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He was asleep and I was horny
I was feeling horny and decided to give my hubby a blow job thinking this may wake him and he can take care of me. He awoke, sure enough, bounced out of bed and announced, "I'll be right back get the nightie off"! I did as he said and when he returned he had the laptop with the webcam dangling. I asked him "What do you think you are doing"? He responded with , "Oh, I know what I am doing and besides there are two new dildos I ordered for you that you are going to do for all of us tonite on the web cam.

I continued to plead. "Hon, this isn't fair number one, two, you wouldn't rape me and make me do this would you"? He knew he had me where he wanted me as my nughtie was off and he saw I wasn't making that big of a deal covering up, just playing along. He handed me the lube and told me to get my pussy extra lubed and handed me my favorite dildo called "the Natural", as he was going to get the other two new ones and then I would have a gang-rape by dildo on the web cam and to start right now. I rubbed my clit a bit and closed my eyes as he positioned the web cam after adjusting the overhead light. When he reached under the bed and brought out a plastic sack that I could not see into he asked "Which do you prefer, black or white?" I said "What ? You actually ordered a black cock dildo to fuck me with?" He half laughed or snickered saying "Oh, you wait"! He opened the sack and showed me a dildo called "black Thunder and one called "Kevin Dean", a porn star replica.

I was shocked having never known they were so damn big! He ordered me to suck his cock while I had to keep banging my pussy with my legs spread wide and a mix of lube and my own juices flowing down my inner thighs. He urged me to look at the cam when I cmae the first time and I did! I was super horny and had to do as he said as he had attempted to leave me alone before and I did not want that to happen I was too damn horny! I was slamming that dildo fast and furious and sure enought felt it coming nearer and when I mentioned this he said "Do it slut"! As I came he saying "there you go, number one cum"! I said " You are serious? I have to do this? I have to use the black dildo? This one was bigger than the one I just came with and before I could get the answer he had it in his hand, had me to remove the one in me, slow and began to immediately insert the next one, slow. I said, "hon, please don't make me cum again on the web cam. I'll suck your cock and swallow your cum, please." He said, "You will bang this and the other new dildo and I know you will cum both times." I said, "You are going to rape me then"? He laughed saying, "You call it what you want but you are cumming two more times and a matter of fact harder than the first time!" He was pumping it a bit and each inward stroke it was in deeper and deeper until he stopped. I was letting out some familiar sounds to him, my urring he called it knowing I indeed liked the sensations. I wasn't keen on doing it myself when he let go though and ordered me to do myself! I said" you want me to rape myself?"

"This isn't rape unless you want to think so but I think you are enjoying this dildo and I know you want to cum and yes, you like gang-bangs. Just do it or I am going to the bar!" There I was, raping myself, no choice! The web cam on and I didn't care anymore. He was enjoying the show and he decided to have me suck his cock some more. Soon, this black cock dildo was making me cum and he knew it! Damn, he was making me do it again, on web cam though! The web cam was almost as new as these two newest dildos and he said "I know what you lie honey, these dildos are only part of it! You enjoy knowing the web cam is on and there are going to be many, many more times you have to do me and two or three of these dildos! The fact that you like it makes it not rape silly slut! "

He was right . He had me where he wanted me and the dildos did spice up the sex! This is the best it had ever been! He has mentioned a long time ago about ropes but never has had to use them. He knows I get horny and he controls the final results of satisfaction he way we both like! I continued to bang my pussy and he had me stop sucking him when I saw he had the web cam in his hand and was showing my large nipples, reading some of the viewer's comments. "Honey, they are loving the show. You have such a nice body . He placed the cam towards my pussy with the black dildo in me as I was pumping and he said, "Hold the dildo still and just hump yourself by actually humping into it with your pussy! " This made it definitely not rape he had said before when I did this and it did feel exceptionally good I must admit! It was all but buried in me and he wanted to get my squirting orgasm on the cam too! He had so many of my personal expressions, comments out loud, etc that I was having such a slutty fun experience I did not care!

I asked, "Would you ever enjoy seeing me fuck another man?" He never replied, just handed me the other dildo to continue my self gang-rape on the webcam for both our pleasure!

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