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To be continued
At the beginning of the journey Jasmine only had thoughts for her appearance at her forthcoming interview. She looked upon it as her first step on the ladder to a successful career in the television media. The agency had advised her to be as relaxed as possible, both in her dress sense and her manner. Nonetheless she was nervous.

It was her first trip to Birmingham and she had memorized the direction details to the final dot. She boarded the train and made her way to her reserved seat in the first class compartment next to the buffet. There was only one mature man facing her and an elderly couple sitting on the other side of the carriage.

As she settled down she made a mental note of how she appeared. Wearing a sheer white silk blouse, which contrasted so well against her light brown skin she felt confident that she looked confident. With a matching short white skirt and brown 3 inch heeled shoes she knew she would turn heads when she got to the Pebble Mill studios.

After the train started the 90 minute journey she suddenly felt unprepared as she hadn’t bought a newspaper to read on the way. She nervously glanced at the man sitting opposite and wondered if she would have the nerve to ask him if she could read one of the 3 newspapers that he had brought with him.

She looked at him studiously as he was casually reading the Daily Mail. In her estimation he might be in his late forties and appeared to be a city type, maybe a banker. His black blazer and what appeared to be a university tie indicated that he was educated and in a senior position.

While she was looking at him in an effort to build up the coruage to ask to read one of his newspapers she suddenly became aware that he was looking over the top of the paper at her too. This made her smile and quickly turn her head to look out of the window. He lowered the paper and spoke in a soft, yet firm voice.

“Excuse me but I notice you don’t have anything to read. You can have this paper if you want. I don’t think the financial times would be of interest to you.”

Jasmine apologized as she accepted his offer. He smiled as he passed the the Mail. She soon hid her face behind but her mind was blank as she looked through that days news. His voice had triggered something in her that caught her totally unaware. It might have been that he was a stranger yet he had been so in command she was aware that he had passed her the paper without her confirming that she wanted it. Just as she was clearing her mind and actually immersing herself in the television section she heard his unmistakable voice again as he leaned towards her.

“ I must say I couldn’t help but notice your lovely skirt and blouse but don’t you feel the cold, or should I feel flattered that your nipples are hard.”

Jasmine was speechless. Until he had told her she hadn’t realized that indeed her nipples were erect, made all the more obvious by the silk fabric of the blouse. What shocked her even more was that she didn’t protest at his self assuredness. She quickly glanced across and saw that the elderly couple were in their own world and hadn’t heard or noticed a thing.

Rather than raise to the bait of his talk she just lifted the newspaper up so that she couldn’t see his face. She looked at the paper for five minutes without reading a word. Inwardly she was cursing because her nipples were still hard and she knew that if she lowered the paper he would see them.

Just as she was thinking of standing up and walking to the buffet car she could feel something touching her foot. Leaning back a little she looked down and saw his right foot, without a shoe on gently caressing her left foot. She wanted to move her foot away but it was as if it was filled with lead. Almost like a hypnotists subject she just kept her foot firmly in place. Her mouth was dry.

Slowly the strangers foot moved up over her ankle and she was transfixed as she saw it creeping up her leg. Almost in shock she realized that her skirt was so short it had ridden up a little as she had sat and was now above her knee. She knew that the foot would continue rising if she didn’t do anything. Again she looked across at the couple and they were oblivious of this encroachment on her person.

As the foot neared her knee she determined to close the door shut but as she looked down her legs opened. Not only were her nipples harder than ever but she felt that little tingle that told her she was gushing. She had no control over it as she opened her legs even wider.

She couldn’t bear to watch any more and closed her eyes as she felt his toe sliding up her inner thigh. She bit her bottom lip and inside she cursed him as she knew it would have to stop now. But it never. Her heart was pounding as she felt his soft yet strong foot get to within three inches of her soaking thong.
Just then, as if snapping out of a dream his foot disappeared. Quickly shaking her head she lowered to paper and saw him smiling. Their eyes met and she could have held that for an hour the way she felt. He thought otherwise though as he whispered.

“I think you need to go to the little room. Let me show you were it is.”

With this he stood up and like a lamb to the slaughter Jasmine stood too. As she followed him past the buffet carriage she prayed that he was just going to stand guard outside. Her legs were wobbling as she approached him while he held the door open just like a doorman.

She went inside and made no attempt to turn around to close the door. She knew he would do that. Her heart was beating so hard she could hear it.

His strong hands landed on her shoulders and twirled her around. Their eyes were locked as he lowered himself to his knees. Jasmine had no idea what to expect and didn’t protest as he firmly lifted her skirt to her waist. With no further ado he buried his face between her legs.

His tongue felt like a snake as it weaved its way around her thong and danced with her clitoris. She felt even more turned on when she heard the slurping sounds as he lapped up her juices. She gave up counting after her third orgasm.

Suddenly he stood up and started kissing her. She felt so turned on to be tasting her own juices around his lips and on his tongue. He held her tightly and she could feel his very aroused manhood pressing against her stomach. Inwardly she began to panic. It was obvious he wouldn’t use a condom and she wasn’t on the pill. Just as she expected him to unzip himself and invade her tight wet vagina his hands were once again on her shoulders. This time forcing her down to her knees.

She didn’t need any instructions as she knew what he expected so she quickly unleashed his very hot, very hard penis. Her eager mouth enveloped the head straight away and he began slowly sliding it between her soft lips. Her tongue tried to lick all around it as he built up the speed. Within a minute she felt it expand, which is a sure sign he was about to ejaculate. She had only ever had oral sex with one other man before and had never swallowed a drop. She was in such ecstacy she was prepared to change the rules this time and swallow all of it.

However just as she was preparing to taste his sperm he yanked her head back, gripping her hair very tightly. He shot his load all over her face. She closed her eyes as she felt it cool down very quickly as it slid from her eyes down over her cheeks. Just then she could feel him using his cock like a palette knife to spread it all over her face.

She was so tempted to lick off what she could from around her mouth but because he had pulled it out himself she thought that he might not want that to happen. She felt so vulnerable as he still had her hair firmly in his grip which, although it was painful it also gave her pleasure.

Then, out of nowhere she heard his voice.

“I think that you should wash your face before you return to your seat.”

And with that he was gone. She never even had chance to open her eyes before she was aware of the door closing as he left. Almost in shock she quickly locked the door and looked in the mirror. Her face was covered in his white, sticky cum and it turned her on so much she felt betrayed that she had to wash it off.

Five minutes later she made her way back to her seat and noticed that he was frowning over a newspaper crossword. After a quick glance at the couple to make sure they hadn’t noticed her reappearance she excitably asked her stranger.

“Is that it? Do you do this all the time?”

“Of course but don’t expect any seconds. Any slut that gives in isn’t worth another go.”

They were looking eye to eye as he spoke and she could see just a hint of his face breaking into a smile. She sat back and before picking the paper up to start reading again she told him in her defiant voice.

“If you’re on the 5:50 return train I am going to suck you senseless!”

His reply summed it up.


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Very good job. Plz. do more!


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Thank you. I have other stories already online and because of your comments I will try to do more similar to this one

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brief but excellent :D

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