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We finally meet Mom. Boy do we ever...
This is my favorite chapter so far. I love writing from (Mom) Maxine's perspective. She is one of the hottest characters I've ever written, as you'll learn in coming chapters. The best stuff this time might not be the sex as much as the tension and the open discussion of taboo. I hope it gets you off! If this one is too slow, just wait for Ch5, which is pure hardcore.

When I pulled into the driveway after a long, hard day at work, I knew no one was expecting me home, since even I had forgotten that I had traded my second shift with another nurse who needed a day off later in the week. Delighted by the surprise, I headed home to enjoy some relaxing time off. It wasn’t unusual for my husband’s car to be in the driveway even while he was at work, since he often carpooled with a neighbor, but I was horny and I privately hoped he might actually be home. When I got into the house, I called out for Trevor or the kids, but no one responded. The kitchen was a mess. A box of cereal had spilled onto the counter and dirty dishes were everywhere. Disappointed, I headed upstairs to change out of my scrubs, take a shower and ignore the mess.

When I reached the top of the stairs, I heard sounds coming from my son Matt’s bedroom, so I went to investigate. His door was open. Surely he had heard me call out for him when I first came in the door. When I arrived at his doorway, I saw my 15-year-old boy sitting at his desk, completely naked, watching a video on his laptop. He was hunched over slightly, and it was obvious to me what he was doing. I approached until, looking over his shoulder, I could see that he had a porn video playing on the screen. It featured a Latina girl who looked like she couldn’t be more than 14 years old masterfully sucking a huge cock while a second man rammed her from behind.

“What the hell is that?” I asked, announcing my presence. I knew my immodest son was already aware I had entered.

Without looking away from the video, Matt responded: “It’s porn, Mom. What does it look like?”

“That girl looks a little young. Is this thing legal?”

“I think so,” said Matt. “I found it on a mainstream site.”

I leaned in closer. The “starlet” looked so underage. “Jesus,” I said. “Where do they find these girls?”

“Wish I knew,” said Matt earnestly. I shook my head and rolled my eyes, but I was still standing behind Matt, his own eyes fixated on the screen. “You know, Mom, it’s been a long time since you did this for me,” Matt added, gesturing down toward his cock.

He was right. I hadn’t touched him sexually in several months. Not since the time he asked me to fuck him. Ever since Matt was 10 years old, I had been giving him hand jobs. We had always been physically close, my son and I. I used to scratch his back or rub his feet while we watched TV or while I read him books. Once when he was 10, he started unselfconsciously masturbating while I was reading him a young-adult novel at bedtime. During a passage that involved some teens making out, he just reached into his pajama pants and started to touch himself. When I realized he was stroking what was then a rather minuscule erection, my hand joined his and I helped him get off, as if it was a motherly duty. I later learned that had been Matt’s first orgasm. It hadn’t been a sexual act on my part, in my mind – I had just been making my son feel good, not unlike the back scratches or foot rubs.

Over the ensuing few years, similar occasions arose, and each time I ended up bringing my son to climax and letting him drizzle his semen right onto my fingers. The encounters had never involved me disrobing or doing anything but giving him a hand job. When he was 13, and his body was developing very quickly, Matt started actively initiating such encounters, and more often than not, I obliged. I watched his little hard-on grow over all those years, until it rivaled his father’s in size. Over the course of our semi-sexual relationship, I had grown more and more aroused. Matt was becoming a man, and thus my attraction to him began and evolved along with his pubescent changes. We never really discussed our little hand-job sessions, but I knew Matt appreciated them.

Then last winter, while I was jerking my son off one night in typical fashion, he asked me if I would have sex with him. He told me he had done it with a girl he knew, but that he really wanted me. I rejected that notion outright, but then Matt began to plead. He asked if he could at least suck my tits or touch my pussy. When I said no to those options, he asked to just see me naked. I finally relented, removing my clothes and letting my boy – who was then just 14 – look me up and down while he masturbated. After he blew his load, I quickly dressed and rushed out of his room. For the next 6 months, I had avoided being in the same room alone with him for any extended period. That wasn’t because I was ashamed of what we had done, but because of the way it had made me feel, and the thoughts that had come to my head while I reveled in my son’s obvious physical attraction to my 36-year-old body.

I have been having extramarital affairs since the kids were still very young. Most of them start and stay at work – stealing away with co-workers of all types for a quick fuck. Other than a brief “fling” with one of the doctors, I hadn’t ever become remotely attached, committed as I was to keeping my family intact. The reason I bring this up is that I have always known that marriage and two kids hadn’t diminished my sexual attractiveness all that much. I am still in shape, my Size C tits remain firm and mostly perky, and my butt turns heads all day long up and down the halls of the hospital. Just to keep the staff and patients interested, I make sure to wear all different kinds of sexy underwear – or none at all – under custom-tailored scrub bottoms that perfectly hug each ass cheek and cut revealingly between them.

But the look on my son’s face while he jerked off in front of my naked body that day last winter stirred a response in me that I never would have believed was there. Sure, previous encounters with him had been arousing, but I just treated them for what they were: essentially unilateral stimulation sessions during which I gratified my son’s sexual needs and went on with my day or evening. But that last one had been something else. By the end, I had wanted him, even though it was the one time I let him do all the work himself. I had wanted that cock inside me. I had wanted my son to fuck me. Not to make love to me the way his father usually did, but to fuck me raw, like the men at work tended to, like his father used to.

Afraid that another such incident would get carried away, I had deflected Matt’s various advances and avoided the problem. But today, knowing full well that my son wanted me to find him masturbating, I had allowed myself to be drawn into the room. And now I was rubbing his shoulders while we both watched a raunchy porn video on his computer.

“I think we’ve both outgrown that stuff, Matt,” I said. “It’s time to move on.”

“I know I scared you last time, Mom. I don’t know what came over me. It doesn’t need to be anything more than it used to be.”

“Well, I know you’ve got other girls to take care of your needs now, Matt, so I feel a little less responsible. You’re all grown up.”

Matt spun his desk chair around to face me. “Look how I’ve grown, Mom.” He took his hand off his cock, and I could see it had acquired another inch of length. Now his cock would tower over his dad’s. And it was probably still growing.

“You’re a very lucky boy,” I said. I tried not to indicate how arousing I found that extra inch of hard cock. “I’m sure there will be lots of lucky girls in your life.” It wasn’t just his dick, either. Matt’s body had matured from head to toe. He was shaving regularly now. His chest, shoulders and arms had bulked up. His abs were defined, his thighs thick and firm. At 15, my son was already the real deal.

Matt smiled sheepishly. I knew he appreciated my admiration as much as I appreciated his. “The problem is,” he said, “no one can get me off like you can. No girl’s cunt does for me what just your hand can do.”

I was flattered, of course, but not swayed. I couldn’t risk selfishly destroying my family.

The girl in the video was now fucking both guys at once – one in her ass and the other in her cunt. The close-up shot was impressive. Such a young, immature-looking body being treated so brutally by those grown men. I knew she was probably 18, but her greatest asset was that she looked a good four or even five years younger. What I would have given at that moment to look – let alone be – 18 again. Something about the video aroused me. It wasn’t the close-up shot of two cocks banging one crotch. I knew it was the thought – the implication – of grown-ups fucking a young teen.

I took a step back. “I’m sorry, Matt. That chapter of our lives is behind us.”

“Just once more, Mom? For old times’ sake?”

I took another step back. “I’ll tell you what, Matt. I am going to go take a shower. If you happen to sneak in and watch me…” With that I turned and scooted out of my son’s bedroom.

I hadn’t been under the hot water for a minute when I heard the bathroom door open. Matt sat on the covered toilet seat and watched through the translucent curtain while I lathered my body up with soap. I could see him jerking off through the blur of plastic while I rinsed my body. To give my boy a good show, I made sure to exaggerate my moves and spend extra time on my breasts, pussy and ass. Then I washed my hair, conditioned it, rinsed one last time and turned off the water. The whole ordeal had taken but five or six minutes, and Matt was still sitting there when I was done.

I pulled the curtain open to give Matt a better view. Now I could see him clearly again, too. His eyes were filled with lust, reminding me to disguise my own such feelings. I wanted him to finish off, but I wanted to watch him gazing at every inch of my body while he did so. I stood there dripping wet, waiting for Matt to finish but secretly hoping he would take his time. I was already impressed, as my son had almost always been too impulsive to enjoy even his own strokes for more than a couple of minutes before coming. This time he seemed to be in no hurry at all.

I truly could not believe the size to which Matt’s cock had grown. I guess I had long known he would wind up with a very large tool, but now that it was on display for me, I had trouble accepting that my boy was so very much a man.

And the problem was, I have a terrible weakness for cock. I was only 9 years old when a babysitter’s boyfriend showed me his “boner” one night. “Do you want to touch it?” he asked. I didn’t hesitate. I reached out and held his 5-inch dick, marveling at it’s rigidity. I had been masturbating since before I could remember, and the feel of that first cock stirred up that urge in me. With the boy’s dick in my hand, I pulled up my skirt and started fingering away at my pussy. “You can squeeze it and stroke it if you want,” the boy said, referring of course to his own unit. So I did. I clamped it in my hand, rubbed it with my fingers, all the while having no idea what I was doing or what the goal was. In the process, I got myself off pretty good, then focused on his cock with both hands. He told me I could suck it, and again I accepted the invitation. His cum startled me as it flowed forth onto my tongue, but the boy assured me it was safe to swallow, again only if I so chose. I gulped it down and kept on sucking as his hard on faded. I still recall the feeling of disappointment I had when I realized his cock was of no further use to me. Ever since then, I’ve craved cock quite regularly. It was two years before I had another chance to touch one, but I have rarely turned down an opportunity since.

What’s more, I have an even bigger weakness for big cocks. I love nearly all cocks, mind you, but I must admit I’m a size queen. It isn’t that big cocks feel better, per se; I just love their sheer mass buried in any one of my holes. Now that my son had a cock that was large by nearly anyone’s standard – at least 8 inches, I’d say – the desire to touch it was greater than ever. But since I knew I could never go beyond jerking him off, now I felt a steadfast need to resist even that. How easy it would be to get carried away!

The look on my handsome son’s young face was precious. He wanted me so badly. I suspect he could tell I wanted him, too, though I was vigilantly careful not to let on overtly. I kept a blank look on my face, like I was posing for a photographer. I suspect it was when Matt realized I was not going to engage him any further that he finally let himself go. His eyes closed momentarily, but then he reopened them. He gazed at my neatly shaved pussy one last time then let his eyes drift up past my wide hips to my thin waist before settling on my tits. My breasts aren’t quite what they were in my youth, when they practically jutted out from my chest. Pregnancy and nursing contributed a more-definite crease to their underside, but they are by no means droopy. I had come to prefer their mature look, and I knew the men and women I’d been with usually appreciated it.

I knew Matt was about to come, so I decided to give him the show every guy wanted from me. Grabbing a towel off the rack, I turned most of the way around and bent over, putting my world-class ass on full display for him while I dried my hair, though making sure I could still watch him. As if on cue, Matt let an impressive spurt of cum fly into the air. I heard it land with a faint, dull pang against the side of the bathtub. Successive shots traveled nearly as far through the air until Matt had spattered the tub and tiles with a voluminous load of semen. My boy had matured in yet another way, apparently; those impressive squirts were a far cry from the drizzles he used to produce.

I was glad that my whole body was wet, since it disguised the juices flowing freely from my cunt. Without further acknowledging Matt’s presence, I continued toweling off in silence. Seconds later, my son was gone, leaving me to clean up his creamy mess. I took a used washcloth off a towel rack and bent over to start sweeping Matt’s mess. But rather than use the cloth, I found myself drawn to taste my son’s cum – something I had not done since the last time I’d licked my fingers clean after one of his boyhood hand jobs. I licked that first round off the edge of the tub, savoring the taste. Then I continued down the side of the tub until I reached the floor, swallowing as I swept with my tongue. By the time I started licking Matt’s jizz off the floor, I had two fingers buried deep in my pussy, rifling away at my G-spot. The nastiness of my task, in the wake of Matt’s and my little touch-free encounter, was incredibly arousing. I saved the last little spot of cum until I was ready to come myself. Naked on my knees, I pressed the side of my face into the tiles and lapped up the final dollop of semen with the side of my tongue while a terrific orgasm rushed through my body. Tired yet unsatisfied, I remained in that position for several uncomfortable minutes, allowing the erotic tension of the moment to dissipate slowly. Rather than satiate the desire my moments with Matt had stirred up, my brief self-stimulation session had left me wanting so much more. I wanted cock. But the only available cock was off limits.

I decided to treat myself a little. First, I got out my enema bag and cleaned my rectum out with two good, soapy flushes. Then I dug through my underwear drawer until I found my favorite thong, a cute little butt plug and a clitoral vibrator that attached to my underwear. I lubed up the plug and worked it into my squeaky-clean ass. Then I attached the vibrator to my thong and turned it on low. It was just quiet enough to go undetected by others but strong enough to give me constant, light stimulation as I went about my day. I hadn’t used either toy in months, but every once in a while I donned one or the other or both just to feel sexy and get off for an extended period. I finished off my outfit with a light-green, low-cut summer dress that showed off several inches of cleavage that it also helped produce. Its skirt left my legs exposed from the knees down, showing off the snake tattoo that coiled around my right calf and the black rose on my left ankle.

The nice thing about those encounters with Matt was that we recovered from them instantly, going right back to a normal mother-son relationship. It wasn’t a storybook relationship, mind you, but a truly normal one, with all its attendant conflicts. And my special moments with Matt never clouded my judgment when it came to typical parenting duties.

I found Matt back in his room, listening to his iPod. “Hey, what’s up with that mess down in the kitchen?” I asked, remembering how upset I had been to come home to it. I made sure to speak loudly so he could hear me over the infernal punk rock tunes my husband and I had the misfortune to have introduced him to at a very young age.

Matt, too, acted as if our recent encounter had not taken place. “That’s Clara’s,” he said, looking me up and down as if for the first time in weeks. He just couldn’t get enough of me, and I loved it. “She and that girl Alyssa pigged out and then took off.”

“Where are they now?” I demanded. Matt said I could probably find them across the street at Alyssa’s pool.

As I approached the gate in the tall, solid-wood fence that surrounded the new neighbors’ pool area, I realized it had been some years since I had opened it. We had been living in our present home for about seven years now, and during that time, two previous sets of neighbors had lived across the street. Our family had had the good fortune to enjoy many weekend swims over those summers, and now I was glad that at least my daughter Clara once again had access to the gorgeous pool.

When I opened the heavy wooden gate, its creaky hinges heralded my entry. That did not afford Clara and Alyssa enough time to put their bikinis on, however. I was somewhat shocked to see my baby girl and her new, younger friend sunbathing in the nude, though the scene didn’t really bother me much. After all, girls will be girls, and at their ages I was involved in far less-savory activities than outdoor nudity.

“Oh, girls,” I said, probably sounding far more disappointed than I actually was. Really, I was just feeling a slight case of embarrassment.

“Mom!” Clara said, seemingly very upset. I smirked a little and shrugged my shoulders. Both girls looked far more alarmed than they needed to. “It’s no big deal, Clara. I’m sorry I dropped in unannounced.”

Clara and Alyssa exchanged nervous glances, giving me the idea that I had interrupted something more than they were letting on. Maybe they suspected I had overheard a conversation, I thought. Surely they hadn’t been doing anything sexual with one another, as their respective lawn chairs were several feet apart, and they wouldn’t have had time to separate between when they heard me coming and when I saw them reclining casually, if startled.

I had met Alyssa a few times over the past week, though mostly just in passing. She struck me as a very nice young girl, somewhat outgoing but always very courteous. I had predicted that she and Clara would make good friends and was happy that my daughter would have someone close to her age to spend time with other than those snobby girls in her clique at school.

“Oh, God, girls,” I said in an attempt to defuse the situation. “Don’t worry about it; it’s perfectly natural.” If anything, I was a bit jealous. I couldn’t recall the last time I had sunbathed in the nude.

Before either girl could respond, the true source of their distress revealed itself. A screen door to the house slid open. A nude adult male with his back turned to us was using his foot to open the door. He backed his way out holding what appeared to be a tray of glasses. By the time he exited the house and turned to face the pool area, it was too late. It was Alyssa’s father, who I’d seen out front a few times but never met… and he was buck naked. When he saw me, he nearly dropped the tray. His mouth gaped and his eyes sprung nearly as wide. I looked him up and down. It was impossible not to notice the size of his limp dick, hanging about half a foot down in front of an impressively full scrotum. Though I could see dark hairs on his abdomen and inner thighs, there appeared to be none in the immediate vicinity of his genitals, suggesting he had shaved or waxed it off. The man appeared to be about my age. He was tall, tanned, muscular, and relatively handsome, though not a knockout.

“What the hell is going on here?” I snapped. It was one thing for the girls to be sunbathing nude, but I was none too keen to see a grown man added to the mix. I turned to my daughter. “Clara, has this man touched you?” The question practically fell out of my mouth. I don’t know why I jumped to that conclusion, but to me that was the key concern of the moment.

“Luke is cool, Mom,” Clara said plaintively.

“That’s not what I asked, Clara.”

“Mrs. Reynolds…” the man said. “This–”

“Had better not be what it looks like,” I interrupted.

Luke set his tray down on a table. It held four glasses of what appeared to be iced tea.

“Were you expecting me?” I said, folding my arms, wondering who the fourth glass was for.

“Actually…” Luke said, but he paused before completing the sentence: “…your husband is here.”

I folded my arms. “What?”

Luke started backing toward the door. “Trevor’s inside. I’ll go get him.”

I was flabbergasted. What the hell was going on? I turned back to my daughter, whose face was coated in guilt, and I demanded an explanation.

“Nothing’s going on, Mom. We were all just laying out and getting some sun. Luke’s been really great to me?”

“Great in what ways?”

Clara neglected to answer the question. “Please don’t embarrass me, Mom. Can’t you try to be cool?”

“Be cool with what, Clara?”

“Luke treats me like a grown-up, and that’s how I deserve to be treated.”

“I don’t know what that means, Clara, but I don’t like the way it sounds.”

When Trevor emerged from the house, he was wearing shorts, but his fly was unzipped. I shot him a cold glance.

“Now, Maxine,” he said, “don’t jump to conclusions.”

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“We were just hanging out and having fun. It’s no big deal.”

“It’s a big deal to me,” I said, approaching my husband. He invited me inside for a bit of privacy. Once in the kitchen, I harshly whispered: “Are you fucking those girls? Are you fucking our daughter?” I had long been aware that Trevor found Clara attractive. I’d caught him stealing glances many times, though we’d never discussed he matter. And like our son, he had a fetish for “barely legal” porn. It wasn’t altogether unfathomable to me that he might have stepped over the line with either or both girls.

“No!” Trevor shot back quickly. “No, nothing like that.”

“Then what?”

“Jesus, Clara, we’re just having fun. You of all people should understand that.” I wasn’t sure if he was referencing my own childhood or hinting that he knew something was going on between Matt and me.

“Understand what, Trevor?” I burrowed into his eyes with mine, calling a bluff I had no business challenging. “You’d better come clean now, or this is only going to get worse.”

Trevor seemed to take my threat to heart. “Well, we’ve been having, you know, quite a bit of fun.”

“Sexual fun?” I prodded.

Just then, Luke came into the room, now wearing a pair of cargo shorts and buttoning up a short-sleeved shirt. When he realized Trevor and I were there, he stopped and turned around.

“Not so fast,” I said. Luke turned another 180 and slinked back into the kitchen. Trevor introduced us. Luke said it was nice to meet me but that he should leave the two of us alone.

“So you’re in on this?” I asked. “The two of you are doing god-knows-what with those girls, and you’re doing it together?” Luke just stood there unresponsive. “I want to know just what the two of you have done with my daughter?”

“I could ask the same of you,” Trevor retorted, indicating he did indeed know something about my special relationship with our son. His implied accusation stopped me dead in my tracks. I felt the moral high ground slip out from beneath my feet.

“Very well,” I said, half-sarcastically. “You and your horse-dicked new friend here can just go ahead defiling those young girls, and I’ll pretend it’s not happening. Is that what you want?”

Luke finally found his tongue. “Whoa, okay, let’s slow down a bit here,” he said. “This doesn’t need to be a hostile conversation.” At first I wanted to browbeat this strange man for his presumptuous assertion, but something about the way he spoke disarmed me a bit. “No one is hurting anyone else,” he added.

Trevor took a different angle. “Maxine, you and I both know there’s nothing wrong with kids that age exploring their sexualities in safe environments. In fact, we both know it’s far better than some of the alternatives.” Trevor knew my history well. He knew I’d started having sex even before I was a teenager, and that some of my experiences had been terrific, some terrible. He also knew they were generally better when I was cared for by a lover, and those cases tended to be with much older men.

“Luke and his daughter have a terrific relationship,” Trevor explained. “She’s a very sexual young girl, and he is sort of a guide for her. It’s actually really beautiful. Neither of us makes advances on the girls. They run the whole show. And no one is having intercourse with anyone around here.”

I wasn’t really upset anymore. I’m such a fucking pervert, and denying that had always felt phony. I didn’t want to play the upset mom game anymore. If there was one thing I did not doubt, it was that Trevor loved our daughter and would always take care of her. He would never take advantage of her. I had been lucky enough to find a couple of older men who had that attitude when I was about Clara’s age. I had always wondered if those early relationships had contributed to my lifetime of promiscuity, including my ongoing indiscretions at the hospital. But I also considered my sex life healthy, and harbored few regrets from my adult years.

“That’s my little girl out there,” I said. Tears were welling up in my eyes. “That’s our little girl.”

“You know I know that, Maxine,” Trevor said. “He held his hand out to me. I hugged him closely. After a long moment of softness, I stepped back and shot Luke a stern glare. “You had better be good to my little girl, or I swear to god I’ll cut your fucking cock clean off.”

Luke gulped. “It’s very nice to meet you, too, Maxine.”

We all chuckled. Luke invited me to sit down in the living room. Trevor and I sat on the couch while Luke took a spot on the love seat.

“So,” I said, wiping the last tear from my face. “What is our daughter into?”

Trevor looked at Luke. His new friend smiled with relief.

“She’s really quite amazing,” Trevor said. “She’s so much like you.”

“Really…” I said. “She loves cock up her ass?” Everyone chuckled.

Trevor looked into the corners of his eyes. “I don’t know about that, but she’s got quite a sexual appetite. And she squirts, too.”

“Clara can ejaculate?” I looked at Luke for verification, but I was immediately uncomfortable when he reluctantly nodded. How could it be that this strange, grown man knew how my daughter came?

We spent the next several minutes talking about sex. Both men were sporting erections as they described their sensual and sexual encounters with Clara and Alyssa, which had apparently taken place several times over the past week. They were so glad that I was not upset that they began speaking quite freely about their relationships. I was especially intrigued by Luke’s deion of his deep connection with Alyssa.

I was also acutely aware of the plug up my ass and the vibrator titillating my clit. The narrow crotch of my thong was utterly soaked. It grew wetter as I watched Trevor’s and Luke’s cocks grow bigger. Meanwhile, Luke’s dick got so big that it lifted the right leg of his shorts clear away from his thigh. The cuff reached nearly to his knee, but I could tell the tip of his gigantic pole was only hidden a couple of inches out of view.

Trevor saw me staring at our new neighbor’s groin. “So maybe you’d like to join us…” he offered.

“Join who?” I asked.

“Well, either all of us, or just me and Luke. Whatever you want. I have a feeling the girls would love to spend some time with you.”

I wasn’t sure how I felt about fooling around with Clara or Alyssa. I did consider how hot it might be to watch the men do it, though. I recalled how turned on I was by Matt’s video of that 18-year-old going on 14. I would definitely have liked to take Luke’s cock for a ride, that much was certain.

Instead, I stood up and excused myself. “You guys should get back to the girls and have a good time,” I said. “I’ve got something else I want to do.” Trevor and Luke looked surprised and disappointed, but they didn’t protest. They each looked me up and down one last time. I kissed Trevor on the mouth and gave Luke a warm hug – the kind you give an old friend. I left through the pool area quite intentionally.

The girls were still sitting in their lawn chairs, looking like they’d been sent to the principle’s office, though now they had their bikinis on. “Take your clothes back off, girls,” I said as I strode past them. “Your fathers will be out in a second.” I didn’t need to look back at the girls to see the precious expressions on their faces.

Matt was napping in his room when I got back home. He looked so young and innocent to me, asleep on his side. I removed my pussy-soaked thong, pried the vibrator off of it, and set the tiny garment by his nose. When Matt’s eyes opened, they focused first on the crumpled thong, then looked up at me.

“Mom?” he asked, apparently wondering if he was dreaming.

Saying nothing, I slipped the shoulder straps of my dress off and let it cascade to the floor at my feet. I turned my back to Matt and reached around behind me. Slowly, I removed the marbled gray and blue butt plug out of my anus. Then I turned back around. Matt was sitting up now. I lifted the plug to my mouth and gave it a lick, then I extended my arm and offered Matt a taste. He hesitated, but then he opened his mouth, accepting the opportunity. I slowly plunged the toy part way into Matt’s mouth. He savored it.

I took the plug back out and handed it to my son, then turned back around and bent forward slightly. Matt took the cue. I lavished in the feeling of the hard-rubber toy reentering its delightful resting place. When I turned to face Matt again, I could see that he was trying to speak. I placed a finger across his lips and silently mouthed “Shhhhhhh.”

I undressed my son, first removing his shorts and underwear, then his t-shirt. My hand took grasp of his newly unfamiliar cock, and slowly I began to stroke. As I had sometimes done in the past, I drooled a long gob of saliva onto Matt’s dick as I jerked him off. Matt found my left breast with his hand. He squeezed it generously while he watched my face for signs of protest. That was the first time he had ever touched me sexually. I merely smiled.

Also for the first time ever, I lowered my face to Matt’s cock and began sucking it. I had little problem accommodating its full length, which seemed to astonish him, judging from his murmuring “Oh my god.” I sucked with all my might, unconcerned that the sensation might cause him to come. I would have loved a mouthful of his jizz. I just wanted to make him happy, as always.

Next, I pushed Matt onto his back and climbed onto him, straddling his pelvis. Matt nodded. I eased my cunt onto his throbbing pipe. I could feel every inch as my pussy devoured my son’s engorged flesh. I didn’t stop until my crotch was resting on Matt’s pubis. Then I initiated a long series of slow, deep strokes. Matt’s face contorted with strain. I could see that he was trying not to come inside me. “Do you want to come in your Mom’s pussy?” I asked, finally breaking the silence.

Matt nodded. Even though Trevor had undergone a vasectomy years ago, I had remained on birth control, due to my extramarital affairs. “It’s okay,” I said soothingly. “You can let go.”

Not a second later, I felt Matt’s cock pulsating inside me. That cum I had watched spill forth from my son’s dick all those many times was finally finding its way into my snatch. That realization sent a ripple of pleasure up my spine and put me on track for an orgasm of my own. I started rubbing my clit with two fingers while I slid my pussy up and down my son’s long shaft. Matt remained fully hard inside my cunt for the minute or so it took me to climax, and with the additional tension of the butt plug, I was frankly overstimulated. I howled with joy as I came. I could feel fluids pouring out of my cunt as my uterus spasmed.

“Holy fuck, Mom,” Matt said, still in a state of obvious disbelief. “That was…”



I pulled off of Matt and collapsed next to him on the bed. He put an arm over my waist. His grin was priceless.

“What the hell changed since this afternoon?” Matt asked.

“A lot,” I said. “I think a lot is changing around here.” I asked Matt if he wanted to fuck me some more. He was eager. His cock had not faded a bit. “Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass?” I asked.

“Actually, yeah. I did it the other day for the first time.”

I was disappointed to hear that I would not be his first. “Who?”

“I really shouldn’t say.”

“Oh, come on. I think you can tell me anything now, can’t you?”


“Who?” I was surprised. Just how much had I missed while working double shifts at the hospital since the new neighbors moved in? “Jesus Christ, Matt,” I said. “She’s younger than your sister.”

“Yeah…” Matt suddenly looked embarrassed, but I got the impression it wasn’t just because he had fucked a 12-year-old up the ass.

“Oh, Matt… don’t tell me you fucked your sister, too.”

Matt’s grinning response topped my day off perfectly. “Not up the ass,” he said.

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