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Krista Bennett slowly cruised the giant department store while all the time keeping an out for a suitable subject. It wasn’t until she reached the very back corner of the store that she found a twenty something young man up on a ladder arranging some merchandise on one of the upper shelves. She moved up next to the ladder feigning interest in a garden hose and its assorted attachments when she noticed a lounge chair on display not more that five feet away. “Young man, may I bother you for a moment?” she asked genially. “Sure thing, ma’am,” he replied while shinnying down the ladder. “What can I do for you?” “It’s about this lounge chair,” she replied quizzically. “Is it easy to open and close?” “The last one I had was almost impossible to operate, I kept getting my fingers pinched!” “Not this model,” he answered quickly. “Just watch this!” He grabbed the chair and with a few twists and turns folded it up into a neat package that was easy to handle. “My, that looks easy enough,” she said. “Say, could you set it up for me again?” she asked. “I think that I’d better sit in it to make sure it’s comfortable enough!” “Sure thing!” he replied with enthusiasm while quickly reversing the procedure he had just demonstrated. “All set, give it a go!” Krista thanked the young man and sat down with a smile while leaning back with her legs slightly spread. “This is very nice,” she commented while spreading her legs a little farther apart. Now standing at the foot of the lounge the young man noticed right away that Krista’s skirt had ridden up high on her legs, exposing a wide expanse of plump thigh. He was brought back to reality when Krista asked, “Is it possible to elevate the feet. “Uh, sure,” he stammered, “like this.” With small beads of sweat popping out on his forehead he leaned over and ratcheted up the corner legs all the while drinking in Krista Bennett’s luscious thighs. “Hmmmmm, that’s much better,” she said sweetly while wriggling her bottom as if to find a more comfortable spot. “S-sweet jesus in heaven!” he mumbled under his breath as flashes a her very hairy pussy came in and out of view. “Excuse me?” she asked. “Did you say something?” “Uh, no!” he quickly replied. “It was nothing!” Krista suppressed a giggle, and then after making sure that the two of them were quite alone, calmly spread her legs wide apart, giving the stunned young man an unfettered view of her by now dripping crotch!

This couldn’t be happening to him! Never in his twenty three years had he seen anything this incredible! He swallowed hard and glanced up to see if the older woman had a clue at what she was doing. Krista was feigning interest in the up and down lever on the side of the chair while all the time flexing and unflexing the lips of her hairy cunt. “Is this the best one you have?” she asked while turning to face him. “Y-yes, it is,” he stammered. “Good,” she replied languidly, “I only buy the best.” Then as if to let him in on a little secret she whispered, “I sunbathe in the nude, I like an all over tan.” “Do you think that makes me a bad girl?” “Oh noooooo!” he replied with a groan. “Not at all!!!” “How old do you think I am?” she asked coyly. “Uh, I don’t know,” he mumbled, “I’m not to good as guessing ages.” “Would you believe it if I told you I was forty six?” she asked. “Good grief!” he said to himself. “Didn’t she realized what she was doing to him!?!” He then managed to reply while still staring at her open crack, “You look much younger than forty six!” “Why thank you---Donald,” she said with a smile while reading his name off his name tag. “That’s so sweet of you to say!” “Y-your welcome,” he moaned softly. “By the way,” she said off handedly. “Besides sunbathing in the nude there’s one other thing I like to do!” “W-what’s that!?!” he stammered. “Well,” she replied, “I’m doing it right now.” “D-doing what?” he barely responded. “Why I’m showing you my pussy, that’s what!” she replied with a smirk.

Krista wished she had had a camera because the look on poor Donald’s face was more than priceless! “You don’t mind that I don’t shave my pussy do you?” she casually asked while thrusting her hips forward. “N-nooooo, not at all!” he gasped. “I’m so glad,” she said softly, “some men are totally put off by all that fur.” Donald licked his dry lips while continuing to stare at the now bulging fat vulva. “May I ask you a favor, Donald?” she said in an incredibly sexy voice. “Anything!” he blurted. “You’re so kind,” she sighed. “Now what I want you to do is tell me a story.” “A story???” he asked quizzically. “Uh huh!” she replied. “I’m close to having an orgasm, and since neither of us can reach under my skirt and touch my pussy, just hearing you talk about how you fucked your girlfriend or wife would certainly help get me off!” “You do have a girlfriend don’t you?” “Uh, yes,” he stammered. “That’s good,” she sighed. “Now tell me, does your girl friend like sucking your big hard cock?” Donald moaned when Krista’s pussy spasmed slightly, and on now wobbly legs he managed to stammer, “S-she loves sucking my cock!” “Mmmmmm, I don’t blame her a bit!” Krista replied breathlessly. “I can tell from the out line in your pants that you have a really big erection!” “Is her pussy hairy like mine?” the older woman asked breathlessly. “N-no, it’s almost bare,” he mewled softly, “it’s almost blonde.” Krista was about to ask another probative question when out of nowhere another customer appeared with a question about lawn mower spark plugs. Donald struggled to answer quickly, and if the fortyish man had bothered to look he would have been surprised to see Krista’s very fat vagina dripping like a leaky faucet only a few feet from where he stood!

“Jesus I thought he’d never leave!” Donald said while returning his attention to Krista’s hairy wet box. “Mmmmm, me neither,” Krista sighed, “but it was exciting to be exposed while wondering if I’d be discovered.” Donald merely nodded while wiping the sweat off of his damp brow. “Donald, could you do me a favor?” she asked sweetly. “Anything!” he quickly replied. “Pick up that hedge clipper and hold it in front of you,” she ordered. Donald glanced over to the display rack while replying, “You mean this one, the one with the rubber grips on the handle?” “Exactly,” she replied, “now pick it up.” He immediately did as he was told while wondering what the heck she had in store for him. “Okay, hon,” she said evenly, “I’m just about ready to have a nice hard cum, but I don’t want to cum alone.” “You mean you want me………?” he asked. “That’s right,” she replied, “now take the end of the handle and casually press it against the head of your cock.” “Y-you mean through my clothes?” he stammered. “Unless you want to pull it out,” she chuckled. “No, that’s all right, I can do it through my pants,” he replied. Krista watched intently as he positioned one of the handle ends directly on the head of his thick dick. “Very nicely done,” she offered. “Okay, now be a good little masturbater and work the handle back and forth over your cock head!” It only took a moment before a long low moan escaped his lips while he gasped, “Y-your pussy, it’s just fucking incredible!” “Why thank you for the compliment, Donald,” she replied sweetly. “Now watch closely, I’m just about to cum!”

With his eyes nearly glazed over Donald watched in stunned silence as the hot pussied exhibitionist opened and closed her gaping cunt with unbelievable muscle control! He surreptitiously worked the piece of hard rubber back and forth over his head until all at once his legs buckled as gusher after gusher of hot cum spewed out of his dick and into his tight shorts. Seeing the hard cock spasming rhythmically and a dark stain appearing just in front of the dick head, Krista’s super heated pussy boiled over as her whole body tensed up while an orgasm of mind bending dimensions washed over her like a wave from the ocean! She suppressed a scream as her hairy cunt contracted over and over again until finally it was totally and completely drained of all sensation! “My god!” Donald moaned under his breath. “That was fantastic!” After taking a moment to regain her senses Krista stood up on rather weak legs and said loudly, “I’ll think about it, maybe I’ll come back next week for another test run!” A smile spread over Donald’s face and he replied, “Very good ma’am, please ask for Donald!” She gave him a wink and replied, “Don’t worry, I will!”



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