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I wrote this fast so there might be some mistakes. Enjoy!
So I'm bob, I'm 6'2, 200 pounds, strong, 9 inch dick, attractive, pervted, pedophile.

Typical erotic story protagonist.

I work at a button factory. My job is to operate the heavy machinery. So basically I sit in the corner shoving my face with donuts and when my boss Mr. Penisface (yes that's his real name, but he gets mad if you make fun fo it). yella at me i press a button and the hot molten plastic pours into the moulds and forms buttons. Easy enough, right?

I also own a car. It's a Toyota Camry and it's blue. It looks pretty inconspicuous. I also have a Canon Powershot g9 camera which I purchased at my local photography shop for 400 dollars, which is equal to about 250 British pounds for you British readers (so you understand the value of the money).

I drive the car like this:

I steer with my feet. I welded some polls on to the pedals so they're extra long and I operate them with my penis. I use my hands to take pictures of the children on passing school buses with my Canon powershot g9 camera.

I also carry a Glock 19.9 mm handgun with me at all times, which I have modified to shoot tranquilizer darts. Anyways one day I saw a nice hot girl on a schoolbus and took a few pictures of her and the bus.
The bus was number 180, and the license plate number was f73gg9. The girl was about 13 years old, with decent tits and she had long brown hair and blue eyes.

I wrote down the bus information in my Rediform brand marble composition notebook with a Bic ballpoint pen.

The next day I got up and went into my car. I was careful to arrive at the place I was at the exact time I saw the bus previously. Sure enough, it came blundering down the road, wheels goin' round and round. The girl was on it. I followed the bus in hot pursuit. When we finally arrived at the local middle school I parked outside on the road. I saw the children getting off the bus. I used my militart tactics and dived behind a bush.

Pointing my Glock between the sparse branches, I eyed the girl carefully. She was talking with a friend who was also hot and walking towards the door. "well 2 wouldn't hurt" i thought.

I decided to lure them to the edge of the schoolyard. I tied a piece of transparent fishing line to a 20-dollar bill and threw it so it landed in front of them.

"Look, a 20-dollar bill connected to a length of transparent fishing line!" Exclaimed the first girl.

"Why yes, let us follow it", said the second enthusiastically.

I pulled on the line and the bill moved towards me, the girls in hot pursuit. No sooner had they come away from the other children to the edge of the schoolyard the first girl got a tranq in her shoulder. The second girl said "what the hell" then she got a tranq in her stomache. They were both out.

I grabbed them roughly by the feet and dragged the behind the bush. Once everyone had gotten in the school and we were the only people in the schoolyard, I dragged the bodies to my car and threw them in the trunk.

I drove away.

Once I arrived at home, I opened the garage door remotely, drve in, parked the car, and closed the garage door.

I opened the trunk. The girls were beginning to regain consciousness. One of them said "hey what's going on?" and I said "I tranqed you" and she said "ok" and went back to sleep. That was a side effect of the tranquilizer, they didn't really have a grip on reality and couldn't process information very well. I dragged the semi-conscious bodies into the house and dumped them on the Hallmark brand welcome mat.I tied them up in the basement, removed their clothes except their panties and went upstairs to wank.

Then I ate a Cliff bar and played Runescape. until I heard the girls. They ahd realized what was going on and started shrieking. Luckily the basebent walls were several feet thick and I had soundproofed the room.

I ran down stairs.

I decided to gag them. So I rubbed their panties until they were nice and wet, them removed them and used them as gags. And I switched them, so each girl had the other girl's wet panties in the mouth.

Now their pussies were nice and wet, and they had a bit of pubic hair and I decided to remove it so I used duck tape to rip off their pubes. I could hear their shreaks but they were muffled by their gags.

Then I put nipple clamps on them as punishment for screaming. The clamps were wired to an electric box that could send jolts of electricity through them.

They both had decent sized titties for their age, and they had fairly small pink nipples.

I also inspected their cunts and noticed that both of them were virgins because their hymens were intact. "Well well" I thought "we'll have lots of fun".

I untied one girl. This was the one I had seen on the bus. I held a knife up to her and told heer to do what I said.

Then I pushed the other girl down so her ass was in the air.

I said "Spank your friend very hard!"

"What? No!" she said. The other girl whimpered so I sent a jolt of electricity through her nipple clamps to shut her up.

"Spank her bitch or I'll spank both much harder!" So she spanked the other girl but not that hard. I backhanded her across the face, leaving a hand-shaped red mark.

So she decided it was best to spank her, and started splapping her ass nice and hard.

"Good job"! I said and rewarded her by taking off the nipple clamps. But I put them back on soon.

Then I switched ttheir rolls. I made the second girl spank the first. She right away knew what she should do, and spanked her friend hard across the ass. "Good" I said and temporarily removed her nipple clamps. They both had red asses from the spanking and one girl had a bruise on her face.

I decided to teach them the rules.


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WHO CARES HOW GOOD THE STORIES ARE!!!!! It's funny as shit man. AWESOME. Hurry up and write the next part.

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2008-07-04 00:20:07
"Look, a 20-dollar bill connected to a length of transparent fishing line!" Exclaimed the first girl.

"Why yes, let us follow it", said the second enthusiastically.
Omg xD
And the basement is sound proofed, but you can hear them screaming while your ranking upstairs...? Lol

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Lmfao!!! Two hot naked girls in your basement and you went upstairs to wank? Really?

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