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“You’re Bi right?” Lisa asked. “Yes, but you could make me go full lesbian!” Stacy managed to say, she was damn horny right now all she wanted was to fuck something. “Thank you, but that would ruin what’s coming up.”

“What do you mean?” Stacy asked. “Let me show you, guys this is Stacy, Stacy meet the guys.” following Lisa’s intro came a chorus of male voices that at once said, “Hello Stacy!” Stacy opened her eyes at this and said, “Um, Hi.” Stacy said still confused. “Do you like it hard Stacy?” Lisa asked. “Sometimes, yeah.” Lisa jabbed two fingers into Stacy’s vagina. “How bout right now?” Lisa asked as Stacy sucked in a lung full of air and bit her bottom lip. “Yes! Fuck me!” Stacy exhaled. “You heard her boys!” Lisa said then removed her two fingers and kissed Stacy one more time. “I’ll be back in a few moments, don’t worry these guys will take care of you.” Two guys stepped up and one untied her legs from the table legs, then positioned his dick at the entrance of her vagina. He plunged in deep Stacy arched her back at the pleasure and pain she felt from the plunge. She opened her mouth to yelp but before she could utter a sound someone had put their dick into her mouth. Her lips closed around the mighty phallus and the man began to pump it into her mouth.


Stacy choked the first few seconds of the man ramming her face but she soon found her head bobbing in rhythm with the ramming her mouth. The man between her legs continued to plunge into her hard and fast. Two guys stepped up on either side and untied her arms. Her arms came up to grip the table. One guy said, “No, no babe here,” he took her wrist and placed her right hand on his large dick and she started to give him a hand job. “Yeah, babe just like that, yeah!” the guy on the left did like wise as the man on her right. Stacy felt her body start to build towards a climax she was moaning hard into the cock in her mouth. “Mmmm, mmm, mmm,” she exploded in a hard climax that shook her body, “Mmrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!” the guy in her vagina, came shooting hot semen into her love tunnel. He kept fucking her until he stopped cumming. “Uh, fuck! That was great! Aaa! Ok who’s next?” The guy pulled out then slapped his dick against her pubic region . Then stepped away. The guy on her right yelped out, “Oh fuck man, I’m gonna cum!” the guy in her mouth said, “Shit man so am I! Arrrr, yeah!” The guy on her left said “I’m almost there myself!” The guy that she held in her right came and sprayed all over her neck and chest. “Arrr, ssslllhhhh!” was the sound he made as he sprayed her down. This was followed by the man in her mouth releasing his load into her mouth. She tried to pull her mouth off the large member but the man grabbed her head and held her on his dick. “No, no, no, take it in your mouth babe!” When he was finished he said, “Yeah that’s the way to take it!” He then removed himself from her mouth. She coughed up a fraction of the cum that was sprayed into her mouth. It went up and ran down her cheeks. A second later the guy in her left hand came and sprayed her neck and chest as well. “Yes, oh yes, spray me! Uh hu, yes!” She released his dick after she milked it dry. “Come on more, more! Please! Fuck me more!”

Five guys came out of the dark two lifted her up off the table and placed her on the floor. A guy then laid down across a coffee table like thing that had a cushion on it. The same guys that put her on the floor then picked her up and placed her on top of him, back down. The guy on the coffee table positioned his dick at the entrance to her ass. He pushed up into her ass she screamed out in pleasure as he penetrated her ass cavity. Another guy came over to her and kneeled down this guy had a huge cock then pushed it into her virgina, “Ahhhh, Ohhhh god Yes!” She screamed out loving the pleasure emerging from her pelvis region. The other three guys came over one kneeled down on each side, “Come on hand jobs baby,” the guy on her left said, “You know that’s right!” said the guy on her right. She was moaning with pleasure and pumping hard with both hands as a guy approached her head and kneeled beside her his cock was almost as big as the man slamming into her pussy. She opened he mouth eagerly awaiting the cock to be placed into her craving mouth. It was pressed into her mouth and after a few minutes when the phallus was pressed against her throat she swallowed giving him a deep throat. But doing that caused him to blow his load at that very second sending his load straight into her stomach. At this the guy grunted and tried to shove his dick deeper into her throat. She coughed and began to gag hard. The guy pulled out of her mouth and throat. “Oh fuck that was the best head I’ve ever gotten!” The man exclaimed. After he backed away another guy replaced him. Stacy then once again climaxed this time harder then before. Two more guys stepped up and just started masturbating as they watched the spectacle in front of them. The guy in her ass was the next to cum, sending his load shooting in to her ass, followed almost immediately by the guy that was fucking her in her pussy. The guy removed himself from her vagina and stepped away. The guys she was giving hand jobs to then came simultaneously covering her smooth stomach with their warm cum. She was then lifted up and the guy beneath her (the one in her ass) was replaced then she was placed back on top of him, more guys came to fill the other spots, the ones that were masturbating on her replaced the guys who were getting hand jobs. Two more came to replace their spots. As well as fill the others. This cycling continued.

Thirty Minutes Later

Lisa walked towards the door leading back into the main room where the massive orgy was taking place. She opened the door and walked to the center of the room. Stacy looked up to see Lisa standing there over her but this time Lisa was naked. Oh my God She’s more gorgeous then I imagined she would be naked. “Having fun I see.” Stacy responded with a nod of her head because of the dick in her mouth she couldn’t speak. Stacy’s torso, hair, face, neck, upper arms, and upper legs were covered completely with a thick layer of cum. Two guys masturbating sprayed their loads simultaneously on to her stomach. Then a moment later the guy in her mouth pulled out just in time to send a large load over her face. Next to cum were the two guys getting hand jobs and the guy in her pussy. Now only the guy in he ass remained pounding away. It took two more minutes before he shot his load into her. He pulled out and Lisa could see cum oozing from her ass. The guy laid there as two spent guys picked her up and another guy moved the bench then they placed her where the bench was she was surrounded by a square of access cum that had dripped to the floor, or that had just missed her body.

Lisa got down on all fours beside Stacy, “So did I not tell you the truth about what would happen?”

“Yes.” Stacy responded. “So you enjoyed it?” Stacy opened her eyes, “Of course it was the greatest thing I’ve ever experienced!” Stacy said smiling.

“Well, It’s not over yet!” Lisa said as she smiled. Lisa then bent head down like a horse drinking from a pond, opened her mouth, stuck out her tong and moved her head up Stacy’s body starting at the belly button and moving upward, slurping as she went. Once Lisa reached Stacy’s neck she then straddled her body with body with both her arms and her legs. Lisa bent her head down once again towards Stacy’s head. Stacy opened her mouth wide. Lisa opened hers and dropped an unbelievable amount of slurped up cum into Stacy’s mouth. Lisa Smiled and said, “Swallow.” Stacy did then opened her mouth and stuck out her tong to show that she had. Lisa then lowered her self onto Stacy. She heard the Squishing sound as the cum was squished between their bodies. Lisa wrapped her arms around Stacy and they began to make out. Twenty minutes later. Lisa rolled off of Stacy and Lisa said, “Come on, we need to get cleaned up.” Lisa lead Stacy back to some showers. They cleaned up then afterwards made out again as they were getting dressed. They were walking out of the shower room when Stacy said, “Come back to my place, with me!” “Are you sure?” Lisa said smiling. “Yeah, my roommate won’t mind!” “Ok but first I have to get some thing.” Lisa led them to a room in the back where a bunch of computer equipment was she reached over and unplugged an external hard drive from the computer. Also she removed a DVD from the disk drive. Stacy looked at the monitors and saw multiple feeds of the dance floor. “You, you were recording that?” Stacy asked. “Yes, Why?” Lisa said then frowned. “Well can I have a copy?” Stacy asked. Lisa smiled “Of course!” Lisa was scared Stacy might have been pissed. “Come on, Let’s hurry back to my apartment. Maybe we can have some fun with my roommate!” Lisa smiled at that and the two of them ran to the exit. They got to her Lamborghini and jumped it. “Oh, I forgot to tell you,” Lisa said, “Killer outfit tonight!” “I thought you’d like it!” Stacy responded then floored it out of the parking lot and down the street.

To Be Continued…

I hope you have enjoyed this story so far though it was a little long. I ask that you please comment on this
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2009-06-16 20:39:32
It reads really hurriedly. You really need to allow some time for the reader to process what is going on. I found myself re-reading passages. Try making your paragraphs smaller. Great concept though. xox keep up the good work.

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2008-07-11 11:26:19


2008-07-08 17:46:28
Excellent. I'm ready for the further adventures of Stacy and Lisa.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-07-03 13:38:28
Sounds like room mate is in for some fun, fun, fun.

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