This is an absolute fiction although it has some factual components to it.
Chapter 1
My name is James, I am 15 and live on the Upper West Side in New York with my mother in a nice big apartment and go to Saint Eligius Prep . Dad died in a car accident five years ago and Mom is always jetting off somewhere most of the time on business. I am popular, girls like me, probably because being 1/4 Japanese makes me look a bit exotic, but I really haven't been seriously with a girl since my best friend Hannah moved back to England with her family last year. We grew up together and spent a lot of time together since I stayed with her family when Mom was away. We started exploring each other starting when we were about ten. We popped each other's cherries before she left. Her pale skin, raven black hair, pert little A cups. and tight little pussy will always be seared in my memory. It really depressed me that I lost her and her e-mails and photos were not enough and I had a miserable school year girl wise (we did play around a bit), but kept up the 4.0 GPA.

Mom announced that she was shipping me off to Michigan to spend the summer with our relatives out in the small town of Miskatonic on the shores of Lake Michigan. She said I'd be staying with my great uncle Fred and his family and that it would be a good way for me to see how the other half lived. I looked a bit dejected at the proclamation and she noticed it chiming in, "Remember your cousin Annie? She is Fred's daughter and she is your age so it isn't like I'm sending you out to be with oldsters and babies."

This news bucked me up a little, since there would be someone to commiserate with my own age. I had a vague recollection of Annie, seeing her at my father's funeral. I sort of remembered that she was a bit of a brat, but maybe she had some friends.

Chapter 2
Getting to Miskatonic was not exactly the easiest thing. The nearest airport was in Kalamazoo and you had to transfer to a puddle jumper in Detroit. Then it was a two hour drive from there.

When I got to the airport in Kalamazoo, my great uncle Fred was there with his wife Sally, and his two daughters, Annie and her ten year old sister Maude. Annie looked nothing like her parents or sister with their typical German brown hair and blue eyes. She was about 5'4 athletic, had wavy dirty blond hair down to her breasts, bluish green eyes, breasts I estimated at about 34C, had an amazing ass and freckles and sort of looked like Sarah Polley. She was definitely not a pigtailed brat anymore.

Fred and his family welcomed me to Michigan and told us we would not be going directly to Miskatonic, since we were dropping Maude off at summer camp. Maude offered, "I love going to camp and this year I am staying all summer thanks to your mom!"

I didn't know how important sending Maude off to camp was until we got to Fred's house in Miskatonic. There were only two bedrooms (both with adjoining bathrooms) and I was going to have to share the room Annie occupied with her sister.

That night we all had dinner and Annie and I watched TV in the rec room until bedtime. As I changed into my night gear (boxers and a t-shirt) Annie changed into hers in the bathroom. She exited wearing a t-shirt cut slightly below her breasts and a pair of cut off sweat pants. I caught a glimpse of her breasts as she got into bed. They were amazing. She had a huge puffy pink areola with nipples about the size of iPod earbuds. "She is your cousin," I thought, "this is just wrong" I turned away from her to hide the tent in my shorts as we said good night and bunked down in her sister's bed. It looked like I would be tormented by my hot cousin all summer.

Chapter 3
After a few days of exploring the small town (not much to a New Yorker) with Annie, we bumped into one of her friends Jenny. "Hey Annie, who is the hottie? My brother Kevin is going to be jealous," said the buxom red headed girl. "He is my cousin James from New York," Annie replied. "He is staying with us this summer." Great," Jenny said. "He can come with you to my brother's party on Friday night. I'll be as glad to see him as Kevin is going to see you!"

Friday night finally rolled around. Annie and I went the six blocks to Jenny and Kevin's house. Jenny and Kevin Sullivan were twins and their parents both doctors were away for the next eight days at a medical conference. I was wondering how bad a small town party was going to be filled with a bunch of wholesome Midwesterners. It wasn't the best party, there was beer I was the center of attention since I looked very exotic to the girls of the lilly white town. I was bombarded with questions about New York from both guys and gals and lost track of Annie. Finally Jenny rescued me and took me up to the room. "You looked like you needed to get away," she said. "Yeah, I felt like I was on exhibit there, I responded." She looked lustfully at me and started to strip. I started getting a hard on as she revealed her 36 Ds with a puffy light areolas topped with dime sized nipples and natural fire crotch. "Your turn I want to 69, " she said. I stripped got on her bed while she took my erect 8 inch member into her mouth while I started licking her. As our bodies pulsated to a shared beat we both came in each others mouths. It was amazing and we continued for the next hour and a half giving each other orgasmic pleasures with our mouths.

To be continued. . .

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