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A quick story.. nothing very fancy
Veronica knocked on the classroom door, her knuckles stinging at the bite of the wood. She was hoping the teacher, Mr. J hadn't left yet. She had something to discuss with him.

"Come in," his voice answered the knock.

She walked into the classroom, closing the door behind her.

"Veronica! You just caught me. I was about to leave for the day. How can I help you?"

Veronica is momentarily mute thanks to her crush on Mr. J. His blonde hair and blue eyes had many of his students drooling; some even openly joked about meeting up with him after graduation.

Snapping back to reality, she began to speak:

"I need to speak to you about my grade, Mr. J. It's nearly the end of the semester, and I can't seem to raise this C. I've tried everything, so I figured I'd come to you and see what my options are."

As Veronica speaks, she leans slightly, revealing smooth cleavage for Mr. J's blue eyes to greedily consume.

"Well, Veronica, have you really tried everything? Studied the information? Made sure your questions were answered in class?"

"Yes, sir. I've tried everything short of cheating and bribing," she jokes.

He laughs, "Just what would you bribe me with anyhow?"

Resting her elbows on his desk, she leans over to get closer to him, subtly revealing more cleavage and hiking her short, yellow plaid skirt nearly over her perfect round ass.

She laughs back, "Whatever you're willing to take."

His eyes run down her long toned legs, seeing 5 inch red stilettos, ending the perfect stems of her body.

"I don't think those are standard uniform issue, Ms. Veronica."

"Ms. Veronica? I kinda like that-" she giggles "do you like them?"

"Very much so-"

Veronica interrupted him by lifting one of her toned legs onto the desk, just barely hiding her wet panties from view.

"Get a closer look. They're beautiful, aren't they?"

He laughs, and begins to stroke her foot, slowly running his hand up her leg.

"Oh yes.. they really really are."

His hand reaches her inner thigh, gently stroking small circles, teasing her to breaking point.

"I have a feeling you'd enjoy this bribe better than I would," he says.

Veronica's breath has become ragged at his hand motions. She barely pants out, "What bribe? I'm simply showing you my shoes-"

"- that are not part of the uniform. You deserve to be punished."

Suddenly, Mr. J picks up Veronica, bending her over the desk with her ass facing him. The yellow plaid skirt flips over her hips, revealing a red g-string that barely qualified as clothing. She whimpers as his slides a hand between her thighs, his hand becoming coated with her wetness, before slapping her soundly on her right ass cheek.

"Uh!" she groans, the pain rippling through her flesh, mixing with the pleasure in her pussy.

"So you want a better grade?" Mr. J puncutates his statement with another slap, this time on the left cheek.


"Yes what?" another slap.

"Yes sir!"

"Then I have an idea for you."

Mr. J pulls down his zipper, pulling his hardening cock through the slit in his boxers. He then rubs his naked dick between her wet lips, covered only by the thin g string.

Veronica moans, and reaches back for his cock. He spanks her, scolding her, "Put your hands on the desk."

"Yes, sir."

He pulls off her gstring, pulling her hands behind her back and tying them with the fabric.

She struggles slightly, earning another spank.

"Do you like being spanked, Veronica?"

"Yeesss.. siirr." Another slap.

"So I'm doing you a favor by spanking these perfect fuck cheeks of yours?"

Another moan, "yes sir.. yes please don't stop."

"Thank me."

"Thank you, sir."

"Beg for this your dirty slut. Beg me."

"Please sir, give me another. Please!" Another slap.

He releases her breasts from her black lace bra; they swing as he begins to slide his cock between her slit. His left hand wanders to her hard nipples, his right holding her bound hands as leverage as he humps her like a fuck toy. His cock is covered in her juices, just begging to be licked off.

He grabs her arms and forces her to her knees under the desk, while he sits in his chair.

"Suck this." He grabs the back of her head. "Earn your grade."

Her mouth descends on his dick. The purple head pops past her lips, finding the warm, wet, tight space just past the red skin. Her tongue laps at the shaft, licking the vein throbbing beneath his thin skin. She begins to suck the head, earning a groan from him as the cum begins to stir in his balls. Veronica pulls her mouth from his cock, her rough tongue making contact with his balls.

He grabs the back of her head, bringing her back to the head of his dick.

"I told you to suck my dick."

He pushes her mouth deep onto his cock, the head hitting the back of her throat. She nearly gags, but he continues to thrust his dick into her mouth. His dick coated in her spit, he pulls her from the floor, ready to feel the heat of her pussy.

Bending over the desk again, he leans over and slides his tongue up her dripping, bare slit. She moans loudly in pleasure. He spanks her and then jabs his tongue into her cunt.

She groans again, and he slides the head of his dick through her slit.

"Please sir.. please.. fuck me"

"Nah.. don't think you want it badly enough yet."

"Please!!! Please Mr J!! Fuck me.. oooohhh gooddd"

His dick just barely enters her tight pussy, her panting and moaning getting louder with ever minute thrust of his cock. He finally pulls back and thrusts forward, pushing his hard dick into her cunt.

"Oh shit!!! Ohhhh uuhhhh goodd damnit Mr J harder harder faster fuckkkkkk"

She begs for his dick as he fucks her faster and faster, her breasts hitting the desk as his cock invades her cunt.

His balls begin to draw up, about to cum.

"Oh yeah you dirty slut. I'm gonna cum.. I'm gonna cum"

Veronica begins to scream, her cunt clenching around his dick as she begins to cum over his dick. The feeling brings Mr J to the edge and he begins to cum as well, shooting his load deep into her cunt.

Veronica barely has time to rest as Mr. J forces her to lay on her back on the desk. Using miscellaneous pieces of clothing, he ties her legs and arms to the legs of the desk.

She struggles to break free, afraid of what he's going to do now.

"You've gotten what you want. Just give me my grade and I'll go."

"Sorry, babe... not finished just yet."

He pulls out a digital camera, photographing Veronica tied to the desk, taking close shots of her pussy, even a shot of his tongue on his throbbing clit.

Mr. J finally unties her, stashing the camera in his pants. Veronica quickly dresses, but notices her panties are missing.

He smiles at her, "I'll give you your grade, but this is an insurance policy for me. You tell anyone, not only will your grade change, but you'll find your pictures posted all over the free porn sites."

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