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Gabby 4

I awoke to the faint smell of cum and a few stains on the pillow. My entire body ached at the events of the past night, and I was still sticky in places. I stretched on the floor, yawning, and sat up. The table had been folded up and put away, as had the chairs. Tim was nowhere to be found. I walked upstairs looking for him. Nothing.

I ran water for a shower and stepped in. Steam started rising almost immediately, but the warmth felt good. I washed the cum off of myself and out of my hair, my fingers wandering as I thought of the night before. I started to rub my clit, but stopped myself. Better save it for Tim.

I finished quickly and dried myself in front of the mirror, looking at my body. Already it seemed like I’d begun to mature. I looked a bit leaner, harder, I wasn’t sure. I stood up straight and turned sideways, looking at the slim profile of my breasts. They looked bigger somehow, as though my sexual revolution had kicked my feminine aspects into high gear.

My pussy, it looked great, much better than with all the hair down there. I rubbed my lips. Dear god it felt good, still, better wait. I walked out the bathroom door and downstairs about the time he came in. He had a bag in his hands, but he put it down and grabbed my hair, pulling me close. I gave in to his touch as he grabbed my breasts firmly and smelled the back of my neck.

“Mmm, you showered, good girl. Face away from me and bend at the waist, grabbing your ankles.” I slowly did as he told me, allowing him to take in the sight of me. “Good, just wanted a look,” he told me, slapping me on the ass. He grabbed the bag and went upstairs.

I followed him up and knelt by his bed while he straightened things up in his room. After several minutes, he pulled something out of the bag. It was a leather collar, reinforced on the inside with steel wiring. He fastened it to my neck so that there was a D-ring in the front and one on either side, and slapped a padlock on the back.

“Put this on,” he commanded, tossing me a skimpy mass of fabric. I untangled it to see what it was. It was an absolutely miniscule black bikini. I slipped it on, and looked down at my body. The top was very tight, even my breasts strained against it and tied off in bows at my neck and back. Little triangles just barely covered my small nipples. The fabric was thin so anyone and everyone would see if my nipples were hard. The bottom was a black thong that just covered my now bare pussy.

“Thong bottoms aren’t allowed at the pool master,” I told him.

“I know, that’s why you can wear these.” He tossed me white shorts that were so thin you could almost see through them already. They were also extremely short, letting some of my ass hang out anyways. Once they got wet, it’d be like I was wearing nothing at all. I put my hair in a pony tail, realizing for the first time that I wore my collar. It would attract some stares, no doubt, but probably no more than my body was already going to draw.

We got in his car; the pool was a short 5 minute drive away. When we got there, there it was full, but not crowded as it wasn’t all that warm. I walked up to the counter and paid the cashier who made absolutely no effort to not stare at my tits. I stood there and let him for a few seconds before passing through the girl’s bathroom to the pool area.

Every adolescent boy in attendance stared, it seemed as I walked with Tim to a spot on the grass and set down my towel. He told me to immediately jump in the water and get my shorts wet. I walked over to the diving board and waited in line. I could hear guys whispering as they came up behind me.

Finally it was my turn. I stepped up and after a moments pause, did a simple little dive into the pool. I could feel everyone watching me as I swam to the edge, and the image I’d be presenting with the shorts I wore crept into my mind. I took a deep breath and climbed out of the pool.

It seemed like there was an audible gasp from everyone there as they got an almost unblocked view of my ass. Turning red, I walked around the pool back to my towel. I laid down to tan for a bit as my brother went off to swim. I figured it was safe enough to undo my top so I didn’t get any lines. Its not like it covered much anyways.

After about fifteen minutes, I felt someone poke me in the back, and felt a few droplets. I looked up to see a smiling boy of about 4 years old looking at me. I smiled back and leaned up to look. Who cares if he got a look at my boobs. “Hey there,” I said with a smile. “What’s up?” He took a step back and didn’t answer. I leaned up further, “What’s a matter, shy?” He nodded. “It’s ok, I won’t bite,” I told him, leaning up further. He walked up closer, then with a shout and a laugh, grabbed my top and scurried off with it.

I laid there for a minute, flush in the face and looked to my brother. “Well, you better go get it,” he said with a laugh.

I got up and wandered after the kid, covering myself with both hands. When I finally caught up with him, he was playing with a toy truck in front of a guy that looked to be about 20. The top was sitting on the ground in front of him.

“I guess this is yours,” he told me, grabbing it and walking over to me. I nodded, blushing. He held it far above my small frame. “You can have it if you can get it.” I jumped and flailed with one hand, but he was too tall. I turned redder, realizing what he was doing, and how much he was enjoying himself.

“Tell you what, I’ll be a little nicer,” he said, walking over to a nearby tree and tying it to a branch that hung a foot above my head. I walked over and tried to pry it free, but he’d tied it tight. I fumbled with the knot for a few minutes with my fingers, then the realization came. I’d need to use both hands. I gave a quick look around, about 20 people were looking while trying not to. I just took a deep breath and reached up, exposing my breasts for anyone that wanted to see, and see people did. It seemed like hours that I fumbled at the knots. He’d tied it tight. Finally, after it seemed everyone in the pool had gotten a look, I got it undone and tied it on.

I walked over to find my brother, but was shoved hard into the pool before I could see him. Furious, I looked up to see who’d shoved me. “Let’s get ready to go,” Tim said. I climbed out once more and walked over to my towel, wrapping it around my dripping body.

Once covered, Tim grabbed my hair and pulled me back. “Strip slut,” he commanded. Still well aware that I was being watched, I reached down and slid my panties and shorts down my legs. I was positive I’d flashed at least a few people a view of my pussy and ass. Next I untied the bikini and let it fall to the ground. Tim grabbed the back of the towel and guided me out. Once we were in the parking lot, he jerked quickly and pulled the towel off me, leaving me completely naked. I group of five teenage guys gawked as I ran to the car. He took his sweet time walking over, prolonging my embarrassment, and even longer laughing at me from the confines of the car before he let me in.

“Don’t you dare cover yourself,” he told me as we drove home. I rested my hands behind my head on the seat. It had a very flattering effect on my breasts making them even perkier than they already were. He rewarded me by grabbing them as he pleased on the way home.

I got out of the car and headed towards the house while he grabbed his stuff from the back seat. “Don’t forget your towel,” he called. I hurried my naked self back and leaned in the open window. The sound of the window closing pierced the air, and I hurried to get out of the way. I managed to get everything but my head and arms out before I was stuck. I reached frantically for the button on my door, but he’d locked me out.

He got out of the car and walked around, cupping my breasts in both hands. I arched my back at the sensation of excitement and helplessness that came with his touch. After a few moments, his hands slid off and I heard his footsteps disappear. He’d left me nude, exposed and helpless outside.

I tried to wiggle out of the trap, but that only caused the window to dig into my skin. I could almost reach the other door, but it would do no good, the car wasn’t on. Maybe half an hour later, my brother came back outside and set a book down on the driver’s seat. On the book, he placed a digital camera on a tripod. My digital camera. He turned it on. Frantically, I tried to cover myself, but was blocked by the window.

“Smile,” he told me evilly, before the smacks came. I grunted loudly as his hand slapped my ass and grabbed hard. I tried to move, but no matter what I couldn’t escape his hand. My ass was no doubt, bright red, and very sore by the time he finished the fifteenth whack. The camera, which had captured a large range of faces, now got to see ecstasy as his cock slid into my pussy. I wasn’t sure if it could see him fucking me, but it sure as hell got the look on my face. He fucked me hard, harder than he had before, so that the window dug painfully into my skin with each movement, but I didn’t care. The pleasure at his hard cock sliding in and out of me, and at my total submission was overwhelming.

I forgot myself and just started screaming with every thrust. “Oh, god, yes! Fuck, that’s so good! Harder!” I was so caught up in the moment, I came, hard and without warning. My pussy squeezed his dick with all it had, as he continued to thrust harder and deeper. I thought it was never going to end as each wave of pleasure sent me higher and higher. Finally my knees went week and my body sagged against my confines. I could still feel his cock inside me.

“Did you cum master?”


“May I make you cum?”

“Tell the camera how you want to do it.”

“I want to suck you dry master,” I told the camera. “I want to use my mouth to pleasure you.”

“Where can I cum?”

“All over my face, anywhere.”

“Good slut.” He freed me and grabbed the camera. Realizing my soreness for the first time, I rubbed the red lines where the window had dug in. Upon walking into the house, I lowered myself to my knees and waited for his instructions. He pulled me over in front of the couch and sat down, spreading his legs.

“Please master, may I suck you,” I told the camera. “Please may I use my mouth to pleasure your cock?” He nodded and I moved down, his hand grabbed a handful of hair and pulled me down quicker while the other filmed my work from the side.

After the fucking he’d just given me, it didn’t take much work of my tongue and lips to get him close. He was moaning before long, and the camera was shaking with every downward thrust I made. Finally he stood and pulled out. I jerked him until I felt it start to swell. I shut my eyes and opened my mouth wide, hoping to catch the taste of some. I was disappointed initially as rope after rope of warm white cum streaked across my face, however as his orgasm began to wind down, a few droplets made it into my mouth. I relished the taste as he continued filming. When I could feel no more, I opened my eyes to see the camera directly in front of me. He was now snapping pictures. I smiled, always looking directly into the camera.

“Perfect,” he told me.

“What are you going to do with them?” I asked him.

“I’m not sure yet,” he smiled, “I guess that’s up to you.” He moved back and was now snapping full body shots. I shifted so that he could get everything, my breasts, cum covered face and shaved pussy in the shot.

When he was done, he brought the camera to his computer to upload the shots and video he’d taken while I knelt still covered in cum. I rubbed myself lightly as I saw him go through the pictures, one by one. I looked so slutty, taking it in the mouth and on the face. I found that I liked it.

My eyes widened with shock as he took one of the pictures, a side view with his cock about halfway in my mouth, and made it the background.

“What if mom and dad see?”

“They won’t, they’re never in here. I just want to remind you of your place.”

“Yes master.” I stared at the floor. Much of the cum by now had dripped down to my breasts, creating a sort of oiled up image I thought was flattering.

I cleaned up, licking what I could of the cum off my fingertips and went downstairs. My brother and I sat there watching TV for a while, him sitting on the couch, and myself kneeling in between his legs. Every so often he would reach down to grab my breasts.

After an hour or so, the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it,” I instinctively called out, and before realizing my situation, opened the door.

“Hey, I’m here for my tu…oh,” Brandon’s face turned red.

“Oh shit,” I swore, Brandon had passed Trigonometry, but only barely. I promised I’d tutor him. I wasn’t particularly smart, but his parents practically begged me, plus he was cute, even at 14.

“It’s ok,” I said as he turned red and started to back away, “come on in.” I hauled him inside and shut the door. “This is a studying technique,” I tried to explain away my nudity. He didn’t argue. Tim had at some point retreated back upstairs so I invited Brandon to come sit on the couch.

With nothing else to do, we got out his books, and I started to teach him. At first he was very distracted by my nudity, so I decided to use it to my advantage. I laid on the floor on my stomach and handed him a washable marker. I told him he could start by doing practice problems one through four on my back.

“If you get them right, I’ll roll over and you can finish six through ten on the front,” I told him. He opened his book and binder and got to work. I gave him a few tips and pointers, but he concentrated on his work for the most part. I giggled as the cool marker touched me, and thought about how much Brandon must be enjoying this. After several minutes, I grabbed the book and had him read his answers off to me.

As I listened, I noticed a pair of handcuffs was still sitting haphazardly underneath the coffee table. I made a mental note for later. As he read the last one, I realized they had all been right. True to my word, I rolled over onto my back and laid down. I giggled again as he started just below my right boob, and watched him work. As he got further he ran out of room.

“Just go down a leg,” I told him. “Oh jesus,” I breathed as the marker touched my inner thigh, mere inches from my pussy. It was utter torture with him writing on me, just inches from my by now dripping pussy. I turned red from embarrassment, but didn’t move for fear of messing him up.

“All done,” he said what seemed like hours later. I looked down, squinting to read the bits written on my leg. They were all correct again.

“What do I get this time?”

It didn’t take me long to think. I grabbed the cuffs from underneath the coffee table and cuffed my hands behind my back. I moved up and straddled him, forcing my tits into his face. He kissed me between them, then slowly licked his way to my nipples. I arched my back even more as he licked, then without warning, his hand shot to my dripping pussy. I yelped with surprise and pleasure as he slid first his middle, then his ring finger in. I fucked his hand before several minutes, before he slid it out and forced his fingers between my lips.

Like I was giving the worlds greatest blowjob, I licked them dry. Eventually, he worked his cock out through the fly in his pants and gestured to me. I knew what to do, positioning myself over him, then slowly lowering down.

I moaned as he penetrated me, and continued sliding until he was in nice and deep. He sat there, leaning up against the couch while I moved up and down, just watching me pleasure him. It made me feel like such a little slut, to have him leering at my bouncing tits and shaved pussy while I gave him exactly what he wanted.

“Oh, swivel your hips a bit more, just like that…oh yeah,” he told me exactly how he wanted to be fucked, and I moaned, happy to follow his every command. Every so often his hands would slide their way up from my hips to my breasts, grabbing, kneading and squeezing, and I would oblige him by arching my back, getting them as close to him as possible.

He pressed his fingers to my lips once more, and I made my best slut face before parting them and taking them as deep as I could. That seemed to push him over the edge as he guided me in a shorter, faster rhythm with the other hand. Knowing he was close charged me in a way I cannot describe, and I started moaning with every swivel.

Finally he grabbed my tits, hard and pulled me down. The look on his face said it all. Even though I couldn’t really feel it, the thought of warm cum filling my pussy brought me to a small orgasm of my own. My pussy clenched on his dick, squeezing out every last drop. Several seconds went by and he just lay there happily, taking in the sight of a restrained girl still sitting on his rapidly softening cock.

“I expect the same effort out of you next week,” I said, sliding off him. He smiled, cleaned himself and dressed, leaving me alone and still cuffed. I wandered off in search of my brother, and some keys.

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2009-02-16 16:42:48
A 20-yr-old guy who's not all that concerned about the woman's pleaure -- what a shock. 1st of all, a big part of dom/sub is the dom's control over the sub's orgasms, but there's almost nothing in these stories about Gabby's pleasure. 2nd, you treat the full waxing like it's no big deal. Do you have any idea how excruciatingly painful it is? *You* try it, if you're so into bare pussies. And men: get over this pervy interest in bare pussies -- it's like you all want to screw 11-yr-olds. Guess what: the same hormones that make women hairy make us horny, so if you want us as willing partners, then accept the fact that nature gave us pubic hair (and gave it to us for good reasons, including the sexual pleasure of feeling it stroked). GROW UP.

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2009-02-16 04:54:07
i wish she would teach me also

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2008-08-22 15:06:59
I don't agree with making him nicer. I like how he hanged and she is also going to change throughout teh series. It's an interesting serises. Keep up teh good work

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2008-08-11 22:55:46
I'll take your comments into consideration, thanks. I have to work to keep the relationship in this story different from the vengeance story.

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