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Part two to the true weekend story


BEEP BEEP BEEP, My alarm wakes me up at 8:00 am Friday July 8th. I slowly open my eyes and shut off the annoying sound.

Still very tired, I force myself out of bed, knowing today is the day I am going up to my Aunts beach front cottage.

I walk up to my dresser and begin grabbing some fresh clothes. A pair of fresh underwear, a tank top, and pair of shorts.

I get changed and head to the bathroom to freshen up, I then returned to my bedroom as I hear my step mother waking up.

My luggage was all packed and ready as I picked it up and brought it to my front door. I was very eager to get going. I could not wait to see my cousin Jenny this weekend.

I then walked into the kitchen to grab an apple juice from the fridge when I began hearing giggling and pleasure moans coming from upstairs.

My dad had come back this morning from his business trip so I figured he and my step mother were having alittle fun before he had to leave tonight again.

I ignored the sounds and continued to eat some breakfast.

My father walks downstairs and enters the kitchen, where I was sitting down.

"Hey Lucas, hows everything been? You watching the house?" My dad said

"Yea whatever" I answered in a bitter voice.

I wasnt really happy that my father is never around. I am an only child and if my step mother wasnt in the picture I would be alone. All alone.

"Lucas, don't be bitter, You know I do this for you, So you could have a good life" He said

"Yes dad, I know. I'm fine really" i said back, which was a lie of course.

"Good, good, I gotta go, have fun at the cottage. I will be back in 4 or 5 days Then I have vacation so we will be able to spend 2 weeks with eachother. Ok Lucas?"

"Sounds GREAT" I said sarcasticaly

"Bye, I love you" He said while walking out of the kitchen.

I gott admit, even though I am mad that he is never around, I am also greatful. If he was around I would have never been able to do what I did to my step mother.

Speaking of the devil, There she was, walking into the kitchen wearing a bikini. She looked gorgeous. So sexy.

"Hey Lucas, you ready?"she said

"Im very ready" I answered

"Lets go then come on"

I got up and we both walked out of the house and into the car.

The car ride was gonna be about 1 hour so i planned on sleeping the whole way there. I sat in the passenger as kristina drove and whistled to her favourite songs.

I began dosing off when all of a sudden I passed out.

About 1 hour later I woke up to my step mother still whistling to the music and dancing in her seat.

I could not help but stare at her gorgeous breasts bounce as she danced with the music.

"Your up, good, were here, thats your aunt in front of us. I had to follow her car because I had no clue how to get there."she said

I looked in front of us and saw my aunts car. I tried to get a look at Jenny in the passenger seat and see if I could get a peek at her before we stopped, but I couldnt see anything but the back of her head.

"Here it is" Kristina said

WOW i was amazed at how nice this place was. It was huge and private with a gated fence around the property.

We pulled in and parked behind my aunts car, We both got out and I took a deep breath, i love the air at the beach, so fresh.

I walked to he trunk and grabbed my bag and kristina's bag, then i walked up to my aunts car.

My aunt immediately grabbed me and gave my a huge hug, pressing my face in her breasts.

My aunt was 38,a little older then Kristina, but had the same features. She looked younger then 38 and had a very gorgeous body. Also had big breasts and a nice ass.

"LUCAS, omg i missed you so much. You grew up" She said in this enthusiastic tone.

"'Yes, I did. so have you" i said directed at the bigger fake breasts I was now noticing.

The whole time my face was pressed against her breasts I was trying to look away and see if Jenny was out of the car. Then All of a sudden she spoke.

"MOM dont suffocate the kid"Jenny said

My aunt let me go and moved out of Jennys view.

I was shocked. Jenny was no longer the nerd she used to be. She no longer looked like a slob. She was hot, very hot.

She was 5'5 about 120 pounds. She had long black hair and deep, dark brown eyes. Her lips were full and big and her smile was stunning.

Her body was too nice to be real. Her tanned, curved body was covered by only a bikini. Her breasts were 32c and looked too big to be held in the bikini top.

I was in shock and could not speak.

"Hi to you too Lucas" she said laughing

"Sorry, Hi Jenny. You look beautiful" I said

"Thank you babe, you dont look so bad yourself" She said

She walked up to me and gave me a great big hug.

"Im glad you came, I didnt want to spend all weekend with my parents and your mom."she said

"Oh no problem, I wanted to come, ive been excited all week."

"Good, let me show you around."she said

She grabbed my hand as we walked towards the front door.

We got to the front door and opened it. I was amazed at the size of this cottage. It was gorgeous. The main floor was completely open. The family room connected to the kitchen, the kitchen connected to the dining room. All under an 18 ft ceiling.

"Come on ill show you your room" Jenny said

She pulled me up this great big and long stairs, leading me upstairs.

The upstairs was also nice, 5 bedrooms 2 baths.

She led me by one bedroom that looked very girly and full of dolls. I figured it was her little sisters. She was 13 and was away for the summer.

Jenny then brought me into a more boyish room. A carbed and car photos all over the walls. i figured this was her younger brothers, who was 10. He was also away at camp for the summer.

"This is yours for the week" jenny stated

"Wow a car bed" I said sarcastically

"do you prefer the pink room with dolls, You can sleep in there if you like" she said

"No this is great, Thanks." I said laughing.

"Get your swimming shorts, I wanna show you the beach." She said

She then walked out of the room and into another, which was hers.

I quickly jumped out of my clothes and into my swimming shorts.

As soon as i got them on she walked back in.

"Wow Lucas, nice bod, you working out?"

"yes" i answered while turning red.

i couldnt help but stare at hers. Her assest were much alike her mothers and my step mothers. the big breasts and the curvy butt. All sexy.

"lets go, its so nice outside" she said while grabbing my hand

She pulled me down the long stairs and passed our mothers.

We walked into the backyard which was the beach. Great white sand and clear blue water. the beach was gorgeous, very tropical like.

She let go of my hand and sprinted into the water.

i followed and watched as she jumped in. i then also jumped in behind her.

"its so nice and warm" She said

"Yes great beach, you are so lucky to have this place."I said

"Your lucky to Lucas, You can come up anytime babe"

"Thanks alot"

Seeing my cousin all wet got me very horny. Everything was moving in slow motion as i watched her jump and dive underwater.

Her wet ass in the air, then splashing into the water.

She dissapeared into the water and then i felt something grab my leg. Somehow in this very clear water she snuck around me and pulled my leg.

I sunk into the water and opened my eyes. The blurry view of her pussy and tits was so hot. i looked down and my cock was pitching an underwater tent.

I went back up and she was right there in front of me.

"You looked scared Lucas"

"No way i was suprised"

"lets play a game" she said

"Im gonna dive underwater and you will count to ten, close your eyes and try to find me" she explains.

without an answer she quickly dives.

I stand there counting.


I begin hearing her exit the water.

"8,9,10 here i come"

I turn my head to look off shore and there she was laughing and running out of the water.

i quickly ran up and caught her just before she left the shallow water.

We both fell and splashed into the 1 ft deep water. She fell on top of me with one leg between my legs and the other over my leg.

We both lay there laughing histerically and i could feel her enormous breasts pressing up against my chest and my hands were holding her just above her ass.

This made me very horny as i began to get hard AGAIN. i tried to think of non sexual things because i did not want her to feel it.

The more i tried to hide it the more it got bigger. Her laying on top of me all wet with her breasts laying on me and her ass near my hands I couldnt help it. I got harder and harder. I now felt my cock rise up and press up against her wet pussy.

Could she feel it, I thought. Maybe she didnt, maybe she did but didnt mind. then she moved. She turned her body to the sky so her back was against my front. Her very wet ass cheeks were hugging my hard cock and my hands were now just below her breasts. I felt like cumming right there.

After laying there for a while my erection went away. but her ass was still on my cock.

It looked like she fell asleep on top of me as she began to breath heavy. So i just lay there and stared at the sky while getting hit with little waves.

After about 20 minutes. She started moving again. this made her ass move my cock and it immediately got hard again.

Her ass continued to wiggle side to side, up and down.

She was sound asleep and she had no clue what she was doing. I wanted to wake her but it felt so good.

My cock was throbbing as she moved and moved letting out little moans.

I was very turned on by this and began moving my hands closer to her breasts.

She began wiggling faster and pressing up harder so i slowly placed both hands on her breasts.

Her nipples were hard and felt so good in between my fingers. Especially with her grinding on my dick.

I really wanted to cum now as my dick was throbbing between her ass cheeks while she grinded her ass fast. I grabbed her tits and started moving her more so i could feel more on my dick.

Dry fucking her was so sexy and i was about to cum. I held her tits tight and i let it all out into my shorts.

"OHH fuck YE" I moaned silently

i let out squirts and squirts of cum as she was still moving her ass and i was grabbing her tits.

As i finished I slowly rolled her off me. i jumped into the water and cleaned my cumm filled shorts.

While doing this She woke up.

"WOW did i fall asleep?" she said

"Yes you did, i didnt want to wake you so i went for a swim." i answered

I then looked over at the cottage and walking towards us was my step mother, my aunt. and my uncle had arrived with both kids.

"Guess who is gonna join us... The kids" Uncle pete said

"Hey lucas" Little amanda said

"Hey lucas" Little tom said

"Hey guys Im glad you're hear." I said back

"Looks like youll have to sleep on the couch lucas" Jenny said as she turned to me

"I think itll be better then the car bed, ill go move my things" I said

I got out of the water and Jenny followed as we both walked into the house while everyone else went for a dip.

We both walked up stairs and walked into Tommy's room.

The whole time i was trying to figure out if she felt anything that happened. I didnt think she did so I ignored the thought.

I grabbed my bag and walked out of the room.

"You know Lucas, if you want, you can always join me in my room. My bed is big enough for 2" jenny said

"Sure why not, are you sure your parents wont mind? I said

"No way they love you, they know your a good kid"

"Ok then i will join you" I said happily

She then grabbed my hand and pulled me into her bedroom.

Her room was very elegant. Kind of showed how much she has matured. Her bed was big, it was a king so it could fit about 5 people comfortably.

I placed my bags on the floor and grabbed some dry clothes.

"I have to get changed so you need to leave Lucas, go get changed and get downstairs and pick out a movie for us to watch tonight with the family"she said

i immediately walked into the bathroom and changed.

i then walked downstairs and sat on the couch. i was very tired so I started drifting off until I was gone.

I ended up waking up at night. The family crowded around me. Little amanda at my feet. Jenny sitting beside me leaning against my chest. The parents were on the other couch and little tommy was on his bean bag chair.

The movie we were watching was the Lion King. Im guessing Tommy picked it since it was his favourite.

"Your awake, you missed the whole movie" jenny whispered into my ear.

"Its ok Ive seen it before" i whispered back.

We all sat there quiet until the movie finished.

"Ok little ones go to bed, its time for the adults to watch something alittle more their age" My aunt jessie said

"Jenny and Lucas you may stay if you like" Uncle Pat spoke

"Thats fine Im tired, By the way Lucas is gonna crash in my room if thats alright" Jenny said

"Sure thats fine" My step mother said.

We both got up and began walking away as I seen my uncle pull out an x rated movie. Seemed to be a romantic sensual soft movie. I didnt get the title, but the cover was two people naked embracing.

Jenny and I got into her bedroom, she removed her pants and she jumped into bed wearing a long tee and undies underneath. i removed my shirt and shorts and jumped in, in only my boxers.

"Oh ye i only sleep in boxers" i said

"Oh thats fine Im wearing a thong under my shirt, i think were even" Jenny said as she turned away from me in bed.

"Good night lucas"

"Night" I said

We both quickly fell asleep, as we were both tired.

It was 4 am when I had waken up. i opened my eyes and noticed Jenny was right up against me and my arm was around her. i figured she got cold and pulled my arm around her to keep her warm. but what really caught my eye was my cock. It was laying in between her legs fully erect. once again she was wiggling back and forth teasing me with that ass in only a blue thong.

I was getting very horny, it felt so good. even better then before.

She was grinding up on my dick and moaning while she did it. I just lay there and accepted the pleasure.

This went on for about 30 minutes until the door opened.

The house was dark so all i saw was a womans sillouette.

The woman came closer and climbed into bed slowly behind me.

It was kristina my step mother. She was alone in her bed and came to sleep with us.

Now I was i heaven. two gorgeous women one each end of me.

"Lucas you awake"Kristina said


"Whats going on there? why is jenny moving so much?" She asked

She slowly leaned over me and saw what was happening.

"OMG Lucas"

"I know, shes doing it in her sleep." i said

"Talk about great free pleasure" she said while she laughed.

Then she slowly began to rub her hands on my back and my shoulders.

The feel her hand on me and the feel of Jennys ass grinding on my dick was very sexy.

Kristina then pressed up against me, she was naked. i felt her hard nipples poke my back.

SHe then slowly and gently placed her hand around to my cock and touched it.

"Its so hard, do you think she can feel it?" she asked

"I dont know"

She then grabbed the shaft and pulled me away from Jenny's ass so only my head would grind up on it.

kristina leaned behind her to turn on the lamp and then came back and grabbed my cock again.

She started stroking my cock the same time Jenny grinded her ass on the tip.

"How does this feel?"

"So good" I said

"Grab her tits" she said

So I did. i wrapped my hands under Jennys shirt and grabbed her braless tits. I began rubbing them as my step mom stroked my cock fast and gently.

This was the absolute best pleasure experience I have ever had. I was very horny and wanted to just slide my cock into jennys pussy.

"Why dont you try sticking it in? " Kristina said.

Dam i thought, shes good.

"Let me help" she said

Still stroking my cock i moved Jennys thong out of the way. kristina guided my cock towards her pussy lips.

She rubbed the tip of my head on Jennys pussy as jenny was still grinding.

Jenny's pussy was very wet now and Kristina began forcing my cock into her Pussy.

The heat was so intense I felt like I was gonna cum. But kristina pulled out and then went back in giving me alittle tease.

She stuck it in and then placed her hand on my hips. She pushed my hips into jennys as I was now all the way in her.

I started to penetrate as jenny began moaning. She was a really deep sleeper for not feeling an 8 inch cock deep inside her pussy.

kristina then grabbed my hand and placed it to her pussy. Her pussy was so wet. She must of gotten horny from the film they watched before bed which explains why she snuck in here.

Hey pussy was nice and soft. No hair at all.

I snuck one finger in and then two more and began sliding them in and out while I was fucking Jenny at the same time.

Kristina began moaning and breathing heavily on my back.

"Can you fuck me Lucas?" She whispered

"One sec" i said

I was still fucking jenny and wanted to tease Kristina a bit longer.

I then slid out of Jenny and turned over.

My step mother quickly began kissing me, sticking her tongue into my mouth and stroking my hard cock with her hand.

"I wanna fuck NOW" she said

She then put me on my back and climbed up on top of me.

She slid my cock into her pussy and gently lowered herself down all the way.

Her pussy felt soo good...soo warm and tightly squeezing my cock.

She moaned as she began riding me.

I reached up and grabbed her tits and pulled myself up to lick them.

This was the greatest day of my life. or should I say weekend.

Kristina rode me faster and faster. i was surprised jenny had not woken up.

She began slamming down harder and harder as i felt her pussy clamp onto my dick hard as she bit her lip and moaned pretty load. she dug her hands into my chest and moaned again.


She rode faster and faster leaning forward putting her tits in my face.

I licked them again as she was holding her breath and gasping in pleasure.

"This feels so GOOOD" she screamed.

She then slowed down as her orgasm was over.

She hopped off my cock and got down to suck on it.

I looked over to Jenny who was now facing us still sleeping. her breasts were exposed because her shirt had ridden up.

I placed my hand on her tits again and rubbed them while Kristina sucked on my cock.

kristina was really good at it. she was doing all these different techniques, driving my crazy.

I began feeling like i was gonna come when My step mother deep throated my cock. It felt so good I was ready.

"COME IN MY MOUTH BABY COME ON" she screamed with my dick in her mouth.

She kept sucking and sucking and i let it out.

"OHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAAAA....YOUR the best MOM ever" I screamed.

She took it all in her mouth and kept sucking.

The feeling of her still sucking was a great feeling. My orgasm was getting tweeked by her mouth. I kept cumming into her mouth. Shot after shot, moan after moan.

She then pulled out my cock and licked it clean.

"Lets keep it clean in here" she said as she swallowed my cum.

"Ill see you tomorrow baby" she said as she got off the bed and walked out naked.

I lay there exhausted and ready to sleep.

I turned my head to Jenny who was still sleeping. WOW what a deep sleeper.

I grabbed my boxers and put them back on. I then pulled down Jennys shirt and turned away from her and went to sleep.


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