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Now it's really a family affair! We get Clara's perspective for the first time... From here on out you know it's gonna get crazy.
I awoke to sounds of wild sex coming from my parents’ room. It wasn’t the first time I had heard them going at it, but it had been a while. I had always welcomed the sounds, and they had turned me on. This time was no different. I immediately started rubbing my cunt through my cotton panties, which were all I was wearing between satin bed sheets. I let the smooth fabric of the top cover stimulate my nipples, already hard from the cool summer night air. I writhed freely and played with my clit through my underwear. Then I took my panties off and started poking fingers up my cunt, searching for the spot that made me come so hard and wet lately. I wanted to soak my sheets and fall back to sleep in the aromatic dampness.

I looked at the clock on my nightstand as I touched myself. Why hadn’t my big brother Matt come for me tonight? How I could have used his insatiable cock right then.

I could hear the bed shaking next door, and my mother was moaning loudly. Her pleasure aroused fantastic desires within me. I jabbed my G-spot just the way the three men in my life had taught me to, and soon I was gushing fluids as my body shivered through a tremendous orgasm.

The sex in the next room outlasted my little solo tryst, and soon I was longing for the touch of both my parents. Unsatisfied, I fetched from the hiding place in my closet the dildo Alyssa had loaned me. I was so horny, I decided this was the time I was going to try what I’d been fantasizing about all week. So far I had only tried poking fingers into my butt. It had felt good, despite my pensiveness. And while one finger felt every bit as good as three, the more I crammed up my tight asshole, the more exhilarated my overall experience got. That was my favorite thing about anal so far.

I got back in bed, squirted some lube on the dildo and slowly worked it into my ass. The pain was unreal at first. I couldn’t believe this was something people do every day. If I hadn’t already watched Alyssa take two separate cocks – each of them larger than this dildo – into her own ass, I’m not sure I would have believed it was possible.

When the dildo was finally inside my butt, the pain did not go away as I had hoped. Only after a couple of uncomfortable minutes did the aching subside. It was another minute still before I learned why Alyssa loved having cocks up her ass so much. The pleasure was quite different than vaginal stimulation, and knowing just how far I was stretched this time was more exiting than mere fingers up my rump. I started to rub my cunt with my free hand as I worked the toy slowly in and out of my anus. Listening intently to the sounds of my mom reaching a wild orgasm in the next room, I mentally coaxed another orgasm on. The dual pleasure was immense, and soon I was spraying more cum onto my sheets. I spent another five minutes with the dildo, but even my newfound pleasure hadn’t satiated my carnal urges.

I looked back at the clock. Matt was so late for his nightly visit. For some reason, he had chosen 1 a.m. exactly to slip into my room for six nights straight. Ever since the day he fucked my cunt and Alyssa’s ass at her pool, my older brother had visited me in the middle of the night. I had welcomed him. I had sucked his cock. I had accepted it into my cunt. He had shot his cum on nearly every part of my body: my face, my hair, my tits, my belly, my pussy, my ass, my mouth. Once he came four times in one hour, positively slathering my body with his warm, sticky jizz.

The sex I had with my dad was far less intense. We’d only messed around a few times, but each time had been better than the last. We went down on each other, and he finger-fucked my pussy, but he had never so much as offered to penetrate me, and I hadn’t gotten the guts to ask. Dad was so loving and considerate – the exact opposite of Matt, who seemed to think gruffness was a badge of honor.

Now, on the one night I had awoken on my own, hornier than ever and unsatisfied by my own hands and toy, no sign of Matt, my bullish but satisfying nightly mate. He had probably fallen asleep, I figured. I allowed myself to fantasize about sneaking into his room and sucking his cock without waking him up. I rose to my feet, put on the only nightie I owned that could be considered sexy, and headed down the hall toward Matt’s room. Visions of waking him up by clenching his cock with my tight pussy crossed my mind as I drifted quietly down the hall.

Matt’s door opened easily enough. I crept through the darkness toward his bed, which I knew wasn’t far. Near-total darkness protected me. I stumbled over something on the floor – probably his PlayStation – but I made no noise. When I arrived at the bed, I gently groped around for Matt’s form, but he was gone. Frustrated, I noticed his window was open. He had probably slipped out to go hang with his friends, as he so often had before we started fucking a week prior. Maybe he was getting bored with me. As much as I knew I was hot, and as much as all my newfound lovers assured me I was good at sex, I harbored doubts. I good could I be so new at such a young age?

From down the hall, loud noises of ravenous sex still emanated. I could feel my pussy juices running down my legs – my previous masturbation, the recent fantasy of fucking my sleeping brother, and the continuous sounds of Mom and Dad fucking away had me raging with arousal.

I knew my mom was aware that something was going on with my dad and me. That gave me the courage to actually consider what I had long fantasized about. I put on the only nightie I owned that could possibly be called sexy, walked naked down the dark hall to my parents’ door.

* * * * * * *

I don’t know if it was the violent shaking of the bed or Maxine’s squeals that woke me up in the middle of the night. I half expected to find my wife suffering a seizure when I rolled over. On the contrary, I found her in the throes of sexual intercourse with a strange man. My first thought was an intruder. Why the hell else would Maxine – who I knew to be promiscuous and unfaithful, mind you – be getting it on right there in our bed with me present? I switched the light on and realized Maxine was merely showing me that any moral boundaries I had thought she might harbor had gone out the window.

It was Matt, our 15-year-old son, who was fucking my wife like an animal right next to me. I rubbed my eyes as if to clear them so I could confirm the sight. Maxine was on her back, and Matt was lying on top of her, fucking his little heart out. They obviously wanted me to see what I was seeing, or else they’d be doing it in Matt’s room or elsewhere, which I could only presume they had before.

“Oh, hi, Honey,” Maxine said when the light went on and Matt stopped reaming her with his cock momentarily. “Did we wake you?”

Matt didn’t look over at me. He just resumed fucking my wife like he’d done it in front of me a thousand times. I had long known that Matt and his mom had a special relationship, and of course I was aware that she knew what was going on between our daughter and me. This was her way of showing me for certain that my sexual relationship with Clara was okay, I supposed.

Maxine was making a lot of noise now. “Fuck your mom with that huge cock, Matt!”

I couldn’t get a good look, but it seemed my son had an impressive rod indeed. He certainly knew how to use it. I watched his cock pummel Maxine’s pussy like a piston, hard and relentlessly. Once the scene settled in on my consciousness, I found myself more than a little aroused. Maxine told me to turn the light back out. “It’s too bright,” she said. I obliged. As my eyes adjusted, I saw Matt rolling his mother over so he could enter her from behind. Again he pounded away at Maxine, who squealed with delight.

“You want some of this pussy, Dad?” asked Matt. I was jerking off now, so he knew my answer. “First let me just fill her up.” With that, Matt groaned loudly and released a load of cum into his mother’s cunt. When he was done, my son pulled out and moved aside. I quickly assumed his position. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness, through which I could make out Matt’s 8-inch rod, still rock hard as he stroked it with one hand.

Not to be outdone by my boy, whose cock might be bigger but who was far less experienced, I angled my cock inside Maxine’s pussy such that it could stimulate her G-spot just right. I could feel Matt’s ample jizz sloshing around my cock as I stroked. Within seconds, Maxine was raving. “That’s it, Trevor, show him how it’s done,” Maxine cooed. “Show him how to fuck his mother’s pussy.”

Matt made his way to the head of the bed so his mother could service him with her mouth. Maxine sucked his big cock with vigor even as she panted from the pounding I was putting to her well-lubed cunt. This went on for quite some time until Matt announced: “I’ve got another load to giver her, Dad. Can you step aside for a second?”

Strange as the request was, I obliged my son. After all, I had fucked Maxine thousands of times, and I must admit I rather enjoyed watching Matt do it instead. Matt pushed his way into his mom’s cunt just on time. With another groan, he came once again. “That’s it, Matt, fill my pussy right up,” Maxine said. “Keep fucking me with that big, hard cock. Show your father what stamina you have.”

Matt obeyed. His pelvis smacked Maxine’s ass over and over again. I watched, awestruck and excited. My son just kept right on fucking even after his second orgasm. I have to admit I was jealous.

That’s when I sensed the bedroom door slowly open behind me. I had been secretly hoping and waiting for Clara to join us, and judging from the lack of discretion practiced by my son and wife, they were hoping to rouse our 13-year-old, as well.

* * * * * * *

My parents’ bedroom door opened quietly; my entry went unnoticed. I recognized my dad’s figure right away, but he was just sitting there on the edge of the bed, watching. My mom was on her hands and knees in the middle of the mattress. A third figure was ramming her from behind as she howled. The silhouette of shaggy hair gave my brother away.

Holy shit! Now everyone was fucking everyone – except my mom and me, and maybe Dad and Matt. Now I realized why tonight, for the first time in a week, Matt had not come into my room after our parents went to bed and fucked my brains out. Now I realized nothing was taboo, and my only desire was to get fully into the family orgy.

My dad didn’t seem too surprised when my hand wrapped around his hard cock. He looked over his shoulder at me as I wrapped my other arm across his chest. Matt looked over and smiled at me as I began to jerk our father off.

As rough as he had treated me, I don’t think Matt had ever fucked my little cunt as hard as he was fucking Mom that night. His hands were clenched tightly to her waist, and he was simply hammering away at her pussy – or was it her ass? Either way, she was loving it. Before, through the walls, I couldn’t quite make out what she was saying to him, but now it was clear. “Fuck your momma, Baby, fuck her good. Show your daddy what a big boy you are.” When my mother saw me hunched over behind my dad, she suddenly stopped talking. “Oh, Clara, I didn’t see–” Matt started fucking her even faster now. “Oh, God,” she muttered. “Matt, stop.”

“She’s seen it all before, Mom,” Matt said. “I’m not stopping any time soon.”

Mom smiled at me. Her face was warm and soft in the scant light. “Do you want to join us, Sweetheart?”

I climbed onto the bed and lied down next to her. She put an arm across my chest as I reached between my legs and touched my pussy. With my other hand, I reached under Mom and felt her tits. “Will my tits be this nice someday, Mom?”

“Yes,” she answered. Just then, Matt’s thrusts grew slower but more forceful. The smacking of his pelvis against her ass sounded like spanks. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Mom cried out. “Oh, Baby, you fuck my pussy so good.”

Dad’s face appeared between my legs. He loves to eat my pussy, and I love the way he does it. He knows every spot to hit and just how to hit them. Mom readjusted until she could reach my tits with her mouth. She helped me pull my nightie up over my head and directly started sucking on my nipples. She couldn’t grip them for long, though, as Matt was crashing into her from behind harder and harder with every second. “Oh my god, Matt, you’re fucking your mother so good, Baby,” she said. “Oooooooooh! Aaaaaahhhhh!” I could tell she was coming again.

“I’m gonna come, too, Mom,” said Matt.

“Good, Baby, good. Come for your mom!”

Matt pulled out and let his ample jizz fly. He decorated Mom’s back with it, but some of it deflected off and landed on my belly. The last of it pooled around the base of Mom’s spine. Dad had a finger up my cunt, working it madly in circles around my G-spot.

“I told you our boy can fuck,” Mom said proudly. “You’ve got more for your mother, right, Baby? Will you fuck my ass next, please?”

“I can fuck you all night if you want, Mom,” Matt replied with equal pride.

“If you think that’s impressive,” Dad said, “wait till you see what Clara can do.” He was focusing on my G-spot now. I panted and moaned in pure delight. He was stimulating me exactly the way I needed it. I screeched loudly, freely, when I felt my cum spewing forth. My slippery ejaculate splashed all over my dad’s face and wrist.

“Wow,” Mom said. “Impressive, indeed. There’s so much I don’t know about you, Clara.”

“Mom, will you eat my pussy?” I asked.

“Yes, Baby, of course I will.”

I sat on Mom’s pillow, my back against the headboard. She kissed and sucked my hooded clit while Matt resumed his ramming, this time shoving his cock into what I presumed was her asshole. I didn’t have to wonder long.

“Fill your mom’s ass right up, Son,” said Dad. “That big cock of yours oughta do the trick.”

I was in heaven with Mom’s rough tongue making the rounds of my pussy. Her voice was muffled by my crotch as she cheered for Matt to fuck her harder. “Fuck me, Matt! Bang that ass!”

I cheered my brother on as well. “Rip Mom’s ass right up with that fucking horse dick, Matt!”

Dad jerked off as he watched the rest of the family engage in a daisy chain of delight. Matt assfucked Mom, who ate my pussy the whole time, until my big brother was ready to come yet again. “I’m coming in your ass, Mom,” he proclaimed in groans. “I’m filling your hot ass right up, can you feel it?”

“Yes, Baby,” Mom said through my pussy. “So much cum!”

“I want to try that next,” I said. “Dad, will you fuck my ass?” Dad’s response marked the first time he had ever actually checked in with me during sex to make sure I really wanted something I had requested. I assured him that I knew what I was doing. “I’ve been practicing,” I said.

Mom moved out of the way and Dad slid into her place, on his knees. He reached under my ass and grabbed each cheek firmly with one hand. Without hesitating, he hoisted my hips up. I spread my legs for him, bending them at the knees the way I had seen Alyssa do it the first time her dad fucked her ass. Mom handed Dad a bottle of lube. He squirted some onto his cock while Mom poked a well-oiled finger into my ass to loosen me up. When she decided I was ready, Mom guided Dad’s excited cock into my waiting back hole. Since it was only a little bigger than my dildo, Dad’s poker eased into my practiced ass without difficulty. He groaned immediately. “That’s it, Daddy,” I said. “Oh, it feels so fucking good.”

“You dirty little slut,” Matt said as he watched our Dad’s cock glide in and out of my ass with relative ease. “You’ve been doing a lot behind my back, haven’t you, Little Sis?”

“More than you know,” I said with a grin.

My brother made his way closer, kneeling next to my head. His dick was still hard – an amazing talent – and it jutted out toward my face. “You wanna taste Mom’s ass, you fucking slut?”

As turned on as I was, that didn’t sound particularly appealing to me. I’d never really considered such a thing. He had tried this on me at the pool after fucking Alyssa’s sweet little ass. I was about to say no when Mom broke in.

“It’s okay, Dear,” she said. “I cleaned myself out really good before bed tonight, expecting Matt to feed that nasty cock to me. Guys love this kind of thing.”

Before I could respond, Matt’s big pecker was pressed against my lips. I was too afraid to inhale, but I decided to give him a token lick. The taste was unusual, but it was more like sweaty cock than anything asshole related. When I saw how much it was turning him and Dad on, I lost my inhibitions entirely and started sucking away at Matt’s prong.

“That’s a good girl,” Matt said. “Suck that dirty cock, you raunchy little slut.”

Dad was pumping away at my ass with surprisingly wild strokes. The stimulation was wonderful, but knowing I had my own father’s hard cock up my ass was the real key. Matt decided to pay me back for the blow job by reaching down and poking two fingers into my sopping-wet cunt while our father pleasured my other hole. Matt’s fingers swishing around inside me quickly brought on a raging orgasm. Dad groaned as my juices flowed down onto his cock, adding lubrication and exciting him to no end.

“You can come in my ass if you want to, Daddy,” I said.

“I will, Baby, but not yet. Is that okay?”

I moaned my approval, loving each and every thrust he offered my butthole.

Matt pulled his hand out of my cunt and re-situated himself so that he was straddling my neck with his knees and his cock was aimed more directly at my face. He fucked my mouth this way, somewhat roughly, groaning all the while. Before long, I felt Mom’s lips back on my pussy, grabbing softly at my clit hood while her tongue explored my slit. Again I felt myself gradually headed for orgasm.

Matt’s dick popped out of my mouth. “Do you want to drink my cum, Clara?” he asked while stroking his cock rapidly.

“Yes,” I said.

“Too bad,” he said. The next thing I knew, a glob of thick liquid splattered onto my left eye. I closed both eyes reflexively, just on time to feel more warm drops hit my right eyelids.

“You bastard!” I said. “Mom, Matt came on my eyes.” Matt was laughing as he climbed off of me and stood on the floor.

“Oh, Matt,” Mom said as she sat up. “You’re such a… such a guy.”

“Treat your sister with respect, Matt,” Dad admonished without so much as slowing the cock thrusts he was pumping my ass with.

“It’s okay, Clara,” Mom said just before I felt her lips tenderly slurping Matt’s jizz off my eyes. “There, is that better?” My eyes sputtered open. “Boys can be such pigs, can’t they?” Mom said, more to my brother than to me.

Matt wasn’t done with me yet, though. “Hurry up, Dad,” he said. “I want that ass next.”

“Jesus Christ, Son,” Dad said. “You’ve still got more in you?” Matt’s gleeful smile shone through the darkened room.

Mom was back at my pussy again, lapping away with expert licks. I had never considered that she might have been with women in the past, but now I was almost certain. Then again, she was so good, maybe it was just her natural wisdom as a woman, and as my own mother. Maybe we liked it exactly the same way, so she knew literally what buttons to press.

Dad finally let out a loud groan. “I’m coming, Maxine,” he said. “I’m coming in our little girl’s ass.”

“Fill it up, Baby,” Mom said between licks. “Then give me your cock.”

I could feel Dad’s dick throbbing inside me. I was so proud that I had handled such a thorough ass fucking my very first time. But I also knew that meant Matt’s turn was next, and I was uneasy about having his substantially larger prick in my behind, which had started feeling a little sore already.

When Dad was done, he finally pulled out and fed his drained cock to Mom. I was stunned to see her gulp it down, since I had taken no special precautions to be as clean as she was. “Mmmmmmmm,” Mom vocalized as she sucked Dad’s weakening cock to its base.

“My turn,” Matt said, gazing at my body, as if worthy of some special award.

“Hold on,” Mom intervened. “I’m not sure your sister is ready for that.”

“It’s okay, Mom,” I said. “I at least want to try it.”

“Okay, but if it’s too much, just say so,” Mom encouraged.

“Turn over, Clara,” Matt ordered as he moved to the end of the bed. “I wanna do this right.”

I did as I was told by my big brother. Matt grabbed me from behind and pulled me backward until my feet fell to the floor. He bent me over the edge of the bed so my hands were on the mattress. He was rough and forthright, but I have to admit that kind of turned me on, especially with our parents watching. I wanted to show them I was game for anything.

“Let’s wet it down a bit, first,” Matt said as his cock head sought and found my vagina. I noticed the girth of his prick as soon as it punctured my hole. Even in my cunt, where it had been many times by now, it felt so much bigger than Dad’s had in my ass.

I’m not going to lie. It hurt when Matt entered my butthole. He was anything but considerate or graceful. I was thankful that Dad’s cum provided noteworthy lubrication. I heard my father warn Matt not to push all the way in, but I’m not sure my brother was listening. His hands were on my hips, and he was pumping away wildly, grunting all the while. I’m not sure the feeling ever became something I would call good, but the thought of the act, there in front of our parents, was hot as hell. It was enough to make me want it, and enough to make me climax once again, this time with a full-body shudder and an accompanying gush of what had to be the last of my juices.

After several minutes of Matt’s brutal thrusts, my ass was too sore to continue. I didn’t want to admit I couldn’t handle any more, so I merely shot Mom a pleading glance. Once again she intervened on my behalf.

“Matt, I want you to come in my mouth, please.”

“Hold on, Mom, I’m having fun,” my brother responded.

“Come in my mouth, now, Matt,” Mom said sternly, in the voice she would use to order him to clean his bedroom. Matt pulled out obediently and turned toward Mom, who was now kneeling on the floor beside him. She took that big cock between her lips and sucked feverishly.

“Oh, Mom,” said Matt as I climbed back onto the bed and collapsed, exhausted. “You always were the best at getting me off.” That was my first indication that Matt and Mom had been hooking up for a long time. Only later would I learn that she’d been jerking him off since he was prepubescent. “Let me come on your tits, Mom,” Matt implored as he neared climax. Mom merely leaned back and propped her large, wonderful breasts up to form a perfect pool of cleavage. Matt’s seed dripped right into the target. I couldn’t believe how much cum he was still able to produce!

Mom slithered onto the bed next to me, still holding her tits up like a Wonder Bra. “How about licking your mother clean, Clara?” I did as suggested, first drinking down Matt’s cum, but then running my mouth all over my mother’s awesome tits. “Now let me tend to that poor little asshole of yours, Sweetheart,” Mom said lovingly. I rolled onto my front side and let her gentle tongue flicker away at my sore anus.

When everyone had had enough fucking, the four of us laid on that king-size mattress for a while, but eventually Matt and I went to our own rooms to sleep. I was feeling totally liberated, knowing I could fuck any member of my immediate family whenever I wanted.

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