The ongoing adventures of a sex slave
Each and every day sees Brandon take more and more control over me and my body. He is absolutley loving my servitude and loves how horny I get when I am embarrassed and humiliated. The outfts he choses for me to wear in public are getting briefer and more see through and the places he makes me go naked are for more risky with each trip.

Since the last time I wrote about my adventures he has made me ride home naked in a taxi ( I had to tell the driver that my boyfriend and I had been having sex in the park and he ran off with my dress). I have had to let a homeless guy lick my pussy in an alley and I have stripped naked in a movie theatre.

All of these things had involved complete strangers but Brandon was now going to step things up.
We had been invited to the house of a friend of his for dinner then a night out on the town.
For my out fit Brandon picked a skin tight bright blue dress. I struggled to get into it as Brandon zipped it up. I stood in front of the mirror and was shocked by what I saw. The dress was strapless and barely covered my c cup tits. The deep cleavage between them was unmissable, as was the fact that it only just covered my nipples. I did not have the option to pull it up any further because the hem at the bottom was only a fraction of an inch bleow my pussy (any movement I made threatened to show my shaven cunt completely.) I turned around to look at the rear view, and that is exactly what i got. A rear view. The hem line showed not only the top of my thighs but also the lower part of my butt cheeks. To match the dress Brandon selected a pair of super high heels.

We arrived at Liam and Myra's house at 7pm. Their home was a town house in the old part of town. The kind of places that were built ver close to the street. As we waited for them to open the door I was painfully aware that any one passing by had a great view of my virtually exposed ass. Several cars did passed and one driver blasted his horn in appreciation of the view. Thankfully Liam opened the door at that moment.
He was obviously surprised and impressed by my appearance and stood speachless for several moments bfore ushering us in. Myra was in the living room as we walked in and stared at me for almost a minute before saying "Love the dress"

The couple were long time friends of Brandons and I had met them only in the last couple of weeks. They did not know about the arrangement that Brandon and I had but that was all about to change.

"I must get you a dress like that." Liam said to his wife
"I am not wearing something like that in front of other people"
"Kristen is" He argued
"Kristen doesn't have a say in the matter"Brandon interjected. He went on to tell them all about our arrangement while I felt my whole body blush with embarrassment. "I didn't make her come here naked cause I didn't want to make things awkward for you guys" he said wen he had finished with the details.

Liam and Myra looked at each other for a moment and smiled. "Let me get this right." Liam said "If she was at home right now she would be naked?"
"That's right" Brandon answered "I do not believe in her right to wear clothes or have control over her body"
"Well, we've always told you to treat our home as if it were your own." Mayra said "So it is up to you"
Brandon didn't even flinch, he walked behind me and unzipped my dress. For the first time I was about to be exposed to people I actually knew. My humiliation level shot through the roof and a buzz of pure arousal shot through my body.

Brandon eased the dress down over my tits slowly so that they could enjoy the view and I could feel the humiliation. I stood stock still as I worked the dress down passed my hipsexposing my shaven pussy to his friends. The dress soo fell to the floor and I stepped out of it. I stood before Liam and Myra in nothing but a pair of high heels. The couple stood quietly, scanning my naked body. Both of them stared openly at my bald cunt, obviously noticing the moisture that was developing there. I stood motionless enveloped in the embarrassment of being naked in a room with three fully clothed people.

"I figure that any one with a body this good should be made to show it off. Don't you agree?" Brandon said
"Definitely." Liam answered with out taking his eyes off my pussy. "Was her cunt always bald or did you make her shave it?"
"I made her do it. I don't want anything blocking my view of what is rightfully mine. Besides I love the fell of it. It is so smooth." With that he stood beside me and pulled my legs apart. He then started rubbibg my pussy in front of them. He noticed how incredibly wet I had become and smiled at me. "She loves to be humiliated in front of other people, it makes her incredibly horny. Feel her" With out a moments hesitation Liam stepped forward and put his hand on my twat. Starting at the top he worked his way down until his hand was completely between my legs. I felt one of his fingers move to my dripping hole and hover there briefly. Then he slipped it in and began to finger fuck me. I glanced at Mra who was watching the action intently and did not seem to mind that her husnad was touching up another woman.

"You have to feel this Honey" Liam said to her and she stepped forwad and reached between my legs. I had never been touched sexually by another woman but the feel of her softer and smaller hand was incredible. She pushed her fingers between my pussy lips and gently ran them along my clit as the guys watched. Slowly she started moving her fingers in a circular moton over my now throbbing womanhood. The more she did it the harder I breathed. With out realising it I parted my legs a bit more to accomodate her working fingers. I came to the edge of an orgasm before I heard Brandon tell her to stop. "God NO!" I said out loud. My body was pulsing from head to toe and my nipples were rock hard. "Please don't stop" I pleaded. I desperately wanted to feel the climactic rush but Myra did as she was told and removed her hand.
When I opened my eyes again, all three of them were standing there staring at me with huge smiles on their faces. I looked down and realised I was in a semi squatting position. WIth my legs apart like this, my pussy lips were oened and my glistening clit was clearly visible. The whole area between my legs shined with my own juices and I could smell my own desire wafting from my body.

As we sat down to dinner, my body still throbbed with the need to cum, but Brandon was not going to allow that. While the other 3 drank wine and chatted over the meal I was only allowed to drink water. Brandon explained that he did not want any of my senses dulled by the effects of alcohol.
After the meal, the decision was made to hit the town for a bit of fun. I could only imagine what that meant as Brandon squeezed me back into the dress.

As we headed towards the car, Brandon stopped me half way down the front steps and hitched the hem for the dress up to my waist. He slapped me on the ass and ordered me toward the footpath with my pussy and ass completley exposed. I quickly glance up and down the street to see if any one was around but saw no one but us.

When we reached the car, Myra reach into her purse and produced a black silk scarf. . With help from Liam she tied my hands behind my back and the three of climbed into the back seat with me in the middle. Brandon hopped int he front and started the car.
As we headed into the city, Liam and Myra each grabbed one of my legs and pulled it iver their lap so that I was spread wide and my pussy lips opened to expose my clit. "Do something about those tits while your at it." Brandon said from the front. Liam reached over and grabbed the front of my dress and pulled it down so that it buched up around my waist like a belt. With my legs spread and my tits out, we headed of for our night on the town.

Our first stop was at an ATM so that myra could get some money. She climbed out of the passengers side door and left it open so that any one passing could see in. She seemed ot take for ever as I sat there, one leg still across Liams lap. Two you guys walked passed and glanced into the car and saw me sitting there.
They continued to walk up to the corner then turned around and came back again. They looked into the car as they passed by the second time. At this point Brandon jumped out of the car and caught up to them. They all cam back to the open rear door and Brandon reach in and grabbed one of my legs. He pulled my leg so that I spun around on my seat. Suddenly I was on my back with my head in Liams lap, one leg on the back dash and the other over the front seat. Brandon stood back and allowed one of the guys to come to the door. The youg man leaned in and immediatley placed his head between my wide spread legs and started licking my pussy.

My body was still throbbing from my earlier attention and it wasn't long before I was back on the verge of cumming. Brandon knew what was about to happen and pulled the young man from the car. "No NO Please" I begged. All I wanted to do was have the orgasm I so desperately needed. After a short wait to allow me to settle down a little, Brandon allowed the other guy to lean into the car. He also went straight to my aching pussy and began to lick my clit. Once again on the edge of cumming Brandon put a stop to the action and sent the young men on their way.

With out allowing me to sit up. Myra climbed into the car and sat between my spread legs as Brandon drove on.
"Now I need to get some money" Brandon announce about 10 minutes later. He pulled the car up about 20 meters form the ATM outside our bank.

Myra climbed out of the car and pulled my legs down so that they were together on the seat. SHe them grabbed the dress and pulled it completely from my body.

"I need about $20 for fuel" Brandon said as he handed me his card. "Remeber the rules. No running, no hiding, no covering yourself up. You must behave as if you are fully clothed. When your done, we will meet you up at the corner. If you break any rules I will drive off and leave you here. Do you understand?"

I told him I did. Iknew there was no point arguing. Iwould just have to face the humiliation and get it over with. After I stepped from the car, I watched them drive up to the corner about 50 meters away and park.
I began my naked walk up the public street to the ATM. I could feel the cool night air on my moiste pussy as I prayed that no one would see me. I withdrew the money and headed up the street towards the car. I was almost there when 2 young couples came out of an alleyway and walked straight in front of me. I could have died right there and then. They stopped in their tracks and just stared at me. They were completely blocking my way so I had to stop too.
As we all stood there staring at each other I saw Brandon walking down the street towards us. "Is there a problem here?" He asked "Not a problem" One of the guys answered "Just this woman walking around naked>"
"That woman is my Girlfriend" Brandon said to him
"Whats she doing then?"
"Getting some moneyout of the bank for me"
"Why is she doing it naked on a public street?" One of the girls asked

"I don't believe she has the right to wear clothing unless I say so. As far as I am concerned, it is my right to decide where and when she is clothed and whether or not I want people to see her tits and her pussy. After all they do belong to me."
Everyone was now staring at me. I felt so exposed and embarrassed and I could feel my pussy throbbing again under there intense gaze.
Brandon walked around behind me and slapped me on the ass. My embarrassment intensified as the group of people sniggered. "On your hands and knees" he said to me. I obeyed Instantly "Legs Spread" he ordered and again I obeyed "Crawl back to the car" I began crawling along the footpath passed the 2 couples toward the car. From behind me they had an excellent view of my pussy between my spread legs. To add to their entertainment, every few seconds Brandon reached down and slapped my behind. I could hear the people laughing as I crawled and making lewd comments about my twat.
I was never so please to get back into the car.

The rest of our night out is coming in Chapter 4

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