This story is about a 18 year old woman and what new things happen in her life when she is invited to some myaterious party!
Stacy Quinn looked into the mirror as she turned first right, then left. She exhaled loudly then pulled off the brown shirt she was trying on, it was to… how to how could she say it? “Blah!” Yes that’s the term she could use “blah!” Stacy was approximately 5’6” with wavy, shoulder length, blonde, hair. She was sort of slim/athletic had a perfect pair of size C breast, she had a firm ass, not big, or anything just firm and round. Her eyes were green and she had a tan completion. When she looked into the mirror she liked what she saw, but that shirt… “Blah!” She was going through her clothes trying to find an outfit for a party she was invited to later that evening. She had no clue who had invited her she just got an invitation in the mail:

Hello Stacy,

You are cordially invited to attend a party on July 13, being held at 1104 Meadow Brook Lane at 10:30 pm. If you attend this party we swear that you will have an experience like none you have ever had and that you will NEVER forget it. If you don’t attend we also promise that you will regret it and spend the rest of your life wondering “what if I had gone?” please call 867-5489 to notify us if you plan to attend.

We Hope To See You There!

She got the invite 3 weeks earlier, whoever had sent it to her obviously knew that she couldn’t resist a good party. So she of course called the number. The conversation went like this:

2 rings

“Hello this is Lisa, how may I help you?” Said a friendly but sexy sounding voice with perfect diction. The voice made her pause she hadn’t expected to hear a voice like that. She expected a man or maybe perky and cheerful voice like her friend Charlene, but this voice was amazing with just that short greeting it made her think wow I wouldn’t mind fucking you sometime! “Hello?” the woman said again.

“Oh um, sorry I didn’t expect… never mind. Hi my name is Stacy and I received an invitation in the mail yesterday about a party and it instructed me to call this number to confirm whether or not I was going to attend.”

“Thank you for calling Stacy, so you going to attend I hope?”

“Oh, yes indeed so.”

“Great! When you arrive knock on the door, don’t ring the door bell. Then when the person inside asks who’s there say It’s Ladybug. Then you will be allowed to enter, sorry about the precautions but you know you can’t be to careful now-a-days and we wouldn’t want anybody who wasn’t invited to come.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Could you tell me something?”

“Sure, honey! What do you need to know?”

“Who exactly invited me?” Stacy asked kind of questionably.

“Oh, sorry honey but he prefers to remain anonymous but I can tell you that he said he was a friend of yours.”

“Okay, well is it formal or casual or what?”

“The party is casual of course, well actually nice casual, like at Joan’s party last summer, so don‘t come dressed in some two dollar dress or you‘ll seem out of place.”

“Ok, well since my friend who invited me wants to stay anonymous can I at least have your number, maybe we can get together and maybe we can do something sometime?” Stacy said confidently.

Lisa laughed lightly then responded with, “I’ll tell you what, I’ll see you at the party and we’ll see what happens there, ok? I’ll be wearing the tight blue one piece dress with blue high heels.”

“Great, well I’ll see you there.” Stacy said smiling at the mental picture that was just created by the description that was given.

“I’ll be looking forward to it, Bye.”

“Bye.” Stacy hung up the phone
The party was probably being done by one of her former classmates from Hill Top High School, she could think of a few people who might do this type of thing. She had been an early graduate last December and during her three and a half years at the high school she had made many friends and had many boyfriends, though none of her relationships were really serious. She attended every party held during her time in high school and was always the life of the party! She picked up a pair of black pants and a green low cut shirt and tried on the outfit she looked her self up and down, turning right and left in order to look her self over completely. The pants fit tightly over her firm round buttocks, and muscled thighs. She’d worked hard for those “to die for” legs running track and cross country for three years and she loved them! She looked her self over one more time then smiled, “Yummy!” she exclaimed. She’d fuck herself if she could. She hadn’t ‘been’ with anyone but her roommate since May when her boyfriend broke up with her after he caught her having sex with his sister. Some guys just had a problem with bisexual girls. Oh well. She put on a little lip gloss and eyeliner.

She sat on the foot of her bed leaned forward and looked at her shoe rack which shoe did she want to wear? She propped her elbow on her knee and her chin on her open palm as she pondered upon which shoe to wear. The thought which shoe would Lisa like entered her mind, this same thought had influenced her choice of outfit. Her eyes searched the collection, first thing to catch her eye was the high sided bulky black combat boots from her gothic days when she first discovered that she was bi. She looked lustfully at the boots remembering how it was when she first had a relationship with a girl. She shook her head and continued with the task at hand. She looked through the rest of the shoes all the different shapes, sizes, and types. Her eyes rested on the black 2 ½ inch high-heeled thin strap sandals. She smiled then reached forward and picked them up. They were perfect! She put them on and walked into the living room she loved the large apartment she shared with her roommate Jocelyn. Her father was very wealthy and saw it as his job to pay for his “little girl’s” apartment, he also thought it his job to pay the bills. Though she protested him doing either at first but she didn‘t mind so much now, it allowed her to spend the money she made on what she liked to do.

She walked up the 4 steps to the next landing which the kitchen was on. She walked over to the counter and wrote a note for her roommate. “I’m going to the party that I mentioned to you I won‘t be back until very late or possibly tomorrow or the next day,” Stacy stopped writing and looked up across the living room she thought for a moment, then continued, “do you want to know why? Well I’ll just say that if I’m back tonight, I might be bringing back a special friend! (if you know what I mean) he he he! So don’t worry if you don’t see me for a few days or so! LOL JK See you later! ~ Stacy ~

She smiled then picked up her car keys and walked out of the apartment. She got to the elevator and pressed the down button. The elevator arrived the doors opened.

“Hello Ms. Quinn how are you doing this evening? And what floor?” Stacy stepped into the elevator, “Garage please, and how many times do I have to tell you, call me Stacy.”

“Well Stacy, according to management I have to call you by your sir name so I shall, that is until you ask me each conversation.” He laughed, she laughed then responded.
“Alright then. well I’m doing great Frankie, I‘m on my way to a party! How about you?” Frankie worked as security for the building. He was built like a tank, solid muscle, anyone that broke into this building seeing the tank in a suit, would either run for is life or end up in the hospital. She once over heard him talking to another security guard when exploring the building. He told the other guy “hey you know Stacy lives on the top floor? Man I so want to hit that!” She found that interesting and stored it away for later. They reached the Garage and the doors opened. “See you later Frankie!” She said as she started to walk out of the elevator and she did notice him “Check her out” as she left. “Bye Stacy!”

She walked over to green and black Lamborghini got in and sped down and out of the parking garage waving to the garage guard as she left. Then Sped down the street.

Stacy pulled up to a solid black building it looked like a storage building or something. A sign said park around back, which she did. She then got out and went to the door, she knocked twice. “Who is it?” a male voice said. “I’m Ladybug.” she said. The metal door opened. A big muscle bound guy opened the door dressed in all black. From out of the building came blaring rock music. “Come on in, Ms. Stacy and please sign this.” The big man Presented a clipboard bearing a piece of paper covered with small print, she took the pen and signed the paper then was led into the main room. Inside the room it was dark but all the colored moving spot lights along with the dim lights all around the room gave off enough light to see. She looked around the room, there were a lot of people dancing mostly men but a few women scattered around. This was more like a night club then a party. Stacy looked to the right towards the bar there standing at the bar was a gorgeous slim blonde wearing a tight blue dress and wearing blue high-heels to match. She walked over to the bar and stopped a foot or two from the woman.

“Hello. Lisa?” Stacy said. Lisa turned around and looked her up and down. “Wow you look great Stacy, want a drink?” She ordered a drink then they sat down and talked for about 20 minutes. Next thing Stacy knew she was being pushed up against the wall with Lisa’s body pressed against hers and Lisa’s tong dancing with hers in her mouth. Lisa broke contact with her for a moment and Stacy finished drinking down the last of her drink. This time she pressed Lisa against the wall and was French kissing her. Suddenly she felt light headed and stepped back from Lisa and leaned back against the opposite wall. Her vision went black and she slid down the wall to the floor.

Chapter 2

Stacy woke up her head was pounding, her vision was blurry. What happened? She wondered. Then she remembered everything the making out then suddenly passing out. Stacy then realized that she was either tied to some kind of board. She lifted her head and saw that she was naked and her arms were tied to the legs of a narrow table and her legs were tied to the other legs of the table. “Help!” she cried out. It was dark in the room. Then shapes started to register in the dark the bar now on her left, square tables to her right and chairs at the tables. A bright light came on directly above her, a spot light shining on her. She squinted for a minute, then looking up she realized that she was tied to a table in the middle of the dance floor. She struggled against her restraints. “Help!” She shouted once again. Then from the direction that her head was pointing she heard the sound of high heels clacking as some one hurried towards her. Te person came into the circle of light. Lisa! “Oh thank goodness Lisa, help me out of these!” She begged.

“Shhh, calm down it’s going to be ok.” Lisa told her. “What do you mean it’s going to be ok get me out of these ropes!”

“I’m sorry but I can’t”

“What do you mean you can’t?”

“Remember in the invite it said that you will get an experience like none you have ever had before?” Lisa asked.

“Yes, but…” Lisa cut her off, “Well it’s time for it! Come on in boys!” Stacy heard a door open somewhere across the room and heard many feet walking towards her. Then after getting close they stopped. “Lisa what’s going on? I…” Lisa cut her off by leaning over and kissing Stacy on the lips. Stacy closed her eyes enjoying the kiss so much that she forgot about her predicament. Stacy then felt aroused and thought she felt something between her legs but she couldn’t be sure. After eternity ended the kiss broke Stacy kept her eyes closed as she felt Lisa kissing her neck. Stacy moaned softly feeling pure ecstasy from the tender kisses . Then she felt Lisa close her lips around her nipple, Stacy exhaled loudly and then she realized that Lisa had also been rubbing her between her legs. Lisa broke her kissing/nibbling of Stacy‘s breast. “You’re Bi right?” Lisa asked. “Yes, but you could make me go full lesbian!” Stacy managed to say, she was damn horny right now all she wanted was to fuck something. “Thank you, but that would ruin what’s coming up.”

“What do you mean?” Stacy asked. “Let me show you, guys this is Stacy, Stacy meet the guys.” following Lisa’s intro came a chorus of male voices that at once said, “Hello Stacy!” Stacy opened her eyes at this and said, “Um, Hi.” Stacy said still confused. “Do you like it hard Stacy?” Lisa asked. “Sometimes, yeah.” Lisa jabbed two fingers into Stacy’s virgina. “How bout right now?” Lisa asked as Stacy sucked in a lung full of air and bit her bottom lip. “Yes! Fuck me!” Stacy exhaled. “You heard her boys!” Lisa said then removed her two fingers and kissed Stacy one more time. “I’ll be back in a few moments, don’t worry these guys will take care of you.” Two guys stepped up and one untied her legs from the table legs, then positioned his dick at the entrance of her virgina. He plunged in deep Stacy arched her back at the pleasure and pain she felt from the plunge. She opened her mouth to yelp but before she could utter a sound someone had put their dick into her mouth. Her lips closed around the mighty phallus and the man began to pump it into her mouth.

To Be Continued…

I hope you have enjoyed this story so far though it was a little long. I ask that you please comment on this story as well as email me at


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Thank you for pointing that out I posted this story and forgot to fix that, I misspelled vagina when typing and my spellcheck automatically changed the word to virgina, please notice that in the secound part of this series that is corrected.
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Learn the proper terms, it's vagina, NOT virgina.

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