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To be continued
Jacqui didn’t know how to feel this Wednesday afternoon. To all around her things were normal but she knew it was going to be different. It was one of her days off from work and normally she would just lounge around the house, maybe hooking on to the internet for a browse around. But today she had arranged something that she was still not sure of.
Over the past few weeks she had been in conversation, on the net, with a man who was the same age as her own father. Obviously she didn’t feel the same way about him though. She had been able to relate with him in a way she hadn’t with anyone before. They were on the same playing field.
Without telling anyone she and John, the man from the internet, had arranged their first meet on this day off. She was sure in herself that everything would be fine but she still wasn’t sure what to expect.
As she prepared herself ready to go out and meet him her palms were wet. Wet from fear and excitement in equal amounts. She took one last look in the mirror and felt good. Her skirt was short and she had no knickers on but her dog Sammy would be her insurance card. Wearing white made her feel almost innocent.
She looked at Sammy and audibly said it out.
“Sammy, if I scream I want you to bite him hard!” She smiled at herself when she realized he couldn’t understand a word she had said.
After she had put the lead on him she opened the front door and made her way to Drove Road. She had made arrangements to meet him there and all she knew was that he would be in a dark blue Jaguar facing towards the woods at the end of the road. She felt so sexy as the light wind rushed up her short skirt and she could feel it on her freshly shaved fanny.
Within ten minute’s she could see the car just a hundred yards ahead of her. She recognized it from the pictures and it made her heart skip a beat. As she got closer she imagined him looking in the mirror as she approached. This made her swing her hips just a fraction more.
When she got to within ten yards the drivers door swung open and John got out. He was only wearing shorts and a t shirt with a wide smile on his face. Nikki laughed nervously as she spoke.
“Hello, I was half expecting to be waiting for you so it’s a nice surprise you are on time. Oh! This is Sammy and he is here to make sure you behave yourself!”
John laughed and told her that he didn’t mind in the least. Without any delay he rushed round to the other side and opened the passenger door for Jacqui. As she slid into the low leather seat she noticed that John’s eyes were on her legs. Playfully she opened them a little more as she swung them across. Sammy quickly followed her into the car and sat on his hind legs in front of her. As soon as he closed the door John walked around and got in the drivers seat.
Shortly after starting the car and putting it into drive Johns left hand strayed onto Jacqui’s right breast. This caught her by surprise but all the same her nipple hardened within seconds. John tweaked it between his thumb and his forefinger.
Jacqui made small talk as they headed towards the wooded part of the road, John obviously knew where he was going. Because he aroused her with his instant touch her own right hand strayed into his lap and she could feel that he was just as aroused. Even so she was a little shocked when his cock head popped out of the bottom of his shorts. He obviously wasn’t wearing any briefs.
Within 5 minutes the Jaguar slid into a little nook that was out of view of the road and the engine was switched off.
Jacqui then jokingly reminded him that if he misbehaved she would set Sammy on him but was stunned when he replied that Sammy might be the one to misbehave. Without further ado John leaned across and with his right hand he pulled what was left of her hem further up. Without protesting she opened her legs as his fingers parted her labia lips. She was gushing. He fingered her for only a minute before he took his hand away and let Sammy lick the juice off his fingers.
As soon as he had licked Johns fingers dry Sammy searched out more fluid from between Jacqui’s legs. She just threw her head back and closed her eyes as Sammys strong, rough tongue delved inside her passage. Johns hand was squeezing her tit and she couldn’t control the first little orgasm. As she shuddered John French kissed her and she tried to eat his face.
Pretty soon John was on his knees and leaned across enough to be able to massage both breasts and free them from the loose top Jacqui had on. As she started to slowly toss John with her right hand she realized that Sammy had stopped licking. She felt the seat electronically slide forward as the back lowered.
Then she felt Sammy’s paws on her belly at first before John helped to place them either side of her shoulders. Her legs were still wide open when she felt Sammy’s hot wet cock slapping around the top of her inner thighs. Just as she realized what was happening she felt Sammy’s cock slide into her willing fanny. Within seconds he was energetically pumping away. It seemed to grow and grow with each lunge.
John then kneeled on his seat and without opening her eyes Jacqui felt his cock sliding between her lips. She grabbed it with both hands and gently squeezed his balsls as he rammed it rythmicly between her lips. Sammy speeded up and Jacqui didn’t know what to think about. It was giving her equal pleasure to both please john and also feel Sammy’s ever growing cock sliding in and out of her in total adandon.
Just as she wallowed in the pleasure she felt squirt after squirt of Sammy’s spunk splashing inside her. Then John’s cock exploded and his creamy cum was on her tongue. He quickly pulled it out so that some would splash onto her face. She could feel him using his cock like a palette knife as he spread it over her face. As she licked what she could from around her mouth John leaned down and started to lick his own cum towards her open mouth. Their tongues danced together as they tasted the juice.
After a few minuted Jacqui realized that Sammy was still but still in her. He felt so large she feared that he was stuck inside her. As he finally pulled away she could feel her pussy lips being torn apart as he withdrew his very big knot. She could feel a pool of his spunk under her bare bun cheeks on the soft leather seat.
All three of them rested for a few minutes before Jacqui reminded John that she couldn’t stay too long. They both agreed it had been a great experience and Jacqui was extra happy when john told her that next time it would be in a local hotel room with perhaps somebody else there to fill in her third hole.
That night Jacqui dragged Sammy onto her bed.

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2018-02-13 19:50:55
needs a repost a good little story

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2010-05-26 09:35:37
it is not gross if you ever had it happen to you. I had it happen,was putting on nylons and the dog, german sheperd, was laying at my feet, he aros and when he did ,he licked me , I went off like ashotgun and we then discovered we needed no one else, true but sad.


2008-08-02 12:59:50
Ha ha ha ha! f'in gross AND too short! Now there's a contradiction!

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2008-07-11 00:24:11
thats fuckin grose to me and it's too short.

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