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And they all live happily ever after?
Whilst awaiting Rosie and Tom's arrival, Matthew Ryder kept busy spending the days with Johnny Frio and the nights with Heather. Both looked like becoming long-term partnerships, particularly after Heather accepted his proposal of marriage. The following day, a $2,000 ring adorned the finger of perhaps the happiest girl in Manila. That Tino Sala rang with congratulations five minutes after his return from lunch told Matthew that his new fianc?wasn't backward in coming forward when it came to broadcasting the news. No doubt the diamond encrusted band had been waved triumphantly under Connie Truong's nose on the way. Heather had succeeded in bagging the most eligible bachelor in Manila.

From that point forward, wedding talk persisted exclusively during their time together as Heather busily planned the perfect day down to a tee. In fact, it got so much that Matthew was quite glad of the break when she disclosed her plan to visit relatives in Cebu City to break the news. Overjoyed at the prospect of hosting a couple of English guests, he commandeered the limousine to pick them up in style from the airport. Winding down the blacked-out window, he gestured his guests over. Unused to pomp and ceremony, Rosie's big doe eyes almost popped out of her head. "Welcome to Manila," Matthew heralded.

Seeing Tom in the flesh for the first time wasn't at all what Matthew had expected: tall and skinny with light ginger hair, barely discernible eyebrows and a beaky nose wasn't the image he had of the ideal guy for the succulent and lusty schoolmistress. As the pair sat opposite Matthew in the limo with a bottle of Armand de Brignac chilling in between, Tom put his arm around Rosie protectively, relaxing only when Matthew disclosed the engagement, hence the champagne.

The bubbly disappeared during an hour-long journey, leaving all three heady and relaxed. No time to rest, however, the evening held much excitement in store. Tino Sala had chartered a boat for the evening to host a fancy dress party for his staff and a few invited guests. They had little more than two hours to visit the fancy dress shop and get ready.

Back inside the apartment, as they unloaded upstairs, Matthew sat in the study, feet up on the desk and watching as the spy camera trained on the bathroom streamed back images in real time. A short wait, action arrived via Rosie's entrance, shedding her t-shirt and edging towards the mirror. As she bent to survey her face in close-up, an expansive bosom plunged in a lightweight lacy bra, threatening to topple out. It was some sight to behold for the horny young voyeur who was rewarded with an instant hard-on.

Reaching behind her back, the sexy teacher unhooked, the pent-up pressure upon loosening causing the bra to catapult forward. It slivered down her arms and clear, a pair of large purplish areolae revealed. Those awe-inducing breasts heaved playfully as she arched and issued a seductive flick of the hair. Turning away from the camera, she twiddled the taps on the bath, activating a rush of water and rising steam that threatened to spoil the peepshow.

Stepping out of a lacy thong, a somewhat unkempt bush was revealed. "Tut tut, Rosie," she observed to herself with a smile. "We can't have that nasty minge spoiling the bikini line."

"No we can't," answered Matthew to the screen, sporting a huge grin and settling back to enjoy.

Reaching into a paisley toiletry bag the sexy schoolmistress took out a tiny pair of scissors, snipping at the privet-like growth on her crotch. With dexterity she snapped the sure blades until a pair of lush pink pussy lips were just visible. Yet she wasn't done. Another rummage in the bag and a tube of gel emerged. Gathering up a healthy dollop in her fingers and fluffing it into a ball, she reached down to spread the foam generously among the tangle of clipped pubic hair. A gentle moan slipped out as fingertips came into contact with the outer lips of a plump juicy cunt.

Delving into the bag a further time she withdrew a razor, bathing it under the hot tap until the blade warmed. Spreading her legs wide, Rosie drew the razor from bottom to top, sculpting a smooth passage up the right side. She did likewise up the left, gradually moving inward until just a thin wispy line of hair remained down the middle. With care and precision she manoeuvred the blade its length, causing the onlooking Matthew to wince. A perfect job, however, she took a moment to admire her handiwork and a perfectly smooth vagina, all pink and kissable. A further dip into the bag and some soothing oil was applied to the shaven mound before it was patted.

Adding some bubble-bath to the water, she sploshed around with her hands and climbed into the rapidly ascending froth. Downstairs, Matthew was sorely tempted to sprint up and join her in the tub, before remembering with regret that he was now an engaged man. Instead, he continued to watch intently as she eased down gingerly into the boiling water and teased her fulsome breasts with the soap, working up a healthy lather. Lying back to submerge, shoulders disappearing, she sighed as the hot swirl conferred upon her a rosy glow. Wringing out a sponge over her tits, rivulets of water cut trails through the foam to reveal the delicious oversized orbs once more.

Following a thorough all-over scrub with the sponge, Rosie lifted her legs out of the water, heels either side of the bath. Regrettably for Matthew, the gorgeous pussy remained tantalisingly below the camera's range. It was, however, pretty obvious from the contorted look on her sweet face exactly what she was up to: what she was up to was her knuckles in freshly shaven snatch. Occasionally she'd elevate from the buttocks, giving awesome glimpses of the finger fucking frenzy, face contorted in lust.

Having worked herself up into a frenzy, she came with a loud gasp, receding into the froth momentarily to come down off the orgasmic high. A few moments relaxation later, she climbed guiltily to her feet and into a fluffy towel that had been warming on the hot rail. Matthew's eyes never left her body as she dried every gorgeous inch of womanly flesh. Satisfied, she headed to the bedroom to join her slumbering lover. At the press of a button, the screen on the laptop flipped over, Matthew with her all the way down the landing and in through the guest bedroom door, upon which he switched over to a third camera. The apartment was as secure as Fort Knox.

Shedding the towel to stand proudly before the mirror, Rosie looked utterly comfortable with her voluptuous nakedness. Squeezing water from the ends of her hair into an upturned palm, she flicked the stray droplets at her drowsy lover. He awoke with a start yet before he could offer a word of protest, she thrust her lips to his, muffling any discord. Then teasingly she pulled back, offering a coquettish smile, bouncy tits wobbling in his face. Tom rocked up onto his backside, trying to trap one of the prominent nipples in his lips. "Naughty, naughty," Rosie chastised before ambling back to the mirror and going about her tousled hair with a dryer as Tom glanced slyly at the reflection.

"Me, naughty? Look what you've done to me," he mock-protested.

Matthew's eyes moved momentarily from Rosie's shapely body to Tom's wiry frame. Lounging in a pair of white briefs on the bed, a tent had erupted at the front. "I hope you're going to do something about this," he chimed.

"Oh, and if I don't?" Rosie purred, pirouetting to face him once more.

"Then I'll have to punish you," Tom replied, climbing to his knees on the bed.

"Ooh," Rosie cooed. "And how will you do that?"

Tom rubbed his chin. "I'll spank you so damn hard that Matthew will hear."

Downstairs in the study, Matthew sighed long and hard. He hadn't been too sure of Tom at first but was gradually warming to a man very much after his own heart. How Matthew could spank Rosie's bottie right now, if he wasn't engaged.

He watched as Rosie shuffled forward on her knees to stand head high to Tom's crotch, reaching over to ease the briefs down over the bulge. Tom's cock sprung up, sprouting from a mesh of ginger pubes and nudging her cheek. Flicking a stray strand of hair behind an ear, Rosie let the bloated tip come to rest upon her lips, dispensing a hot kiss that caused Tom to groan wistfully. Tongue extending, she gave the underside of the purple head a good licking before it disappeared into a cavernous mouth that was surely designed with the sole purpose of administering blowjobs.

As she slid her lips up and down the hard shaft with relish, Tom reached down to give her tits a good firm squeeze. As Rosie moaned at the attention, her lover's cock slipped out. It was dripping with saliva. "Fuck my face, Tom," she hissed. "Give it to me hard."

Grinning and taking a firm grip of the semi-damp hair, Tom didn't need asking twice. Angling, he shoved his cock back in deep before beginning a rhythmic pounding motion. Rosie groaned in a muffled manner as her face was abused. So hot was the thought of doing it in Matthew's guest bedroom (and not for one moment realising they were closer to their host than it was possible to imagine) soon Tom was brought to the verge of orgasm.

Matthew didn't need to see the evidence itself to know that Tom had cum, for his face contorted almost painfully. At the same time, Rosie tipped back her head and gurgled down the load. Having swallowed every drop, she told him to run along to the bathroom as time was getting on. At that point, Matthew turned off the cam before he was tempted to do something he might regret. Rosie alone on the bed naked was just too much of a temptation. This really was no way for an engaged man to act. Besides, he had to get ready too. A fancy dress party, the theme was characters from the movies. Matthew - naturally - would be going as his hero James Bond. Rosie had plumped for Barbarella and Tom was Spiderman.

An hour later, the limousine arrived and Matthew climbed in next to host Tino Sala. Resplendent in a blue Austin Powers outfit, complete with comic teeth and glasses, he was introduced to Rosie and Tom. Among the others in the opulent conveyance was Connie Truong, dressed in a yellow tracksuit as Uma Thurman's Black Mamba character from Kill Bill. A surprise for Matthew, it struck him that he hadn't set eyes upon the girl since fucking and humiliating her some weeks back. They exchanged a sly glance and he had to remind himself once more that he was engaged.

Manila Bay by night was a wondrous sight to behold, no words able to do justice to its beauty, the moon on the horizon casting a cloudy orange glow across an oil-brown rippled surface. The two tourists' jaws hit the deck as they climbed aboard the boat. "Now I realise why you didn't want to stay in England," Rosie observed, leaning up to kiss Matthew's cheek to thank him for the wonderful surprise.

Tom didn't seem to notice - or care for that matter - for his attention had been wrested by a trio of Filipina girls from Tino's office who'd come as Charlie's Angels. "A great shame Heather not able to make it," Tino consoled.

Matthew nodded, though not necessarily in agreement with the sentiment. Following his fellow Brits to the bar, the trio availed themselves of preposterously named cocktails with sexual connotations. A fifteen-minute wait for the remaining guests to board, they were light-headed even before the boat had raised anchor. "Ah, this is the life," sighed Tom who'd quickly learned how popular western men were among the hot little Filipinas.

As a consequence of his burgeoning carnal designs on all three of Charlie's Angels, he missed the little touches Matthew issued his girlfriend. At first they were brushed aside by Rosie, reminding him he was engaged man. Yes, he knew, he sighed. But as the evening progressed and the boat headed out to sea, the fondles began to go unchecked. Almost unconsciously Matthew rested his hand on her thigh, squeezing lightly. Heady from the drink, the surroundings and the cold shoulder from her lover Tom, Rosie smiled and placed her own smaller hand on top of his.

They did, however, have to exercise some caution, especially with Connie Truong buzzing around like an angry hornet. Matthew doubted she needed any excuse to report an indiscretion to Heather in some futile attempt to break the engagement. But thankfully, with three senior partners from the law firm and the crusty old judge from the dinner party in attendance, Matthew was of minor consequence to the ambitious legal executive.

A slow song played, the ideal opportunity to drag Rosie up on the dancefloor. Like the gentleman he was, Matthew ensured to request Tom's permission first. Rather than raising an objection, secretly Tom rubbed his hands together, sensing an opportunity of his own with the Dylan Sanders clone, the most flirtatious of the Angels. Though he had aspirations of cracking all three little beauties, together if possible. The self same thought had crossed Matthew's mind too and he might well have acted upon but for the fact he was engaged.

As Tom staggered away in drunken pursuit, leaving the coast clear, Matthew seized the opportunity to get closer to Rosie, giving her earlobe a nuzzle as her chin rested on his shoulder. He adored the feel of her big breasts pressed tight to his chest and an understated scent that wafted up the closer they pressed. With half a dozen strong cocktails in her belly, Rosie rocked from side to side, holding on to her dance partner for dear life. When the song ended, the pair exchanged a furtive yet tender kiss.

Sensing Rosie's apprehension and reminding himself, well that he was engaged, dutifully Matthew went off in search of Tom. The quest took him up onto the deck where a somewhat garish scene met the young man. Instead of getting it on with the lovely Angel or Angels, Tom's head was slumped over the side of the boat. Matthew winced as the sound of vomiting sullied the perfect evening. That was closely followed by a huge clap of thunder and the first spots of rain that quickly turned into liquid bullets.

Sadly, what could have been a most pleasant late night / early morning on the ocean waves was foreshortened by the violent storm that made for hazardous cruising. Fearful of the repercussions if he lost a boat full of lawyers and highflyers to the deep blue sea, the captain forced the vessel back into the harbour. As they alighted, Tom looked the worst affected of everyone on board, green around the gills, eyes glazed and swaying from side to side, even on dry land. The limousine showed up on cue and Matthew helped Rosie heave her boyfriend inside. The driver proceeded to make various drop-offs around Manila until just four remained. So intent was Matthew to ensure Tom didn't throw up on the upholstery that he barely noticed Connie. As they reached his apartment, she alighted too, gripping Rosie's hand, the pair having become inseparable during the journey.

Getting Tom to the bedroom was like trying to shift a sack of potatoes. He bounced from wall to wall along the landing like a pinball. But eventually, and with much dexterity and effort, Matthew succeeded. His guest still fully clad in the pukestained Spidey outfit and his outdoor shoes, Matthew deemed his responsibility to have been fulfilled, heading back to the lounge as a front of pained snoring resonated on the air.

Pulling up sharply, he had to look twice. Rosie and Connie were in a clinch on the couch, hands on one another's hips, lips smacking gently. The young man couldn't deny they made an awesome-looking pair: Rosie's buxom English wench-like quality in stark contrast to Connie's sylph-like Filipina grace. Filmstar costumes shed to the floor and down to their underwear, they glanced up momentarily and smiled at the onlooker. "Don't mind me," observed Matthew, taking to an armchair opposite, the perfect vantage point.

Sober-ish from nursemaiding Tom and with Heather in mind, Matthew was happy just to spectate. He figured that didn't really constitute cheating, validation of the journey he'd made from carefree boy to responsible man. After a minute of heavy petting, Rosie drew back and allowed Connie access to her gorgeous breasts. The legal executive pawed them through the bra, drooling at the feel. Deft fingers moving around the back to unhook, Rosie shimmied free. Her unrestrained bosom heaved and separated, bringing a lustful smile to the horny Filipina's face. Tits like these were as rare in Manila as a straight judge.

Taking a grip of the left boob and with a sly eye on Matthew, Connie fed the aroused nipple into her lips, savouring its taste. She sucked and nibbled, causing Rosie to toss back her head and mewl. Shedding her own bra, the legal executive unveiled a pair of far smaller breasts, topped nonetheless with delicious chocolate nipples. Moving close, the pair rubbed their assets together, groaning in mutual pleasure and for Matthew's benefit.

Also for Matthew's benefit, they made a show of removing one another's thongs slowly and seductively, amid lots of tactile movement and heavy breathing. Naked, they stood and danced to an imaginary tune, bumping and grinding like pole dancers. In fact, all that was missing was the pole, discounting the one in Matthew's trousers. "You no want to join us, Matthew?" enquired Connie with a pout, before immersing her face in Rosie's once more.

"No," he replied unconvincingly, although betrayed already by a treacherous cock that dug painfully into the zipfly and threatened to erupt through at any moment.

All it took to goad him was for Rosie to hold out her hand in his direction and his newfound faithfulness was found severely wanting. Latching onto it, thoughts of Heather were quickly expelled out of mind. The two lovelies sat him down between them on the couch, zip wrenched down, trousers and boxers yanked to the knees like piranhas on a corpse. Though he knew it was wrong, Matthew just couldn't resist. The fight was over the minute that imperious cock sprung up to thump his belly like the beater on a drum.

Connie's hand quickly found the upper foreskin, teasing it down to unveil the bulbous and bloodshot knob. Needing no prompting, Rosie was down on her knees in seconds, churning up a spit ball and letting it fall slowly from her lips. As it made contact with the bloated mushroom head, her lips followed, plunging down. Matthew gasped as his cock was assailed by a soft velveteen tongue. Rosie paid careful attention, licking under the ridge and over the eye, whilst Connie massaged the shaft. "Gimme summa dat cock, bitch," ordered Connie, lifting Rosie forcefully away by the hair.

Denied the gorgeous appendage, Rosie's face clouded and the pair growled at each other momentarily like combatants in the ring before breaking into smiles and sealing their mutual lust with a hot tongue-twisting embrace. "Oh gosh, I taste Matthew's cock all on your tongue," Connie gushed.

Breaking away, the Filipina suctioned down hard on Matthew's pole, taking its full length in one deft swallow. Sucking purposefully as the head tickled her throat, she seemed devoid of a gag reflex. Monopolising Matthew's manhood, Connie was in rapture. Feeling left out, Rosie climbed up on the couch beside him. Hooking a leg over and taking a grip on the back of the couch, she straddled Matthew's chest. He could feel her damp cunt brush his chest hair as she swayed her hips then ascended.

Matthew shuffled down until his face was crotch high, staring straight into a beautiful and highly aroused cunt, smooth from its earlier shaving, lips were slick with excitement and craving attention. Pushing out his tongue and craning forward, Matthew flicked at the soft pink petals, savouring their musky scent. Rosie rolled her hips and adjusted until she was squatting over his face, knees beneath bent at ninety degrees.

Down below, Connie heard the sound of slurping tongue on wet cunt, going about the task of cocksucking with added gusto, head bobbing up and down the shaft in a piston-like movement. It was as if she would and could swallow his whole cock, given half a chance. At extremes of penetration, Matthew felt the head dig deep in her throat.

He groaned with passion, the sound muted in Rosie's wanton vagina. Pushing down from the hips to meet his urgent upward tongue-lashings, she squealed and hissed with glee. The squeals turned to loud and unashamed cries when Matthew reached up blindly and took both mammoth breasts in hand, administering a series of good hard squeezes. They compressed easily in his palms, the pressure causing blood to pump into each nipple and sprout to obscene lengths.

As she surfaced for air down below, lungs inflating and deflating wildly, Connie wiped a mix of saliva and precum from the side of her mouth, grinning through sore lips. Freed from the attentive mouth, Matthew's spittle-coated cock jerked back, hovering upright. Craving more than a tongue inside her, Rosie slid down his chest to meet the cock head, depositing a syrupy trail of cunt slime in her wake. Angling her buttocks to trap the head in the entrance to her pussy, the thick cock, its veins pumped up to bursting point, slid up inside her juicy love tunnel. Both cried out as they coupled, Matthew's hands reaching round to support her back as she rocked gently in his lap, slit consuming every thick inch.

For precious moments Connie sat idly on the sidelines wondering where she might fit in. As Matthew and Rosie locked in an unbreakable embrace, there seemed little opportunity for the horny Filipina to join the union. As Matthew pumped up from beneath, shaft stretching Rosie's lovely cunt, the English girl's buttocks lifted then plunged, lifted then plunged, the air loud with the slapping of fat meat into folds of cunt. This went on for several long strokes until suddenly she felt an entirely new sensation, squealing with unmitigated joy: "Oh God Matthew," she panted. "She's licking my arse."

As Matthew pulled her close to him once more, those lovely tits crushed against his manly chest. He glanced down over her shoulder to see Connie's face fused between her buttocks, tongue making generous swirls. Merely holding it to the tight brown ring, as Matthew rammed his cock upwards into her cervix, was sufficient to send Rosie into throes of delight. "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum," groaned the voluptuous schoolteacher as Matthew's cock drove up unerringly and Connie feasted hungrily on her anus. "Oh fuck, fuck, fucccccccck, I am, I'm cumming," she wailed, body wracked in waves of climactic pleasure that coated Matthew's shaft in her juices.

Yet, as she stilled, Matthew had still to reach his climax, cock as hard as a slab of granite. Rosie climbed aside, still panting and shaking and spilling cunt juice all over the couch, allowing Connie to hone in immediately on Matthew's waiting cock. Tongue slip-sliding over the shaft, she cleaned it totally of Rosie's cunt honey. Grinning she moved aside to place her head between Connie's legs and did the same like a human vacuum cleaner. "Now, my turn for good hard fucking, yah," she breathed, fingernails digging the top of Matthew's chest.

Turning away, she knelt down on the carpet and assumed a position on all fours, glancing back slyly over a shoulder. His cock throbbing like it had been hit with a sledgehammer, Matthew was utterly powerless to resist. Moving quickly into place, he took a firm grip on the Filipina's hips as his cock tip made an exploratory sortie between her legs. Having quickly recovered from the fucking of her life and, anxious not to miss out on the action, Rosie joined Matthew, whispering something in his ear. A shared smile, they kissed deeply before crawling beneath Connie.

As Matthew teased the Filipina's pussy with his cockhead, the unmistakable peal of tongue licking clit filled the air. The route to Connie's pussy barred, Matthew realigned, targeting her bumhole as suggested by Rosie, the tip scraping the tight clenched ring. Wary of how tight her vagina had been, he feared the worst. Cock filling the groove, he reached down, thumb on the brown ring and pushed. As the tip worked in, Connie yelped. "Oh no, not my tight little ass. Matthew, nooooooo!"

Too late, with a little added pressure Matthew's thumb slid in, gripped tightly by the snug anal walls. He wiggled it around inside causing Connie to suck in air in staccato breaths. Drawing back, the thumb came out with a little pop before the knot sealed tight. To accommodate the entry, the ever helpful Rosie reached around and prised apart each buttock for him. Yet, even at full stretch, the hole was no bigger than a penny.

But Matthew was nothing if not resilient and, as Rosie pulled harder, taking aim he slammed forward with purpose. The fat cock head hit dead centre, ploughing straight in until it was trapped about half way down the shaft. Connie screamed, receiving instant soothing from Rosie as she went to work with an eager tongue on the Filipina's swollen clit. Taking a breath and issuing a warning to relax, Matthew crammed the last few inches in, prompting a pained shriek. Holding there to savour the wondrous feel, he heard Connie issuing expletives under her breath. Drawing back he embarked upon a steady rhythm that suited both parties, bringing himself ever closer.

Throughout a five-minute anal ordeal, Connie never stopped hissing and blowing, cursing and squealing. When she felt the embedded cock jerk, she banged her palm on the carpet. Finally having reached his zenith, Matthew exploded in her anus, a gush of seed washing her bowels as it shot upwards. When Rosie's fervent chewing on her clit reached a crescendo, Connie came seconds later.

Pulling away, his cock throbbing and raw, immediately the madness of the whole charade hit Matthew like a punch, delirium turning to panic. It had taken the merest temptation to become unfaithful.


First to awake the following morning, his dreams dark and foreboding, Matthew punched the bed in anger, a pain coursing through his sore head. Yet he deserved the pain, sickened by his actions. Rising to dress, an overwhelming urge to escape the claustrophobic apartment pervaded. One person he could rely on to take his mind off things was Johnny Frio, an earlybird whose day could start literally at any hour.

If the scenes that had taken place in the apartment had been obscene, those outside refelected them. The streets awash with the residue of the previous night's storm, billboards had splintered and fell, trees were uprooted, fences had panels missing, resembling rotten teeth, and slates from roofs lay wherever they happened to fall. Traipsing through the debris, Matthew reflected on his infidelity as the effects of the storm became ever more severe the closer he got to the marina. For all its beauty, Manila had some dark undertones.

Ankle deep in water along the esplanade, he hopped from raised paving slab to drain cover, trying to keep dry. Arriving eventually, he discovered Johnny slouched in the doorway of the office, broom in hand. The flood barriers having been breached, the quayside office had little protection from the elements and the raging cesspit of water. "It happen every so often," observed Johnny ruefully. "A day or two we be up and running again. But for now I go home if I were you, Matthew."

Matthew was in no mood to object, bidding farewell and heading off distractedly. He observed folks taking stock of their losses and assessing how to put the wrong right. They were a resilient bunch, used to this sort of thing. When eventually he arrived back home it was gone nine and the house was quiet. He discovered a handwritten note left by Rosie: "Gone sightseeing with Connie. Tom's still in bed. See you later x."

Holing up in the study, Matthew buried his head in his hands and sighed long and hard. He looked at the picture of Heather on the desk, smiling and happy. "Give me one more chance, please," he mouthed.

Turning on the laptop, he had it in mind to seek solace with a family member in England. However, a buzz on the intercom drew his attention away. It was the twins. In all that had happened, he'd forgotten it was cleaning day. He allowed them up automatically but, head pounding and weighted down with guilt, he was in no mood for making conversation. Instead he secreted himself in the study and waited for the connection to kick in.

It was only then that he remembered Tom. Whoops. Too late for a warning, quickly he activated the live stream to the bedroom. Mia barged through wearing the French Maid's outfit, at the same time Tom was busily giving his cock a good tug on the bed. It was impossible to tell who was the more shocked. Mia stood dumbfounded, Tom flustered, desperately trying to cover up. "I sorry I come tidy room," Mia clarified, blushing profusely.

Tom too blushed from head to toe to match his hair colour. "Why didn't you, um, knock first?"

"I sorry, I not know Matthew have guest staying," she pleaded, dark eyes welling up with tears.

Raising her hands in a show of contrition she took an unsteady step backwards, elbow brushing a vase that sat atop the chest of drawers. It tottered from side to side before, almost in slow motion, crashing to the floor and splintering into hundreds of pieces. Mia shrieked, quickly bursting into tears. Surveying the scene, Tom exhaled deeply, a grin forming as the mood changed. "You realise if Matthew finds out about this he'll fire you?"

Mia trembled. "Yes I know," she replied through sobs, head bowed. "I'm in so much trouble."

With that, the still naked Tom moved to the door and slid the bolt across. He placed both hands on the girl's shoulders reassuringly. "Look, there is one way we can resolve this," he mused. "And hopefully you get to keep your job."

Mia looked up into his eyes with a hopeful expression. "I'll do anything," she pledged.

Tom issued a lecherous grin, just wanted he wanted to hear, before taking a seat on the edge of the bed, cock soon back on the ascendancy. "First though you need to be taught a lesson."

Mmm, definitely a man after my own heart, thought Matthew as he observed from the comfort of the study. As Tom issued directions, Mia rested her belly across Tom's knees. The outfit's white frilly skirt hem rode up to reveal a pert backside. Tom grappled around inside, emerging with her panties in hand, sliding them down. He let the elasticated garment twang on the backs of her knees as Mia wiggled in discomfort, fully exposed. "So what have you got to say for yourself?" Tom enquired, revelling in the control.

Mia thought for a moment. "I'm sorry, I been a very naughty little girl, sir".

"Yes you have," Tom replied disdainfully. "And tell me, what happens to naughty little girls?"

Mia inhaled hard. "They, um, they get punished, sir," she replied.

"Yes they do," Tom said with a nod, lifting a hand shoulder high as Mia held her breath.

The hand descended in a blur, palm connecting with a soft young buttock half a dozen times in rapid succession. The slapping sound caused Matthew to grimace - and stiffen just a little. Mia yelped at each smack, her left bum cheek glowing as the hand moved away. Not wishing to neglect the right one, Tom administered six more of the best on its soft raised mound, leaving the surface a shade of rouge. "Oh, please no more," begged Mia, wriggling and writhing like an eel in his lap.

Tom placed a hand between her legs, the tips of his fingers disappearing readily inside. "Mmm, what a dirty little girl you are. What's your name?"

"Mia, sir. And yes I am," she concurred, arching her back. "Will you tell Matthew you break vase, yes?" she asked throatily.

"I might," he replied noncommittally, still basking in the power.

"Please, sir," she entreated, glancing up as he toyed with her wet pussy. "Pleeeeeeeease," she groaned as his fingers found her inflated clit.

As he watched, almost unconsciously Matthew found a hard cock in his hand and was soon stroking away merrily. It was then that the watcher discovered he was being watched. "Tia, is that you?"

Swinging round in the chair, he came face not with Tia, who was working fastidiously on the kitchen, but her thirteen-year old sister Elise. Cock still in hand, the young girl's eager eyes feasted upon it, licking her lips. Quickly he covered up, as if that might make any difference. "School shut due to storms," the petite Filipina revealed to explain her presence, eyes flicking from Matthew's crotch to the computer. "What you doing?" she enquired.


"What you watching?"

Too late for Matthew to change screens, before he knew it, the little tyke was sat in his lap. "Our little secret, yah?" she whispered with a giggle, moulding into his strong chest.

Matthew found himself in no position to argue as, on the monitor, Tom lifted Mia up with ease to face him, legs straddled either side of his, stiff cock navel high. Reaching down she smiled and stroked its length. "Ah, you big strong English man."

"She naughty girl, my sister," Elise observed with a giggle.

As the pair watched, the jailbait teen rubbed her buttocks back and forth on Matthew's semi-stiff appendage. Onscreen, Tom lifted Mia's slight frame, hands beneath her arsecheeks. Taking a moment to nuzzle the nipples that brushed his face, the aroused redhead directed the head of his cock towards her tight young pussy opening. "Damn you're a wet little slut," he commented between chews as the throbbing tip nestled in the juice-laden nest of soft black pubic hair.

Mia moved her knees outward and pressed down simultaneously, allowing her cunt to be impaled. With a whimper her body moved down until she was fully loaded and stretched by cock. Tom lay back flat on the bed and let her do all the work, the little minx riding his hard cock as he toyed idly with her tiny breasts. They seemed a welcome change from Rosie's rather cumbersome ones and he seemed to be enjoying himself immensely.

As was Matthew, trying desperately to forget just how young she was. Elise lay back and quickly, almost of their own accord, his hands were all over her fresh young body. He knew it was wrong - for oh-so-many reasons - but he couldn't stop himself. In an act of chivalry, he did refuse her plea to be fucked, telling her there'd be time enough for that when she was older. Instead, he laid her on the desk on her back, legs overhanging. Falling to his knees Matthew feasted on her sweet young pussy whilst still able to view the scene in the bedroom. Forgetting the hangover and his reservations, he licked until the sweet young thing was writhing on the desk in pre-orgasmic pleasure.

One eye on the screen as his tongue ran long leisurely trails into soft virgin snatch, he saw her elder sister Mia pant, rocking back and forth on Tom's hard shaft, the frenzied copulation making both scream out loud, the air heavy with expletives. As Tom groaned in readiness, Mia's face turned alarmingly pale. "No cum inside me please, sir. I no take no precaution."

Tom didn't appear happy, seemingly wanting nothing less than to blow his hot load up her tight Filipina twat, but he understood. "Okay, get on your knees."

Mia obeyed, looking up through big brown eyes and opening her mouth in readiness. Tom squatted, knees bent slightly and holding the back of her head for support. His juice-coated shaft slid over Mia's cheek and slotted in the warm hole, forcing her to taste herself on its length. With that he began to ram furiously in and out, using her mouth like a tight cunt. Mia took the pounding uncomplainingly, grinning with sheer glea

Hearing her sister on the screen and, craning to see, Elise asked coyly if Matthew would like the same. Looking at his rockhard member and sore around the lips, there was only one answer. As the teasing teen climbed to her knees, Matthew gave her the facefucking of her young life. In and out he pumped, attaining the same rhythm as Tom on Mia.

A volley of furious double facefucking resulted in a pained groan to mark Tom's orgasm. Mia's cheeks puffed out as he dispensed a huge thick load, holding inside till every last drop was milked out. Mia swallowed gratefully. "Thank you, sir," she said with a curtsey.

"On your way, I'll cover with Matthew," Tom offered.

"Oh thank you, thank you," Mia enthused, clapping her hands together excitedly. "Maybe me and my twin sister come thank you later?"

Tom sighed, as did Matthew busily unloading a wad of his own down Elise's untrained throat. He couldn't get enough of this hot family. Elise didn't seem sure of the taste but swallowed nonetheless. Thanking him, she trotted off, leaving Matthew to nod off in the study chair.


Rosie and Tom's last day in Matthew's company was spend sightseeing and bar hopping, but no more sex. Tom even spurned the promised threesome with Mia and Tia to concentrate upon getting his relationship back on track. Matthew too was glad of the break, a fresh promise made to himself to remain faithful to Heather.

Before he knew it, the couple were gone, moving on to Vietnam for the next leg of their tour. Their exit was counterbalanced by Heather's return from Cebu City in an ebullient mood. Apparently her relatives couldn't wait to meet her charming fianc?

Yet there was a dark shadow lurking in the background in the shape of Connie. So far she'd not acted upon the hold she had over him, but it wasn't long before the first text arrived. Thankfully for Matthew, her demands were far from unfair. As long as he continued to fuck her twice a week at pre-arranged times, Heather need never know. He didn't enjoy being blackmailed, but agreed to go along with the deal. Besides which, Connie's kinkiness made a welcome change from Heather's vanilla desires. And that was how life went on for the next few months as his eighteenth birthday, inheritance and wedding all appeared over the horizon.

As he walked to Connie's apartment one evening for an illicit session, his mobile phone rang. Matthew unfolded and held it to his ear. "Hi Matthew, it Connie."

"Oh hi, I was just coming round to see you."

"Don't bother, you longer required," she responded in a taciturn manner.

"W-what? W-why?"

"It's over, Matthew, time we both move on, yah."

Matthew was confused. "B-but...I thought..."

"You free Matthew. Now go."

"Hmm, okay if that's what you want."

Stopping in his tracks, he wasn't sure whether to be happy or sad. Connie was the perfect outlet for his pent-up lust, she was the epitome of slutty and the embodiment of no-strings hedonism. But evidently he'd served his purpose. "Are you sure?" he checked.

"Yes I sure."

She paused a moment, before asking calmly: "You remember what you do to me first time, yah?"

Matthew stopped in his tracks. "Y-yes."

"Well I no forget either, Matthew."

Matthew recalled the humiliation she'd been subjected to: tied up, fucked roughly and left naked in front of her window cleaner, covered in spunk. "Y-yes...but I thought you got off on that sort of thing."

"Maybe, maybe not," she said coolly. "Anyway, we equal now. Bye Matthew."

With that the line went dead. Equal? What did she mean? Suddenly a horrible thought came to mind. He didn't have long to wait. The phone rang again and Heather had no need to speak, the sweet girl's strangled sobs requiring no translation. She'd bided her time, but Connie had exacted bitter revenge. Folding away the phone, Matthew stumbled to the side of the road and sat down on a wall, wiping away a tear. He gazed to the heavens for a sign.


Two days later Matthew Ryder sat in first class as the jet descended upon Heathrow. He needed to get away from Manila, if only temporarily, a little holiday to celebrate turning eighteen with his nearest and dearest. Heather aside, with the business on the up and up, newfound pals like Johnny Frio, Ryder Tower nearing completion and the plush luxury apartment, there could be little question of making the stay in England a permanent one.

But a week with the girls and his mother was just what the doctor ordered to dispel the Manila blues. Besides, the weather in Asia had taken a distinct turn for the worse, whereas in Europe an Indian summer was in full bloom.

Several months having elapsed since the funeral brought him to England for the first time since he was born, Matthew couldn't help but feel at home. There was something about England that The Philippines could never match. It was in the air and in the faces of the people. He only hoped that the girls hadn't changed too much since his last departure. Oh what a shock the young man was in for!

His arrival at the airport was met by his mother Hannah, the pair throwing their arms around one another and holding tight for a good minute as they rocked gently and bathed one another in tears. On the journey back, Matthew wanted to know everything that had happened since he'd been away, even the silly little things, though oddly his mother was in an unrevealing mood. Immediately his fears were raised and he prayed they hadn't gone and got new lives without him. He craved for this coming week to be just like the last, perhaps even better.

The youngest of the four girls, petite blonde Amy, was first at the door to greet him, throwing her arms around his neck. At least she hadn't changed too much, he was pleased to see. Well, maybe a little. He didn't like to say, but she'd put on weight since last time, hips accentuated and womanly, and oh, her breasts. "Look Matthew, feel," she enthused, thrusting them into his palms.

"Oh my God, they're huge," he gasped. "How did that happen?"

And they were huge, obscenely so, and heavy. Matthew took a few precious moments to mould them in his hands, revelling in their feel. Amy adored it too, purring contentedly. "Oh Matthew, I'm sooooooo glad you've come home."

He didn't like to spoil the moment by revealing that it was only for a week. Instead he squeezed her lovely new breasts warmly and rubbed his crotch into hers. "Now you two, less of that," warned their mother.

As Amy eased back, Matthew couldn't help but notice the odd bulge in her belly. He lifted up the flouncy top she was wearing and stared, mouth agape. "Oh my gosh, Amy..."

The girl blushed. "Yes I am," she said defiantly, "and yes it's yours, Matthew."

Matthew's eyes bulged. "B-but it c-can't be..."

Amy's face remained passive. "It can only be. You were my first, my only..."

"Oh my God! Why did no one tell me?"

"Amy, give Matthew and I five minutes alone, honey," Hannah entreated, shooing her daughter away.

Amy agreed and skipped off as innocent as ever as Hannah took her son aside. "It came as a shock to all of us, Matthew. I was going to break the news to you but wasn't sure how..."

Matthew blew hard. He was having difficulty taking it in. Yet that revelation was the tip of the iceberg. Hannah continued: "Matthew, um, when women live together...their, um, their menstrual cycles fall in line," she disclosed.

Matthew wasn't sure what that meant. It required Beth's entrance to provide the stark clarification. She too sported a pear-shaped lower body. Matthew placed a hand on the coffee-coloured expanse and exhaled. Jo came next, closely followed by Meg, both glowing as only pregnant woman could. The pair surrounded their brother, forming a trinity of tears as they all hugged.


The final piece of the jigsaw fell into place as Matthew awoke the following morning. "Come quick," cried Beth as the family gathered around the TV, the reporter's voice grave, the pictures dramatic. "The worst disaster in over a decade has hit the Philippine island of Luzon. Typhoon Xaar struck last night, devastating Manila Bay..."

"Oh Jesus," Matthew whispered, watching intently. "It can't be..."

He was looking at images of streets he'd walked down and buildings he'd been inside that were now reduced to driftwood. Cars floated like boats in the streets and the ghostly spectre of death hung heavily in the air. What was once the emerging Ryder Tower was gone completely, little more than an open-air swimming pool. He broke down in tears.

Fearing the worst for the friends he'd left behind, Matthew made immediate contact with Tino Sala. As far as the lawyer knew, none of his close friends were among the 250 or so victims. Even Johnny Frio who, had he been in the office, would surely have been swept to his death, was safe and sound. Matthew contacted his shell-shocked partner to offer heartfelt sympathies. Johnny was happy to be alive but had taken the episode as the sign to call it a day, a decision Matthew had no qualms with.

With his newfound responsibilities, the boy on the verge of manhood had reached a decision: he wouldn't be going back to Manila.



Upon turning eighteen, Matthew received the $250,000 inheritance fron his father's estate.

Two months later he received a similar sum from Johnny for his share following the sale of the business.

A further month later, news came through that the insurance value of Ryder Tower could reach $2 million. It was all Matthew's and would provide the nest egg he craved. In the meantime, he was busily setting up his own investigation business in England, using the knowledge he'd acquired from Johnny as a base.

Two months later, Meg gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl she named Catherine.

Three days later, Beth gave birth to an equally bonny and healthy baby girl she named Ebony.

A day later, Jo gave birth to a healthy handsome son and heir she named Stephen.

The following day, Amy shocked everyone by giving birth to tiny twin girls she named Chloe and Millie. They too were born in perfect health and two lovely little things.

The most perfect family any young man could wish for, Matthew would glow with pride for months and years to come. Four lovely little girls, he couldn't wait to see them all grow up together. And a strapping boy to keep the Ryder name going, what more could he wish for? And what fun Stephen would have growing up with his female cousins. The possibilities were endless.

And not one to give up after a setback, Matthew planned eventually to rebuild Ryder Tower in London. In fact he'd erect Ryder Towers all over the world, in Paris, Tokyo, New York and wherever else a business opportunity existed. Whatever happened, however, the extended family would stay together and learn to love together.

The End

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