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This is only my second story ever, so there will no doubt be some things to improve on. However, this one is in my opinion better than the first. More action, no lengthy introduction, and a longer story overall. I hope you guys like this, and please share your comments so that I know what to improve on. Thanks :P
--- Continued From “Megan At Last” ---

“Well I don’t know about you”, I said after a few moments of mutual silence, “but I’m horny as fuck right about now.”

“Haha...same here, sexy. We’ve got all night to try what ever we want...”, Megan replied, giving me a very arousing look as she did so.

“Shit, this is got to be just about the greatest day ever”, I thought happily to myself. It was just now a little after nine, and Megan and I had pretty much done everything except actually fuck.

That was more than I could have ever hoped for in just a few hours work with a very new girlfriend, but little did I know it was just the beginning...

“Oh and sorry for kind of stopping all of a sudden when I was giving you a blow job...”, Megan said, breaking my thought.

“I just didn’t want to get you too worn out, because I had planned on us for doing a lot more tonight, and I wanted you condition”, and at saying this she winked.

“I know how you boys are. One orgasm and you’re out of commission for hours.”

“Well thanks for the consideration, baby”, I replied, giving her a playful shove, slightly hurt.

But she was right and had planned ahead well. Guys, especially sixteen-year-old virgins, didn’t always have the best track record when it came to sexual stamina.

I was no exception, and she knew it. But my time would come where my sexual stamina would make some porn stars blush in embarrassment, mark my words.

“So are you okay, or do you want to take a break and just talk for a bit?”, she inquired, no tone of sarcasm or challenge in her voice. She honestly just wanted to make sure I was fine, and I loved her for this.

“I think I’m good”, I replied honestly. I had over an hour to recover since her work on my cock.

“Alright then, I’ll be right back”, she told me, getting off the bed and walking naked out of her room.

“I’ll be waiting.”, I called after her, watching her hips and ass move as she left.

As lame as it sounds, I missed her as soon as she walked out of that girl. Megan wasn’t like all the others; with her all of this fucking around and stuff was more than that; it was our way of showing each other how deeply we cared for one another.

Megan reappeared in the bedroom a minute or two later sporting a rather large jar of Vaseline, presumably from the bathroom just down the hall.

“I’ve heard that there is some amazing shit you can do if you have some decent lube”, she informed me, leaning nude and gorgeous against her door frame with a teasing smile on her face.

“Hell yeah ”, I said, getting more horny by the second just thinking about the shit we could do with all the time we had.

“Do you want to...”, she trailed off, seemingly embarrassed at the question she was about to ask.

“What, have sex?”, I guessed cautiously.

She nodded, but then said, “”, growing a little redder in the face and never looking directly at me.

My response was immediate. “Of course, Megan.Whatever you want, beautiful. Don’t be embarrassed.” I didn’t mind the fact that she didn’t want to have full-on vaginal intercourse at the moment, because I knew that we had plenty of time for that later. And I didn’t want her to feel rushed.

She smiled at my response and sat down on the bed next to me, giving me a light hug and a kiss on the lips that said “thanks for not thinking I’m weird”.

“ do you want to do this?”, I asked her. “I’ve seen it done a few different ways, but it’s ultimately up to you.”

“I think I know a good position”, she replied. At this she turned her body so that she was now facing the top of the bed (headboard).

She positioned herself so that her ass was up in the air, and her head was down tilted sideways on her soft pillows so she could breathe and talk unhindered by the pillows.

“I think this will be comfortable enough”, she told me after she finished adjusting herself comfortably.

“Alright then, let’s do it then babe”, I said, hard and throbbing again now just at the sight of her beautiful, flawless ass and pussy being on display to me like they were.

I grabbed the jar of Vaseline she had laid on the nightstand next to her bed and opened it up, grabbing a few finger-fulls of the good stuff.

Then I turned around and put some on and around Megan’s asshole to ease the entry. I used what was left on my dick (mainly the top of the shaft and head).

“You ready?”, I asked my darling love as I positioned myself behind her waiting ass.

“Yes baby. I want you to take me, soft and slow.”, she whispered convincingly.

“Just tell me if I need to stop or slow down or what, I’ve never done this before”, I informed her truthfully.

“Me neither”, she replied, “just be careful and I’ll take it like a big girl, no problem.”

At that, Megan grabbed hold of her headboard for support and flipped her hair. When she was done I grabbed hold of her waist for support with one hand and with the other hand began guiding my erect penis down to her awaiting anus to begin our anal sex session of many that we would share together.

I grabbed hold of her round hips and guided my lubed head slowly and carefully into her ass, causing Megan to emit a small moan, but no sign of true pain.

“Okay baby, just hold on...the hard part will be over in just a second”, I assured my girl, gently easing my cock inside of the gorgeous female.

“Ohhhh, ohhhhhhh...”, Megan moaned, getting hotter by the second. “That feels fucking amazing, Cory.”

With this confirmation of her enjoyment, I began to slide in a little faster, meeting only minimal resistance from her anus.

She obviously was fairly relaxed and trusted me, even though we were both new to anal sex.

“It’s in”, I informed her as my trimmed pubes and her soft ass met for the first time. “Now for the fun part.”

Then I began to slide my member back out of her ass, being careful to keep my pace nice and slow.

“Ohhh that’s it... fuck me Cory, fuck me now! Ahhh that feels so fucking good baby...keep going...”, Megan moaned, a little louder than she had been before.

I obliged to my lover’s demands and slid my dick in and out of her, moving a little faster each time I went up and down.

“Ohhhh babbby, faster...faster!”, Megan pleaded, gyrating her ass to each thrust of my dick’s penetration.

I then sped up my pace, grunting a little with pleasure. “Hell yeah Megan...oohhhh this feels so good...”, I moaned.

“Ahhh YESSS!!! Keep going!”, Megan exclaimed, now feeling no more pain but only pure pleasure as I continued to pummel her ass with my blood-filled, hard, throbbing cock.

With each slide of my dick in and out of her, I got closer and closer to climax. And, due to the heavier breathing and moaning from my partner, I could tell she was getting close too.

Now I moved one of my hands from Megan’s hips down to her vagina, which was now wet with excitement and perspiration.

I slid in my index and middle finger and began to finger her snatch and ass-fuck her simultaneously.

Megan was at this point ecstatic and enjoying herself greatly, as was l.

“Fuccckkk yeahhh Corrryyy...ohhh my goddd babyy you’re fucckiinng amazinngg...”, Megan panted, her voice accented with each thrust of my pelvis against her ass.

We continued like this for I don’t know how long, gradually speeding up as both of us were sweating and panting from the effort of our labors.

I watched as my penis continued to go slide in and out of her ass...watching her anus’ grip on my dick hold firm but still soft as we fucked like animals on her bed.

“Ohhh, I’m cumming soon baby!”, I moaned, quickening my pace to an almost rabbit-fucking frenzy that shook her entire bed frame from the motion.

“Meee tooo, ahhhhhh!”, Megan replied, both of us almost at the breaking point.

We were in unison : her gyrations meeting my every thrust, and her vagina giving way to my probing fingers as I tried my hardest to please this wonderful girl.

“OHHH MYY GODDD!!! FUCCCCKKK MEEE!!!”, Megan yelled at last, having the best orgasm she could have ever dreamed of.

She shook a little all over, like she had done earlier, and almost all of the energy went out of her with that mind-blowing explosion of pleasure.

I felt my fingers get wet with her hot juices, and like earlier, I felt her vagina reacting to her orgasm as I fingered her.

Her anus did reacted similarly to her vagina when she came, gripping my dick in a different way and stimulating it to my first orgasm with her.

“OHHHH SHIIITT!!!”, I moaned loudly, cumming hard inside of Megan’s hot ass and almost fainting due to the pure expulsion of energy that I experienced.

I didn’t pull out straight away, because I knew that it would hurt Megan for her anus to suddenly not have my dick to hold on to. Therefore, I slowly eased my member out of her, trying my hardest to put Megan through the least pain possible.

“My God Cory, that was just downright fucking amazing....”

Megan breathed hard, no longer holding on to the bed but just flopped down on the pillows, cum-filled ass still in the air.

“Fuckin’ right it was, baby”, I replied, my half-hard and sticky dick now out of her throbbing asshole.

I sat down on the bed, breathing hard, but she instead got up off the bed and started to walk out of the room.

“Don’t want to stain the sheets too bad”, she explained with a wink.

“Ahhh.”, I said. Of course. If she sat down naked like she was, my cum and her own bodily fluids would get all over her sheets.

I looked around where her ass was seconds ago and saw that only a few drips of cum that had dripped out of her and onto the bed.

“There’s a little on the bed”, I said when I saw it.

“No problem, I do my own laundry”, she said, walking out of the bedroom and down the hall to where the bathroom was.

I looked at my watch and saw it was only a little after ten o’ clock. Yet I already felt exhausted due to all the fucking around Megan and I had partaken in.

I got up off the bed and followed the same route Megan had taken, going left out of her room, being careful not to drip cum on her floor as I went.

By the time I got to the bathroom, Megan already had the water running on warm and was hopping in.

I quickly followed suit, both of us standing close to each other in her warm shower, admiring each other’s bodies once again as warm, cleansing water poured over us.

Watching the way the water ran down onto her delicate features made me feel like I was high. This girl actually loved me and wanted me, and I couldn’t have been happier.

“You’re so beautiful, Megan”, I said, almost breathless just looking at her through in the shower right next to me. I was getting hard again and I didn’t care, she knew I wanted her.

“Thanks babe”, she replied, looking down at herself bashfully. She pretended like it was a new thing to her, but I know she had been getting compliments like that for years from other guys and girls.

Then Megan got one of those little puff things that you put body wash on (I forget what they’re called), squirted some Victoria’s Secret body wash onto it, and began lathering herself down.

“Mind if I help you out there?”, I asked, wanting nothing more than to wash this stunning girl down.

“Sure thing”, she replied with a smile, handing me the puff. She turned around, exposing her well-toned back and ass to me, glistening with water.

“Mmmm, that feels good...”, she said as I began to gingerly wash her shoulders and back.

“I’ve got to be the luckiest fucker on the face of the earth right now”, I whispered into her ear, “just spending time with you is more than any guy could ask for.”

“Awww babyyy...thanksss”, Megan cooed, turning around and kissing me full on in the lips.

After we broke off our kiss she turned back around and I began to move further down her back to begin washing her ass, which reminded me...

“ is your ass feeling?”, I ventured, not really knowing how else to ask such a question.

“Ah I’m hurt for a bit but I think it’s pretty much recovered now. I do have to take a shit now though...”, she explained, and we both laughed for a bit at this.

“Well that’s good, I would feel like a total dick if you ended up getting hurt...”, I said, feeling a little better now after she said she was okay.

“Thanks for watching out for me, Cory, but I’ll honestly be okay. You’re so sweet though, baby.”

After this little conversation, I continued the task at hand, which was washing down her pretty little body.

God, her ass looked just gorgeous. The water running down her back and all over her ass and her crack...the way her cheeks glistened with the moisture and heat of the shower...

The perfect round shape of her ass with the little creases at the bottom where it met her thigh. The tan line around it from days tanning at the pool. It was all just so to me. I sat down and began to clean her off.

After I got done with her sexy ass and legs, I stood up and instructed her to turn around. She did so, allowing me to clean her slim shoulders and then her boobs.

Damn...her boobs. They looked so good dripping with warm water, all soapy and soft....

Ah, I digress...

Anyway, after that was done I moved down to her stomach, and then her beautiful pussy with it's neat *landing-strip* style trim that I admired so much.

*In "Megan At Last", I incorrectly referred to this style of trim as "runway" style. I apologize for the incorrect terminology.*

"Damn...", I whispered her pussy about eye level to me as I was sitting down in front of her.

"Stop it!", she giggled, loving the attention I gave her.

I then began to lather up her thighs, and soon moved on to her pubic region.

"Ohhhh...that feels good...", Megan moaned, grabbing my hair loosely.

"You like that, huh?", I played, continuing to wash her.

"Uh huhhh...", she whispered, looking down at me, water running down her.

I put the puff down and began to kiss and lick all around her pubic area, starting at about the waist line and slowly moving down.

"Ohhhh babbbyyy...keep going...", Megan gasped, holding my hair a little tighter as I closed in on her vagina.

Now I began to kiss and suck lightly on her soft pink lips, her moaning and gasping as I did so.

I soon slipped in a middle finger, and then an index, twisting slowly as I fingered her softly in the shower.

Megan sighed with pleasure and appreciation, her pussy beginning to move a little with my finger thrusts.

I soon added my tongue into the playing, kissing around her anus and moving all around her lips and my fingers.

"Don't stop Cory, that feels amazziinngg....", Megan moaned.

Now I stopped teasing around with my mouth and began to move closer to the prize : her dripping wet little clit.

I licked around it, flicking it occasionally with my tongue. This caused gasps and sighs from Megan, grinding her pussy gently into my face as I licked her.

After a minute or so of teasing, I decided it was the time to stop fucking around with her and actually get her to climax.

So I hit her clitoris full on with my tongue, and the combination of that and my fingering caused Megan to experience her best-yet, second full-on orgasm from me.

"OHHH YESSSS!!!BABBYYY OHHHHH!!!", Megan yelled in ecstasy, pulling my hair hard, but no too painfully as she came hard with my fingers and tongue still playing with her vagina, water running gently over us as she climaxed.

"Shit, that was even better than earlier, and that fucking rocked", she whispered, holding on to me for support after I gotten up.

"Glad you liked it.", I said with a smile on my face.

"Oh I did", she panted, also smiling. "Let's get finished, now I'm REALLY spent."

After I got done with washing the rest her, she washed me down with the same care I gave her (she played with my balls, but nothing worth mentioning happened. I was a little too tired to really perform if you get my meaning).

After we were done and got toweled off, she shooed me off so that she could use the bathroom and brush her teeth and hair and shit like that.

As I sat in her room, I thought about how much our relationship had changed just in the course of a few hours. When I had arrived here at seven, we weren’t

But now, at about eleven thirty, we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend, and had engaged in fingering (twice), a hand job, oral sex (twice for her, once for me), and anal sex.

A lot of shit happened in four and a half hours, that’s for sure.

Megan walked into the room about fifteen or twenty minutes after she made me leave the bathroom, still completely nude, glistening damp, and as gorgeous as ever.

She yawned and laid face-down next to me on the bed where I was propped up watching some random show on MTV.

“I don’t know about you, big boy, but I’m really spent. We had a lot of fun tonight.”, she said, draping one arm over me as she turned her head on the pillow to look me in the face.

“Same here, baby”, I replied, “let’s just just lay here and talk until we fall asleep.”

“Okay, sounds good hun”, she whispered. “Hit the light please baby?”

I did so, getting up and turning off the light, lowering the volume on the TV as well as I passed by it to the bed.

“God, only been going out for four hours and she had me trained already”, I thought. I didn't really mind though. She could make me her bitch for all I cared; I fucking loved that girl.

I then laid down next to her, our faces maybe two inches from each other. We just laid there and talked for I don’t know how long, but I was so happy just to be with her...

When I woke up, Megan was still fast asleep, holding my hand. She looked like an angel with the rays of sunlight from the window reflecting off of her young skin.

I kissed her softly on the forehead and slowly eased myself off the bed, looking for my clothes.

It didn’t take me long to find my stuff, and so I started getting dressed. I was about tired of being butt-naked, anyway.

“Damn, what a night...”, I whispered after I had finished, “wonder what time it is...”

According to my watch, it was about ten in the morning. I still had about another three hours or so before I needed to check back in with mom. Hell, even if I didn’t call her, she probably wouldn’t care.

I then ran to the bathroom to brush my teeth so Megan wouldn’t have to suffer smelling my morning breath when I got close to her.

I just used her toothbrush; I figured after having my dick in her mouth she wouldn’t give a shit if I used her toothbrush.

After I was done, I went back to Megan’s room to find her awake, getting dressed as well.

“Hey there, sailor”, she greeted me warmly as I walked into her room and sat down on the bed, watching her select clothes from her dresser.

“Hey there yourself, beautiful”, I replied, admiring her back and ass in the morning light. She turned towards me, now exposing her front to me.

“Which ones do you like? These?”, she asked, holding a pair of baby blue panties in front of her pussy, “...or these?”, she asked again, now holding up an orange and pink striped pair of similarly styled panties.

“The blue one”, I replied, watching her slip them on with the delicate care that only a woman has while dressing or undressing.

She then selected a matching baby blue bra from the same drawer and held it up to her chest in the mirror, admiring how she looked.

“Here, let me help you”, I offered, getting off the bed and walking over to her.

“Thanks babe”, she said sweetly, offering her back to me and handing over the bra.

I noted that the bra was a 34C according to the label. So she was a little larger than I had previously thought, not that I cared either way.

I put the bra snugly but softly around her front, she adjusted it a little, and then I fastened the hooks.

“Thanks”, she said, turning around and kissing me full on the lips, one leg bent back in the air like you see in the movies.

We stood there for a minute, kissing passionately until I broke it off and insisted that she finish getting dressed before we end up getting at it again.

She laughed at this and finished dressing, picking some cute denim short-shorts and a tight pink t-shirt from her dresser.

“What do you want to do next?”, she asked me softly as we laid down on the bed again and relaxed, her head on my chest and my arm protectively around her shoulders.

“I don’t know, but I need to check in with mom in a few hours”, I told her, hoping that mom didn’t call Brian’s house or anything stupid like that while I was enjoying time with my girl.

“That’s alright, I probably need to get some stuff done around the house anyway...”, she said, sounding obviously disappointed at the prospect of me leaving.

“Don’t sweat it baby, she’s gone half the time anyway, and I doubt she is gonna make me come home or anything when I talk to her. I think we still have some fun to go yet”, I told her, hugging her tight and warmly after I had spoken.

“I can’t believe that we just started going out, I feel like we’ve been at it for years”, she told me.

“You’re right. Maybe we’re just meant for each other...”, I replied, feeling a little embarrassed that I had just said something so stupid.

“I think so too, Cory”, Megan replied in all honesty, looking up at me and gazing deep into my loving eyes.

“Aww baby...I...I love you, Megan”, I told her, completely honest and unashamed of my feelings
for her. I could deny my passion no longer.

“I love you too”, she whispered back, saying the words I had been waiting for since I met her two years ago.

And with the words “I love you” exchanged between us, we expressed our mutual affection for each other once more in a hot, wet, passionate kiss.

As we kissed again, my hands once again found Megan’s soft ass. I groped her softly with both hands while she began to kiss me hotly on my neck and ears.

She soon put herself in a position of dominance over me, sitting with my dick between her legs and her arms holding my shoulders down, kissing me wildly all over my neck, ears, and mouth.

Megan’s dominance over me got me really hot, and I began to kiss her with more passion..more meaning.

She soon noticed my now almost completely hard dick bulging through my shorts, so she unzipped and unbuttoned me, pulling my khakis down about to my knees.

My dick shot up, being only held back by my loose boxers, and Megan slipped her hand through my boxer leg and began to once again fondle my swollen balls.

“Mmmmm”, I said through our kiss, prompting Megan to pull down my boxers as well, exposing my wood to the morning air.

Now she stopped kissing me and moved forward on my body a little bit, my bare dick now right in between her legs, shaft rubbing against the front of her shorts.

“What are you up to?”, I asked her playfully, honestly curious as to what she had planned now.

“You’ll see...”, she said with a wink, and began to strip off her top.

I didn’t ask another question after this; I just let her do whatever she wanted to me. I was hers to command and I am unashamed to admit I would do whatever she wanted.

She got off of me and now took off her shorts, and I took the opportunity to completely remove my already half-off shorts and boxers and take off my shirt.

“Get comfortable”, she ordered me nicely.

“Yes ma’am”, I replied, positioning a pillow right under my head so that even though I was still laying down, I could comfortably see what was going on below.

Now with me completely nude and her in just her pretty little underwear, she sat herself gently back on top of me, my dick now straight up against the front of her little blue panties, pointed towards the ceiling.

“This is kinda sexy, you controlling me and stuff”, I admitted, smiling at her and winking.

“Glad you like it. A few of my friends said that their boyfriends liked it too, so I decided to try it out on you”, Megan said with a huge grin. “Now just relax and let me handle all the hard stuff. You just enjoy the ride, babe.”

She now leaned over me, beautiful breasts in my face and my dick pressed hard against the woft panties that formed a barrier between us.

She supported herself with her hands on the bed next to my shoulders and began to gyrate her hips, her panties and my dick grinding together.

I cupped my hands around her breasts as I lay there, toying with her nipples and areola playfully with my mouth as her breasts bounced with out motion.

After a few minutes of joyful grinding, she slowed down and then stopped. “I think I’m ready, Cory.”, she said, stunning me with this sudden seriousness.

“Are you sure?”, I asked, “Isn’t this kinda...early?” We had only been dating for less than a day, and I wanted to make sure she wasn’t getting in over her head.

“I want to be with you, Cory. It’s going to happen eventually, you know it. Now is as good a time as ever.”, she replied with sincerity, gaze never leaving my eyes.

“Well I want to do it too, then”, I replied, “but, I don’t have a condom...”. I felt a little embarrassed now that I thought about it. It was stupid of me to come unprepared to a girls house like that.

“It’s okay, I’m on birth control”, Megan informed me. “I only really take it because it makes your periods lighter and friends got me into it. But it will serve it’s real purpose for us.”

“Alright then, sweetheart. If you’re sure...”, I said, still in disbelief.

“I’m sure.”, she said with finality, “I want to be with you, my love.”

And with those words, we prepared to have real sex for the first time in our relationship.

She slipped off her panties and positioned herself just inches above my rock-hard dick. Except now she wore nothing but her natural underwear and a smile.

“Here we go”, she said, lowering herself down on me, my dick waiting below her.

As the head of my young penis began to penetrate her innocent vagina, she let out a soft moan of pain and pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhh....”, she cried, the head of my dick now almost fully inside her. I felt a split second of resistance all of a sudden as she slid further down on me, and I realized I had just broken her hymen. She was now truly no longer a virgin.

“My cherry just popped.”, she said with no remorse at all in her voice.

“Shit”, I whispered, looking down expecting to see gushing blood or something. But there was nothing, just her beautiful vagina and part of my dick.

“Not every girl bleeds, especially after they have been fingered and used tampons and stuff. It stretches out”, she informed me, reading my thoughts.

“Ah, okay. Good.”, I said with relief.

She then continued to lower herself down on me slowly, her and I moaning very softly as I progressed further into her.

It seemed like an eternity until our pubic hair met for the first time. We had done it, we were no longer virgins.

“That’s it”, I said, looking down and admiring how beautiful her and I looked together, “we’ve officially fucked.”

We both laughed at this little joke, knowing full well that we had made a very hard and irreversible decision.

Neither of us regretted it, and the feelings between us were nothing but pure love and affection.

“You alright?”, I asked her, concerned at her silence.

“Yeah baby, I’m fine. After the head it started to feel pretty good, kind of like when you fucked me in the ass last night”, she informed me with a grin.

“Good, glad you’re okay. The worst is over now”, I said, sighing in relief.

She nodded and began to gyrate on me like she did a few minutes, except now this shit was for real.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me like you want it”, I whispered to her, wanting her so bad at that moment I couldn’t stand it.

“Oh yeah, big boy. Take it. Mhmhmmm...”, she moaned, her gyrations speeding up slightly.

Now I tried to time my hips with hers. It took a few seconds, but I did it. Megan and I were in motion together, fueled by nothing but each other and teenage heat.

She lowered her body further down towards mine, her face centimeters from mine now, and her soft, supple breasts pressed up against my own muscular chest.

“Kiss me, sexy”, she gasped, and I obliged. We were locked into the most passionate kiss that either of us had ever experienced.

Now I moved my hands down from her hips and on to her perfectly rounded ass cheeks, helping push her body along as she moved her hips on top of me with grace.

We kissed and fucked like this for a while, both of us enjoying every precious second of this wonderful pleasure.

“Ohhh babbyyy....I’m cumming don’t stooppp”, I whispered, breaking the kiss.

“Me too babyyyy, me tooo...”, she moaned in response, both of us still perfectly in sync with each other’s bodies.

“Hold on baby...I want you to cum in my mouth”, she whispered suddenly.

“Really?”, I responded, highly excited at the thought.

“Yeah...just push me off... when you get too close to cumming...and I'll take care of the rest”, she whispered in shallow breaths.

There was no time for questions, and I did what she asked with no further inquiries.

“I’m cumming Ahhhh FUCK!!!”, she moaned, arching her back in pleasure as she moved herself on top of me.

“Mee tooo!”, I responded. And at this moment, I moved my hands to her ribs and pushed her back on the bed, positioning myself in front of her on my knees as quickly as possible.

She got ready and sat up a bit, mouth wide open, grabbing my dick and pumping it with one hand and fingering herself frantically with the other.

“OHHH SSHHHIITTT BAAABBY!!!”, I yelled, experiencing the best orgasm I could have ever imagined. Easily better than the one I had in her ass last night, and that was a great one to be sure.

She crammed the head of my dick into her mouth as I exploded, and what was no doubt the biggest load of my life flew unseen by us into her mouth and throat.

There was so much in fact that she gagged a little, and some of it trickled down her chin and onto her boobs.

She then looked at me and swallowed my load whole in one big gulp, licking her lips after she finished. All with a smile on her face.

After she finished, I fell on top of her, our moist, sweaty bodies holding each other lovingly.

“Shit...”, she breathed, “you were a fucking god Cory. We are definitely doing that again.”

This made me feel like the king of the world, hearing her say this about me.

“You fucking rocked too”, I whispered back, “that was’re beautiful.”

She kissed me on the cheek and squeezed my bare ass a little with her hand, giggling.

I wiped a little bit of semen that she had missed from her cheek and boob with a finger. Megan then grabbed my hand and sucked my finger dry, a very sexy look on her face as she did so.

We lay there for a bit, whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ear, until...

“Cory? Meg?”, said a voice of another girl from the direction of Megan’s door.

We both shot up, and Megan made an attempt to cover herself with an arm and a handful of sheet. As we turned around, I saw that it was one of our friends from school, Caroline.

Caroline was a very hot (but not as beautiful as Megan, in my opinion) athletic, busty strawberry blonde of about 5' 7" that had been one of Megan’s best friends since elementary school, and a friend of mine since I met Megan.

“Looks like you two have some major explaining to do, huh?”, she teased, walking over to sit with us on the bed, awaiting to hear what the fuck had gone down around here since yesterday.

--- To be continued? ---

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2010-11-08 00:34:49
Amazing story I think a threesome would be cool one time but Cory and Megan r in love and Megan might get jelious if he fucks her

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2010-11-08 00:34:42
Amazing story I think a threesome would be cool one time but Cory and Megan r in love and Megan might get jelious if he fucks her

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2010-05-22 22:17:56
aaaamaazing keep it comin

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2009-11-02 04:32:33
quite possibly the best story/series i've ever read, i would love to read more stories very closely related to the nature of this one

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2009-09-21 00:11:58
Wut is up wit u ppl 3soms r hot as hell

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