Curiosity leads to . . .
Me, Frank - WM, 6', 210 lbs with a 6 dick
Amy - 15 year old, 5'2, 110 lbs with full 34 D's, like her mother’s
Jenny - 13 year old, 5', 90 lbs with 32 C's
Kellie - 9 year old, 4' 6, 70 lbs with nothing yet developed

My daughter has never been married but has had 3 girls, all fathered by different men. She's lived in the same 2 bedroom apartment for 15 years. It has a kitchen, living room and the bedrooms are separated by the only bathroom, which has louvered doors at each end that serve as the bedrooms entrances. So, there isn't much privacy or many secrets in that household.
I worry about how she's raising her girls, what kind of an example she's providing. She developed early and became quite promiscuous in high school. She wasn't very careful and became pregnant just after graduating. So she decided she wanted to live with the father and moved out. Since then she's gone through a steady stream of men.
And the girls are gorgeous! Amy is 15 but could pass for 18. Her figure is wonderfully shaped. She has one of those little bellies that peek out between her too short tee shirts and her hip hugger jeans. And Jenny's body has followed the development patterns of her mom and sister. But her competitive swimming keeps her shoulders big and the rest of her is lean, and her short hair makes her look so cute! Kellie is the little girl, her body not yet very developed. I worry that they'll end up like they're mom, so I try to have them spend as much time as possible at our house.
The girls love to come and stay with us because our house is so much bigger than their apartment. Amy gets her own bedroom and Jenny and Kellie share another. Both rooms have queen size beds that the girls prefer over their twin beds at home. We tend to spoil them rotten. And their mother loves to get rid of them so they stay with us quite often. Since my wife travels on business so much the girls and I usually have the house to ourselves. I hate to cook so I usually take them out to eat or I get take out and we sit in front of the TV watching movies while we feast.
One evening, just after sundown, the girls and I were sitting in the hot tub. I love seeing these girls in their swim suits. Amy's skimpy white 2 piece suit accentuates her well developed hips and tits. Jenny wears her competition 1 piece that leaves little to the imagination. We weren't in the tub very long before the girls decided they were getting hungry. We discussed options and they opted for Chinese takeout. I grabbed the phone and speed dialed my new favorite spot. They said it would be about 30 minutes until our order would be ready, but I knew that they always doubled the time it takes for them to get it ready. So I got out of the tub and looked up at the clock. As I pulled my sweat pants on I said Okay kids, its 6:40. I'll be back in a little while.
One thing that I really like about my new favorite restaurant is its proximity. It used to take me over 20 minutes just to get to the restaurant I used to go to. And they never had the food ready when they said they would. So now it takes me less than 20 minutes round trip versus the hour that it used to. I drove down to the shopping center, which is about 5 minutes away, and sure enough, the food was ready. When I got back to the house I walked into the kitchen and set the food on the island. As I walked through the family room I could hear the girls talking so I stopped where I was to hear better and what I heard made my heart stop. Hurry up! I want a turn before Grandpa comes back! What are they up to? I abandoned the idea of going straight out back and instead I crept over to the window that overlooks the tub to see what was going on. I was dumbfounded but what I saw!
Amy was sitting up on the edge of the tub and she was naked. Little Kellie was in the tub facing her and she had her head between Amy's legs! Jenny was also naked and was sitting on the deck next to them, watching what was going on.
I heard Amy say Oh Kellie, you're getting better at this every time! That's a little too fast, slow down. Oh yeah, that's great! Try using 2 fingers. Yeah, that's better, in and out nice and slow. Now lick me some more. Not there, a little higher. Yeah, that's the spot. Now suck on it a little.
Jenny's legs were slightly spread and I could see that she had her hand between her legs and was fingering herself. Again I heard her say Hurry up! I want a turn before Grandpa comes back!
Would you quite saying that? You know it takes time so be quiet and let us finish! Come on Kellie lick me like mommy's boyfriend’s lick her and make me tingle!
I felt my blood boil and my dick started to harden. I didn't know what to do. I should be concerned about what they were doing and put a stop to this. But my god, watching 3 naked little girls experimenting with sex got me so excited! There's nothing wrong with just watching, is there? Now I didn't have to imagine what Amy's tits looked like. They were perky, full and perfect! Jenny had a nice figure too! Her tummy was flat and her hips were starting to develop. She was facing this way and I haven't seen hard bodies like this since high school! This was way too much! I just stood there mesmerized and watched, not knowing what to do.
Then Amy brought her hands up to her breasts and started to squeeze them and tweak her nipples. She leaned her head back and looked upward. I could see that her eyes were closed. Oh yeah Kellie, that's just right! Oh yeah, that's it! And then she reached down and grabbed Kellie's head as she experienced an orgasm. Watching her spasm was delicious. My hand moved to my pants.
“My turn!” said Jenny as she moved next to Amy. Without hesitation Kellie moved over to her and spread her other sister's legs and she began to work on her.
Amy had her hand between her legs and was touching herself. She slid into the tub and said “That feeling is so rad!”
Jenny had her legs spread wide and she was gently stroking Kellie's hair with her fingers. “Just think Kellie, pretty soon you'll be old enough for us to do this to you! I like the way you lick me, and I promise one day I'll lick you too!”
Amy looked up at the clock and said “It's almost 7:10. Grandpa won't be back for about 20 minutes so we have plenty of time.”
I reached inside of my sweats and pulled them down so that I could stroke myself. I was so hard. Then I came to my senses and put it away. Getting caught watching them would be bad enough. If they caught me playing with myself there's no telling what the consequences might be. Oh to be able to join them, teach them. What wonderful pleasure I could provide them. Stop! Don't even think that! Get a hold of yourself.
Jenny let go of Kellie's hair and leaned back on her elbows. Then she lowered herself so that she was lying on her back. She reached up with one hand and started to play with her nipple. “Isn't it funny how playing with your nipple makes it feel like it's connected to your thing? Uummm, it feels so good. No wonder mom does this when her boyfriend’s lick her.”
Amy said “We've sure like learned a lot watching mom. Sometimes it like doesn't feel right when we like watch her with her boyfriend’s, but it's like so fun! I sure hope we like never get caught!”
So, these sneaky little girls watch their mom while she's having sex!
Jenny said “Put your finger in just a little bit while you lick me. Yeah, that's it. I can't wait till I'm old enough to have you use that long thing that mom and Amy likes. Oh yeah Kellie, that's it, just like that!”
Jenny sat up and put her hands to the sides of Kellies head and held on as she had her orgasm! Then she pulled her up and kissed her! Not a peck on the lips, but a full on sensuous suck her lips into my mouth kiss! She had to have tasted herself on her little sister's lips!
Amy climbed out of the tub and reached down to pick up their suits. She handed them to the girls and said “We'd better get dressed before Gramps gets home.”
Jenny asked Amy “Would you tell us about Matt? Did you really let him fuck you?”
“I like tried to like get him to, but it was so wrong! He was like a pig! He like let me like play with his dick, and like when I put it in my mouth he like pushed down on my head and I like started to choke! I like tried to pull away and he kept like holding onto my head and like wouldn't let me up! He was like holding on tight and making me go up and down really fast. Then he like came in my mouth! It was gross!”
“Did he fuck you?”
“No! His thing got like soft and he jumped off the bed. He said Thanks! That was so great! He got dressed and left!”
I quickly crept back to the kitchen and grabbed the food from the island. I quietly opened the door to the garage and softly closed it behind me. I put the food bag down and thought about what to do next. I had a raging hard on and wanted relief so bad, but that would have to wait. I had to get a hold of myself! Having to sit with them through dinner and a movie while visions of their escapades ran through my head wasn't going to be easy. I took a deep breath, picked up the food and went back through the door.
As I walked into the kitchen the girls were just coming through the family room, towels wrapped around them. I smiled at them and said “Who's hungry?”
In unison they all said “We are!”
Okay you guys, how about a kiss for the cook? They came to me and said “Thanks Grandpa!” as they each gave me a peck. I wanted to linger over Kellie, to suck her lips, to see if I could get a whiff of what she'd been licking. But no, it wasn't to be.
We each dished out our food and moved into the family room. The girls took off their towels and sat on the floor at the coffee table. I took my usual place on the sofa, just behind them. Amy put in the movie and the night progressed like nothing unusual happened.
About 9:00 the movie ended and the girls took the dishes to the kitchen. They were still wearing their bathing suits and I was going nuts! I walked in with them and said, “It's about time you all get ready for bed. Go brush your teeth and put on your pajamas. I'm going to do the same. When I'm done I'll come tuck you all in.”
When I entered my bathroom and closed the door I finally felt relief! I slid my pants off and started to stroke myself. I tugged my shirt over my head and remembered the visions I had been privileged to see. I closed my eyes and recalled the vision of Amy's naked body. Her flat tummy and those legs! I was getting harder thinking about Kellie licking her sisters. There was a knock at the door. “Grandpa, I'm not tired yet. Can we go down and watch another movie?” It was Amy.
Sure honey, I'll be down in a minute. Fuck, will this torture never end?
I pulled on my sweats and went in to say good night to Jenny and Kellie. I bent down to kiss Kellie and caught the faint scent of toothpaste. Damn, not what I was hoping for. “Sweet dreams you two. Sleep well and I'll see you in the morning.” As I walked out and started to close the door I glanced back at the bed and saw that the girls had moved together and were snuggling. I left the door slightly ajar and decided I'd have to make checking up on them a habit.
When I got down stairs I saw that Amy was wearing her normal sleeping clothes. A tank top tee shirt that doesn't cover her tummy and gym shorts. She was bent over putting a tape into the player. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra and there wasn't a panty line showing through her shorts. I took my place on the couch and Amy came over and sat down next to me.
The movie started and I saw that she had chosen 9 1/2 Weeks. I asked her “Are you sure this is appropriate? Aren't you a little young for this?”
“Oh come on Grandpa, I'm almost 16! I love this movie.” was her reply.
I asked her to get me a blanket from the closet. I figured I'd have a hard on in no time and thought I'd better cover up. When she came back she snuggled up next to me and spread the blanket over both of us.
The first part of the movie is boring so after a little while I asked her “So, who is your mother seeing now?”
“She's like dating this really cute guy named John.”
“So what is he like?”
“He's like really nice. He's like really tall and muscular. And he's like so big!”
“What do you mean by big?”
I looked at her and she was blushing. “Oh like you know, um, big muscles on like his arms and chest.”
“Ah, I see.” I had to guess that she was referring to his other muscle when she said big. The thought of my little girls huddled together in the bathroom peeking through the door watching their mother having sex had the expected result. I started getting hard again.
“Why so you think your mom has so much trouble keeping boyfriends?”
“Well, after she's like been with a guy for awhile, they always like, bring over a friend to like, have sex with mom. After we go like to bed, they go into her room and like, they both have sex with her. Then like, they both do it to her at the same time! How can she like do it with 2 guys at like the same time?”
We won't go there. I knew she was a slut, but I obviously didn't know how big of a slut. “So, what about you, are there any special boys in your life?”
“No, not really, I liked this boy named Matt but he's like not very nice.”
“What do you mean by not very nice?”
“He's like so selfish!”
“He's selfish how?”
“He like, only thinks about himself, you know? He doesn't like think about what I want.”
I liked where this was going. “Can you give me an example? And quit using the word like so much.”
“She started to blush again. Oh Grandpa, I don't know how to explain it.”
I decided to take a leap. “Are you having sex with him?”
That hit a nerve! She quickly sat up and pulled away, and as she did so the blanket went with her. She turned to me and said, “What makes you ask that?”
“You are a very beautiful young lady, and when I was your age I was a selfish boy too. I'd see a girl like you and all I'd think about was trying to have sex with her. I didn't think about what she wanted, all I cared about was my satisfaction. I'm sure he's the same way. That is why older men can be better.”
“You really think I'm beautiful?”
“Oh yes honey, very beautiful. I bet all the boys think so too. Now, tell me about what happened with Matt. Maybe I can help.”
“I can't talk to you about that Grandpa.”
I grabbed the remote and turned off the TV. I patted the couch and said “Come back and sit down.” She didn't move.
I lost control. “I saw you and your sisters tonight. I watched while Kellie licked you and made you have an orgasm.”
Amy blushed hard and looked down. She said “You did? I'm sorry Grandpa, don't be mad. Are you going to tell my mom?”
“I'm not mad honey, curiosity isn't a bad thing. And, if we have a little talk and you do some things for me, I promise I won't tell your mom. I enjoyed watching Kellie give you and Jenny pleasure. And I really enjoyed seeing you girls without your bathing suits on. It made me excited.” I was getting hard again.
Amy looked at me and without the blanket my erection was obvious. She looked at my lap and I could tell she saw my erection.
“You really are beautiful. Take off your clothes for me.”
“I'd hate to have to tell your mother what happened today. And she wouldn't like to hear that you girls spy on her when she's with her boy friend’s. I saw you before and I'd like to see you again. Please, take off your clothes.”
She hesitated a bit and then she drew her shirt up over her head. Oh man, those young tits are awesome! Not a bit of sag. She slid her shorts down to the floor and kicked them away. Her hands instinctively covered her pubic mound as she showed her discomfort.
“You are so very beautiful. Don't be embarrassed, there is nothing wrong with me seeing you without your clothes.” I wanted to stroke myself but I didn't think the time was right. I had to proceed gently. “Turn around for me. I want to see your bare backside.” She turned her back to me. Her ass was awesome, firm and round. “Turn back around.”
“I heard you say you watch your mom with her boy friends. You like that, don't you? ”
“Yeah, I do.”
“It makes you excited, and even more curious, doesn't it?”
“Yeah . . .”
“Are you a virgin?”
“Sort of . . .”
“How can you be ‘sort of' a virgin?”
“One day when mom wasn't home, Jenny like used one of mom’s toys in me while she licked me. She like pushed it all the way in. It made me bleed. It was like when I get my period.”
“I see . . . so your sister broke your hymen?” One potential problem solved. “You like the feeling you get when Kellie licks you?”
“Yeah . . .”
“Has anyone else licked you there?”
“Just Kellie and Jenny . . .”
“Have you ever licked her?”
“Yeah . . .”
“Do you like the way it tastes?”
“Not really . . .”
“I love the way a woman tastes. Would you let me lick you?”
“Grandpa, that's wrong!”
“You let your sisters lick you, why would it be wrong for me to do it?”
“I don't know . . .”
“You like the feeling, and I promise I'll be gentle. If you don't like it, I'll stop.” Yeah, fat chance! “Come here, sit on the couch.”
She walked over and sat down. I was feeling wicked and questioned whether I should stop. But I was too excited. I reached over to fondle her breast. “You have such nice breasts. I saw you play with them while Kellie licked you. Do you like to play with them?”
“Yeah . . .”
I leaned forward and started to kiss them. I took her nipple into my mouth and licked it and then I grazed it with my teeth. I couldn't wait any longer. I slid off of the couch and knelt in front of her. I took her by the wrists and said “Relax, we'll both enjoy this.” I gently moved her hands away from her lap and put them next to her on the couch. I moved my hands to the tops of her thighs and gently stroked them from top to bottom. I told her “Scoot forward a little bit. Let me see your sweet little lips.” I put my hands on her knees and gently spread her legs. “You are truly beautiful!” I moved one hand up and used my finger to stroke her labia. “You're wet! Is this making you exited?”
“Yeah . . .”
While I moved my other hand up to expose her clit I asked her “So tell me, when you said John was ‘big’, what did you really mean?”
“He has like a really big dick. Mom tells him he's like hung like a horse.”
“How big is it? Show me.”
She held up her hands and they were about 8 inches apart.
“Do you like to look at it? Does it excite you?”
“Yeah . . .”
“Have you watched your mom suck on her boyfriend’s?”
“Yeah . . .”
“Did that make you want to try it?”
“Yeah . . .”
“I heard you say that you've sucked on Matt's. Did you like it?”
“Sort of, but he was so rough.”
“Would you like to try it again, with someone who wouldn't be rough?”
“Yeah, I guess . . .”
“After I make you tingle, would you like to try it on me?”
“Yeah, I guess . . . if you really want me to.}
I took my hands away and leaned forward. As I put my tongue to her she sighed. I licked her lips and her juices were thick. My tongue spread her and I brought my hands up to caress her ass. I looked up and she had her head back and her eyes were closed. I inserted my tongue into her and tried to use it to fuck her. She put her hands to my head and gently stroked me. God she tasted so good! I moved my mouth up and began probing her clit. She was hard and responded to my touch with gentle moans. Following her little sisters lead, I brought a finger to her opening and gently inserted it. She was so tight! I pushed it in. I slowly began to stroke in and out. I started to suck on her clit and she said “That feels so good!” I inserted a second finger and reached up inside to her g-spot. This was truly unbelievable!
I couldn't take it anymore. I reached down and began to stroke myself as I continued to work on her young pussy. I imagined how good it would feel to have her tight little cunt wrapped around my cock.
“Oh yeah Grandpa, that feels so good! You're making me start to tingle.” I concentrated on her clit and I could feel her tense as she had a powerful orgasm!
I knew all was lost and that there was no way I could control myself any longer. I pulled away and stood up. I quickly took off my clothes and grabbed the blanket. I spread it on the floor and lay on my back. I was stroking my penis and said “Now it's my turn. Come play with me.”
She moved off of the couch and knelt next to me. She took my erection in her hand. I placed my hand over hers and helped her stroke me. “Suck on me love.” She leaned forward and took me into her mouth. “Gently honey, yeah, like that. Use your tongue a little, yeah, like that. Now up and down, oh yeah, that's great!” I couldn't believe I was getting head from a teenager.
She was a fast study. “Oh honey, are you sure you haven't done this before?”
“Me, Jenny and Kellie like to practice with our mom’s toys.”
“Well you have learned well!”
And I had so much tension built up from everything I'd seen and was now doing that I told her “Oh you're so good at that, oh yeah it feels wonderful!”
She was combining stroking and sucking like she knew what she was doing. After just a little bit I said “I'm going to cum! Stop sucking me and just stroke it.” She pulled her mouth off and used her hand to get me off. Cum was squirting all over and she looked fascinated by it. Then I was done and I started to go soft.
“You have seen a man cum before, haven't you?”
“Yeah . . . mom’s boyfriends and Matt.”
“You and your sisters seem to be good at keeping secrets. This has to be just between us, okay?”
“Sure Grandpa.”
“Now off to bed with you. Sleep well and I'll see you in the morning.”
As I started to go upstairs I thought about what I just done. How would she feel tomorrow? Would she resent me? Would this ever happen again? I checked on the other two girls and they were cuddled together, fast asleep.
When I got to my room I saw Amy in my bed. “Can I sleep in here tonight?”
“Sure honey.“
Maybe tomorrow her sisters can join us. . .


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