(Well Mums Are Good For This)
James is a fifteen year old boy, who is just discovering his sexual tendencies. He lives at home with his mum (his dad had left him when he was just two and had never been seen again). It was a Friday afternoon, and James had got home early from school. It had been games that afternoon and being not very inclined to running around playing sports like cricket, he feigned an injury and returned home.
It wasn’t that James was unfit. Far from it, James loved to work out in the gym before school and was very well built, with huge biceps and legs like pistons. It was just the fact that he was a very unsociable person and did not like hanging round and talking to other people. So team sports were definitely not his thing.
So anyway James returned home and immediately went up to his bedroom and switched on his computer. Whilst he waited for the computer to load James changed out of his school uniform and changed into a pair of jeans and a very tight T-shirt that exposed his enormous chest. After the computer was loaded he went on the internet and did his other favourite activity along with the gym. He went on to watch some porn. Now James’ real fantasy had to be older women, he loved seeing those mature women taking it from younger men. How they would be moved around into positions that women at that age should not be in.
But James wanted an older woman himself someone more experienced than the young girls that chased him around the school playground. He didn’t want a little girl, he wanted a fully-fledged woman. In fact he wanted Miss McGuire. Miss McGuire was the geography teacher at his school and she was about forty. She had been married and had two kids but recently split up with her husband and was now on her own. This was when James really took an interest in her, especially as it coincided with him entering into puberty.
Miss McGuire was a fabulous woman; she was 40, fairly tall with long blond hair which hung down just below her shoulders when she hadn’t tied it back into a sexy bun, or a cute ponytail. And the clothes she wore were always immaculate, during the winter she always wore a stunning suit, crisply ironed and her trousers also exposed her fabulous arse, which jutted out behind her like a beacon. It wasn’t surprising that James always got terrible marks in geography, when every time Miss McGuire turned round to write something on the board. Instead of copying it down he would just stare in a dreamy state at that perfect specimen of a backside.
James decided that he needed Mrs. McGuire and he knew that she would never take him, so he had to do something about it, but first he needed practice. Who could he do it to and then they not tell anyone. He sat there thinking for a minute and then he heard a car door slam in the driveway and the answer came to him.
James rushed down the stairs just as his mum opened the door. There she stood reflected in the doorway just back from work. She looked fantastic as she always did. Dressed in a light grey jacket with matching skirt which came down to just above the knee showing off her fabulous legs and a black top on under the jacket but there was still a bit of cleavage poking out over the top. She is a fabulous looking woman and James thought ‘perfect’.
“Hi mum” James said as he rushed over to her, hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. “How was work?”
“Fine,” she replied.
“Good good and what’s for dinner?”
“Chicken, with a cream soup for starters”
“You bet” James muttered quietly,
“Pardon” (she hadn’t quite heard).
“Nothing” said James hastily.
“OK, I’m going to go and get changed” and James’ mum started to climb the stairs and went into her bedroom.
After a few minutes James decided he couldn’t resist and followed her upstairs. He went to the bedroom door and peered in through a crack. There he could see her sitting on the bed, having just removed her high-heels she was massaging her foot. James loved the way that she was treating it so gently and he couldn’t resist pulling his semi-hard cock out and slowly started to jerk himself off, but he daren’t go too far otherwise it would ruin the action later.
After that his mum slowly unbuttoned her jacket and pulled it back revealing her sexy, skinny arms, they were like twigs next to James’ giant logs. She then lifted her top over her head showing off her giant breasts held in a silk black bra.
After that she turned round and began to unzip her skirt, slowly revealing more and more until she eventually let them drop, showing off a set of pants that matched with her bra. The pants were also made of silk and during the course of the day it had slowly moved its way further and further into her ass crack. James just stood there watching open-mouthed. His mum then went over to the wardrobe and bent down to try and fetch something out only exposing her ass even more. She pulled out a loose fitting black dress which she put over her head and let it drop down over her body.
She then walked towards the door and James quickly made a dash for the toilet and just managed to close the door before she came out onto the landing and saw his penis hanging out of his trousers. His mum then went downstairs and started cooking; James then sat down and composed himself, thinking about what he was going to do next.

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2011-10-27 20:23:53
Aritcels like this are an example of quick, helpful answers.


2008-08-02 23:02:09
Too short. Need a lot of embelishment along the sexual line with mum.

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