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This is my first story guys! hope you like it! leave feedback so I know what to improve on.
When I was around the age of 16, I was very curious about guys, yet I wouldnt call myself gay. I was a very horny guy, and would take any chance to check out one of my friends or other guys. I had this friend named Colton, he was the only one of my friends who knew I was curious with guys (he caught me watching porn) but didnt care at all, he treated me the way he did before. He was the kind of guy who was hot, yet was clueless about it. Colton was semi-socialy chalanged, so he didnt get any girls, which caused him to be really horny all the time. At around 150lb, he didnt stand that much taller than me, yet he had a well build body, but not to the point were he was ripped. He had shaggy dirty blond hair that came down to his light brown eyes. He didnt have many friends cause of his lack of social skills, so I was the one he usually call to hang out with. I didnt mind this, cause hanging out with him wasnt that bad, specially when he got really horny. When he did this, he would (as a joke) start humping inanimate objects, such as my pillow, and make noices that would turn me on. He liked messing with me and jump on top of me and start humping me. I would act like I didnt like it and try to get him of me, but in secret, it was getting me really hard. He loved to wrestle with other guys, I loved the feeling of his bulge and butt rub against me with the fabric of his basketball shorts in between. One time when I spend the night at his house, he took his shorts off before we went to sleep. I had many chances to stare at his crotch and saw a surprisingly big cock head trying to rip out. I waited untill he was sleep and snoke over to his room to admire his amazing body. When I got there, I saw his bubble butt poking out at me. His hairless legs ran down his bed and I couldnt resist myself to touch them. I ran my nose up and down his legs untill I found my way up to his arse. His sweet smell filled by body and got a woodie almost instantly. Each one of my hands found their way up to each of his butt cheeks. I massaged for a while and spread them while my mouth munched his ass. He was wearing thigh boxer briefs that just made the experience way better. I was afriad he would wake up so I backed out and went to sleep. After that night, I felt an amazing fetish for his ass. Everytime he bent down, my eyes were imidiately glued in. About a month after that even, my parents left town which left me alone at my house. I took this as an oportunity to invite a couple friends and have a couple drinks. Unfortunately, I chose a bad night and the only one that could come was Colton. "Just show up at around 8:oo pm, and remember to bring extra clothes for tomarrow!" (I didnt want him driving home late and drunk). So 8:oo pm arrived way faster than I imagined. Colton showed up a but late but I didnt mind. He was wearing shiny orange mesh shorts, and a shirt that was a bit small for him, which only made his bulge and bubble butt stand out more from his body. From time to time his shirt would ride up his back and allowed me to see he was wearing boxer briefs. "I have to tell you something man; I have never drank before in my life, so you are going to have to show me" he said. I abiously agreed to be pacient and told him I was glad he chose me to teach him. We got to the kitchen and looked around for all the alcohol we could find. At one point he got ontop of a counter, and I stood behind his pretending I was looking for more alcohol, while trying to look up his shorts. I got a glance of his upper leg where his boxers started. His body seemed so clean, so tight, and smooth that I couldnt wait to see where this night was going. We got up to my room with bottles and bottles of all kinds of drinks. We started drinking and drinking. Later on that night (we could still think properly, we were just acting stupid) Colton got to one of his horny moods. He said "Dude, I bet you I could fuck the shit out of a girl to the point where she'd faint". I replyed with a hand movement that was meant to taunt him. He got up to my bed, grabed my pillow and placed it underneath his cock. "I'd do it like this" he said as he started to bounce his hips up and down. My eyes instantly moved to his butt. I could see both of his cheeks moving up and down. They looked so hot through that fabric that his shorts were made out of. I responded by spanking him right on his left cheeks, then grabing it and squizing as hard as posible. My hand felt awsome when it made contact with his meaty butt."What the hell do you think you're doing? Are you some kind of fagit?" he said with a smile."No!, you were humping my pillow and I wanted you to stop!" I said with my face as red as a tomato."Yea right, you like my butt dont you?""No, what makes you say that?""Your always looking at it... dont you think I notice? Well, who couldnt, it perfect isnt it?" his cocky side started to come out."Go ahead and touch it, come on... right now, I'm so horny, I dont give a damn who touches me" He stood up, grabed the side of my bed and stock his butt outwards, then gave me the look as if he wanted me to do it. He spread his legs more as I got on my knees and got right behind him. My face was inches from his covered butt, and I started to lean forward, but out of the sudden, he stoped me:"Wait! You have to do something for me first""What?""Say your my bitch for the night... you are my slave and will do as I please" once again his cocky side came out. Colton liked to be in control of situations... of people, for that matter."No! I dont have to do this if I dont want to""But you do, you would love to. I know you probably fantazise about me, and the stuff you would do with my body, dont you litle bitch!?"I found myself completely seduced by him: "Ok, Im yours""Thats more like it, now worship my butt" I got back on my knees and once again, his butt was inched from my face. My hands were on each side of his hips. I moved forward and felt the soft fabric of the shorts touch my nose and lips. I pressed forwars and burried my face in his butt. He reached around, grabed the back of my head, and pressed it agaist his arse to the point were I couldnt breath. I tried to push myself away but couldnt. He let go, turned around and screamed: "What the fuck did I tell you! Im in control here, if I want to use your face as a seat, then I do! Do you understand!". I answered a bit scared "Yes sir". "Get on that corner you mother fucker!", he grabed me by the shirt and placed me on a corner of the room with my legs going outwards. "Now your not going anywere!" he said with an evil smile. I saw his ass move towards my face again, my hands try to push him away but he grabed them and used them to pull me towards him as he stood between them. my face was covered by his ass again. I could feel the meat in his cheeks being squished by my face. After he was finally pleased. He let go of my arms and I had to gasp for some air. I saw him take of his gym shorts as he said: "that was just the beggining cunt, get ready to be mine all night!". I sat there helplessly in the coner of my own room. "Get on the fucking bed right now, I want you facing up with your head on the edge" he said. I stood up and listen to him in fear. I did as he plased and then I could see him moving towards me. He place his ass next to my face, I could see his light gray tight boxer briefs perfectly. His ass stood out, and it was very meaty. "Are you ready?" before I could answer anything, he lowered himself and sat on my face. I tryed to breeth, but all that was happening was me feeling the fabric of his briefs on my nose as I inhaled the sweet smell of his bubble but. He made slow movements with his ass... up and down.... side to side "You like this dont you? You have been waiting for this for a long time ah? When he finally stood up, I layed there on my bed. Confused as to why he was doing this. I could see a bulge in his underwear indicateing that he was hard. He slowly took off his briefs and revealed an 8 inch dick with a big head, and his balls hanging down. After he took his briefs and shirt completely off, he got back to sitting on my face, but this time, he moved down to sit on my chest. "You have to show me you want my dick in your mouth in order for that to happend... understand?" he said with that same smile. He took his balls and pushed both of them in my mouth. It was more than a mouthfull. I could see and feel his cock on the side of my face going from the bottom of my nose to past my forhead. He leaned forward so his balls would go even deeper. I made moans and tryed to push him off, but his weight was to much for me. When he leaned back, and his balls sliped out of my mouth full of saliva. Before I could catch my breath, he shoved the head of him cock into my mouth. I could taste the precum that sliped out from before. He looked at my on the eyes and said: "I want you looking at me while you do this, because your my bitch... understand?. Ive been waiting for this all my life!" I said yes and continued to suck. I could only go for about 4 inched before I started to gag, so he took it out and slaped me with it: "I want you to take it all in! Faggot!" after that, he grabed the back of my head with one hand, and holding his dick with the other, he pushed it in to the back of my throat in one thrust. I felt it hit deep inside of me and tried not to gag, but it was imposible. He started moving my head up and down while spit spilled out of my mouth. "Mmmm, I like it sloppy like that... keep going you cunt". I gasped for whatever air I could get as I pushed his dick out of my mouth before I fainted. "What the fuck do you think your doing?", I tried to answer but didnt have enough air to say anything. "I tell you when to stop! You dont get a say on that! You know what Im going to do?! Im going to fuck the living daylights out of you!" He grabed my arm and pushed me down to the floor. I was too week to do anything about it. I could bearly get a "please dont do it" out of my mouth as I rocked my head from side to side. He pinned my down in the floor and grabed his underwear that was laying on the floor. "I dont want you saying anything else! Your just a little bitch!" He shoved his used underwear which he used to sit on my face in my mouth. I couldnt make any more sounds at this point. He placed his legs around mine and put them in a lock, and one of his hands were holding both of mine. With his free hand he slid my shorts off along with my underwear and started to massage my ass. Then he got right on top of me and I could feel his huge cock aligned with my butt crack. His mouth moved right to my ear and said: "Are you ready to be my bitch forever". Then he grabed his cock and placed its head right by my hole. I managed to get the wet underwear of my mouth and say: "Please dont do this Colton" I said. I was still to weak to get out of the lock he had me under. I looked forward and felt his thick dick moving inside of me. Every inch hurm more and more, and I could feel his heard beat on his cock inside of me. "Thats what you get for talking when I told you not to" Once he had it all inside of my ass, he layed on top of me with his legs on the outside of mine. I stared screaming and screaming, but nobody but him could hear me. He started to make movements up and down... slowly at first, but moving to a fater speed as time went on. He was fucking me so fast at one point I felt as I about to black out. "Im going to cum inside of you so you remember your mine""Pleae dont do it, Ill do whatever you want, but dont do this... please!" I said with tears running down my face."I'll do whatever the fuck I want when Im around you" He slowed his movements down and arched backwards to try to get a bit deeper before cumming. His hands let go of mine and his legs spread open (I could have gotten out, but by that point i had given up). I felt his hips squishing my butt cheeks, and right after that, I felt his hot cum deep inside of me. He colapsed on top of me and stayed there for some minutes. I just layed there helplesssly with tears running down my face. "Im done bitch, dress me" he said as he stood up. I grabed his cloths from around the room and put them on him. "So you are my bitch from now on, you do what I say when we're alone" I looked ay him while I was on my knees putting his mesh shorts on right infront of him and said: "No! This was a one time thing!" he grabed my head and pushed my face against his crotch and pressed with alot of presure. I could feel the outline of his soft dick against my face... he let go and said "No. Forever" and walked out of my room. I was layed there on my knees with cum spilling out of my ass. For the rest of the night, I did all he said. Pleasing his sexual urges. I guess I was going to be his slave for as long as I knew him.

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2008-12-19 18:14:05
These stories would if people would learn to spell or at least use spell checker. It makes me wonder what this country is coming to, with so many ignorant people.

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2008-08-20 03:14:56
awsome story 10/10


2008-07-13 22:27:02
hey man gr8 story. if u want advise.....its just domination wit guys is kinda lame. otherwise gr8 job.hit me up 4 more advise

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2008-07-10 11:40:56
I want this to happen to me!!!!!!

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2008-07-06 13:41:14
it was a bit strange then it got weird. its a good thing that i liked it. though next time please use paragraphs.

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