that much" We sat there for a while longer and kissed each other and let our hands explore each others bodys. His body felt so good next to mine, and his hands touched every part of my body. He slowly lifted my tank top over my head exposing my breasts, and lowered his head to kiss my nipples. I felt him gently bite my erect nipples a moment later and my back arched with pleasure. He got down in the floor and pulled my panties down and over my feet. He lifted my feet and kissed them, all over, and then took my toes into his mouth and sucked them softly and then rougher. My pussy juices were floating down my thighs and my head was thrown back in pleasure. His mouth slowly worked its way up my legs and he kissed and sucked the whole way. His breath on me was hot, and it made me wetter, and when he reached my wet pussy I thought i would faint. His mouth covered my cunt and his tongue licked all over my clit. It was everything i had ever wanted, this perfect man with his perfect face buried deep into my wet pussy. His tongue ring played with my clit and my body started to shake as I came all over his face. His mouth opened and caught my juices when i squirted all over him. He kissed my pussy once more and stood up and got undressed. His body was amazing. Dark skin, with muscles on top of muscles covering his arms and chest. When his pants were down, I got down on my knees and took his cock into my mouth and began to suck it. My mouth quickly engulfed his cock, and I took my tongue and played with his dick while it was in my mouth. I could tell he liked what I was doing and I sucked harder, and played with his balls with one of my free hands. I could taste the precum coming out of his cock, and i sucked it all into my mouth. It tasted salty, only a little bitter, but i loved it. He grabbed the back of my hair and pounded my head onto his cock harder and harder. I was enjoying every minute of sucking his giant cock, and came all over the floor as his dick was shoved deeper into my throat.

He pulled me to my feet when he had had enouph of me sucking him. He threw me down on the bed and climed on top of me. His hands grabbed my breasts and he pinched my nipples until it hurt a little. I didnt care though, I like it rough. I grabbed his face and kissed him deep, and shoved my tongue into his mouth and danced it with his tongue with passion and intesity. He put his hand behind my neck and rubbed the head of his cock against my swollen cllit. I screamed as tingles ran up my spine. "fuck me", I said to him, and he shook his head "not yet...not until your ready for it". He ran a finger into my pussy and finger fucked me deep. his hands were huge, and my pussy gave resistance to him trying to put another finger in. he rubbed his finger around my pussy to get it wet and tried to insert them again. This time they went in, but my pussy was tight and it hurt a little. He took his fingers in and out of me a few times until my body adjusted and I knew i could take him now. He rubbed his cock against my pussy again and this time entered me, slowly. "AH, OH YEAH BABY", i moaned into his ear when i felt his cock inside of me. He slowly thrusted in and out, with his thumb rubbing my clit. "OH OH ...IM CUMMING!!!!", i screamed as my pussy exploded and I came all over his dick. He took his cock out of me and pushed his fingers back into my pussy and then licked the juices off his fingers. He lifted me up and put me on my side, lifted my leg and held it while he entered me again. He felt amazing. With every thrust I could feel myself falling deeper and deeper into exctasy. He was the most amazing man I had ever known. I had fantasized about this for so long and now it was happening,I just couldn't understand how I could get so lucky. His huge cock felt so amazing inside of my hot wet cunt, but I wanted him to fuck me harder. I screamed for him to fuck me deper and harder and he listened. He grabbed my hips and plunged his cock all the way into me and I shuddered as I felt my body rising to climax. My pussy juices erupted onto his cock and he picked me up and slammed me into the wall. I wrapped my thighs around his waist and buried my head into his neck as I bounced up and down onto him. His hands grabbed my ass and squeezed hard and it felt so fucking amazing. He kissed me deep and I felt his body start to shake as he threw his head back and came inside of my cunt. The heat of his cum drove me into orgasm and we just held each other and came together. When our orgasms subsided we lie on the bed together and just held each other until we fell asleep. It was at that moment that I awoke. It had all been a dream, a realistic dream, but a dream none the less. I was sweating and was lying in a piddle of my own pussy juice. I covered my head with the pillow and be continued....

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To those of u that think this story is stupid and isn't a real story...I suggest that u read part one before u type ur opinion...thanks


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no story to it... not even a name

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