Fucked by a dog
I read a passage in a book one day where a 16 year old boy got fucked by his dog. I had never
read any type of bestiality prior to this but I got a hard-on reading it. Since then I became
fascinated with it and have fantasized about being fucked by a dog. I always get a hard-on just
thinking about it. When I see a stray dog I always looks to see if it is a male and if it is I immediately
wish I could take it home and let it fuck me.

One day I was at my friend Shawn's house. He told me he had to go pick up a pizza and asked if I could
stay at the house to watch his 16 year old sister Carol. I told him no problem. His sister is a real cutey.
When Shawn left Carol came downstairs in a mini skirt and without warning came and sat on my lap.
She asked me if it was ok and I said sure. I had my hand on her leg and she began fidgeting on my lap.
I started to get a hard-on. She asked me if I wanted to kiss her. I couldn't believe it and didn;t know
what to say. Next thing I know she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. She has to have felt my
hard-on because she began to move her sweet little ass over it. I kissed her back and she opened her
mouth. I rammed my tongue down her throat and she gave me her tongue right back. She then got off
my lap and asked me if I wanted to eat her pussy as she took off her skirt. I told her it wasn't right and that
her brother could be back any moment. She said not to worry that it always takes him an hour to
get back from the pizza place. She took off her panties and laid on her back on the rug. Damn she looked
good. I got down on the floor and dove my head between her lovely legs and started eating her pussy like
there was no tomorrow. She started groaning and I could tell she suddenly had an orgasm. I just kept licking
and stuck a finger in her pussy and started finger-fucking her. She moaned and shook her head from side
to side then suddenly came again. I moved up on her and kissed her on the lips so she could taste
herself. She told me to take my pants off. I told her we should stop but she said she wanted me to fuck her.

She told me her brother fucks her all the time. Carol was really looking good and so inviting laying their
with her legs wide open. I got up and started to take my pants off when in walks their dog Rocky who went
straight for Carol's legs and started to lick her pussy. My hard-on was now aching as I watched this. Carol
came again and I saw Rocky's dick start to come out of its sheath. It brought back memories of the passage in
the book I had read. I quickly told Carol to get on her hands and knees cause I wanted to fuck her doggy style.

She laughed and did as I said. As I got in behind her and slipped my dick in her pussy, Rocky came up behind
me and mounted me. I was fucking away as rocky started humping and suddenly penetrated my asshole. I came
in Carol's pussy as Rocky started to fuck away. I kept on fucking Carol then felt Rocky grip me tighter as he lunged
deeper into me. He had driven his knot into me which hurt like hell. I suddenly came in Carol's pussy again as Rocky
started squirting his come deep inside me. When Rocky finished he stayed tied with me for 10 minutes and I just kept
my dick in Carol's pussy. When he pulled out he pulled me back with him and I slipped out of Carol's pussy. She got up
and said we better clean up because her brother would be home soon. When we finished cleaning up she kissed me on
the lips and went back upstairs. She looked incredibly hot walking up those stairs in her short mini skirt. Her brother Shawn
suddenly walked in and apologized for taking so long. I told him it was no big deal. I can't believe I got to live out my dog fantasy
and at the same time got to fuck a sweet 12 year old. I told Shawn I had to go and left. As I left the house I looked back and saw
Carol in the window waving goodbye to me. She blew me a kiss as I smiled and turned away.

started walking home and decided to take a shortcut I have used in the past across an open
field. As I was half way across the field I noticed there were 3 stray dogs following me. I picked up
the pace but noticed that the dogs suddenly started running toward me barking. I slowed down
almost to a stop and started whistling. The dogs surrounded me as I continued to walk slowly
and whistle. One of the dogs, a Pit Bull, suddenly nipped me in the ankle and I came
to a complete stop as the 3 dogs stood there looking at me. The Pit Bull then walked
up behind me and started sniffing me. Without warning he jumped up on my leg and started
humping it. This seemed to excite the other 2 dogs who came closer. The Pit Bull
got off me and started growling at the other 2 dogs. They came to a stop which made me realize
that he must be the leader of the pack. The Pit Bull walked behind me again and
jumped up on me knocking me to my knees. He then jumped up on my back and began humping
me. I could feel his dick hitting my buttocks. I don't know what happened but I suddenly became
excited as he continued to hump me. Suddenly he got off me, walked in front of me, and began to bark.

I wasn't sure what he wanted but I had a feeling he wanted me to undress. So I slowly stood up, took
my pants off and threw them to the ground. The Pit Bull walked back up to me and
sniffed my crotch. Again he barked. So I took my underwear off and stood before him. He walked
around behind me and once again jumped up on me and knocked me to my knees. He came
up to me and sniffed my ass. Then he gave it a few licks which caused me to get a hard-on. He
continued to lick my asshole, then suddenly stopped and mounted me. He started humping as his dick
was trying to find my asshole. After some misses he suddenly found his mark and began to penetrate
my asshole. My dick was bobbing up and down out of fear and excitement as the Pit Bull
continued to penetrate me deeper. Although my asshole was hurting I was too excited to let it bother me.
The Pit Bull gripped me tighter, got his dick all the way in me, and started fucking me. As he started fucking
me deep, I suddenly came without warning. The other dogs were watching and sniffing the air around them.

They could smell the sex they were witnessing. The Pit Bull gripped me even tighter, thrust harder, and all of
a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my asshole as I realized the dog must've penetrated his knot inside me. I yelled
out in pain but the penetration of the knot inside me caused me to come again. One of the other dogs, a Labrador,
walked up in front of me and licked my come from the ground where it had fallen. He then started licking my dick.
I could feel the Pit Bull shooting his load in my ass as he kept fucking me. I couldn't believe that I suddenly came
for the 3rd time as the Labrador licked my dick clean. The Pit Bull finished with me and pulled out of my ass. A lot
of his sperm spilled out of my ass and ran down my leg. I was still on my hands and knees catching my breath from
the fucking I just received..

Just as I started to stand up, the 3rd dog, a German Shepherd, jumped up on me and knocked me back to the ground
where I landed on my hands and knees again. The Shepherd immediately mounted me and
found his mark quicker than the Pit Bull had. He started fucking away like there was no tomorrow. My dick
hardened again. The dog gripped me tighter and with a sudden big thrust, also got his knot inside me. He began
thrusting and squirting his come inside my ass. I couldn't believe I was this excited about what was happening..
Once the Shepherd pulled out of me, the Labrador, who was behind us waiting his turn. quickly took his place.
I didn't even have time to catch my breath when the Labrador mounted me and quickly began fucking me.
I could not believe that I was being raped by these 3 dogs. But then again, since I was actually enjoying it,

I no longer considered it rape; although it really was since I didn't ask for this to happen. The Labrador was still
fucking away and my ass was getting sore. This dog didn't seem to be in a hurry at all and the fucking rhythm
actually felt good as he continued to fuck away. When I suddenly felt him inch forward and grip me tighter, I realized
he was ready to penetrate his knot inside me so I held my breath. When I didn't feel it happen I realized that this dog
was a bit larger than the other 2 dogs and he was having a problem getting the knot inside me. You'd think my asshole
was open enough by now after being fucked by the other 2 dogs. The Labrador was not going to be denied though. He
inched forward again, gripped me tight, and with a mighty thrust had his knot inside me which caused me to whimper in pain.

Once he started squirting his load in me I relaxed and just enjoyed the sensation. The other 2 dogs were laying in the grass
watching when the dog pulled out of me. I looked at them and then stood up. I started to walk over to put my pants back on
when suddenly the Pit Bull got up and began to bark at me. He started walking towards me so I stopped. Once he got to me
he started sniffing my asshole again and next thing I knew he was walking behind me. He jumped up on me and knocked
me down to the ground again. I landed on my hands and knees again and the Pit Bull mounted me again and proceeded
to fuck me again. Although my asshole was quite sore from the fucking of the 3 dogs, I still ended up getting a hard-on again
and just stayed in position taking another fucking. When he finished with me the other 2 dogs also got their 2nd rounds as they
both mounted me one right after the other in the same order as before. They also shot their second loads into my ass again.

When they finished I stayed on my hands and knees thinking the Pit Bull was going to come back for more and just continue
to make me their slave. But I was surprised when the 3 dogs suddenly started walking away from me and ran off into the field.
I got up, dressed, and walked home contemplating what had happened to me today

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2015-07-19 19:47:48
I love being fucked by my 200lb english mastiff. He has a cock 10" long and a knot 5" across it really hurt the first time he knotted me and we stayed knotted for about 25 mins.When he wants to fuck he is big enough to knock me down and make me be his bitch.

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2013-05-24 00:58:54
I am alm ost eighty years old now and have yet to be fucked by a dog. However, I keep wanting to and if it ever does happen I will be thrilled and would like to feel a knot and have two or more dogs to fuck me.

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2012-06-21 05:51:22
I used to love to spread peanut butter or whatever on my pussy to make myself cum.

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2011-07-25 21:11:35
when i read about dogs fucking boys i get so hot i cum in my pants, i think about my own dog fucking my ass for the first time when i was ten, it was pure rape, he nailed me after my bath in my room while i was trying to put on my pj's, after the first time i let him have me four days in a row three times a day and then he came to expect it from me, when i was home he would pull on my jeans with his teeth and that meant i was to go up to my room and undress and get down on my hands and knee's for him, he would sniff my ass, lick my cock and fuck me in my tight little asshole, you can get quite used to being treated this way if you are always cumming while getting fucked, i did!

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2011-06-28 18:27:33
i had two dobermans when i was twelve, one thing led to another and i let one, duke, mount and fuck my tight virgin ass, he fucked and knotted me four times that first time and made me cum six times, the next time he fucked me, his brother, tim, got me afterwards, between them both i got fucked eight times and came nine times,i loved every minute and every thrust, i,m thirty now and still let my new dogs fuck me, its the hottest and most erotic sex you can immagine, i get throbbing hard just thinking about it. i also started by reading about it, it does make you hard and horny, try it you'll like it, take two your small!!!

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