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Chapter 31

“What is taking so long,” Ken muttered as he reached the wall and swivelled to face the opposite wall, taking in all the people in the living room as he did so. He saw Mary’s blond hair, swollen belly, and milk dripping tits as she lay back in her father’s recliner as her brother continued to pace the room. On the large blue couch he could see Kathy (her pregnant belly swollen even larger than Mary’s because of her twins) lying on her back with her bare legs stretch across the laps of her own brother and father as they took turns playing with her red furred pussy.

“Sit down and relax Ken,” Kathy’s father said, indicating the smaller couch where Linda sat, rubbing the small swell of her own pregnant belly as she watched Ken pace across the room in just a few quick steps. “It’s only been a couple hours since Dannie’s water broke and your parents took her to the hospital.”

“Is that all?” Ken asked sarcastically as he reached the door and turned around to start across the room again. “It’s easy for you to relax, Dannie isn’t having you baby.”

“No she isn’t,” Kathy’s father admitted with a shrug, “but she’s still a friend, and so are you and your parents. That’s why they were called and asked us to come over and keep an eye on you and Mary while they stayed with Dannie at the hospital.”

“Yes I understand that,” Ken said as he raised his arms in exasperation as he reached the wall again, “but that doesn’t make it any easier on my nerves.”

“I know,” Kathy’s father said as he ran his hand across Kathy’s swollen belly until he could squeeze his daughter’s milk filled tits as Jim leaned forward to catch the spray of milk with his mouth. “But unless you want your parents to realize that you’re the father of Dannie’s baby you better learn to get your nerves under control.”

“Don’t you think they’ll figure things out when they walk in and find the rest of you scattered around the room naked?” Ken asked with a weak chuckle as he stopped his pacing long enough to look at everyone else.

“I’m sure they’ll call and give us the news before they leave the hospital,” Kathy’s father said with a wave of his hand. “Besides, if there’s a chance you’re going to get caught shy don’t you sit down and enjoy yourself?”

“You do have a point,” Ken said with a sigh as he pulled his clothes off and sat down next to Linda as she gave him a quick smile and grabbed his hand to put it between her legs. Without really paying attention to what he was doing Ken started running his fingers along Linda’s slit, tickling her clit with his thumb. Even as Linda started to moan with pleasure and hump her wet cunt against Ken’s invading fingers.

“How long is this going to take?” Ken muttered as he fucked his fingers in and out of Linda’s drooling cunt without really paying attention to what he was doing. “Do you think something’s gone wrong?”

“I’m sure everything’s fine,” Kathy’s father said as he ran one hand along his daughter’s pregnant body as he used the other one to tease her sensitive pussy and clit. “I’m sure your parents would call if anything was wrong, and you never know how long it will take for a baby to be born. When my wife went into labor with Jim he was born so quickly we barely had time to reach the hospital. But when Kathy was born she was in labor for almost twelve hours.”

“At least Dannie is a couple weeks later than we expected,” Mary put in. “Late enough that our story about her getting knocked up at camp is actually believable.”

“Right,” Ken said with an edge to his voice as Linda’s cunt clamped down on his fingers and she screamed her pleasure to the whole house. “That gets me off the hook for Dannie’s baby, but what about yours? And what about Dannie’s next baby? She’s already talking about having me knock her up before the end of school - and you know mom and dad are going to figure things out when her belly starts growing again before she even has a chance to get to summer camp.”

“I’m not so sure about that,” Kathy’s father said with a chuckle. “I wouldn’t say that your parents are stupid, but they are naive enough to think that their children could never be involved with incest - no matter how many times you knock your sisters up.”

“I guess they are pretty naive at that,” Ken said with a sigh. “So I guess things will be alright - as long as mom and dad don’t actually walk into the room when I’m fucking Dannie or Mary.”

“Ken,” Linda said with a soft moan of pleasure as the older boy started sliding his fingers in and out of her hot slimy cunt. “I know you’re distracted with Dannie at the hospital giving birth and everything, but don’t you want to do more than just finger fuck me? I’d really like to have that nice hard cock of yours slamming in and out of my cunny right now.”

“Well,” Ken said with a slow grin,” that would take my mind off Dannie and the baby. I think I can give you what you want.”

“Oh goody,” Linda said with a broad grin, opening her thighs so Ken could slide between her legs. He rubbed the head of his cock along the thirteen year olds juicy slit, trapping the girl’s erect clit between the tip and her own belly, grinning at the way the slight bulge of her stomach jiggled with her groan of pleasure.”

“Don’t tease me Kenny,” Linda begged, “fuck me, fuck me hard.”

“If that’s what you want,” Ken said with a chuckle as he pulled his hips back and altered the angle of his cock so it was pointed right at the lips of her slit as he slammed his hips forward and his prick entered her hot slippery pussy with one quick thrust.

“Yes,” Linda screamed as she lifted her hips from the sofa cushions and wrapped her legs around Ken’s ass as he did his best to forget about his sister and baby as he concentrated on giving his pregnant friend the best fuck of her life.

“Damn Linda,” Ken gasped as he fucked his cock in and out of the brunette’s horny cunny, “I swear, your slit’s tighter now than the day I popped your cherry.”

“I know that’s a lie,” Linda panted, “that, or your cock is bigger now than it was when you popped my cherry.”

“Or maybe our baby is getting into the act and pushing against your fuck hole so I feel larger and you feel tighter,” Ken said as he continued to slam the full length of his cock into Linda’s slippery cunt. He could feel his balls starting to tighten against the base of his prick and he knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he was filling Linda’s swelling belly with another load of baby juice.

“Fuck me Ken,” Linda groaned as the sexual energy building in her pregnant belly as she approached another orgasm with Ken’s prick slamming in and out of her ultra sensitive fuck hole. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum.”

“So am I,” Ken screamed as his buried his cock deep into Linda’s pussy as his balls cramped and he shot wad after wad of sperm into the pregnant girl’s thirsty pussy.

“I’m cumming too,” Linda screamed as her cunt clamped tight around the older boy’s invading cock as her whole body spasmed when Ken’s baby juice struck the back of her fuck hole. A second later Linda felt her whole belly jump as Ken’s juice washed over their baby, Linda wasn’t sure if the baby was kicking with pleasure, but she wanted to think it was.

“Ken,” Linda said with a grin as Ken kissed the valley between her breasts, “I think the baby loves fucking as much as I do. Can you feel her trying to rub her little cunny against your cock?”

“I can feel the baby moving,” Ken said as he raised his head to smile at Linda, “but since we don’t know if it’s a girl or boy I’m not sure if she’s trying to fuck me - or he’s trying to fuck you.”

“Either way I think our baby is going to be one horny kid,” Linda sighed contentedly as she ran her fingers through Ken’s short hair.

“I think you’re right,” Ken said as he pulled his soft cock out of Linda’s drooling cunt and set the slimy prick on the slight swell of Linda’s belly. “Whatever the baby is I think you and I will be grandparents a lot sooner than we’d like.”

“Maybe sooner than you’d like,” Linda said with a content smile, “but I want to be a grandmother when I’m still young enough to enjoy it.”

“I guess that makes sense,” Ken said with a weak laugh as his sister Mary crawled up next to the couch and grabbed his soft cock in her hand.

“What do you think you’re doing, Mary?” Ken asked as his sister started licking his shaft clean.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Mary giggled as she stroked her brother’s flaccid cock. “I’m going to give you a blowjob. I enjoyed watching that fuck so much I want to get you hard enough to fuck Linda again.”

“But what about Jim and his dad?” Ken asked as he turned to look at the other two men sharing the couch with Kathy. When he looked he realized that Kathy was no longer on the couch but was kneeling in front of her brother and giving Jim a blowjob at the same time that she gave her father a handjob. Ken could see his eleven year old girlfriend’s red hair bobbing up and down as she swallowed her brother’s cock over and over again.

“We’re fine Ken,” Jim’s father said as he gave his daughter an affectionate smile and reached down to tweak her milk filled tits. “You go ahead and fuck Linda again, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time to fuck her before the day’s over.

“What about you, Mary?” Ken asked his sister, turning back to find her swollen belly right in front of his eyes as she got to her feet.

“I may not be as big as Kathy with her twins,” Mary said as she stroked her belly affectionately, “but I’m still too big to fuck right now. But if Linda is willing to eat my pussy and you play with my tits while you fuck her than I think I’ll be just fine.”

“Sounds good to me,” Linda said, licking her lips as she helped steady her blond haired friend as the girl knelt above her face and lowered her hips so she could reach her slit while she watched Ken as he aimed the head of his cock for the center of Linda’s cunny as it dripped with his cum and her juices.

“Sounds good to me too,” Ken said as he slid his rock hard shaft into Linda’s fuck tunnel and leaned forward to catch Mary’s erect nipple between his lips and sucked on it until a stream of milk filled his mouth.

“Thank you Kenny,” Mary said with a groan of relief. “With all the excitement I forgot to milk myself this morning.”

“I’m always willing to help you out when it comes to sucking you dry, sis,” Ken said with a grin as he cupped her milk filled tit with one hand as he continued to fuck Linda with long slow strokes of his cock, her could hear her moans of pleasure muffled by Mary’s juicy cunt in her mouth.

“I don’t know which is better,” Mary moaned as she rocked back and forth on Linda’s face, “your mouth milking my tits, or Linda’s mouth eating my cunt. You’re both so good at what you do that I’m going to cum any second.”

“I think Linda’s about to cum too, sis,” Ken said as he gave his sister another grin, “I can feel her cunt grabbing my cock already. Wouldn’t it be great if both of you came at the same time?”

“Oh yeah,” Mary gasped as her belly started to jump with her approaching orgasm, “but what about you Ken? Aren’t you going to cum with us?”

“Not yet,” Ken said with a quick chuckle, “I’m good for at least one more orgasm this time - maybe even two more.”

“We’ll see about that,” Mary said as her whole body shivered through her first orgasm with the baby in her swollen belly jumped in pleasure right along with her. “What do you think Linda,” she asked as her friend relaxed under her thighs as she came down from her own orgasm, “can we make him cum before we cum again?” Linda’s response was muffled by Mary’s cunt but she could feel her friend’s head nodding against her pussy.

“So, you think you can make me cum before I make you cum again?” Ken said through gritted teeth, “no way am I going to let you win.”

“It doesn’t matter who cums first Ken,” Mary said as Linda through her legs around Ken’s ass and pulled him in close, “we all win in the end.”

“I guess we do,” Ken said as he picked up the pace of his fucking without intending to, “but I still hope to make the two of you cum before I do.”

“So stop talking and start sucking,” Mary moaned as she felt the sexual energy starting to build in her belly again. Without another word Ken stuck her nipple in his mouth and started to suck the milk out of her full breasts. Mary could feel Linda’s tongue sliding deep into her slit and wondered how long it would be before both of them came again, she didn’t think it would be much longer.

Ken could feel Linda’s cunt starting to grip his cock even harder and he knew it wouldn’t be long before the girl had another orgasm with his cock buried deep in her pregnant belly, but in spite of all his bragging he knew he was close to his own orgasm and he wasn’t sure who was going to cum first. He felt his balls cramp tight against the base of his cock and he slammed the full length of his cock into Linda’s body as he shot his load deep inside her thirteen year old body. Even as the first wad of baby juice struck the back of Linda’s cunt her own body jerked through her own orgasm as her head bobbed up on her stiff neck and Mary’s pussy spasmed against her mouth as the blond stiffened and screamed with pleasure.

“I guess we all win,” Ken panted as he pulled his wilting cock out of Linda’s cunt and gave his sister a big grin as she rolled off her friend’s body and slid to the floor as she stroked her hand over her swollen belly.

“I guess we do,” Linda said with a weak nod, “but I think you and I got the best of the deal, Mary. After all, we had two orgasms each for Ken’s one.”

“Good point,” Mary said with a giggle.

Before the three of them could say anything more the phone on the end table next to Kathy’s father rang and he reached to pick it up as everyone in the room fell silent in anticipation. “Hello,” the older man said as he brought the receiver to his ear. “I see. I see. Ok, I’ll let them know. When do you expect to be home?” Ok, we’ll see you then.”

“What’s up,” Ken asked, voicing the question on everyone’s lips as Kathy’s father returned the phone to the cradle.

“Congratulations Ken, Dannie had her baby and you’re the father of a six and a half pound twenty inch baby girl named Kendra Dorothy Jamison.”

As everyone else congratulated Ken he flushed and muttered, “I’m going to kill her.”

“What do you mean?” Kathy asked when she realized what her boyfriend was saying. “Why do you want to kill Dannie.”

“Did you hear the name she gave our daughter?” Ken asked with a rueful shake of his head. “Kendra Dortothy? Do you know how close that is to ‘Ken’s daughter’? I can’t believe Kathy would take that kind of chance. Mom and dad are sure to catch on with a name like that.”

“No they won’t,” Kathy’s father said with a chuckle, “if they were going to catch on they would have done it by now and I’m sure they would have said something to me over the phone. All they said after telling me about the baby is that they’re going to stick around the hospital for a few more minutes to make sure that everything’s alright with her and the baby and then they’ll be home in an hour.”

“Well,” Linda said as she sat up on the couch and looked around the room, “I guess we better get the place straightened up before they get back.”


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