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With a confused mind and heart, a manipulative ex-wife who I still loved: I needed Yen to return soon...
Ex-Daughter Grown Up, Part 10 – Prelude to Return
(Introduction: if you have read parts 1-9, you will know the people involved: a husband back working in the country he loves and where his grown-up 17y.o. step-daughter, Yen, from a previous marriage has arranged for her ‘daddy’ to be taken care of by others…lots of them, and now I am flying back from the Company’s Hanoi office where my ex-wife, Ha, surprised me by being at the same hotel….again, and amongst several others she and I made love, but I left her when she ‘claimed’ me – like an object to which she had a right of ownership; and even with the Love I still felt for her, I was going home with a heavy heart, and a sense of lost direction….I needed Yen to come back. This is very long...)

I opened the door to my own home, noting Ping’s washing hanging outside on the clothes rack, dropped my bag for the moment to open the house up, and was happy to be here with some solitude; all this ‘taking care of me’ and unexpected encounters with my ex-wife was not only physically exhausting, but to one who had become used to hours and days alone for the past few years, it was intrusive, and I craved some peaceful time alone again. My phone rang, but I ignored it for now, stripped down and threw on shorts, then did my first job after every trip: I unpacked, re-stocking toiletries and the small necessities needed every time, and stowed my bag in the corner. I threw some washing in the basket for Mrs. Phung, my housekeeper, who I then phoned to advise my return, and tell her the house looked beautifully clean and tidy; she said she already knew I’d be back today - my secretary had phoned her Friday, so she’d be around tomorrow. Then I phoned Long, my driver, and said ‘back to normal tomorrow, see you in the morning em’ and that finished all the little jobs I needed to do today.
An empty beer later, new one opened, and lounging on the sofa with a replay of last night’s football on TV, I was relaxed and calm. I phoned Yen, it would be dinner-time in Melbourne so figured she’d be about…she answered promptly “Hi Steve, are you home now? I bet you are tired, and I am sorry about the man and his wife who died (referencing our regional office manager and his wife who had been murdered, see part 9) and I hope things are better for you now.”
“Yes, thanks little one, I am ok; ironically the sadness in one office was balanced by the success in Hanoi of our new project start-up: I guess yin and yang are kept in harmony by such things. Yen, when are you coming over, I miss you.” “Oh Daddy, I miss you also, but didn’t Mum tell you I’ll be there in just over 3 more weeks, should be the 24th, but I am still waiting for confirmation, but soon, Steve, soon. How was Mum, did you have dinner – or do anything together?” “Yen, we had sex last night – actually, that’s not fair: we made love last night, Yen. Can you understand, Yen, I can’t refuse her – well, I couldn’t, but afterwards I left her when she ‘claimed’ me, she seems to feel she still owns me, like a little dog. I am not strong around her, little one, never have been, but I think I am getting better!” There was a pause before Yen replied “I already knew, Steve, but I am glad you told me; actually Mum phoned me very early this morning, woke me up in fact, to tell me she expects you and she will be back together very soon and that you and she had just had sex…” “Yen” I interrupted, “See what I mean – your mother seems to think whatever she wants, everyone else involved will just accept! It wasn’t like that, and it isn’t like that, Yen, and though I can never put aside the love I have felt for her, I can never trust her like I used to. You trust me, Yen, there is love, and there is my Love for you.” I took a deep breath, and was relieved when Yen answered brightly “I know, Steve, just like there is my Love for you as my Daddy, and my Love for you now, a ‘Man Named Steve’” She giggled into the phone “I just heard an old song on a music channel on TV, ‘A Boy Named Sue’ I think it was, so I just changed it to suit you. I love you Steve, see you soon, I promise. Oh, say ‘hello’ to Ping later.”
I put the phone down, feeling more at peace after the conversation, finished my beer, locked the front screen door, turned off the TV (the game had finished and I didn’t even see the score!) and lay my head back and slept.
I woke to a noise, focused my sight in the darkening room, and looked at the door where, not unexpectedly, Ping was smiling through the screen door at me. “Chao Anh, can I come in?” I rose from the sofa and opened the door, and Ping jumped at me for a hug and kiss “Oh, Anh, I haven’t seen you for so long, I missed you, so I was very happy when Tinh phoned you’d be home today. Yen told me also, told me to welcome you home as you might be a bit sad, you ok?”
She kissed me again, and then strode over to sit on the sofa, smooth, slim, bare legs leading up to shorts, and an in-fashion maternity shirt-thing above. She was beaming at me, and I smiled at her youthfulness and vivacity and I tried to soak a little of it into myself, revert from an old man needing his afternoon nap to a slightly younger-feeling one. I gave her a glass of water and said I was going to shower, “Are you planning on dinner, em – yes, I thought so, ok I will dress a little better than just shorts”. I gave her the remote for the TV, and headed upstairs where I shaved, showered, washed my hair and brushed my teeth – nothing further left to be cleaned, I dressed in good jeans and a nice shirt, and rejoined Ping. “Wow, you’re looking good, Anh! Come on, let’s go, the others should be there by now.” She continued when I raised an eyebrow, “Just normal group at Phung’s restaurant: Kim, Yen’s mum, and maybe Trinh, I am not sure; all the girls you like, so come on!”
I locked up and hopped on behind Ping on her bike, not too close but not too far in case I had to grab her to hold on, but she snuggled back comfortably against my groin: yes, all back to normal it seems as my cock twitched in response to the closeness of her.
The others were there, ex-mother-in-law, who I still called Mae; her youngest sister, Kim; niece of another, the middle sister, Trinh, had come, she and Ping seemingly jealous of each other when we had gathered like this before, and Phung, Kim’s live-in partner, was standing at the table taking orders. Cheek kisses all round the table and we settled down, my beer arriving immediately, as Phung always knew what I would drink on arrival. The others chose a variety of alcoholic cocktails and water, and began discussing what to eat, as I looked at each of them in turn.
Mae, younger than me by a couple of years, had slimmed in recent times, but she was still a big-framed woman, with large breasts to match, and in her tight jeans and t-shirt, her figure was hardly concealed; I noticed she had cut her hair shorter, and with a start, realized she resembled my current mother-in-law over in Thailand! Same age, similar frames, and now similar hair cuts; only the slight difference between a Vietnamese-Chinese and a Thai-Chinese to distinguish them almost. Though I could attest to their different sex/love-making styles also; Mae in Thailand liked it sweaty and raunchy; Mae here slower and more sensual, and she put her heart’s feelings into it also.
Her youngest sister Kim, my ex-aunty, was a dazzling beauty every time; a voluptuous body with breasts made for sucking, as I had, but little more as she preferred women and Phung, who worked here, and at Kim’s acquiescence for whom I had shown what making love with a man could be like, was her live-in partner, and they always seemed very happy, though careful in public as homosexuality was frowned upon both legally and socially. Kim today was dressed as sexy as always, similar to the younger Ping in shorts and a maternity top, but beautifully made-up and wearing a glaring red lip gloss and nail polish.
Trinh was the most recent arrival in Vietnam, having lived and studied in Australia for many years, where Ha had sponsored her and assisted there. She was an architect graduate and followed that with a business degree, so in the same construction field as me, and she had come back here with a good job to be part of Vietnam’s strong growth. Although I had known her as a much younger child, indeed she had been at my wedding to Ha, she had only been a shy teenager, but when she and I re-met at her first business function back here a few months ago, she was certainly grown up, beautiful and sexy and wanton as I found out.
We had ended up that evening, leaving the function early, and with her beautiful long legs wrapped around me she too had used me, as Yen had urged her, and as Phung had, to find out what making love with a man for the first time was all about: she too had been a lesbian until then, but declared she would be bi-sexual after that first with me! We had wild sex again when I agreed to a photo session at a forest fishing spot, where eventually naked Kim, Phung, Ping and Trinh cavorted for my camera, but it was Trinh’s pussy wrapped around my cock who received my offering when it all became too damn wild to contain, and with Ping screaming as my tongue lashed her insides as she squatted down over my face. Whew, what a day, and what photos! Tonight she was dressed in a white tank top, stretched over her large breasts, but I didn’t know what she was wearing below that.
Now, we were at a more demure location, and Mae was the only one of whom I had no such photos, but she would be too shy to participate I was sure. I shook my head to get right off the subject, and Trinh asked if I was ok; “Yes, em, fine, I was just thinking about photos….”
“Yes, where are they Anh?” Kim asked, “I want to see them again!” “Me, too “added Trinh, both girls smiling in recollection. “What photos are we talking about?” asked Mae, and I blushed, but Ping interrupted to try and change the subject; however, to placate Mae, I turned to her “Oh, all these girls wanted to try and be fashion models in photos, Mae, so I took some of them one weekend. But I need to put them nicely in an album, and then I can show you.” Kim said “I bet Mae would like you to take some photos of her too, Anh.” I tried to glare at Kim before she said anything more, but she studiously ignored me as Mae responded “Yes, I would, when could we?”
Oh, thank you heaven: the food began appearing at the table and all the women became absorbed in that before I had to answer, but I could see Kim still smirking at me, and I wished I could be sure whose foot I could kick under the table! I swallowed some beer, and Phung refilled my glass and I let the girls place some food on my plate, eating my usual small amount, enough to show them I had eaten, and then I was released to sit back as they devoured the rest.
Now that we had settled into conversation mode, I asked Ping about her studies, and after that various subjects were taken up, and it was all enjoyable for all.
Mae asked me about my trip, and I gave them a summary of the death and events surrounding our office manager and his wife, which they had read of in the paper, without realizing I was so close to the matter. Then when I mentioned going on to Hanoi, Mae asked if I had seen Ha. I said yes, she was at the same hotel, so I had run into her several times, and I thought she would be back tomorrow; Kim looked at me, “Was everything all right there, Anh, no problems?” I paused with my beer to my mouth, swallowed, and chose my words carefully “It was ok, em but, to be honest, I am a terror-stricken wreck around her, and she knows it.” Trinh said softly, “Perhaps because you still love her, Anh?” “Oh, I do, Trinh – but it is the love for an ex-wife who I did love so totally, and that is not the love Ha is expecting; she wants Control. Ha would like me to be her pet dog: roll over on command so she could pat me, expecting that to set my tail wagging as if it was the greatest gift she could bestow on me; then of course she could just order me off to sit in the corner until she felt like doing it again; sorry, Mae, but that’s how she makes me feel – and the stupid thing is: she knows I am almost unable to resist her if she did order me so. But I think in another 10-20 years I will be strong enough!” I laughed and they politely, yet sympathetically, followed suit, with Trinh adding:
“Yes, she is very strong-willed, isn’t she, and very successful with it. Now what else can we eat, I am not full.” I felt Ping’s hand gently on my thigh, and she gave my leg a squeeze and smiled at me. The subject was changed and more rice was asked for, together with a new round of cocktails and beer. I rose to go to the toilet, seeing Phung near the Ladies’ washbasin brushing her hair on the way. When I came out to wash my own hands, she was still there; “Anh, can you help me with something?” “Sure, em, what is it?” “I am worried I am losing Kim, maybe to Trinh” she was downcast and I patted her arm, inviting her to continue, “I want to be with her tonight and talk about it, but I think Trinh has asked her out; could you help and maybe invite Trinh out with you, and leave Kim here until I finish work – I am sure she couldn’t refuse, I know I wouldn’t.”
I was a little surprised at all this, but offered “Yes, em, ok, I can try, but only once all right; if things don’t work out between you and Kim, next time I’ll invite you out instead, agreed?” She smiled “Yes, Anh, I accept and I would love to go out with you anyway, thank you; and I will tell Ping what I have asked you to do for me. Thank you, Anh.” She glanced around, and then leaned up on tiptoes to kiss me – not on the cheek, but full on the mouth! I left her and walked back to the table, Phung following to refill my beer. She smiled down at me as she did so, and I smiled quizzically back: what was she up to? Ping stood as I sat and headed for the toilet, as did Mae, and they walked off together, Phung following to carry on her duties I guessed, and perhaps to explain to Ping her plan. I shook my head yet again; the machinations of women were way beyond my ken I told myself. Kim asked me “What’s wrong, Anh, you seem puzzled?” I smiled, then laughed, and thinking of the role I had agreed with Phung, said “I am here with all you beautiful women, and I probably understand none of you – and yet, I am the oldest here, you would think I should know more, but I don’t when it comes to women!” Kim smiled indulgently at me “Oh Anh, that’s because you are just too nice to notice the bad things.”
“We all love you, Anh, because you are so nice, and I don’t think any of us would hurt you, certainly not like Ha has.” She picked up her glass and Trinh followed suit, and they said “Cheers Anh!” I laughed and said to Trinh, “Ping is busy later, Kim will be waiting for Phung, Mae not sure, but would you like to go out after we finish dinner Trinh, do something to build up my spirits?” “Oh, Anh I would love to, really I would, but I promised my boss I would go to an architectural design show with him, and Kim is coming because there is a fashion design section also; it’s the School of Design so they have sections for everything, and…” she looked at her watch, “We are actually already later than I thought; Kim we should go soon.” Kim nodded.
I had no choice to accept it was the truth, meaning I had failed to get time for Phung to spend with Kim; feeling sorry for Phung, I looked sad – and that wasn’t an act. Mae and Ping returned, Ping looking pained, and they both said they were going home, Mae would ride Ping’s bike and take her home, and get a motorcycle taxi herself. Ping whispered “Sorry, Anh, I would love to sleep with you, but my period just began and I have cramps, so better I go home.”
“Oh, of course, Ping, don’t worry about me, I understand these things, really, take care.” She kissed my cheeks and I stood to do the same to Mae, wondering if she was going to come back to my place, but she said “See you in a few days I hope, my son” and she smiled at the ludicrous joke, even if ex-son-in-law was correct. Trinh and Kim stood and said their goodbye’s also, just as Phung appeared with a new beer for me; Kim asked “Will you be ok to get home, Anh, I don’t like to leave you?” I shrugged that off “Well, now I have a new beer, I’ll be fine, and of course, em, I know how to get a Honda-ong taxi and get home no problem. Have a good time” and we all exchanged more kisses, Trinh lingering and pressing herself close to me, “Wish I was staying, Anh, but I promised to do this.” She kissed me again, lingering on my cheek, and I felt a desire to ask her to come back after the exhibition was finished, but Phung intervened to say good night to all, and the moment was gone; a good night’s sleep alone would be a rarity, but I should have one now and again, I told myself, smiling at how stupid that sounded for an aging man to think.
They all waved goodbye and swayed their respective bodies out, past emptying tables, while I sat down.
Phung poured my beer, standing close to my side. “I am sorry, em, I tried, but it didn’t work, they are going to their Exhibition.” “It’s ok, Anh, I know you tried, guess something just left us, you and me, here - well, maybe it was Fate? I’ll be back soon, it’s getting quiet, if you want to wait a short time, I’ll buy you another beer if you need, and then I can take you home on my Honda – save you some money…” I laughed, and settled back in my chair as she brushed me and hustled away to perform her job elsewhere. It was another hour and one more beer when Phung came back, said she was able to leave now, and please wait a couple of minutes and she’d be ready to take me; I asked her for the bill, but she said Trinh had left enough money to cover it all when she had left, so I offered a tip but Phung refused and turned away, looking back and saying “Wait just a minute, Anh.” I watched her and she was sure beautiful to watch…remembering the first time I had seen and met her here, before Kim took over and they became a couple. But I think when Phung and I had made love that had been special, for both of us, and it felt good, without ego getting in the way, to know I had pleased her that time, because I had done my best to make it sweet and beautiful.
Phung appeared, unchanged from her uniform, but it was clear she had freshened up and put on a little lip gloss and brushed her long hair, letting it fall down without any clips or ties such as when she was working. She smiled, and I stood to tell her she looked beautiful, and she even blushed, as she led me out to her bike. The parking guy smiled when he saw her holding my hand, and said to me “You’re the lucky one”; perhaps he thought I wouldn’t understand, but I turned and said “Sure am, em, luckiest man in HCMC tonight” and while he looked stunned, Phung giggled, and turned to the boy, said “I am just giving a friend a ride home, but I am the ‘lucky one’ anyway, finally meet a nice man!” It was banter between workmates I knew, but nice to my ears anyway, and I put my arm around her shoulders and walked with her pulled closely to my side to where her bike was parked. We rode out and I cuddled her tightly for effect when we passed the entrance, and the boy laughed, as did we; but I didn’t release Phung totally when we were on the streets, as her driving style was equally as fast and frightening as most other women I knew! We arrived at my gate, and Phung said “Well, can I come in for a minute, Anh, or do you want me to go?” “Sure, Phung, if you want.”
I thought she might be feeling lonely without Kim, so I opened the gate and she rolled her bike inside the courtyard. “Want to take some photos, Anh?” she posed provocatively, as I unlocked and opened the house, smiling to myself as she slipped past me inside. I closed the screen door against insects and turned – and found myself pressed against a waiting Phung, waiting to reach up and throw her arms around my neck and kiss me, hard and deep-tongued into my mouth! I responded automatically for a few seconds, but then prised her arms and mouth away, and stepped back “Phung, what are you doing?” “Just what I wanted, Anh; I have a confession: this was nearly all planned to get me alone with you. I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since we made love; I have been obsessed, and it has interfered with my relationship with Kim, but she’s an amazing lady and she understood before I did: I want more love-making with you. I didn’t have to lie to Trinh, they were going to the exhibition, nor lie to Ping, she really did start her period when she went to the Ladies’, but I would have somehow convinced her to give me this second chance with you.” She hadn’t mentioned Mae, so I figured Mae had truly just been being nice to help Ping.
I was flabbergasted and speechless, and Phung looked crestfallen for a few moments, until I wrapped my arms around her and held her. “I am very flattered if I helped make you feel pleasure before, em, and I did also, but are you sure this is what you want, knowing I can’t give you more than a little bit of myself for a little time? I care for you, Phung, and don’t want you to be hurt in any way.” She broke away from my embrace, smiling but with tears “You used almost the exact words Kim said you would use, and the same consideration; oh Anh, you are the nicest man, and yes, I want to be here with you and will accept only what you can give” she sniffled and I pulled a tissue from my pocket to hand her “It’s a clean one” I said, and she laughed and blubbered. I led her to the sofa, turned on a corner light, and stood for a moment to let her calm down. “Sorry Anh, just crying with happiness, truly.” I went for a glass of water and a beer, but Phung reached for the beer, so I left the water and got a new beer for myself and the tissue box for her. I wandered outside for a cigarette, my mind and emotions churning.

I soon gave up all thoughts except the recurring one: this is dangerous if Phung, like Ping, gives her emotions and her body into making love, believing they are in control, and I am not sure how to handle things if they aren’t. I turned and went inside, but before I could begin asking Phung, she swallowed her final mouthful of beer and answered my unspoken question “Anh, I know what I am doing, and I won’t be any trouble, I promise; I talked with Ping, but what I would like is to just explore the senses you woke in me last time: that’s what I can’t forget, and I need to know if there is more.” I looked at her “Then, that means: if I don’t do a ‘good job’ you won’t like me!” She jumped up laughing and ran to me, pulling my shoulders down to her height and kissed me, “Anh, Ping told me: just sleeping with you is a beautiful experience; so if that is all we do, it sounds magical.” “I might snore” I offered, and she punched me lightly, “Can I shower somewhere, Anh, please?” I turned on the stairwell light, and led her upstairs to my bedroom, turning on the bedside light and the air-conditioning, and the bathroom, getting a clean towel for her, and a new toothbrush.
I said I would shower downstairs and looked at her closely, but she guessed: “Yes, I am sure, Anh, hurry back.”
I returned downstairs, finished my beer and a cigarette, locked up and had my own shower and cleansing, and headed up to rejoin Phung. The water pump stopped, so I knew she had finished showering, and when I stepped into the room, she was standing sheepishly in the bathroom doorway, staring at my nakedness and just managed to croak; “I needed you to invite me into your bed, Anh”, so I crossed the room to her, naked as I was, gathered her up in my arms and carried her to the bed. I took her towel from her and she squirmed quickly under the covers as I draped it over the towel rack and used my Listerine as a final task. The sight of bare buttocks trying to get covered stirred my loins, and when I turned around, flicking the light switch off, Phung was waiting and staring at my bobbing cock. I sat on the bed, facing away from her, to set my alarm, and felt Phung’s arms reach for me, one hand of nails grazing my back up and down – a sensation I truly love – and the other just holding on to my hip, tugging gently and urging me to turn around and join her; I did, wondering if we would sleep or not.
I slid under the covers but immediately felt hot, so threw the quilt off to the bottom; before I drew the sheet up, I took the time to look at the naked body of Phung lying there beside me, even if I had seen it before it wasn’t here with me – it had been a frenzied time on our photo-session at the fishing spot, where all four girls and I had become over-sexed to say the least, and I had had sex from behind with Phung that day, her first man, but it had been quite raw sex, as fantastic as it had been. And obviously for Phung also, since she now seemed to want to try more. I knew her breasts were smaller than some of the others, but no less inviting, as was her hairless vagina, her slit poking up even though she had her legs closed tightly together now; she had typical, satiny skin, and she was sexy and beautiful and vulnerable lying there.
I pried her arms away from covering her breasts, and held them to the side while I leaned my mouth down, firstly kissing her mouth, then trailing down her cheek and neck, but quickly to a small breast I could suck into my mouth; she moaned and her arms lost their tenseness after a few seconds, so I released them, and used one of mine to fondle her other breast, and one to stroke her neck and face. I would be gentle with her.
She whispered “Anh, You know I have never done it like this – like a man and woman do, but last time it was so exciting; can you show me this time what you would do normally to a woman, with a woman?” I lifted my mouth from her breast, kissed her mouth and smiled “Last time was also a man and a woman, Phung; there are many different ways, but yes, we can do ‘normal’- just tell me if nice or not nice, ok?” She smiled in return “You would never hurt me, Anh: that I do know.” I lowered my head, hearing her suck in her breath as I sucked in her breast, and it was small enough I could suction it and use my tongue to stimulate her nipple; she moaned, and I moved up to kiss her face and neck again, allowing my body to lie more heavily on her, but not fully, as my mouth found her ears – my personal fetish – and I nibbled the lobes and stuck my tongue inside, sliding around, before sliding my whole body down, letting my hardened cock push against her body everywhere it went. So much taller was I, and with an extended cock, it was pressing against her legs down near her knees, and she was gasping as I trailed my tongue back down, across her collarbone, her chest, her breast mound, and down her ribs, ticking them off one-by-one.
Moving across to her navel, my tongue probing and slurping everywhere, I dug in, and at the same time my hands fondled both breasts before sliding down her sides and pushing to get under her buttocks. She lifted her pelvis to help me do this, and I dived then at an upraised slit, and thrust my tongue at her, and found a tiny opening which my tongue somehow entered a fraction; but it was enough to get Phung to arch herself even more, and I slipped even further inside as she began humping at me, and she must have covered her mouth as I heard muffled screams coming from above my head as I pushed my tongue as hard as it could go and was rewarded with enough juices to begin lapping it up with my tongue inside and my mouth swallowing her whole cunt from outside. Oh, she was sweet, and I lapped and lapped at her; my tongue better at sucking and licking, not really long enough to penetrate as far as I would have liked, but the taste was exquisite! Under her hand Phung was moaning, and her hips shook under me, and then she reached her free hand down to tousle my hair, and even pull it, and I lifted my mouth and slipped wetly up her body, pausing at her breasts for a soppy suck.
I was allowing one hand to guide my prick up towards her, trailing pre-cum along her legs and thighs, as my mouth sought hers, and she feverishly responded, clutching my back with both hands and thrusting her tongue at me, even as her head thrashed from side to side. I was about to show her I was ready to enter when she gasped “Anh, I want you in my mouth, I want to taste you!” I swiveled and straddled her body, presenting my rear end and dangling prick above her, and then lowering myself, my mouth first, heading back down her body even as my loins headed down to her mouth. I reached her slit with mine a moment before my cock touched her lips and she raised her head to grab the end in her mouth, her teeth closing on me when my tongue slurped her downwards in her slit, and I squeaked! She understood in a moment, and released her teeth, opening her mouth wide to begin sucking me like a young baby with a nipple in her mouth, and I squeaked again, hoping to teach her to be somewhat gentle. She slowed down, and I understood this is her first attempt at cock-sucking, but when I lathered her small clit with my tongue, she climaxed and in her throes she also bit my poor prick again!
I pulled out of her mouth and moved to her side. She moaned and I continued licking and nipping with my teeth at her clit, and closed my lips over it tightly to suck it, but without using teeth to hold it, and her hips bucked under me until I couldn’t hold any more. I would have to help her learn to slow down – if she wanted do this in the future with a man – and I decided it was time to offer her the ultimate lesson. I turned around again, kissed her mouth with her own juices, offering them inside her mouth with my tongue, and she sucked at me, and I backed off to ask “Are you sure, Phung?” She didn’t answer, she just pushed against my shoulders – downwards – and I let my prick caress her again, until my hand guided it to her entrance, and I slopped it up and down her slit. But we were both wet and I entered my head easily, as she took a deep breath in, and with my hands moving to lift up her buttocks to make the angle easier, I slid slowly inside as her breath ‘whooshed’ out. I didn’t stop until I hit bottom – for now – then I withdrew and allowed the head of my prick to tickle her cunt just inside, before slowly pressing back in again, slightly stronger this time, and slightly deeper.
Phung was not squealing in terror or pain, but I wasn’t yet fully in, so I wriggled inside as she moaned and squeaked, but it helped soften her tunnel for my girth and seemed to also helped relax her internally, and I gently kept pushing until I knew my pubes were buried below her and my pubic hair was pressed tightly against her vagina. I kissed her lightly and said “You have all of me inside Phung, how does it feel?” “Anh, no talking, it’s too wonderful…more please” and she grasped my head, and then my shoulders and pulled me against her, the motion pulling me just that centimetre further inside, causing an instant response from Phung: a thrust pelvis and a squeal and a juddering climax. I pushed harder and she thrust at me again and continued to shake her whole body now, and I leaned my mouth to a breast and swallowed it whole as far into my mouth as possible, and she screamed! Now that she had reached this small hill for herself, I wanted to help her strive for greater heights, and I slipped myself totally out, and quickly moved down to lick and suck the juices of both of us oozing from her. She groaned, and I knew she wanted me back inside; I slid a finger in, and used my thumb to find her clit.
I wiggled it against her clit while my finger stroked her insides, and she stayed on the summit of her hill until I decided it was time to take her higher if I could. I rolled her over and sat her down immediately on my cock, and held her hips to plunge her as hard as possible on me, this way hitting deep but allowing her to control it if any pain. She threw her hair round shaking, sat there for a moment not comprehending, but when she did, Phung bounced, and she smiled at the feel - and bounced again! She came on that second bounce, hard down against my groin, my prick driven up inside her by her own actions, and now she swiveled and ground me within. I held her hips down tightly, but now she knew what she wanted, I used my hands to hold her breasts, my fingers perhaps cruel on her nipples, but they were hard as rocks and her breasts were perfectly formed to be easily sheathed within my hands, and she just moaned and pushed herself against me harder. “Oh Phung, you were made for love-making” I croaked at her, pulling on her breasts to lay her down closer to horizontal, changing the angle, and allowing my mouth to search up under her neck, suckling, “But about now, this Man needs to show a Woman what comes next.”

I rolled her over once again, joined tightly, until I withdrew and then began thrusting deep and fast to the ends of her, my hands still holding her breasts and pressing her against the bed while I slid back and forward, each time trying to bring her to a mountain, and just as I had to release the Rain within me, Phung jerked and she was beyond the mountain and we were in the Clouds and soaring to that level where sexuality doesn’t exist, where a Man and a Woman become a Union, a being in the Beyond, and we became the One.
That is how it had felt to me, when a minute or five later, I relived it in my clearing mind, and realized I was heavily lying still on top of poor little Phung, but as I tried to move up and off, she clamped her arms as far around me as she could reach and held me down. I did at least release her breasts and stroked her face instead, drawing myself slowly down until my face was more level to where I could kiss her lightly. She moaned and some tears streaked her cheeks, so I licked and sucked at them, and then slid myself further down and out from within, but still between her thighs as I stopped at her breasts and loved my mouth over them both.
Finally I wanted to lap our juices from her and, gathering them within my mouth, I swallowed some and moved myself up to share the sweet tangy taste of us with our mouths joined. There were no more tears as the kiss lingered, and then I rolled to the side, and cuddled my hand under her shoulders and around her, and my other hand was used to just stroke her body. I waited for Phung to speak first, and it was some more minutes before she sighed “I wasn’t lying when I said Kim and I have become a little distant, and she knew I couldn’t stop thinking about that first time with you, and it was her idea I ask you for another chance and decide for myself what I really want. I am sorry, Anh, I have used you to try and get my own answers to questions I have….” “Ssshh, em, I knew there was something going on, and I could have just said ‘no’, but I didn’t, so whatever happened was because both of us made choices.” I hugged her as I continued, “I want you to know that making love with you was perhaps the closest I have ever come to a sexual nirvana, and I am not lying – I never lie truly – because at the end, I went to a place which was not here, not on this bed, and it was a place where my mind found something…” “Found something new…I can’t explain it…”
“But it was somewhere where ‘Bliss’ lives, and it welcomed me to join it; it was amazing, and it meant something special to me. I can only hope I helped you reach a place of happiness of your own, and also that I didn’t hurt you on the way!”
“Oh, anh, you made me so happy, but I can’t describe it because it is the first time I have ever had such an experience, so how would I even know what it was! But if that is how you make love every time, wow, I would like to be there with you every time!” I laughed and she looked embarrassed, but I kissed her and said with a smile “Oh, Phung, if I could do ‘that’ every time, I would either be as famous as Casanova or more likely a worn-out man old before my time! I am sure you and Kim, or you and others, sometimes it works, sometimes not; sometimes it’s good or not and over in five minutes, sometimes the opposite and seems to last for hours…and sometimes I need to go to sleep afterwards – like now em. Do you want to use the bathroom?” “Can I just go to sleep like this, Anh – wet and juicy and sweaty and happy, do you mind?” I smiled, kissed her gently “Good night, sweet Phung, sorry but my alarm will wake us in the morning.” “That’s ok, Anh, I will go home then. I love you, Anh”
I mulled answering, but decided against it, hoping it was only words from post love-making, and not the emotional dilemma I feared, so I hugged her, and then rolled her to spoon from behind, and I slept the sleep of the worn-out old men.
Amazingly, for me, I didn’t even wake through the night to run to the toilet as I usually did, so it was the alarm which woke me; I turned and stretched across to turn it off, and found Phung had turned with me and was curled up like a proverbial ball against my back. I lay there for a minute, but duty – and now the toilet – called, and I slid away from her and out of the bed, running to empty my bladder. That done, I showered, and heard Phung as she cleaned her teeth; I poked my head out, eyes closed as I had shampoo covering my head and face, and muttered “Good morning, em, did you sleep well?” Through her mouth rinsing and nodding head, I figured she meant ‘yes’, so I returned to my own ablutions. Nearly finished, Phung then poked her head close to me and said “Oh yes, Anh, that was beautiful, even if I only slept a little – I couldn’t sleep, just so happy to be cuddled by you, but I tried not to move; that was hard: I wanted to cuddle you.”
“I wanted to do that so, so much, Anh, to thank you for making me so, so happy.” Her exclamatory comments were giving me more worries, but she wasn’t finished “Anh, there is only one man I could ever love, and it is you, I feel it so much!” I turned off the tap and reached for my towel, but she was there first and began drying me, but I gently took it from her, draped it down my front after wiping my face, and softly said to her “Phung, take it slowly ok; I am the only man you have known, but there are thousands and millions out there just waiting for you, or millions of girls you may prefer. I don’t want you to be hurt, em, but maybe it is not me who can give you 100% what you need, what you want, and what should be yours to feel. I am asking you to be careful, and remember you might feel this because only me do you know so far.”
I stepped beside her and continued drying myself, and she silently retreated to the bedroom while I brushed my hair and finished in the bathroom. I walked, naked, to my cupboard and began dressing, while Phung sat on the side chair and watched me. She was already dressed, and said she would shower at home, but ventured nothing further as I finished.
I threw the covers up on the bed, but leaving it for Mrs. Phung - as she liked to do everything ‘to earn the money you pay me’ she often said – and Phung preceded me downstairs. I went to the kitchen to make my coffee, and turned to Phung to ask if she wanted juice, which I had, or something, but she shook her head. “Anh, I will go home now, and talk with Kim. I need you to know, Anh: if the only man I ever know in my life is you, I will be happy. Thank you, Anh, see you soon; I hope you phone me or come for dinner at the restaurant – every day! ‘Bye Anh.” She came to me and kissed me hard and long, releasing me only when the microwave ‘pinged’ my coffee was ready. She swayed her petite body to the door, unlocked it, but I had to run and find the keys to unlock the front gate, and she kissed me again as she started her bike and exited the gate. Long was waiting outside already in the car, and he took note, but a good driver never asks his boss any delicate questions, so, five minutes later, after swallowing my coffee, I hopped in the passenger seat and gave him a glance: he looked at me steadily but with neither humour nor accusation, and I said “Let’s get back to normal, Long, so off to the office.”

At the office, the first person I sought out was my secretary, Quy (pronounced ‘Whee’); actually, she isn’t my secretary: she is PA to the boss, Anh Duc, but she also takes care of any secretarial matters I need, and I often neglect to properly remember and thank her after my trips. I had had Long stop at the market on the way to the office, and now I presented Quy with a bunch of colourful flowers, and at her amazed smile, I said “I don’t thank you enough, em, for all the little and big things you do for me; so these are to say ‘thank you Miss Quy’” and I bowed as I handed them to her. “Oh, Anh Steve, you didn’t have to do this! No-one has ever given me flowers before – certainly not the Boss!” “Oh, Quy, what about Valentine’s Day, surely there are lots of men out there who chased you…” “Not even then, Anh, but no problem – you have made me very happy, thank you so, so much!” Smiling at her, noting how beautiful she actually was also, I said “You are very welcome, em, anh noi ‘cam on em’.” With those echoes of Phung’s words reverberating in my head, I headed into my office to get settled and, within a minute Quy had arrived with my coffee and smiling at her again, I headed to the Boss’ office to report and get a report on activities here.
We spent time going over the events in the regional office, Danang, and Duc agreed with my suggestions on personnel changes but also hoped they become a little more dynamic and pick up some new work soon. I made a mental note to suggest to Liem her office needs to get out in the market-place and become active. We then discussed Hanoi – no problems evident there with the new project or the office itself – so we discussed some potential opportunities more locally as well as nationally, and finished up almost at lunch-time with the Boss telling me he hoped I would be ok to go to Hanoi perhaps once every ten days or so; he didn’t particularly like Hanoi so gave me the responsibility to keep tabs on the project in his stead. ‘Fine’ I agreed, but added that I might as well include Danang on the way up or back and keep that office on their toes also. We agreed all that, and I headed back to my own cubicle to write up notes and ideas. Quy entered after a short time and asked if I wanted some lunch, so I asked if she could buy me a baguette sandwich down on the corner where I always bought my lunch; she knew as she had bought them before, and I gave her some money and watched her legs walking away – wondering why I hadn’t noticed her so closely before. Just then she turned and smilingly caught me staring at her. I blushed and buried my head down to my notes again, even as I heard a light laughing from the corridor. I am hopeless at playing ‘007’ I told myself!
When Quy returned, I had finished my diary notes, and begun entering them on my laptop, but I broke off when she entered, placing the baguette on a plate with a serviette in front of me, and the day’s English-language newspaper beside it; “You should have a break now, Anh Steve, I will bring you a coffee, anything else you would like?” She was leaning down as she placed the items on the desk, and I would swear her blouse had more unbuttoned buttons than earlier, giving me quite a view to which my eyes became riveted. I rolled my eyes, and she chuckled “What does that mean, Anh – you need something or not?” I laughed and said “That means, a coffee would be fine, em, but nothing else – well, not just now anyway thanks.” I opened my sandwich and my newspaper, and Quy soon returned with a coffee, adding “Anything else you need, or want Anh, call me first ok?” She was flirting with me outrageously, and I wondered what had happened to start this?
My flowers were an innocent gift of thanks, but clearly they had triggered something more for Quy; I would need to tread more carefully – or not, of course. I looked at her, standing there in front of me: she was quite tall actually, even allowing for some heeled shoes, and with a slim figure covered by a black, office-style skirt, not pleated and flowing but rather tighter and shorter perhaps, and with a blue and white vertically striped blouse – that which I had noted a few minutes before – now demurely fastened, but tucked into her skirt tightly enough to outline a firm set of breasts within. Her long, black, natural hair fell loosely down over her shoulders, brushing my desk when she had leaned down earlier, and her face was a smiling one of glossed lips and advertised smoothness. She was very efficient, hence my flowers of thanks, but she had never been overtly conspicuous or attention-seeking; but today she certainly had my attention. “I put your flowers in a vase on my desk, Anh; they look beautiful, so I must say ‘thank you’ again. See you later, and remember: I am here to do anything you need, Anh Steve.”
I smiled up at her, and put my head back in my paper, unable to hide the blush from my face, and she left me.
Finishing my sandwich, I realized I was still only on page 3 of the paper, and hardly knew what I had read; I threw it on my briefcase to read at home, and swallowed the last mouthful of my coffee. I stood, picking up my plate and mug, heading for the kitchen we had, where I washed my things and put them in the rack to dry. When I turned, Quy was right there behind me; “Oh, Anh, I told you to call me – I would have done that for you!” “It’s ok, em, I do this for myself all the time; I am hardly a ‘hi-so’ person who can’t wash his own dishes.” She laughed and said “I know, Anh, you are different to other foreigner bosses, but you gave me flowers, and I just want to do some things nice for you to say my own ‘thank you’.” I don’t know what possessed me, but I leaned to her and kissed her on one cheek, but then came to my senses and stepped quickly back. She was blushing now and I rushed to say “Oh, Miss Quy, I am sorry, I don’t know why I did that; I am very sorry, it won’t happen again, trust me!” She opened big, blue eyes at me and as I squeezed past her in the doorway, rushing to escape, she said “Oh, I hope it does happen again, Anh, soon.”

I beat a hasty retreat from a losing battle, wondering if the battle, and the war, might also be already lost to a more powerful force – a force of one, but that one being a Woman.
Back at my desk, I turned to my computer and concentrated on adding my notes into my files, and also my ‘items to do’ reminder page. I muddled through the afternoon, interrupted by a welcome call from Anh Ban in Hanoi with an update, and I also phoned Ping to ask if she felt better today: she didn’t and was staying at home with cramps, but told me not to worry, and she’d be right in another day or two. I also had a call come from Ha, ex-wife Ha, asking if we could have dinner, but I steeled myself and said ‘No, busy tonight, em’; she said she is returning to Melbourne day after tomorrow, so could we have dinner tomorrow night – a family group dinner like before she threw in as an inducement, so I had to agree to that, and did. I phoned Kim and made her promise to have the other family members there – please don’t leave me alone with her I begged! Then I answered Phung’s sms text “I miss you Anh” with my own “See you tomorrow night em”, and felt somewhat safer for this evening.
Today was my ‘catch-up day’, and I was now caught up on matters, so felt able to head home soon after the office was mostly empty. I picked up my paper, but was interrupted by a pair of legs walking to within a few cms of my bent over head, and I quickly jumped up to face Quy. “Are you going out for dinner or anything, Anh?” “No, Quy, I thought I’d go straight home, and Anh Long is parked on the street waiting downstairs for me, so I should run; see you tomorrow.” I clutched my newspaper and almost did run out of the office, leaving Quy smiling, perhaps laughing – I was sure.
I jumped into the car and we headed home; as we reached there, I was calmed enough to realize: oh, no, I left my briefcase sitting there in the office! I could have asked Long to turn around and drive back, but it was peak-hour and the traffic for a car was difficult at this time every day, so I got out of the car, thanked Long and sent him off home. I phoned the office on the off-chance someone was still there, but while it was ringing, Quy rolled up to my gate on her motorbike. She removed her helmet – good, I thought, she is one who is ready for the new law coming soon, whereby everyone will be required to wear one.
She shook her hair out, reminding me of one of those girls in the movie ‘Charlie’s Angels’ who did the same in the opening credits, and I laughed. She said “What’s so funny, Anh – me?” I stopped laughing to reply “No, no em – you just reminded me of an actress taking her helmet off and shaking her hair like that in ‘Charlie’s Angels’; what are you doing here?” I changed to a more serious tone, and then she picked up my briefcase from in front of her “Did you forget something, Anh?” I nodded, and opened my gates, sweeping an arm down and bowing, inviting her in; she rode into the courtyard and parked it, handing my case to me. “Thank you, em, don’t know how I forgot it, but only remembered when I arrived home, but nobody answered at the office…ah, would you like to come in, have a drink or something, or do you need to go home?” She smiled “Thank you, Anh, yes I would like to come in, and no, I don’t need to go anywhere, and home alone is so sad and boring at times – isn’t it?”
I didn’t answer as I removed my shoes and opened the door, and showed her inside, and opened the windows and turned on the fan for some air. Quy headed for, and sat on, the sofa, curling her long legs under comfortably.
I watched, and then remembered my manners; “Would you like a drink of something, em?” “A beer, Anh, if you have one, please” and she reached to undo a button on her blouse; I turned away, saying “I always have beer, em, just a moment” and headed for the kitchen fridge. I took a glass and a can and returned to her, opening the can and pouring some beer in, asking if she wanted ice; she declined for the moment, and I said “I am just going to change out of these clothes, be back in a moment; make yourself at home, em” and I turned on the TV and gave her the remote for the digital channels, before heading upstairs. I took my clothes off, admonishing my prick to go down and stay down, and decided a quick shower would help; it did, and I dressed in a good pair of shorts and t-shirt, and cleaned my teeth, heading downstairs to face what I may.
Quy looked at me and exclaimed, “Oh, Anh, you are all clean and fresh, and I am still in my work clothes!” “You look fine, Miss Quy” and I hastily went to the fridge for a beer for myself. Back in the main room, I took the sofa chair, and raised my can to wish her good health.
But she wiggled her can to show me it was empty, and I was surprised she could drink it so fast. “Another?” I enquired, but Quy shook her head, “I would need to eat something before another one, Anh; what about we go for dinner, that would let me buy something for you as thanks for the flowers – which, by the way, I watered well so they will still look beautiful tomorrow.” “But now I need buy you dinner for bringing me my briefcase, so let’s say for now we will share, and ok, we can walk close to here to a good noodle shop, how’s that?” She uncurled her legs, pushed herself slowly to the front of the sofa to stand up, but the action raised her skirt higher and higher up her thighs, and I knew she knew I was mesmerized, and then she bounced up, smoothing her skirt down and lifting her arms above her head after that, stretching, before smoothing her blouse down, over her breasts, and tucking it into the waist of her skirt. I raised my beer to ease my parched throat, and met her eyes, and she was smiling, maybe smirking, knowing she had me hooked, but not yet landed perhaps. When she lowered her gaze to my groin, I bent to hide myself, took her empty can and glass and fled to the kitchen.
I washed the glass and putting the empties – my own now included – into the recycling box for Mrs. Phung, had calmed enough to get some money from my briefcase – lucky Quy had brought it home – and my cigarettes, and showed her out the door. “Are you sure we shouldn’t go on the bike?” she asked, but I shook my head “Really it’s just around the first corner, and difficult parking, em, better to leave your bike here until you go home.” She smiled and nodded, and I trembled, deciding what it was about Quy which, today, scared me witless: she had the smiles and expressions, and even demeanour - when around me today – and left me an emotional disaster: just like Ha. That was scary, yet as exciting as Ha’s attraction had always been at the same time.
I locked the door, padlocked the gate, and steered her down my small road to the left, pushing her to walk on the outside, closest to the side of the road, while I was beside her on the inside; she said “I’m ok, Anh, you don’t need to worry.” I told her what I had been taught as a youngster by my father: always walk to protect a lady; if a car comes past and it’s wet, then the spray will hit the man first, and hopefully keep the lady dry: that’s what a gentleman does, he had told me. It was a lesson I had followed always, but Quy smiled and said, as many other women had in times past: “Anh, you are the only man who would think like that, I think; besides, there’s no rain and no spray today!” “Doesn’t matter” I retorted, “We never know, and this way, I hope to protect you from anything, spray or otherwise.” I steered her around the corner, and we sat at a small table at my closest, and best, noodle shop. Normally I bring my own beer here, as they don’t keep it generally, but the owner fired off an order to one of her sons, and he reappeared within a minute with two cans of Heineken, grabbed two glasses and an ice bucket and rushed to our table. He greeted me with a big grin and poured my beer for me, then looked questioningly at Quy, who nodded, so he poured for her, and left the second can in the ice beside our table. Quy glanced at the menu and ordered what she wanted, while I asked for my staple beef noodles dish.
“They seem to like you here, Anh” smiled Quy, as she rubbed her bare feet against mine under the table on the rungs; I jumped a little but replied “Well, I am a local, and I try to be friendly to everyone, so yes, we are all friends around here.”
She seemed serious for a moment, and asked “Anh, why don’t you live in a nice apartment somewhere in the city – like most foreigners?” “That’s easy to answer, Quy; I have lived here a long time before, married a Vietnamese lady, and through her and her family, and friends, I learned to speak Vietnamese fairly well, learned to eat locally, and learned I felt more comfortable in that culture, with those people, and in those surroundings, and I was much happier than being shut up in a compound of expensive, isolated, beautiful houses – cut off from the world we live in. That’s my answer.” “You are quite different from other foreigners, Anh; I am glad you work with me, and that I work with you.” She raised her glass and we clinked and toasted as our bowls of noodles arrived, and we turned our attention to eating, but those feet on the table rungs underneath were following my every attempt at evasion: this was not a woman to be dismissed lightly, a la Ha again.
Quy didn’t drink much of her beer, so I finished hers, and she ate the balance of my noodles, and we paid and headed back to my place, the people I knew on the street and in their shops nodding greetings and smiling.
I guess they had seen me with quite a few different women by now, but they seemed accepting enough, perhaps because I was friendly and could talk with them when I was out for my bits of shopping. We reached the house, and I unlocked and let Quy enter first; she didn’t stop at her bike, rather headed to the door and slipped off her shoes, waiting for me to unlock the door. “Now I am ready for another beer” she said with a smile, and I made no protest as she entered the living room and made herself again comfortable on the sofa lounge. I took my shirt off – perhaps my skinny body would turn her off – and turned the fan on, and fetched two beers; “Do you want the TV on, em?” “Do you have some nice music, Anh, something dreamy and romantic while we talk?” I chose the album with ‘Tubular Bells’ by Mike Oldfield – not romantic per se, but full of feeling and emotions and one of my favourite albums. She patted the sofa beside her, and I pulled the side table between our legs to place the beers on, after we had toasted. “I knew your ex-wife, Ha; took me a little while to be sure, but she actually called me last night, saying she would here in HCMC today and wanted to see me, and when I told her what Company I am working for now, she asked if I knew you – so we talked about you a bit. How do I know her? Well, my aunt used to run a club, and I spent a lot of time there helping her, and Ha used to be there quite a lot…anyway, we were quite friendly and I knew she was married to ‘Steve’ and living in Thailand with his job then, but when she was back here, well I’ll just say she was a ‘woman on the loose’…” I interrupted “Quy, this isn’t a subject we should be discussing any more, ok?” “Oh sure, sorry Anh, anyway, if it helps I always knew you must have been a really nice man and husband, and she did say you were the best thing to happen to her, and how much you loved and cared for her daughter. That’s it, no more promise, and I am sorry if it hurts.”
I lapsed into silence for a while, and Quy thankfully did the same; I finished my beer and as I began to rise to get a new one, Quy put her hand on my thigh and pushed me back, “I’ll get it” she said, and swung her legs around to stand up. I did get up anyway and went outside for a cigarette, returning when finished for my beer; Quy wasn’t there so I assumed she had gone to the bathroom, and just sat there, shrugging off any further thoughts of Ha, and turning on the TV.
BBC News was just starting and I noted, with some surprise, it was only 8p.m. even now. It was only at the mid-news break that I realized Quy hadn’t returned, so I went to check the bathroom, and with the door half-closed heard the shower running quietly; I knocked, but didn’t open the door, just called out I would get her a new towel to use. I headed upstairs, turning on the light and the a/c, took a new towel and closed the door to keep it cooler, wending my way carefully down and knocking again, before sliding the towel through and placing it on the washbasin. A hand grabbed it, and the door was pulled open, with Quy standing there with wet hair and a body with the towel hanging down her front, covering her but provocatively so, and I would not have been a man if I hadn’t allowed my eyes to track from her head slowly downwards to her toes. “Anh, I dropped my blouse in the water on the floor, could I borrow a t-shirt to put on to get home please?” The one I had only worn to dinner was hanging just outside so I handed her that, and she smiled thanks as I turned and left – trusting I was not as visible to her eyes as the rigid cock felt I must surely be. I went back to the living room and deliberately sat now in the chair.

It didn’t matter because when she emerged to rejoin me and sat on the sofa, wearing only the t-shirt it appeared, my cock jumped anyway, and without the restraint of underpants and heavier-material shorts would have been apparent to anyone. “My skirt and underwear got wet also, so I have hung it all on the rack to dry a little before I need wear it, is that ok, Anh – can I stay just a little longer?” “Yes, Quy, that’s ok, it’s not late and I was only watching the news, no problem.” I tried to concentrate on the TV screen even as I had within my vision Quy stretching her legs down the sofa, and as long as my t-shirt was, it couldn’t possibly be enough - stretched high as it was over large, upright breasts – and didn’t cover her groin; she demurely stretched it down and tucked it, hell – within her pussy lips I thought! – trying to vaguely appear modest. It didn’t work; she was only getting sexier by every action, and she and I both knew it.
“I hope you didn’t mind I had a shower, Anh, but I thought you would have hot water?” “I do, but upstairs, em, but it’s only very cold anyway for about 1-2 weeks a year, around Tet New Year, so it’s not a problem for me if I use it.” “Oh, perhaps next time I can use your hot water, maybe?” It was time to stop this. “What are you looking for Quy? What do you think I can give you? Why today? I have more questions, but can you answer those for me?” She held her hand up and began ticking off answers on her fingers: “Yes, Anh: I am looking for you; you can give me sex; today because Ha told me I shouldn’t waste my golden opportunity to be with you if I am lucky enough that I work with you, and: you made it seem like Fate giving me flowers today. Any more questions, Anh?” “No, em, I am going to lock up the house now, and go upstairs to my bedroom – are you coming up?” “Is that an invitation, Anh?” I nodded, and she released the t-shirt from between her thighs, opened her legs to give me her own invitation as she lowered her legs to the floor and asked for a toothbrush. I had to admire her calmness, and I took a new one from the kitchen cupboard and pointed her upstairs, as I also admired the satin thong and bra hanging on the drying rack with her blouse and skirt and towel. I locked the outside gate and finished my beer and a cigarette outside before locking the doors, washed Quy’s glass and turned off the lights.
She was in bed, still in my t-shirt, so I moved to her side and reached under the covers to lift it up and off.
“In my bed, we sleep without clothes, em” and I turned for the bathroom to clean my teeth and gargle, washing my face and underarms, but not needing a full shower, and wanting in truth to be in bed feeling her body for the first time. Then I changed my mind, and stripped off – my underpants soaked with pre-cum - and I did jump in for a quick shower, deciding that would be polite at the very least. As I dried, recapturing Quy’s words and looks and actions, my cock bobbed, and it was with the same that I turned off the light and went into the bedroom. I turned on the bedside lamp, turned off the main light, and set my alarm before climbing under the cover, laying flat on my side for a moment without touching Quy. She turned on her side towards me and snaked her hand across my chest to hold me; “What is it, Anh, don’t you want to?” I took her hand to my groin, and she knew I wanted with a sharp intake of her breath, “Yes, Quy, I just had a thought of being at work tomorrow; you know this can be complicating for some people?” “Don’t worry, Anh, I promise: at work I will be all work, and won’t even flirt with you!” She took my hand up to her breast, and I gave in to lust when I felt the size, the proud uprightness, the pointed, long nipple.
My hand wrapped itself around it and squeezed and Quy moaned sharply, and I softened my grip slightly as I rolled her back flat and elbowed myself up to be able to hold both magnificent breasts. “God, em, you have beautiful breasts!” I had to have my mouth on them, and I opened my mouth and lowered it to her right nipple firstly. I feasted on it, so long I could hold it between my teeth and lick my tongue over the end, and then released my teeth and opened my mouth as wide as I could to engulf as much as I could: it wasn’t all of her tit, it was too big for me, but I sucked on the fleshy mound I could and she thrust it up high, also wanting me to suck more. I changed to her left, and also felt her reaching down to grasp my cock and urge me in between her thighs; I let her take charge, and she was wet enough she just pushed my head in a little, and her hairs tickled me as I took over and pushed in hard. This wasn’t to be a slow love-making, this was to be a fast fuck, and I retreated and pushed in again fully, and as she moaned I extended myself until I hit a wall at her depths, and she writhed, throwing my mouth off her breast, and I dug in, holding, stretching my mouth up to lick her neckline to her cheek and her mouth and bury my tongue as hard inside her mouth as my prick was inside her body elsewhere. She pushed against me, and screamed when it made me hit harder inside even more, and she changed to moaning when I just twirled my cock around at that point, and she almost threw me off when her climax hit! I knew she flooded me with juice, and almost bit off my tongue in her mouth and her hands, her nails, almost shredded my back as she clung to me and dug up and down, adding to those Phung had left last night. Never before sure if pain turned me on or not, this did, and I knew I was going to flood her in return, but I wanted one more sensation and I withdrew - against her wishes clearly, and then I buried myself and yelled “Now, Quy, now!” I blasted my juice as she did hers and it was simultaneous, and it was – well, it was great sex, and I fell on top of her, mauling her breasts hard, and sucking on her neck and ears and across to her mouth, and still pushing my cock as far as it would go inside, and she stayed over the edge and moaned and jumped under me. I was spent, and I had spent whatever was inside me, now inside Quy.

Minutes later, my lips laying saliva over her neck and those breasts as I recovered on top of her, Quy whispered “How I wish my first time had felt like that, Anh; where were you when I was fifteen years old?” “At fifteen, it would not have been pleasant, I don’t think, em; how about now – better?” “Oh my: yes, Anh.” “I love your breasts, Miss Quy; I think I will suckle on them all night, but what I do when I see them in the office, I don’t know.” I rolled out and to the side, and she moaned at the emptiness, she said, but I immediately moved my hand from her left breast, snuggled down and placed my mouth over her nipple and part of her, and there I slept, suckling just as I had said, with her hand ruffling my hair and gliding up and down my back, until I felt nothing more.
Until an alarm, different to my own, rang loudly and woke me. I jumped, but an arm pulled me down, “It’s mine, Anh; I need go home and get ready for work – remember?” But, still mostly asleep, I didn’t answer, and then I felt her body roll on top of mine, and she reached down between us and pulled on my prick until it woke enough, and she slid it into her still wet cunt, and began moving herself up and down, down and up.

When she felt I was very hard – and I was hard as a steel rod - she pushed against me and inside and soon she was pushing her pelvis so hard against me, I thought one of us might break, and I reached up for her jiggling breasts, kneading them in my hands and pulling them down to my mouth. God, I could breakfast on these, I thought, and they pushed her over and she bounced down on me and - well – howled into the morning! “Anh, oh Anh, again please give me again…” But I wasn’t ready to release and I was just happy to let Quy hit her own highs and help her there.
This time she fell down against me, her breasts flattening against my chest, but her groin so tight with mine, she was locked to me, and I could only put my arms around her back and stroke her, so smooth from her neck to her buttocks, and I sighed with pleasure: I loved smooth skin, and she had so much of it under my hands. My alarm sounded and I stretched to turn it off, sighing and giving us another minute to remain joined before I began lifting her up, indicating this time we really did need to stop and get ready for a work day. Quy didn’t want to get off me, didn’t want to let my still-hard cock outside of its current home.
“We could phone in sick and just stay here, Anh – all day and all night, good idea?” “Beautiful idea, em, but: no; that would not be the way to do things after just one night, and we both have responsibilities to keep. Now let’s kiss good morning/goodbye for now and you go shower – with hot water – and I will use downstairs.” For a woman she was surprisingly quick in the shower and she was already blow-drying her hair when I returned upstairs; she was somewhat bent over, fluffing the back of hair down and drying it, her bare buttocks provocatively poking back and I slid up behind her, holding her back bent, and slid my cock up and down her exposed rear slit – but only a few times, and then I bobbed it away to my cupboard to get dressed, leaving Quy standing upright and complaining I was a bad man to get her excited and then be gone! Then she noticed me back “Oh, Anh, did I scratch you?” “Yes” I put my underpants on, forcing my cock down, as Quy turned to me, and I whistled at the sight of her fully naked standing there. “You have a beautiful body, Quy; oh, how I would love to photograph you one day – just like that!” She posed at that idea, lifted a hand to her nipple and bent one leg up on her toes, lying it against her other one and effectively hiding her pussy.
It was a classic sexy shot I could already see within the viewfinder of the Nikon in my mind, and I filed it away for another time, turning back to finish dressing as she pouted and turned to run downstairs for her own clothes. I made the bed, hung the towels up to dry – Mrs. Long wouldn’t come until tomorrow, and went to make my coffee. Quy was dressed, used my brush one last time and said she would quickly go home to change and hoped she was not late for work; I laughed and said I’d tell the boss what delayed her if she wanted, and she lightly punched me, kissing me and turning serious to say “If Fate meant for us to be together for just this one time – and it won’t be, believe me – I want to say ‘thank you, Anh’, Ha was right to advise me to take my opportunity, and it was the best I have ever felt. See you at the office, Anh Steve.” I opened the door and the gate for her, kissed her lightly and watched her ride off, returning to finish my coffee and get my briefcase – don’t forget it again I admonished myself – just as Long pulled up.
In the office, I found an email from Yen, advising her flight confirmation, and she would be here for two weeks school break. I sent a one word answer: “Great!” and a ‘heart’ and then picked up my diary.
Finding the right day to note the details and the event, two weeks from this coming Saturday, I needed to then plan my activities for the time up to then, and the two weeks during which Yen would be here. Anh Duc wanted me back to Da Nang and Hanoi before then, so that was ok, I could go for a few days in the week beginning Yen would arrive, and I made a note for Quy to make the bookings and advisories to the other offices. If Duc wanted me to go up again, perhaps I could take Yen with me; I had taken her and Ha on one business trip years earlier and we had spent the weekend as tourists in Hanoi, but Yen had been very young, and never had been to Da Nang I was sure. I quickly worked out going to Da Nang office for a Friday, then having the weekend there, fly to Hanoi Sunday, and perhaps only one day in the office and maybe I could request 1-2 days holiday; that would get us back with a few days here before Yen flew out to Melbourne. I popped my head out from my cubicle, but neither Duc nor Quy had yet arrived – and I saw that indeed the flowers on Quy’s desk looked still blooming and fresh - so I jotted down my plans, and turned to other matters more business-related.
As it turned out, Quy was in before the boss, and we smiled good morning before she headed off to make my first coffee. When she placed it on my desk, I complimented her outfit – an above knee-length, tight, black skirt contrasted with a white blouse with a ruffled neckline, just enough to hide a plunging ‘v’ down between her breasts. She blushed and asked “Not too ‘sexy’ for the office, Anh?” “No, em, not if you don’t want it to be; on the other hand, it could be – it all depends on how you wear it.” She nodded understanding and, after casting a glance around, leaned down on my desk allowing her arms to force her breasts together and making the crevice between them deep and inviting. After letting my eyes have some seconds perving, she straightened up, smoothed herself down all over and walked very demurely and business-like out to her desk. I laughed and tipped my coffee mug towards her when she glanced back smiling.
Right, now back to business. Actually, the first report I read captured my attention very fast, and after noting Duc’s arrival, I gave him five minutes and bounced up and around to poke my head in his door and ask for a few minutes.
He nodded, and I sat down as Quy quietly entered, placing the boss’ coffee on his desk without bending over at all, and I winked up at her. Duc nodded his ‘thanks’ but no more than that, so I said “Two matters: one…” and I outlined my office visit plans and request for 1-2 days’ holiday, explaining why, and he agreed all of that was no problem, tentatively of course depending on any other developments, and that was a given of course. “Next: I just read this Opportunities report which Henry (our Chinese-Vietnamese Submissions/Design Manager) put together, the one about the new eco-housing project the Government is looking for proposals for…” and I carried on, far longer than a few minutes, but I had Duc’s interest within that time and we continued to explore what I had perceived as a golden opportunity for us: a test project, not too large for us, but with which we could showcase our positive environmental designs, energy saving concepts and plans, and finally get to do a project we had wanted: a truly ‘green’ development, and Duc was as enthusiastic for his Company to move that way as I was, having decided personally and professionally a decade ago that the world was becoming an environmental mess.
It had become my view that design and building companies had to be at the forefront of introducing bold innovations, but it was proving difficult in countries, such as Vietnam, where a burgeoning economy and population, yet still with scant resources to generate huge amounts of required wealth, were reluctant to add the current extra costs but which would help future sustainability: it was a difficult balancing act, but this new proposal from the Government gave us the opportunity to put on the ground what we had on paper. It was also not my main field, of course, that being accounting and admin, but I was never shy in offering ideas to my Company – and that had, in fact, probably led to my dismissal after 19.5 years with my former Company when I had made suggestions and asked questions which the new regional manager found intruded on areas not mine – and we were smaller, and Duc was receptive to ideas from all employees. He paused to call in Henry, and for a few minutes we all discussed the generalities and the ideas, but as it turned to specifics of design and engineering, I asked to be excused, as those were certainly not my areas and I could not contribute further at this point.
Duc thanked me and Henry said he was glad I did read his reports! I left them to continue. Passing Quy’s desk, I asked her if she had a minute, and she followed me in to my office, where I bade her sit down, noting her lovely legs as she crossed them – very secretary-like. She said “You look happy, Anh, may I ask what’s going on?” I held up Henry’s report, waving it, and saying it had given me an idea, the Boss seemed to agree so that’s what he and Henry are now discussing further. Quy said “Oh, maybe we’ll all get a bonus this year!” I laughed, “Bit early to count on that, em, but if we get this project certainly it will be good for this office and the Company. Now, I have some travel plans for you to make for me…and some of them are personal expenses to me, ok?” I gave her my notes for flights and the hotel I wanted in Da Nang, Hanoi would be normal, and she scanned it; “Who is ‘Yen’?” I paused, but she would know eventually, if she hadn’t truly seen Yen last time. “Ha’s daughter, actually, my ex-daughter, all grown up now, and she will be here for two weeks school holidays, so I thought it fitted into my trips to the offices and I would take her with me.” Quy finished reading, looked up at me “Will that be one room, twin, or two single rooms, Anh?” “One double room” I said.
Quy turned without further comment and went out, while I returned to other work, busy until lunch. When I noticed everyone had gone, I sat back and decided I wouldn’t eat lunch, recalling I had an ex- family dinner tonight, prompting me to call Kim and ask if all was ok, and she said yes, but Ping wouldn’t make it as she was still not feeling 100%. I sent Ping a sms hoping she would be better tomorrow, and added a ‘smile’ symbol hoping to cheer her up a little. I found my newspaper and went into the tiny kitchen and made a coffee for myself, turning to exit and finding my way blocked by Quy. I hadn’t realized she was also still in the office, but she obviously knew we were alone as she took the coffee and paper from my hands, placed them on the counter, and then closed the door, turning the lock. I didn’t protest, clearly she had her plans and was following them. She very deliberately unzipped her skirt and hung it on a hook behind the door, turning to me and unzipping my pants, not talking, staring defiantly into my eyes as she reached her hand in to stroke my cock, firstly through the material of my briefs and following that by grazing her nails through the hairs on the edges of them as she burrowed beneath the banding and released a now-grown cock.
She held me, stroking me for the few seconds until I was rigid, and then turned around leaning against the door facing away from me, shrugging her own panties down and pulling my cock between her thighs from the back and slurped me up and down along her slit, wet already and ready, and she took her hand away and impaled herself back and on me, and I lowered my knees a little and thrust up higher, the door banging with the force and Quy squeaked. Given our location and the possibility of discovery, I wasn’t going to make this anything but a short, quick fuck again, and I dug up into her like a rutting stag into a doe and she muffled her noises behind a hand until she came and her head was thrown back and she almost stifled a grunt and groan and tensed her body against me as I held myself within for the moment. I moved my hands from holding her hips up and under her blouse, grabbing her bra-encased breasts and squeezing them, pushing my fingers then down the top of the cups to grasp her nipples and twist them; Quy wanted risky, rough, office sex – well, I could show her how fulfilling an ‘office lunch’ could be. I felt it within and I eased down and out a little, but immediately pounded up, hard and harder until my cock expanded and exploded inside.
I released the buildup from our last time in bed this morning, combined with the urgency of this situation, and it pumped out of my cock, flooding her insides, mingling with her own, and I could feel it seeping out and down us both as I relaxed against her back, Quy against the door. We couldn’t stay like this, as energy-depleted as we were, so I slipped out like an eel amidst all the fluids and stepped back; Quy took a moment and turned to face me, bringing her hands up to my face and pulling my head to hers, plastering her gloss-covered lips on mine and her tongue digging into my mouth. I broke away and re-dressed and she did the same, unlocking the door before kissing me lightly “See you for lunch tomorrow, Anh.” It wasn’t a question, I realized, as she stepped out, and I followed her body down the corridor to the bathrooms, smiling back at me as one of the girls came out and the office noises of 14 employees returning from their own lunch began the afternoon’s work. “Perfect timing, Anh; shall I bring a coffee to your desk when you have finished in the bathroom?” I rolled my eyes but didn’t reply.
I had a meeting with the auditors to go to later in the afternoon, so I took some wet tissues into a cubicle and dropped my pants while I washed off the juices.
I had to hope I wouldn’t give off the pungent odour of sex around a meeting table! I washed my face at the basin and wiped my underarms also with some tissues, then straightened my hair and my clothing – ok, presentable, I decided and returned to my desk, where Quy appeared with my coffee and paper, slyly pointing out I had left them in the kitchen; “Very funny” I muttered at her and she went out laughing. I skimmed the news and the sports, and put the Business section on my briefcase to read later, grinning as I made a mental note to remember it! Duc called me in a while later and said Henry and his team were beginning to put together a detailed proposal for the project I was so enthusiastic about, so we had to also do some financial workups – my area – and first review would be on Friday, enough time for Henry’s team to give me broad outlines to start modeling, so I said I had the basics to begin, and thanked Duc for his own enthusiasm. “Good for the Company, good for all of us, and good for Vietnam if they can have the same vision as us.” I couldn’t agree more.
Quy popped her head in, said “I took a call for you from Ha – she said see you for dinner about 6, ok?”
I chuckled “’6’ for Ha means about ‘7’, but yes, ok, thank you, em.” “Oh, and after she finishes dinner, she and I are meeting, have a chat and catch up on ‘things’ – would you like to join us, Anh Steve?” Feeling mischievous, and knowing I was always the brunt of Women’s plans concerning me, so time to plan my own, I sat up suddenly and asked Quy “Why don’t you come to dinner with us – it’s only family, well ex-family – and we’ll see if I am up to going out with you and Ha afterwards, ok?” Quy looked taken aback for a moment, but she was a smart girl; “I will have to go home after work and, ah, shower and change, so maybe I will come there – where is it? Maybe I will be a little late, that might be better, but thank you Anh.” I reached into my briefcase and found a card from Phung’s restaurant and gave it to her, and she nodded her head.
It was getting late, so I called Quy to phone Long and ask him to pick me up out front in fifteen minutes; I made some notes for the auditors, packed up and left for the afternoon, telling Quy where to contact me if she needed me; “Oh, I will need you, I am sure Anh” she said quietly as I left past her desk, leaning down and towards me and opening that cleavage again.
Long took me to the auditors’ office, and afterwards, I had just enough time to go home and shower, but I told Long he could go and I would get a motorcycle to the restaurant. I showered and shaved and put on jeans and a loose shirt and as I sat nursing a beer for a few minutes, remembered the photos; I took all the folders and went through pulling out those which I deemed acceptable to show Mae; while provocative and sexy, they were not the most explicit I could have chosen, but they certainly showed the girls in beautiful colour. I put them inside the sleeves of one of the folders, and then looked at the time and left the others scattered on the sofa to put away later. I swallowed the last of my beer and decided I was ready to face Ha one more time, so hopped on one of my regular Hondas at the corner and headed off.
It was almost 6.30 but, as I had expected, I was first; Phung met me with a huge smile, bouncing over to me and leading me to a table. She appeared nervous and almost unable to stop herself from jumping and hugging me, which was very flattering but a little dangerous here where she worked! I sat and she bustled off to run back with a beer and ice.
As she readied my beer, she had enough time to gather her breath and now she said quietly how she had missed me since yesterday morning, and she and Kim had had a long talk and they were both happy with the current situation and would continue to be partners, but a loose arrangement – so she could be with me whenever I wanted she finished, running away again. I let out my breath, scared now of hurting her, but just then the others arrived all together, and were heading behind Phung to the table. I stood and looked at them: Mae first, wearing her typical blue jeans I had expected, but tonight with a buttoned shirt of stripes, white and blue verticals – still showing her ample breasts nicely, but more demure than the t-shirt she often wore; I kissed her on both cheeks and pulled her to the seat beside me, ignoring the hardened eyes Ha turned in our direction. Ha was in a tight-waist dress –chiffon material, I think – ending above her knees, all crinkly and enticing someone to imagine the delights which may be within, especially if one was close enough to see she was bra-less below the bodice, as I was when she came to kiss me, but I proffered my cheeks, not my lips as I deemed she had expected.
She glared at her mother and sat opposite me. Kim – oh Kim, she was always stunning and tonight was no exception, sexy in whatever outfit, but tonight a tight, mini-skirt in white, and a beautiful blue top, hugging her body and she portrayed herself, with no inhibitions, as voluptuously as always to anyone who might be looking – and plenty were, as she hugged me and planted kisses of lip gloss on me, laughing at my discomfort, and taking the chair beside Ha. Phung appeared and took orders for drinks, passing out menus to the ladies, and topping up my glass with beer. I waited and watched the ladies, felt Ha’s eyes on me but studiously avoided direct contact until their drinks were served. Only then did I pick up my own and toasted, wishing Ha a safe trip back to Australia, and she smirked after and asked “Happy to see my behind, Anh, right?” “Oh, it is a very nice behind, Ha, truly, and I did always like looking at it!” Mae and Kim laughed, and we were still laughing when Trinh arrived. God, what another gorgeous woman she was! Dressed in white satin hot pants and heels, her legs went down forever it seemed, long and brown and smooth, and when my eyes roved upwards a tight, bodice-hugging white top encased her breasts.
It was moulded purely for them, and her long black hair cascaded down over her shoulders, at times covering her breasts, at times blowing in any breeze away to show her outline. I stood to welcome her, and she came to me like a lover and hugged me to her breasts, nipples even now protruding enough that I could feel them through her bra – thin silk I was sure. I told her with a whisper to her ear “You are stunning, em!” She smiled and released me, kissing cheeks with everyone else, and sat at the chair Phung placed for her at the head of the table to my left, and she seemed to immediately shuck her shoes off and her feet and her legs and knees pressed tightly against my closest leg, and her toes found mine. Perhaps lucky Ping wasn’t here I thought fleetingly, but jealousy would be in the air, I knew, if I even dared turn my eyes to Ha’s – but I didn’t. Phung came and Trinh ordered a cocktail, refilling my beer and asking with her eyes if I needed another one – oh yes indeed I nodded. When Trinh’s drink arrived and my beer, we were now complete and toasted once more and then the food began to appear, and I slipped my chair, and my feet, backwards to have a cigarette before eating, and only then looking at Ha openly. She was staring placidly, but firmly, at me.
Trinh began serving something into my bowl, but Mae’s chopsticks were there first, and she took over serving me, until I stopped her, saying enough for now. Ha said “Sorry Anh, I can’t serve you easily from here, but it seems you have many others taking care of you.” I smiled at her, “Ha, one of the beautiful memories I have of you is how well you did take care of me at every meal; I guess now things have changed, of course, but I will always remember that. Cheers my ex-wife.” I raised my glass as did the others, and even Ha, and then Kim took over and changed the course of the conversation, giving me an opening to interrupt Mae and bring out the photo album from under me – this stopped any more food being put into my bowl for one, and gave everyone a chance to talk about the photos – as long as Kim and Trinh, and Phung whenever she appeared at our table, from discussing other events associated with the photos taking days. Mae studied them one-by-one closely and I could hear her sighs of surprise, and Kim looked at me; “I haven’t had time to put in a nice album; these are just one film I thought Mae would like.” Kim understood I thought, and nodded, as Ha pestered her mother to pass them over.
While she began looking through them, Mae turned to me and said “Yes, Steve, I would like you take some nice ones of me one day – just like this if you can make my body look beautiful like these somehow!” “I will Mae, and you shouldn’t talk like that: your body is fine.” Oh, that didn’t come out right, and I stammered “Sorry, Mae, that’s not how I meant to say it!” Kim and Trinh were laughing, Ha was glaring and I was blushing bright red, and had to rush on, “Maybe when Yen is here we can take some more family ones - and you also.” “It’s ok, son - is Yen coming soon?” Mae asked, and I looked at Ha, taking time to have some beer and try and cool down, before replying “Yes, didn’t Ha tell you – she sent me an email today confirming: Saturday two more weeks, and she will be here for two weeks. So we will take photos then, ok Mae?” Ha said “I didn’t actually know what day Yen was coming; when I last spoke to her she was still waiting for confirmation, so maybe she let her Dad know, before telling her Mum. “ Oh dear, I thought, another subject change needed – but perhaps not this particular one as I looked up and saw Quy walking on the path towards us, and my cock jumped at the sight and the memory of only a few hours past.
It didn’t help that just as it did jump a hand snaked along my left thigh and Trinh must have felt it. “Friend of yours Anh?” she asked, and I dragged my eyes from the beauty heading for us to answer as calmly as I could, “Actually, a friend of Ha’s, but she is PA to my boss, so she also takes care of things in the office for me – but I have never seen her in the office like this.” I would have ended on an exclamation, but restrained myself as best I could, and stood to welcome Quy to the table.
Quy was also dressed in a light blue mini skirted shorts-suit – what do women call those things I wondered – but it looked like a micro skirt, and her legs were equally as enthralling as Trinh’s – actually they were probably the same height – but her breasts were bra-less, just as Ha’s, but unlike Ha’s Quy’s were fully natural and they jiggled naturally under her white, tight top, rather risqu?or Vietnam. “Hello, Boss, how are you?” she asked when reaching the table, but didn’t wait for an answer; she introduced herself to Mae first, and then clasped Ha and kissed her cheeks, taking Phung’s offered chair at the other end with Ha to her right and Mae to her left.

Ha at least introduced her to the others at the table and then they, impolitely, whispered between themselves for a few moments. Phung hovered until Quy ordered a beer, and Ha served her some food into a bowl, and the conversation returned to general, and my cock subsided also, notwithstanding Trinh’s hand on my thigh still, and her feet playing with mine under the table. Too many women, I told myself; apart from Kim I had made love with all of them, and as the list grew, with Quy now here, I decided I had to slow down, or the stress was bound to kill me at dinners like this. I poked at my food, drank more beer, and participated in general conversations around the table. At some point Quy noticed the photo album on the table near Mae, so asked to see them; she also studied them closely, looking up at Kim and Trinh in turn, and at Phung when she routinely appeared, and asked who was the other girl – Ping, Kim told her, friend of Yen and Steve’s, and she would have been here but hasn’t been well for a couple of days. “Wow, these are beautiful, Anh; I didn’t know you took photos at all, but you are as good as any studio man would do!” “Oh, he is much better than that,” threw in Trinh, and I felt myself flushed.
“Anh Steve lets us be ourselves and just clicks away, and we become very natural around him – not posing like studios make you do. Yes, he is very good.” Mae said “Well, that settles it Steve, I definitely want you to take some of me.” “And me also, Anh, please” added Quy quickly. Before I could do more than nod my head, Ha chimed in sweetly “Anh used to take a lot of me years ago, also; do you still have any, Chong em?” I was embarrassed she would refer to me as ‘husband’ still, let alone in front of family and friends, but I answered her calmly “When we were married, em, yes I loved to photo you, and no, I don’t have any now – to be honest, my Thai wife destroyed them all one day when I was out, and yes, I was incredibly angry with her, and finally Ha: you can’t keep calling me ‘Chong em’ – you divorced me, remember?” Ha reached into her handbag, rummaged around, and pulled out a plastic-covered 6 x 4 size photo of herself; she glanced at it and handed it across to me, “Now you can have one to keep, Anh, and help you to always remember when we were Vo and Chong – don’t show it to your wife, though, or maybe you want her to get jealous sometimes and you could show her!”
She laughed at what she thought was truly a joke, but it was uncomfortable, and thankfully Kim now stepped in very diplomatically to call Phung over and order another round of drinks ‘last round I think this should be for tonight’ she finished. This made Quy remember to tell me the Boss had said when she saw me – she had told him she would be seeing me at dinner when he came looking for me, forgetting my auditors’ meeting – to let me know we had a meeting first thing in the morning on the new proposal, and he wanted me to attend with him, so had to leave the office at 08.30 to go to Vung Tau, a coastal city to the east and two hours drive away. Quy finished by adding “Guess that means you won’t need me to do you lunch for tomorrow, Anh.” I mumbled ‘thanks em’ as I began blushing, and stood, excusing myself to the toilet. My eyes moved from Quy’s laughing ones across Ha’s steely cold ones, and met Kim’s as I moved away, and hers were smiling in new understanding; I blushed even more and quickly turned and headed away. I met Phung on the path, returning with the tray of drinks, and she asked if everything was ok? I smiled and said “fine, just off to the toilet, em.”
When I returned, everyone raised their glasses and toasted Ha off to Australia tomorrow – late night departure she told me – and everyone told her to say hi to Yen and then we drank to everyone’s health, even Phung joined us for that mouthful, returning with the bill which obviously someone had asked for. Trinh asked me “Are you coming with us, Anh?” I looked confused, so she continued “I am going with Ha and Quy to a club, and we thought you might like to join us.” “Last chance to talk with me, Anh and have one final, final drink and be together …?” “Come on, Anh, it will be fun to be out with my Boss…” threw in Quy, and Trinh’s hand was snaking up and down my thigh with her own style of pleading. I began to beg off, early meeting etc, and then Kim held her hand up and offered “I’d like to go for one drink, not long, just to see it, so if you want, Anh, I’ll take you and bring you back when I come back for Phung - how’s that, everyone will be happy? What about you sister, are you coming?” Mae said “No, I’ve had enough drinks already, so I will sit here and finish this slowly and when I feel better, I’ll go home.” It all seemed settled when I nodded ok.
Ha took the bill and opened her purse and took enough money from a large wad of cash, and I offered to share with her; she smiled at me “You gave me enough in the past, Anh, let me give something back.” She actually sounded genuine when she said it, so I just nodded my thanks and only added some of my own money on top for Phung personally, giving it into her hand, and she squeezed mine back. Kim was smiling yet again – that woman was one of the most astute I had ever known I decided. She was also very nice, as well as sexy and beautiful, and elegant. I wondered if she had ever been with a man, surely at some time, but must have decided another woman was better for her; I wondered if a man had mistreated her, perhaps, and then dug in my memories of years past and could not picture her with a husband or a male partner…I smiled at her, and she seemed to know what I was thinking, and returned the smile and direct look into my eyes.
Everyone began to rise, wishing Mae good night, and I leaned down to tell her not to drive until she was ok, and she smiled agreement, confirmed Ha had her key to get in Mae’s house, and we filed out, the girls deciding who would go with whom on what bike.
I would go with Kim – safest – but at the last minute Ha changed to Kim’s bigger bike and jumped on behind me, sitting side-on because she had a dress on, with her legs crossed and leaning against me and an arm around my waist for balance as Kim opened the throttle. Quy’s bike took the lead, with Trinh behind, and the sight of their four long bare legs was enough to have caused accidents if male drivers looked too long, but Quy whizzed along so fast, we travelled the short distance without incidents that I was aware of.
The parking boys took charge and handed Kim and Quy their tickets and we passed the security guys as we entered. It was typical of the new HCMC club scene, beginning to fill with the hip crowd of newly-affluent middle and upper classes, strobe lights blazing and the music the latest but too loud for my ears. Plenty of gorgeous looking ladies, and I suppose guys also, as we wandered in and took a sofa seat and chairs a little off centre, reserved for us I noticed. Quy’s aunty, the owner, came over and kissed Quy, then hugged and kissed Ha as an old friend, and less effusively the rest of us as Quy introduced us; she studied me when told I was Ha’s ex-husband, patted my hand before returning a big smile to her face.
She turned to bellow and order a waitress over to take our ‘on the house’ drinks orders, and excused herself to circulate more, as we sat down; Ha and Trinh left space in the middle of the sofa and both looked at me: I took a chair next to them and Kim sat herself on the adjoining arms of my chair and the sofa, effectively protecting me, leaving Quy to sit either on the sofa or the remaining chair; she chose the chair opposite me, beyond the small centre table, and sat with her legs wide open staring at me, and I could only be thankful her skirt had shorts underneath. I rolled my eyes at her, and she laughed, covering her mouth when the others turned to look at her.
Drinks arrived, and small bowls of nibbles, and, after toasting, each of us looked around; some were dancing, some sitting, some standing at the bar, but it wasn’t long before some guys wandered closer, looking at the four women with me. One came over, looking at Ha and he said “Ha, is that you?” “Yes, do I know you?” she answered; “Well, you did a long time ago when you came in here.” Ha looked a little flustered, so I stood and introduced myself as Ha’s husband, and he wished us a good evening and turned away.
Ha said “Thank you, Anh; yes, I used to come here some times, that’s how I met Quy and her aunty.” I nodded and held up my hand “Its ok, Ha, you are a free woman and can talk with any man you want; you just didn’t seem to choose that guy, for now at least.” I had to talk very loudly above the music, so made it short, and Ha leaned to me and said “Would you like to dance Anh?” Kim piped up and said she would stay with the bags, so why didn’t we all go together; ‘oh thank you, Kim’ I mouthed at her as I stood, and Trinh led us on to the floor. Ha took my hand, asserting ownership yet again, but it was not music for slow, romantic dancing – do you find that anywhere anymore? – so we were effectively four people dancing in a small group, even if Quy and Trinh did turn their bums and press back against my groin at times, and Ha was a constant at my side. I lasted through two songs and excused myself for the moment to drink some beer, signaling a waitress for ice, and rejoined Kim who now sat comfortably on the sofa. “Have a good time?” she yelled smiling, and I just smiled back, pointing at my ears to indicate the noise was too much for me. She nodded agreement as I turned to see the three girls now with some local guys near them taking their attention.
Then Ha detached herself and returned, slumping on the arm of my chair; “Are you ok, my husband?” she asked, emphasizing what I had given her the opening to call me earlier. She reached down for her drink and lay back on the chair arm, her own arm circling behind me to rub along my neck under my hair, while one leg slipped down to nestle beside my own; I moved to the side and she pretended to fall down and slid into the seat with me, a space big enough for one and a half people, or two pressed closely together. We were the latter, Ha’s arm still around my neck and her hand tickling my skin, and her left breast pressed tightly into my ribs, reminding me of the body she appeared to be offering me yet again. I leaned forward away from her and rested my arms on my knees so the picture was hopefully more innocent: a husband and wife perhaps, sitting closely together on a chair. She continued to rub my neck lightly, her long nails grazing the skin constantly; “So, Anh, I guess you are happy Yen will be here soon?” She didn’t wait for an answer and, because of the noise, she leaned her head closer to my ear, continuing “You know, Anh, we could do it all again: be a family, the three of us, and I would even share Yen with you if that’s what you needed.”
“You see, Anh, every time I see you, am near you, I want you back, and I will do anything to help you see it is with me you belong. I have apologized to you, and I have told myself a million times how stupid I was, but I want to be back together with you. Please Anh, tell me what you want, and I will give you – but first, I will give you me, myself.” I reached for my beer, found it empty and looked around just as a waitress came with a new round. I drank some, but continued to remain silent for a while. “I am going outside for a cigarette, back in a minute, em.” I patted her arm, and I smiled at Kim, but shook my head at her quizzical look ‘no, not yet’ I hope she understood. I stood outside on the footpath, my mind blank, and when I crushed out the butt in the provided ashtray, I returned none the wiser inside. Trinh was squashed into the chair with Ha, and Quy on the sofa beside Kim, but before I needed respond to Quy’s pleading eyes to sit next to her, Kim moved herself towards the centre and I sat beside her at the end of the sofa and close to Ha. Kim leaned against me to say into my ear “Nearly time we were leaving, Anh, go back to Phung; are you coming with me? I think you should…” I nodded, picking up my beer and draining it. Ha knew the sign and she leaned over to me “Anh, I want you to stay – please, stay with me this one last time?” It was a begging question, asked with her heart it seemed, and I wavered, but I ignored the tug on my own heart to say “Ha, haven’t we been through this enough times before? You just want to own me, Ha, and even as I love you, I can’t stay. Have a safe trip home, see you next time, and I truly wish you happiness, Vo Anh before.” She grabbed my hand “Anh, if you wish me happiness, you can give it to me, only you; I haven’t been happy since I left you – please, Anh, one more time?” I leaned over, kissed her cheeks, wet them with my own tears, and then fleetingly touched my lips to hers, and backed away with Kim’s hand steering my back out, as I waved to the others. I took a tissue from my pocket, wiped my eyes and blew my nose, then I took a deep breath and exhaled and reached for Kim’s hand to lead her now out through the much-larger crowd; Kim squeezed my hand and reached her other hand around to hold my upper arm. Her bike was wheeled out and when she had started it and bounced down to the road, I climbed on behind, and she took off slowly, leaning her head around to say “You did good, Anh, and made the right decision I am sure, but she won’t give up, you know that don’t you?”
Yes I did, and I told Kim so, and she reached for my arm behind her, wrapped it around her waist and pulled me close to comfort me. Back at Phung’s restaurant, she wouldn’t let me go, insisted she wanted to buy me one beer and then she would take me home, so she took my hand to lead me in and we sat at a table to the side, where Phung brought me a beer and water for Kim. I drank and then lit a cigarette, slouching back in my chair; Kim said “Anh, don’t think too much about it, ok?” I nodded and she excused herself ‘to the Ladies room’ and walked off talking closely with Phung as I wondered what I should have done, or could have done, or even would do in the future, as regards Ha. I watched Kim walking back to our table, marveling at her beauty yet again, and thinking what a wonderful woman she is – actually, what a great person she is. She sat opposite me, and within a moment it was her bare feet touching my own under the table. I had to ask: “Kim: did you ever like Men?” She laughed and spluttered through her water’s straw; after a few moments and wiping her mouth delicately with a tissue, she smiled at me and answered “Oh, Anh, I Like people, men and women alike - truly.”
“But, I have just never found a Man I could Love, or Love me, as Women can Love. However, perhaps if I had discovered you before Ha, things might have been different.” She looked at me, and I looked back.
I swallowed that information in silence, remembering Mae saying almost the same some time ago – oh Mae…”Was Mae ok to go home, Kim, did Phung say?” “Yes, Anh, she was ok, left a little while ago, and Phung said she was fine, don’t worry.” I lit a new cigarette, and Phung appeared with another beer; I protested, but Kim shushed me and said “One more, Anh, then Phung will be finished work and we can all go together. Also, Anh, I would not be surprised if Ha doesn’t come to your house later, so Phung and I decided we will come home with you tonight and take care of you, ok?” I looked blankly at her for a second “Kim-oi, I am more than 50 years old, and should be able to care for myself; besides, Ha is stubborn and she will expect me to beg for her to come, not the other way around.” “Yes, Anh, maybe you are old enough – but you are the youngest ‘old man’ I know - but you don’t know that Ha told me she would ‘see you later’ and she said it with 100% certainty.”
“If Phung and I are there Anh, and remember I am still her Aunty above all, she won’t be as much trouble as if you were alone – and Anh, believe me when I say in the nicest possible way: you are not strong enough to keep her off or deny her what she decides she wants. Let me help you through tonight, and tomorrow she will be flying and gone for this time, Anh, ok?” “I am not much of a man, am I, Kim, when Ha can still twist me around her little finger – as beautiful a little finger as it is!” I tried to laugh, almost cried, and Kim leaned forward to hold my hand and caress it, and she smiled “Oh Anh, you are a Beautiful Man, believe me, but too nice for most Women in this world.” She lifted my hand to her mouth and kissed the end of my fingers, just as Phung came to the table and said she’d be ready in five minutes. She looked at my hand held up to Kim’s mouth, and then at my sad face, and she put her hand to Kim’s and mine, and smiled very kindly at me. “Five minutes, ok Anh, and we will get out of here.” I let Kim pay as she insisted, and we climbed on her bike, Phung in the middle, and we rode home a close threesome, Phung’s feet resting on mine on the pegs and her hands holding my thighs even as I held my arms around her waist – purely for steadiness.
As we reached my house, Kim’s mobile rang and she listened and turned her head away to talk strongly for a minute. She turned back to us as I unlocked the gate and invited them inside the house after parking the bike and locking the gate quickly. Kim looked at me, a mixture of anger and yet sheepishness on her face; “That was Ha – see, I told you Anh; she wanted to know if you were home now as she planned to come here.” She paused, and I had to ask as I turned on the fan “What did you tell her, Kim?” Now she looked away from me, and then directly at me “I told her she was interrupting the best sex I have ever had with a man, and to leave us alone, as you were busy fucking me! I don’t think she will come around now.” My mouth gaped open, as did Phung’s, and Kim glared in defiance, and then I laughed and we all did, and I ran to her and hugged her, kissed her hard and startled, I stepped back “Sorry, em, that was an impulse, but I shouldn’t have done that.” “Why not, Anh, I enjoyed it, didn’t you?” I turned away, flustered, mumbling to them to sit down, and I went to get a beer, calling back to ask if they wanted anything. Kim said they would share one beer, so I took the beers and two glasses back to them, both sitting on the sofa.
After Phung had drunk half a glass, she asked if she could shower, and I half-rose to guide her upstairs, but she interrupted to say, “Its ok, Anh, I know the way; can I find a towel somewhere?” I directed her to the cupboard in my bedroom, and she finished her glass and took it to the kitchen and rinsed it, then smiled as she headed upstairs. I wasn’t sure how much Phung might have told Kim about staying here with me, but guessed all of it, so no point feeling concerned about her reaction, and in fact there wasn’t any. She did say, however, “Anh, do you have a balcony upstairs where we could sit?” When I nodded, she continued “You know, it might be an idea if we go up there, and close up downstairs; even though I told Ha we were at a hotel, she might not have believed me, so if we put my bike inside for the night and lock up, she might not make any fuss.” “You’re a clever lady, Kim” and I opened the front door wide enough to wheel the bike in and park it inside the house, a fairly normal practice for many Vietnamese houses if they didn’t have a courtyard, but Mrs. Phung would probably be surprised! I locked up, took a new beer for myself, my briefcase, and the girls’ handbags and followed Kim up the stairs as I turned off all lights behind me.
I rarely used the upstairs balcony, which was outside the smaller second bedroom, as it was small but it did have two chairs and a small table, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was all clean, so kudos to Mrs. Phung again, as I set down the beers, and went back inside for a moment to see where Kim had gone. Instead it was Phung I met coming out to the balcony, wrapped in a towel and with a pair of the scuffs Mrs. Phung used, when cleaning outside, on her clean feet. She said Kim had now gone to shower, so when I heard the water running, I stepped into my room, long enough to change from my clothes to just a pair of shorts, and to grab my cigarettes, and avoided the temptation to poke my head in the bathroom, rejoining Phung outside. “Did you get a towel for Kim, em?” “Yes, Anh, but she needs to also borrow a toothbrush, please – I used the one you gave me the other night” she grinned. I left her for a moment, and found another new brush – must make a note to buy more – and knocked on the bathroom door, holding the brush around, but Kim threw the door wide open and greeted me with a statuesque naked pose which the famed Venus would be hard to match! I stared, and must have looked like a pervert, and stupid as hell.
Kim just smiled, reached for the brush, and stepped back in under the water, already clutching the toothpaste tube in her hand, squeezing it up in her hand, and all I could think was: god, if only that was my cock in her hands. “You are magnificent, Kim!” “You’ve seen me before, Anh, I am no different tonight really”, but I shook my head “I have seen your breasts before, em, but match those beautiful things with the rest of you naked, and it’s lucky for you I haven’t seen it all before – I may not have been able to leave you alone, truly.” “Well, tonight, Anh, you don’t have to, and thanks for the compliments.”
I stumbled out to the balcony, just as Phung was standing up; “Anh, we can stay the night, right?” I nodded, and Phung asked “Anh, can I borrow a pair of your underpants and a t-shirt please? You see I have my period – actually, I think you started it, Anh, making love with me, but it was time anyway, but tonight I have a lot and my panties I can’t wear to sleep; is it ok?” “Oh, Phung, I am well-adjusted as a husband and a man; of course, but 1) you don’t need a t-shirt, and 2) I think Yen would be happy for you to wear a pair of her panties – a little more ‘womanly’ than mine.”
“Do you have paper or tampons or something?” She nodded, and a little embarrassed stood to go inside; I stopped her and hugged her, kissed her, “Em-oi, it’s a normal thing, please don’t feel bad or embarrassed, really I do accept a Woman’s life is a hard one – we Men don’t have the same worries as you do. Go in and go to bed – you will find some panties in the cupboard, below where you got the towels. But no t-shirt: not in my bed!” She smiled and hugged me and kissed me “Oh, Anh, you are too good to be true, seriously!” “No, I’m not, Phung, I just try and understand all people, that is all.” I lit a cigarette and sat to finish my beer, deciding Mrs. Phung wouldn’t mind cleaning up after me for one day, and left everything on the table as I closed the door and headed to my room for my own shower. Phung was in bed, snuggled over one side, and she smiled at me “I found some, thank you, Anh”; Kim was brushing her hair in the bathroom, and I asked if I might shower; she said “It is your house after all, Anh!” and I put paste on my brush to firstly clean my teeth over the basin, trying to vaguely ignore her naked body next to me, but as I straightened when finished, her reflection in the mirror showed upraised arms brushing her hair still, and her breasts stood proud and firm and upright also, and her body fell down from those mounds in a straight, flat line down her abdomen and I tried not to look further as my cock was already springing up under the basin. I quickly rinsed, took my Listerine with me, and faced away getting into the shower, turning on the water, cool to cool me down I hoped, and gargling, but when I finished and turned to put the bottle back, Kim was still there and she surveyed me up and down; “Anh, you need to eat more – well, most places are too skinny - but not all” and her eyes remained staring at my bobbing, growing cock. I ordered her out, and she went, laughing a ‘good night, see you soon, Anh’. I finished my shower in relative calm, dried myself and looked into the bedroom: Kim was in the middle of the bed, arms outside the quilt, Phung on the far side, meaning – obviously – I was sleeping on my preferred side. I hung up the towels on the drying rack – Mrs. Phung would have a field day wondering why I had to use three towels in one night! I turned off the bathroom light, walked naked to turn off the main light, and sat on the edge of the bed to turn on my alarm, adjusting it to ring a little earlier tomorrow.
I thought, given the circumstances, I might need a few more minutes to get ready for the office! I put the clock down and slid under the cover, against a bare-bodied Kim, I could tell. I said “Excuse me, Kim” and I leaned over her to find Phung and give her a light but lingering ‘good-night’ kiss; she used her left arm to pull me down closer and made the kiss deeper, “Good night, Anh, you are such a nice man, thank you” but she didn’t release me, and this meant I was laying hard across Kim, across her breasts and I felt her right arm snake across my back and begin scraping with her nails up and down my skin. Just then we heard the doorbell ring, and Kim was first to react when I snapped my head up; “No, Anh, stay right there, she will go away.” And she stroked my back yet held me tightly to her. I had lifted my head from Phung, but she too was stroking my back with her free arm, and now I moved a little and kissed Kim, and she turned it into a hard, passionate one, holding me even tighter, and I could feel her nipples jutting into my chest between us as she clearly became more excited also. The bell rang again, but she didn’t stop, didn’t let me stop, and I tried to ignore the outside distraction, and kissed her back now, her mouth open, inviting my tongue.
But the passion had gone for the moment, and I withdrew my mouth with a final light kiss and rolled to the side, facing Kim still lying on her back, but to show her I was sorry, my arm was curled on her and my hand cupped her left breast, most of it at least, and I kissed her shoulder and neck and delighted in her smooth skin close to mine all the way down to her feet, where her toes twined with my own. I spoke softly, between light kisses, “I am sorry, em, this isn’t the ‘best sex with a man’ for you…” She reached her left hand up to cover my mouth, “But it is the best feeling I have had with a man, Anh, and that’s even better and more important to me for this moment; sleep now, Anh.” I kissed her fingers over my mouth and rolled over to lie on my right side, Kim following to spoon me, and I felt Phung do the same to Kim, her arm coming across us both and resting on my hip, while Kim’s was across my chest and cuddling my ribs under my arm. I know I went to sleep after that, and guess the girls did also.
Later sometime, still dark, I woke to my cock being stroked and I was as rigid as a man can get when he has his morning ‘boner’ days. The hand – it had to be Kim’s – tugged me towards her, and I rolled over and she preceded me, and Phung also rolled so we were now all facing each other’s backs on our left sides. She opened her thighs and pulled my cock through, and slid me against the lips of her vagina; she felt dry, so I licked my fingers and reached down her front to soak the head of my cock and slid it again up and down her slit, and it slipped inside where her moisture was beginning to secrete and after that it was a smooth ride for both of us. Secure and comfortably implanted, I slipped my left arm under her neck and across to cuddle her right breast and my right hand crossing that to cuddle her left one, stretching her already hard nipples between my fingers, and she reached her hand behind my skinny buttocks to hold me hard against her. I always liked making love this way, it seemed romantic to me; no need for super strength being on top, less concern of my size maybe hurting the woman, and allowing my hands to be at breasts constantly and my lips to nip and kiss the exposed neck and ears and back so close to my mouth. Kim sighed as I began using my pelvic and thigh muscles to stroke in and out, rhythmically for a while, then disjointedly, and this put her on edge, not knowing what I’d be doing next – in, out or idling stopped - or when I might push in fully.
But when I shoved and repeated it several times quickly, she let herself tip over into her orgasm and she shoved back so we were buttocks to groin with no space between, and thus fully joined I bit on her earlobe and nibbled down her neck until she stretched her head around and I joined with her mouth and tongue also as she muffled a squeal inside and her body shook again. I was happy in this moment, but I had no urgent need to cum myself, and not having exhausted my strength, I slipped my hands down to under her buttocks and hips and I lifted her, still buried inside, and slid her as I lay flat on my back and she flat on hers on top of me. I raised my knees to lift my pelvis and with my feet firmly planted on the mattress, it was a new comfortable position and gave me the leg strength to add to my pelvis and begin sliding back and forwards again, my cock soaked so it slid easily along her channel, and it was a new way of enjoying the sensation of sex. Kim was moaning constantly now, but she couldn’t twist enough to get her mouth to mine, so she stretched her arms down her sides and under my buttocks and she now added to the power of each thrust and slide.
My own hands could now return upwards, first gathering her hair and laying it to the side so my mouth could kiss her neck all over again, and then to smooth over her nipples and her smooth stomach, one to continue doing that and my other fingers searching in her slit until I could grasp her clit and work on that, even as my prick stimulated it from the underside on each movement; Kim shook and shuddered and I hoped she was cumming again, and I moved faster everywhere to keep her there - wherever she went when on a climax -if I could. I was now very surprised I had yet to feel a churning in my balls, but remained as hard as the proverbial steel rod, and I felt I wanted to bring us both to the mountain in the more standard position, perhaps then Kim would be able to recall for some time making love with a man with pleasure.
I lowered my legs, easing off, Kim mewling in protest as I grasped her hips, slid her up a few cms, and myself down the same until I could slip out; but I just held her there and rolled out and around to be on top of her, and it was easy to get my cock to find and enter her home as I lowered my mouth to her breasts and began repeating the only thing I had ever done with her before tonight: suckling on them.
But after a moment, I levered my hands under her, raised my body to get the angle direct, and I thrust to the very ends of her insides and almost thought I felt her spine at the end of my cock, I felt so deep. She screamed out loud and thrashed around under me, and if Phung was really asleep before, she certainly wasn’t now, and I felt her head come under my upraised chest and she nursed on Kim’s breast closest to her, and I lowered my head to kiss the back of Phung’s hair and head and neck, and then added my mouth to Kim’s other tit and sucked hard on her nipple, as she continued a keening above us. I relented, took my mouth away and let Phung take gentle care of that area, and concentrated on slow, yet full, plunges inside her, and then I felt the rising and the throbbing begin, and I gave her faster, harder strokes as my balls began boiling and then I thrust and held myself inside her flailing body and I burst the built-up climax of my own and gushed into her like a sudden storm creates a waterfall. My cock pulsed and she jumped each time, feeling it, and as I pumped I lowered myself to her breast and, gently this time, resumed suckling the breast not occupied by Phung, whose back I now stroked lightly up and down with a free hand.
As I began losing strength, and my cock to begin the inevitable wilting after that, I had to lay on whatever was under me for support, but that included Phung’s head and she squeaked and I had to let her up and off to breathe. “Can’t you two be quiet and let a girl sleep?” She laughed, and I was able to weakly chuckle, worn out now. Kim gasped out “Where’s my phone – I want to phone Ha and tell her again: This time I had even better sex with the same man, and fucking him was just awesome – and she is a stupid bitch for throwing him away!” She cradled her arms around both Phung and I and crushed us to her, until the weight became too much for all of us, and kissing Phung on her mouth, and then on mine, we disengaged, and now Kim was back in the middle and we could go to sleep as we had started – well, almost, as the bed was wet under us from all the juices flowing around, but it didn’t matter. Kim said “Sorry for the bad language, Anh; let me say it better: now I do know what making love with a good man can be like, but even as Phung told me: it could only be with you, Anh. I could be in Love with you, Anh, just as Phung told me she could. Thank you, Anh Steve for this – and you also Phung, my sweet things.”
She leaned to kiss me again, and then across to Phung as did I and our lips all met somehow and this was truly a group goodnight kiss. Two of us certainly were exhausted, and sleep came again quickly.
But I was again awakened without benefit of my alarm, when I found Kim sitting between my thighs, the cover thrown back, but as I looked to Phung, she was tucked under it and asleep. The light was enough to see Kim clearly, but not yet full daylight, and she grinned at me, as she grasped my cock and held it upright as she sat herself down on it; I closed my eyes and sighed. Clearly I had awakened or fed some urgency in Kim, and she wanted more from this first, perhaps only, night between us, and if she was prepared to do all the work, the least I should do is be hard for her to bounce up and down on: I did my part, as did she. She leaned back to change the angle, she leaned forward, hands pressed on my chest, to do it at that angle; she changed her feet’s position – she seemed to want to try everywhere and decide which gave her most stimulation, or indeed feel the thrusting of her wide-open pussy by my prick on every nerve within her and in every nook and cranny of her love tunnel.
I believe she did, and her juices rolled down and out on both of us as she truly did bring herself off to multiple orgasms, but she kept going, wanting more, and came again as I reached to grasp her breasts and rudely grind them in my hands, just when my alarm clock sounded and she threw her hand at it and it bounced off the table and went silent as she cried out and fell on top of me, and became silent herself, dragging in breaths greedily as her thighs quaked and her body shook on top. After a minute or two, she was able to turn her head and move her hair off my face to kiss me “Good morning, Anh, hope I woke you up!” She paused and then asked seriously “Anh, couldn’t you be sick for the day and just stay here – with us, just one day?” “Kim, you heard Quy last night: I have to go to Vung Tau; what good would it be if I lost my job, and by lying? I am not sick, heavens no: I feel full of the most wonderful medicine of all time: Women and Love.” I kissed her and gently rolled her off my sucking prick to the side; “I have to go, Kim, but you can sleep more here with Phung; just remember, Mrs. Phung will be coming in later to clean – you might tell her I asked if she could wash the sheets please”.
She smiled sheepishly, and I leaned over her to lightly brush Phung’s nose with a kiss, and then a deeper one for the awakened nymph called Kim, got out of bed with a still hard prick sliding through the grasping hand of her, and headed for the bathroom and off to work, so quietly they were both truly asleep as I left.
In the car, I turned my mobile on and, as expected there were five missed calls from Ha last night, which I deleted, and also two from Trinh; I would call her later. At the office, Quy was there even before me, and she looked somewhat to be suffering from a hangover; I greeted her brightly, even though I was very tired myself, and she gave me a vague smile, before going to make me a coffee. When she brought it back, she asked me if everything was ok; that Ha was furious and had kept trying to call me, and then she had dragged Trinh out of the club, telling Quy she was going to my house. Quy had gone home by herself in a taxi, wanting to call me but deciding she should stay out of matters. I nodded, and said I had turned my phone off and was able to ignore Ha at the gate until she must have gone home; “don’t worry, em, everything is fine.” She smiled wanly and said she had drunk too many cocktails last night, and some beer, and had learned a lesson or two.
After Duc arrived and spent five minutes at his desk, he asked if we could go in my car, so I had Quy phone Long and make sure the car was ready, and we left; I sat up front as was my prerogative and preference, and let Duc and Henry share the rear. We were going to see one of the few solar-panel powered estates in Vietnam, and have a meeting with the developers, and I also offered to contact the Israeli Embassy on that aspect – Israel being a world leader in the field, and a country dear to me for many, many years. Duc agreed, and we moved on to think of an architectural firm; Henry and his team were designers and design management, but we didn’t have an in-house architect as such, and needed and used them on a project-by-project basis. I thought of Trinh and her firm, asked Henry if he knew them, which he did, and suggested to Duc that I call Trinh as an initial contact, and gave them a basic outline of her background. I did call, and she launched into an apology for Ha, but said she had had no choice but to bring her to my house, and she had only called me to try and explain; I interrupted her to say it was ok, and I had turned my phone off against Ha, but she shouldn’t worry.

Then I changed the subject to business and asked if she was aware of the Government’s proposal for a test eco-village; she said her firm was certainly aware, and indeed she was working on the proposal herself, and then she shrewdly guessed I was calling for an exploratory discussion between our firms. When I agreed, I introduced Henry and passed my phone over to him, and let him have a more detailed technical discourse, and he looked at the Boss and they all agreed on a time for a meeting tomorrow at our office. So, things seemed to be proceeding quite well, and indeed, the whole day was a success in terms of being able to sense the parts of a whole coming together, and we were all enthusiastic as we arrived back at the office late in the afternoon.
In my own office, I glanced at my messages Quy had taken for me; one was from Kim, and I phoned her. She was asleep, but she answered and said “Oh, Anh, I just wanted to tell you how I have been feeling today: very tired, very sore, very wet and very horny! Not least, are you sure you can’t make me pregnant, Anh - I seem to have been leaking you out of me non-stop all day!” I said “Stop it Kim, you are making me hard in my pants!”

I laughed and told her to go back to sleep, and if somehow she got pregnant, it meant she had been unfaithful to me, and it was some other man who still had sperm who had done it – but definitely could not be me. She laughed and said “Never another man, Anh” and we said ‘bye.
It was heading towards finishing time when Quy popped in, “Anh, I really enjoyed being out with you last night – can we do it again one day?” I nodded and she quickly asked “Tonight?” I smiled “No, em, I would like a quiet night, I think – maybe tomorrow?” She beamed and went out, and a message beeped on my mobile; it was Ping saying she was better and would like to see me – and could she bring her washing around, she had a lot? I phoned her and said “Glad you are feeling better, em, and bring your washing anytime, you know that already, Mrs. Phung doesn’t mind” though I did have a slightly guilty thought that I had given Mrs. Phung plenty of washing in just the past few days! “Can I drop it off tonight, Anh?” I sighed to myself “Yes, Ping, but I am hoping for a quiet night tonight, is that ok, but bring your washing around sure.”
“Oh, ok Anh, maybe I will bring it in the morning before class - that might be better…” Her voice trailed off in disappointment, and I felt guilty, “No, come around Ping; tell you what, I will be home in, oh 45 minutes, bring it around and we’ll sort it and put some on, and go for dinner, ok?” “See you then, Anh.”
My mobile rang before I had even put it down, and it was Mae “Chao, son, thought I would tell you Ha has just left in a taxi for the airport; she didn’t want me to go, and she wanted to go early to check-in. Also, I have your photo album - I took them home with me from the restaurant.” “Oh, yes, Mae, I forgot them. Thanks, and thank you for the other news; I think I have managed to just survive, Mae!” “What about dinner without Ha - got any plans, Son?” I thought quickly “Yes, Mae, but I need to bring Ping, ok, she just phoned me also and I said I would take her to dinner, but yes, let’s go to Phung’s, Kim should be there and if you invite Trinh, we can have a mostly family happy dinner, is that ok?” We agreed on that and a time to meet and I resignedly gave up ideas of a quiet night.
One more call, “Ha, I just wanted to wish you a good flight, see you next time, ok; take care and be happy em.” Thankfully it was only her voice-mail, but done.
I looked out but Quy had already gone, and then I thought to myself that I had told Mae a ‘mostly family’ dinner, so it was better not to invite Quy this time – Ping was ok, as she was a good friend by now. I picked up a few papers from my in-tray, dropped them and my newspaper into my briefcase, and headed out, walking to the corner where Long parked the car, and asked him to head home. Ping was sitting on her bike outside the gate, waiting; Long asked if I needed him, and I told him I was going to dinner but Ping could take me, so he could go home; he smiled, and I frowned back, said “It’s a family dinner”, and he laughed, and I smiled, getting out and greeting Ping. “What’s all the laughing and smiling, Anh?” “Nothing Ping, Anh Long seems to think I don’t want him to drive you and me around, but I told him we were going on your bike. How are you, em?” “Fine, Anh; I went to the Doctor yesterday, because its not normal I have this problem every month, and he gave me some hormones to help; today I feel almost fine, thank you Anh.”
Ping unloaded her basket of washing as I unlocked the gate and helped her into the house. Putting down my briefcase, and stripping off my shirt and pants – in the bathroom – I put on a pair of shorts.
“Ok, I’ll sort your washing em, you can open me a beer and just sit down; after I will show you how to do it. What do you need first: underwear, normal stuff, or school stuff?” “Underwear, please Anh, I have run out, see…?” and she strutted in front of me, her small breasts jutting through the blouse she had on, braless. “Ping! I haven’t told you, we are going to Phung’s for dinner, because Mae asked me, so it will be family – but you know it would look better if you have a bra on, and I hope you have panties on under that skirt!” “Oh, sorry, Anh, I thought you might like it” and she pouted, “ok, I do have one more set in my bag: I’ll put them on, ok?” I smiled at her “You look beautiful, em, but you will also look beautiful in a bra – now, come over here and learn how to do this – oh, very sexy” and I studied some of her panties closely as she giggled. I showed her through the ‘gentle’ cycle for underwear and the soap for the soak cycle, and said “Now, I am having a quick shower, and then I will show you the next steps, ok? You go and sit down or something, where’s my beer?” I took a swallow and went to shower upstairs, finishing and putting on shorts and a loose shirt for tonight, and downstairs showed Ping the rest of the washing steps I used and left the washing to it.
Putting my beer in the fridge, I took Ping’s arm ready to go, but she resisted until I had at least kissed her.
“Oh, Anh, it seems so long since we kissed; you were away a long time and then I had my period, I have missed you so much, Anh” and she kissed me again, until I broke away. “Ping-oi, not only do we have to go, but I worry about you. Ping, I can’t give you all you want, and I don’t want you hurt because of that; you have to slow down and look for other guys who can make you happy – you know Yen will be back soon? You know she must come first, em, don’t you?” She nodded, kissed me again quickly and took my hand to lead me out - wheeling the bike onto the street while I locked up. I climbed on behind and we went without incident to the restaurant, walking in to find Mae, Kim and Trinh already eating at a table, Mae looking up to ask “What kept you?” Ping answered “Anh Steve was showing me how to use a washing machine” and I just nodded agreement, sitting in a spare chair at the head of the table, Kim to my right and Trinh left, and Ping sat to the right of Kim, opposite Mae. Phung came with my standard beer, poured a glass and added ice, and looked at Ping for her order of water, pouring that from an open bottle.

I raised my glass and we all toasted, and it seemed natural to breathe a collective sigh, and, apart from Ping, the rest of us knew it was a toast to an absent Ha - thankfully. We laughed, and I just said to Ping’s questioning look “It is just nice to be with a happy family for dinner, em, that’s all.” The others nodded or mumbled agreement, and then Phung brought out some more dishes, and I was served by whom of Kim and Trinh was fastest. I had shucked off my shoes and put my feet up on the rungs under the table, but there were so many feet playing games, I took mine off and let them rest on top of my sandals!
Phung returned and stood behind me, asking if everyone was ok, need anything more, etc, and as the girls were discussing what they might order, Phung ran her hands up the back of my neck and under my hair; I shivered, and she took her hands away, but leaned over me to say “You have beautiful hair, Anh” and then turned to write down some more dishes the girls wanted on her pad. I looked around and only Mae seemed to have noticed Phung’s hands, but she was smiling ‘ok’ at me.
I lifted my glass and silently toasted her, just as I felt a hand on my thigh - but not stopping there and heading for my groin under my shorts.
Oh lord, I thought! Another hand had the same thought to my left, so now both Trinh and Kim seemed to have had the same idea, and they were as startled as me when their fingers met at the bulge growing in my underpants. They looked at each other, withdrew their hands – oh, thank you – and both laughed at the same time. Mae and Ping looked at each other and around the table, but I asked Mae at this point if she had my photo album with her, and she got it from her bag and handed it to me, and I said “I bought some nice albums today, so maybe when I go home I will have time to do them tonight.” I had actually bought some in Vung Tau as there was a nice selection in a photo shop next to the restaurant we had eaten lunch, so I wasn’t lying – but now realized I had in fact left them in the car, so couldn’t do them tonight after all; no problem, it was not a lie, and it had changed the subject matter. Trinh now said “So, you aren’t going out tonight, Anh?” I shook my head “Quiet night.” “Oh, so can I take you home and just talk about tomorrow’s meeting for five minutes?”
To give the others some understanding I said my Company and Trinh’s were going to discuss working together on a new project. Turning to Trinh, I said seriously “I won’t give you any ‘inside information’ em, not even under torture!” “Oh really,” she replied, “Are you sure, Anh? No, I seriously only want five minutes to ask about your Company itself, that’s all, and you can ask about mine. A bit like:’ if you show me yours, I will show you mine’?” That was like a reference to two small children, boy and girl, wanting to peek at each other’s ‘private parts’ in their first exploratory session into the opposite sex – and I blushed, but perhaps the others, who hadn’t lived in Australia, might not understand as Trinh had said it in English also. I glanced at Ping, and then nodded to Trinh, “Ok, em, I have some washing to hang out then I will give you five minutes, agreed?” She smiled and nodded, and everyone returned to eating and drinking; when I looked at Ping, she said mischievously “Are you sure you don’t mind taking care of my washing, Anh, if I go straight home?” I blushed again when Kim said “You do Ping’s washing, Anh – wow!” Trinh and Mae also chattered away about it, and I held up my hand “I don’t do Ping’s washing: The machine does it.”
“Normally Mrs. Phung takes care of it, but because Ping has been sick, she had a lot and I just put one load on before we came to dinner; all I will do is hang it out to dry. It isn’t a big deal, ladies; I have always helped wives or whoever with washing – in Thailand I did it all when I didn’t have a job to go to every day; it’s easy with a machine. I can also iron very well – so there, end of conversation please.” Kim said “Oh, Anh, you are a special man – will you marry me tomorrow, and do my washing please?” I laughed at her pleading face, and Mae jumped in “Hey, younger sister, you wait your turn – my ‘Son’ should become my ‘Husband’ first!” We all laughed then, Ping throwing in that she, as the youngest, always felt left out! Trinh had to have her own say now – “Anh, I can’t marry you because you are already married, but I’ll do better than these women: I’ll give you a good salary to be my housekeeper, how’s that?” We all laughed more and I waved my hands to stop, deciding I had better go to the toilet before I wet my pants, and I quickly moved away.
When I came out to wash my hands, Phung was waiting, and she quickly leaned to kiss me. “When can I see you again, Anh, I can’t stop remembering and thinking about you, and my period is finished…”
I brushed her hair from her face quickly, and smiled “Phung, you remember we had a conversation about this…” but she interrupted “Anh, I know we did, and truly I am not trying to be a problem; I just felt so alive, and I want to feel it again, please Anh.” “Soon, Phung, soon, we must have another talk first, couple of days ok?” She looked relieved I hadn’t said ‘no’ at least, but I was worried, as I feared I would be.
Back at the table, the ladies were still jovial, but I felt somber and sober, and poured the remaining beer from my bottle into my glass, looking up for Phung to order more. “Last one” I said to the table, and specifically to Trinh, “Then I would like to go home em.” Trinh nodded, and the others agreed, apart from Kim who would wait for Phung, and she said she would also pay tonight, insisted on it over my objections, simply saying “I owe you, Anh.” I let that remark pass, and we others left soon after, Mae and Ping waving as they rode off and I climbed on with Trinh, and we headed home, a tight-skirted Trinh pushing back against me until I smacked her bottom lightly, and she laughed, asking if I liked it ‘rough’. I smacked her lightly again and told her to concentrate on the driving, and not other things.
At home, I settled Trinh with a beer and the TV remotes, and went to turn off and take out Ping’s washing. When I carried the basket out to the courtyard, Trinh followed and whistled when she saw it was bras and panties I was hanging out. “Oh my, Anh, you like ladies’ underwear do you?” “Very funny” I retorted “This was just the first things Ping needed washing, that’s all em. Come on, you have five minutes remember?” She sat on the sofa and began changing channels while I went and changed into shorts and got myself a beer, returning to find Trinh had found the ‘fashion TV’ channel, and was emulating the girls on it by parading up and down my lounge room – without her skirt, and her blouse buttons undone, only tying it in a knot at her waist, but leaving cleavage – where’s her bra- all plainly on show. “What do you think, Anh, do I look as good as them?” “Better Trinh, but if the neighbours walk past and see you, you can ask the Police how good you look” and I closed the blinds at the windows, “But this is not what you are here for, sit down and ask away, em.”
Without changing her dress style, she sat on the sofa with just her silk panties and tied blouse covering the important body parts, and we did in fact talk.
“Will you be at the meeting, tomorrow, Anh?” “Doubt it, em, it should be a talk on the technical capabilities of the Companies – not my area. If Duc, my Boss, calls me in at all, I would guess you have reached a deal and I would then arrange a confidentiality agreement between us.” So we talked, but for longer than five minutes, purely background on what we each could do. Trinh had stretched down the sofa, her long legs idly crossing and uncrossing, and equally idly her hands were playing with the knot of her blouse. I excused myself to the toilet and came back to find her blouse fully open and big breasts spilling out, inviting. “Trinh, I told you torture will not help you!” I sat down in my chair again, and Trinh stood “Am I torturing you, Anh – really what am I doing? I was hot, that’s all.” She sauntered over towards me “Is this torture, Anh? Are you feeling you can hold out against me, or will you give it all up?” She stood between my legs and at her last word, she reached down and pulled my shorts away and down, and indeed something gave up and jumped up towards her. “What if I just rape you, Anh, violate you; will you tell me your secrets then?” “No.” She removed my shorts, her panties, and lastly her blouse, her mouth open and descending to my cock.
“This isn’t what we agreed, em” I jumped as she bit the head of my prick before sliding her mouth down half-way. “Torture doesn’t abide by agreements, Anh, didn’t you know that? The torturer has the power, and the victim can do nothing at all” and she slicked saliva up and down my shaft with her mouth, and her hands reached for my nipples and pulled on them – painfully. Indeed I was feeling powerless, unable to think I could just push her away, jump away, do something; I was putty in her hands, and in her mouth, and her breasts were scraping nipples up and down my thighs as she moved her head, and it was an erotic feeling as she released my cock and my nipples. But it was only a fleeting moment before she grabbed my cock, stretched it to show that she was the controller, and then pushed her breasts around it and fucked herself there with my prick even as her head could now reach to bite my nipples, right and left in turn, and I was sure I could feel blood seeping. Now she somehow kept her breasts together, wrapped around my rod, and she used one hand to soak with juice from her cunt I thought and go for my anus, ramming that finger straight up and inside.
Oh god, I could feel her hand bashing at the entrance when she was fully fingering me, and I squirmed against her, but she just lay against me, held my cock enveloped even tighter, her teeth biting me harder, and then she added another finger and power drove them in and out of my poor arse-hole.
She was moaning through her teeth clenched on my skin, my neck now – when did she get there I asked myself – and my cock was stretched painfully upwards as she slid passionately up and down it with those tits engulfing it. My hands were useless appendages, but I at last managed to send a brain signal and one responded and I reached through the air far enough to then weakly power two fingers straight up from behind her and into her cunt, and she writhed and tightened up everything against me, and she squealed and juice cascaded over my hand and my cock blasted its own straight up into her face! I responded by drawing my fingers out and plunging them hard again inside her, and she began a series of pulses within her cunt that I could feel easily, and each time she squirted wetly over my fingers and out below, and squealed at the same time. I kept on and she began to ease off her tortures on me finally. “Who’s in control now, em?” “We are.”
Her head slipped down on my chest and she began lapping my semen trail a she released my prick and it oozed out the last gobs, and her fingers slid from my arse - and that was the most painful! We both needed several minutes to come down from what had been an intense session – to say the least – and a different way to have sex that’s for sure; where Trinh had got her ideas I had no idea, and perhaps didn’t want to know!
Trinh continued working her head downwards until she sucked my weakened prick into her mouth and sucked hard. “Can’t you tell me one secret, Anh, or do I have to do it all again?” A man’s penis is very sensitive after ejaculation, maybe Trinh didn’t know that, but it was truly a wonderful torture method I decided, so I capitulated. “Ok, em, a secret: when I was about 6 years old, I stole a sweet from outside a supermarket, but when my Mum found out she made me go back and return it – I was never so ashamed in my life! There, that’s my biggest secret of my whole life.” Trinh laughed against my prick, and her body shook with mirth, but she didn’t let go, and her fingers trailed again up towards my arse; my body stiffened in fear. “That’s not really one of the ‘secrets’ I expected to hear, Anh – you will have to do better.”
“What do you want to know, em, you ask me?” Without removing her mouth from stretching my cock and nibbling at it, she asked “Anh, how come you don’t have babies running around looking like you?”
I laughed lightly, afraid she would bite, but she had turned serious, and she slurped my cock and then sat back on the floor between my legs, just laying her chin on my thigh looking up at me for an answer. “Oh, Trinh, that’s easy – but I thought you had said you knew from Ha why?” “No, she only ever said you and she couldn’t have a baby.” “Ok, my second wife, mother of my sons – there, in the photo – she didn’t want more than two, and since she had been on the pill for many years, she felt it was time I took the male option: so I had a vasectomy. Ha wanted me to have it reversed, and I tried in Bangkok, but the doctor in Australia had done a bad job, and the Thai doctors said there wasn’t enough of my tube ends left to allow it to be rejoined. So, that’s why – but I always wanted a daughter, and I was never happier than when Yen came into my life and became #3, and she loved my sons like big brothers so much, and mostly they responded and took care for her, but at times they did feel I loved her even more. But I loved/love them all.”
“Oh, I am sorry for you, Anh, but now I guess I also understand why you don’t wear a condom.” I chuckled “Remember I am an old man, em, and they just weren’t something I grew up with in my time, and I only ever had one partner at a time – mostly a wife! But truthfully, and I am embarrassed to admit it: the only time I ever had one, it came free to Ha and I in Bangkok with an advertising package, but neither of us knew how to put it on and it broke anyway! But, these days, I suppose I should buy some, and more importantly: you young women should insist on them. My days of sex might end soon, but yours are only just beginning really.”
“Sometimes, you talk rubbish, Anh: you are not old, and I doubt very much if you will finish with sex any time soon! Now, I guess I have my answer, and you’ve had your torture, so I should go home. You are a wonderful prisoner, Anh” and she slid up and kissed me deeply, wrapping her arms around me and pressing her breasts into my chest. I dug my hands in between us and held her beautiful breasts, fondling them longingly, “I couldn’t let you go without feeling these nicely, em, they are so beautiful to hold – I could cuddle them all night easily if you want…” She sighed.
“I have to go, Anh; I need prepare for tomorrow, and if I stayed here, how much sleep would I get, would we get – not much, I can feel it” and she slipped her hand around my stiffening cock for a moment, before sliding up to her feet. “I must go, and it must be now before I change my mind. I love you, Anh Steve, my prisoner.”
A few minutes later, Trinh kissed me at the gate and she rode off; I locked it, checked the washing, but before I could go inside Ping was at the gate, calling me. “Anh-oi, can I come in please?” I went to the gate and did as she asked, and Ping parked her bike inside and she locked the gate. “Anh, I have to sleep here, ok.” It was a definite statement with an intention to become a fact, and I knew better than to argue with women in my life: I never won. Ping said nothing more, she just went straight upstairs, but I sat and had a cigarette and finished my beer, before locking up, washing up and heading upstairs for a shower. Ping had already, I could tell, and she was curled up in bed, but I had to shower and do for myself before I was ready to join her. I also needed a shave so I took longer and got my clothes out for tomorrow. When I did slide into bed, she rolled and threw her arms around me, cuddling tightly; she said “I love you, Anh.”
I let her hold me, even though I knew this meant if I responded it might suggest this was a good feeling for her to have, but it also would wake my prick up, of that I was sure when her nipples pressed hard against me – so how to comfort her and be a friend, without being a lover in a minute? That was a problem – was it only yesterday I had told myself ‘I have to slow down’? Now look at yourself I thought, and Ping and Phung feeling the same! I backed away, taking my quickly growing cock away from contact, and pushed an arm under her shoulders to still be cuddling her, but keeping Ping at a slight distance; “Ping, we talked about this, and I don’t want to hurt you, but you know Yen will be here very soon; what will you do then, Ping, you have to find another nice boy – and there must be many at Uni for you, I’m sure.”
She rolled back to cuddle me again, “Anh, Yen is ok with me being with you; we talk about it all the time.” I was shocked, to say the least, but she continued “As for other boys, there is nobody like you, Anh, and nobody else I want other than you, Anh. Can we sleep now, Anh, my medicine makes me tired.”She leaned to me for a kiss, a deep, yet ‘wife-like’ kiss, and lay back and – I was sure – was instantly asleep.
Perhaps thankfully, I was certainly tired myself, and I fell away from all the questions and doubts and fears when no answers came…
I sleepily felt Ping cuddling me through the night, but it was romantically, rather than sexually, and I slept well until my alarm. I showered and dressed, but then had to wake Ping as she had classes I thought, but she drowsily said “not until afternoon…” and so I left her there to sleep longer. Mrs. Phung might frown at me later, but she at least knew Ping if she happened to find her in my bed later! I made a coffee and went to work with Long.
The morning was uneventful, other than the attire Quy was wearing, and her reminder I had said we would have dinner tonight; I nodded, trying not to stare at her legs below the shorter-than-normal skirt and above at her silk blouse. That was difficult as she seemed to make a point of appearing in my office for any minor thing, and I at last told her she looked very ‘becoming and beguiling’ today. “Is that all, Anh – doesn’t sound so nice?” I told her to go and check the Vietnamese-English dictionary! At 3.00pm, Trinh and her Company staffers were ushered into the meeting room.
I had nodded to her on arrival, but nothing more and went back to my own work, which included a call to Hanoi office to check on things, where Tinh answered the phone call very happily and asked when I would be back – she, and her mother, missed me - and also to Da Nang, where I spoke to the new manager, also named Tinh, to make sure the promotion wasn’t weighing too heavily on her – considering the circumstances of it, getting the position after Duc and his wife had been murdered; all was fine, and I talked quickly also with Liem, who also asked when I would be returning. But, in fact, both offices knew as Quy had already advised them of my travel dates, and the girls were just baiting me I knew.
As I had mentioned to Trinh, when Anh Duc called me in, I knew it would be at the success of the meeting, and he said “Steve, since this was your initial idea, and your suggestion Trinh’s Company as collaborators with us, I wanted you to know we have fitted it all together, and we have agreed to work as partners on this proposal.” I looked around at everyone and smiled, noticeably at Trinh, and asked Duc “Actually, it was Henry’s report which gave me the idea.” Henry smiled.”
“So, we should draw up a confidentiality agreement, right?” He nodded, and Trinh smiled at my prescience. Duc asked if I would join them for dinner in celebration, but mindful of my promise to Quy, I begged off, aware Trinh was losing her smile from the corner of my eye, but saying I had a prior engagement, and besides, as an accountant, I would be way out of my depth with engineers, architects and designers in any discussions; several laughed, but my boss persisted and I had to agree, and I left after noting I would have the draft agreement ready tomorrow. As I turned, Duc said “Oh, Steve, ask Quy to join us also, ok?” I nodded – but he couldn’t be aware of how thankfully I made my nod, but I made my face glum as I approached Quy’s desk, telling her she and I couldn’t have dinner just the two of us tonight…as we both ‘had’ to go with the group in the meeting room to celebrate. She was crestfallen initially, but perked up at the end, “I’ll sit beside you, Anh, and take care of you, and we will be together at dinner anyway.” Trinh will be there also, but I didn’t voice this thought.
I told Quy I was going early – I hoped to see Mrs. Phung and patch up any problems with her, and asked Quy to call me with the time and place for dinner.
In response, she asked “Why don’t I pick you up at your place, and Long could go home then?” I agreed, packed up and went home, sending Long off early also. However, Mrs. Phung had already left, Ping’s underwear was gone, and I could only see a little bit of her ironing remaining in the basket, so matters must be ok I reasoned. I decided on a shower and changed into jeans and a shirt, and had a beer while I watched the news and waited for Quy.
As soon as I heard her pull up outside, I quickly turned off everything, grabbed my keys and ran out before she came inside, somewhat fearful to be honest as Quy seemed to be quite manipulative in the mould of Ha, my ex-wife – and that was a scary thought, and I locked the house, joining her at the gate. “Ready?” I asked, getting straight on behind her. “Oh, Anh, that was fast; did you come home early to change – for me?” I chuckled “No, em, I wanted to see my housekeeper about things, but she had already gone, so I had time then to change; that’s all. Where is dinner?” She told me and headed off down to the riverside, making sure I was holding on – to her waist ‘for safety, Anh’ – and I couldn’t avoid staring at her legs clasped together at the knees in front, but alluring nevertheless in her skirt.
Quy was beautiful, no doubt, but I couldn’t help but feel that perhaps her friendship with Ha over the years hadn’t been all to the good; maybe that wasn’t a nice thought, but she gave me a sense of manipulating me that so reminded me of Ha, I had cause to be wary.
At the restaurant we were first, ensuring Quy certainly was going to sit beside me. I sat at the table’s end on one side, and Quy to my right, and she ordered my beer and one for herself, and they had just been served when the others began trickling in; Duc and Henry and an assistant to Henry, and then Trinh and her boss and others, and so it was 9 of us with Trinh taking the chair opposite me, but the head of the table at our end remained empty. Soon things settled, drinks ordered and food discussed and called for. The talking began on the project, and was mostly more technical than general, so it was natural that Quy and I spent more time conversing on different subjects ourselves, but I could tell Trinh wanted to be part of our conversation more than on the project. However, as the whisky took hold, topics became generalized around the table and jokes and laughter more the norm. Trinh leaned close to me, but spoke loudly enough she must have known Quy would hear “Did you sleep well last night Anh?”
Naturally without mentioning Ping, I was able to answer truthfully “Really well em; talking about work so late before you went home made me really tired!” She smirked at me as I felt Quy looking at both of us questioningly, and by way of explanation, I turned to Quy and said Trinh had taken me home after a ‘family dinner’ last night. “Well, perhaps you will be tired after I take you home from a ‘work dinner’ tonight, Anh, and you will sleep equally well.” Oh dear, here we go again, I thought to myself, and rolled my eyes. Trinh was staring at me, and Quy was staring at Trinh, and I lifted my glass and made a general toast to the table, the two Companies, and the future – there, that worked, I told myself as the girls were enticed to spread their conversation into the wider group, and I went to the toilet for a respite.
It was inevitable that, as the evening wore down, and I was ready to go home, Trinh would try to delay me, but as the lead architect for her Company, she had a higher obligation to remain, while Quy and I were non-technocrats, and could more easily excuse ourselves, which I/we did. I shook hands, kissed Trinh’s by way of trying to avoid pissing her off totally, and the other males cheered my gallantry, and we said ‘good night’.
It was still quite early, and Quy asked as we rode off, “Where to, Anh?” “Home” I replied, but we didn’t head directly in my house’s direction, so I waited for Quy to lead me wherever she had decided. It was not a great distance, especially on a bike, and soon I realized we were back at the club owned by her aunt, just by a roundabout route; when Quy pulled up outside, I removed my arms from around her waist as a parking attendant ran quickly over, recognizing Quy and took her bike away. She led me inside by the hand, and thankfully, it was not yet late enough for the music and strobe lighting to be going full blast, and we went to the bar and sat on stools to see her aunt. Quy ordered two beers, and I ordered ice, and her aunt came out soon after, hugging both Quy and – more tightly perhaps – I, and she led us upstairs to a private room; she opened the door, motioned us in and closed it without entering herself, though allowing a waitress to enter with a tray of beers and ice. It was cooler, quieter and almost empty, but not quite: two other girls were in the room, and the waitress coughed, hid her eyes as she put the tray down and fled! I also had looked away for a moment, but then assumed this was what I was supposed to see: 2 naked girls, faces hidden under hair.
They were either very good actresses, or they were for my benefit as they were engaged in a very passionate embrace on the sofa lounge: lips locked, breasts crushed together, and thighs and legs twined so much it was almost impossible to put what with whom. I sat on the side of the table, away from the sofa, and studied the bodies. Within a few moments, I began to think…and then one lifted her head and smiled at me, as did the other who was on the bottom. They could have been twins, and twins of Ha they looked so like her; “What are you girls here for?” “To excite you, Anh!” replied one, and Quy said, “Ha suggested you might enjoy being taken care of by me and others, Anh.” That ruined it, “Thanks, but if you girls are happy, that’s fine with me, but I am going home.” Quy moved to stop me, but a look from me and she let go of my arm, and I left, catching a motorcycle taxi home and going to bed, mobile phone off. Why was I upset? Because sometimes others decided for me, and sometimes I rebelled.
A good night’s sleep later, I headed to the office; Quy was there ahead of me, apologetic and contrite, professing understanding – and she was, when she articulated her thoughts, quite correct; I smiled at her.
“It’s ok, Quy; I just don’t like at times being manipulated – Ha has done it for years, but I am stronger and wiser now, and I don’t fall for it as easily as before; I hope you, you particularly em, understand me. Would you mind making me a coffee please?” I needed Quy pass the message along to Ha – I had my suspicions that Quy was acting almost as an agent of Ha’s when she wasn’t here herself, and I wasn’t going to be sucked in, and I needed Quy know that.
She returned with my coffee, nary a word, and the day passed peacefully; I went home and enjoyed a quiet, uninterrupted evening: first in quite a while, though I did accept a call from Kim who asked if I wanted company; I declined for now. I also phoned Quy and told her – I didn’t request – to change my ticket first thing in the morning: I was going to Danang and Hanoi tomorrow, so book a pm flight and the hotel and advise the other offices; I had a meeting with Trinh am.
I finished the evening off by checking the agreement I had readied for Trinh’s Company, and was satisfied it was fine, so after readying my travel bag, I had an amazingly early night and slept the longest I had for…who knows how long – but I woke very early, unused to 8 hours straight sleep I guessed!
I directed Long to Trinh’s office, where the meeting was scheduled at 0830, and it was very short as our document was not contentious, and they signed it eagerly in fact; Trinh seemed to note I wasn’t as upbeat as expected, and I told her to ask her Quy sometime, but I had to go as I was flying out to Danang and Hanoi later. I left her befuddled perhaps, but knowing she would get the story – or parts of it – from Quy, as I went to the office, gave the boss the agreement to also sign, and informed him I had changed plans and would be leaving soon. He seemed very happy with the agreement in front of him, and told me to go when I thought best, and I left after telling him to have the papers chopped and copies returned to Trinh’s Company.
I was upset within myself and decided either my life had to change, or better still: Yen would come back and help me straighten it out…soon.

(End of Part 10)

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