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I called my car “The Mayflower” because if you get in you have to cum across.
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The Mayflower

I had worked for two summers on my uncle’s farm to save up enough money for my first car and my insurance too. She wasn’t much but I loved her. She was a 1966 Ford Mustang. There was lots of rust and the seats were worn badly but she was all mine. With four on the floor, bucket seats, and enough power to get up and go, I was in heaven. The engine was in the best shape of anything else in the car. I named her “The Mayflower.” I figured that with my own car I could start getting laid. If they got in they had to cum across.

I turned sixteen in late March and had my license before the end of school. Dad helped me locate some better seats than I had and even helped me put them in. They were red and my car was sort of a blue color but what did I care. At least they wouldn’t mess up my clothes. Besides no girl in her right mind would have sat on those worn out seats.

My very first passenger was my little sister Pamela. She was fourteen years old and kind of cute in her own way. Her tits weren’t too bad either.

As soon as she got in and attached her seat belt I told her, “My car is called The Mayflower because if you get in you’ve got to cum across.”

Pamela asked, “Just what do you have in mind?”

I smiled at her and said, “How about I just feel of your tits while I drive?”

Pamela smiled at me and said, “You want to feel me up for a lousy ride?”

I smiled and said, “Well you can get out and go shopping with mom if you want to.”

Pamela huffed a little and said, “Okay but you better not tell anyone that I let you feel me up. That’s how Stacey got her reputation.”

So I started the car and pulled out of our driveway. Pulled out is correct because my father told me that I should always back into the driveway. First it is always better to drive out and see what is going on rather than back up and hit something. Then there is the fact that sometimes things go wrong and I might need a jump or a tow, well in that case it is easy to get to the engine compartment if you back in. Actually it makes perfect sense to always back into the driveway.

About a block from home I got the car in forth gear and then reach over with my right hand to cup my sister’s tits. I held each one in my hand and give them a little squeeze. She had a nice handful. After the red light and getting back into forth gear again I reach over and slipped my hand up under her shirt. She starts to get upset but I remind her about cumming across. So she lets me slip my hand under her shirt to feel of her bra. After the next red light I reach under her shirt and under her bra too, popping one cup up above her tit. She didn’t like that at all and she told me so as I continued to fondle her bare breast. Fortunately for me I got to drive for a few blocks that time without a stop sign or a stoplight to stop me. That gave me enough time to pop out her other tit and to feel of it for a while too.

As we approached the shopping mall I had to downshift. That gave Pamela a chance to readjust her bra and put her tits back in place before I got parked. She was so afraid that someone might see her. I just laughed and thanked her for riding in The Mayflower.

She shopped for a couple of hours so I bought us lunch. Before I started the car I simple reached over and unhooked the back of her bra. She started to say something but she didn’t. As soon as I was in forth gear my hand was all over her tits. This time Pamela knew what to expect and just allowed it. I would shift the car and return to her tits. Then about a block away for the house she told me to stop. I knew very well that she wanted me to stop playing with her tits so that she could put them away. However I pulled over to the curb and stopped instead. Then I leaned over, lifted her shirt and started sucking on her nipples. At first she resisted then as she realized how good it felt she cradled the back of my head like a nursing mother might. She let me suck on her nipples for about five minutes then she said that my time was up because she had to go to the bathroom. So I backed off and watched her adjust her tits in the cups, reattach the bra, and then adjust her shirt properly.

I drove the rest of the way home, backed the car into the driveway, and then got out to open up her door. As Pamela leaned into the backseat for her packages I got to see her panties as her skirt rose up.

I reached out and cupped her ass, she turned around, and said, “You’ve been paid buddy boy, save that for our next trip.”

“Oh hell yes.” Well I only thought that I didn’t really say it out loud. I then helped Pamela into the house with her packages and up to her bedroom.

Mom requested a fashion show so Pamela changed into one of her outfits and marched downstairs to show her. Mom criticized the length of her micro miniskirt so she came into my room to get my opinion. Hell she could not possible wear anything “too” short. I watched her walk around, turn, and then bend over right in front of me giving me a perfect view of her panty-covered ass. Being a smart-ass I asked her to squat down and spread her knees for me and she did. Now that was nice. I had a completely unobstructed view of her panties-covered pussy. I could see a spot of moisture on her panties and just smiled. Finally I told her that it perfect and she smiled.

After that, one by one mom got a fashion show downstairs and then I got a better fashion show upstairs in my bedroom. I was sure that mine was a lot better though. I watched as that wet spot grew on her crotch too. Pamela would lift her tops to show me her new bras or just to show me her body. When she was finished showing mom her new purchases Pamela removed her last blouse and skirt right in front of me. Then she removed her bra, faced me, and massaged the underside of her breasts complaining about the under wire cutting into her skin. I just admired her light pink nipples and the tiny dime size areolas around them.

As she started out the door I asked, “What about your panties?”

She turned back toward me, smiled, and said, “Next time.”

Things were cool during the week then on Friday Pamela asked me for a ride to the shopping mall on Saturday for her and her friend Heidi. Sure, but she knew the rules. She said that Heidi would pay for the ride this time. Okay.

So Saturday morning Pamela and I took off to pick up Heidi. Pamela went in the house and took quite a while before coming out. Finally the two girls came out and Pamela held the seat forward so that Heidi could sit in the back. I just looked at her.

Then Pamela said, “She won’t pay for both ways because we are both getting a ride. She’ll pay on the way home.”

“Okay.” What else could I say?

Then I watched as my sister removed her bra and put it in my glove box. Then she turned to Heidi and held out her hand. Soon a bra was placed in it and Pamela put that in my glove box too. Pamela then turned in her seat to help me out. I quickly got into forth gear and slipped my hand up under her T-shirt as Heidi in the backseat watched me. After a couple of lights and finally into a long stretch of road I reached over and slipped my hand up under her skirt.

Pamela opened her legs up wide and said, “Oh yeah! I almost forgot about promising you that on our next trip. Wasn’t it just my ass though?” Then she giggled.

Before I had to downshift I had my finger in her moist pussy and was rubbing her clit. I had to get my hand back to downshift but Pamela wouldn’t let me. Instead she shifted for me so that I could finish her off.

She said, “That was the best orgasm that I’ve ever had.”

Heidi said, “Even better than the one I gave you during gym class?”

Pamela said, “Yes. I think it was.”

Then all too soon we were at the shopping mall and Pamela was readjusting her clothes. We got out and started into the mall. I stopped the girls and made them turn for me. I just wanted to check out their hard nipples first. I asked them to give their nipples a little twist every now and then. I told her that I loved to see hard nipples and that all men did. They said that it would be embarrassing but that they would do it anyway because I had asked them too.

Once inside the mall Heidi asked me, “Are you going to finger my clit too on the way home?”

“Yes.” Was all that I said then I ran my hand across her ass in that miniskirt. I ran it down to the bottom hem and tucked my hand up under it to touch her panties. I did the same to my sister too.

Then I stood by as they shopped. Skintight jeans were what they were looking for. We started with Old Navy. With all of the styles, colors, and designs I swear that they each tried on a dozen pair. They modeled each pair for me too. Of course I had to run my hands over their asses to feel the tightness.

After the forth pair Heidi told me that she had to Jill Off from me fondling her and that she couldn’t wait to get back in my car.

Finally both girls had decided on a pair of jeans. Then on their way to the check out registers they spotted bikini tops. In the old days you bought a whole swimsuit but now a days you can buy just a top or just a bottom. In this case they only wanted a bikini top to go along with their tight jeans. They wanted to turn heads too, so I suggested that they find one too small. Both Pamela and Heidi said that they were B-cups so I suggested that they start with A-cup and go from there. Jokingly I suggested that they go over into the little girl’s area and look too. Surprisingly they did. After picking out three each to try on they went into the changing area. I could see them go into the same changing booth that time. Soon they came out in the A-cup bikini tops to model them for me. They looked just fine. Then they changed into the next set and came out. Wow they were even better. Then they put on the third set. Oh my God, were they ever skimpy. The little triangle only set out on the very end of their breasts and covered their areolas up. I told them that I absolutely loved the last sets but that their mothers wouldn’t let them out of the house wearing them. I strongly suggested the first set that was an A-cup. They made a deal with me, they would buy the first set to wear around their mothers if I would buy the last set for them to wear around me. They promised to wear them in the car for me too if I took the ‘long’ way home. Deal!

So we made our purchases and left. I offered the girls lunch before leaving the shopping mall but they said that they wanted to go to a hotdog stand on the other end of town. I smiled thinking that the hotdog stand would certainly be the long way home. When I asked them if they wanted to change in the lady’s room first they said that they could but if they changed in The Mayflower that I could watch them. Okay!

We walked out into the parking lot, found my car, and got in. Both girls got in the back seat so that I would get whiplash trying to look at them both at the same time. I watched as they took off their tops and sat there for me. After a whole minute they put on their tiny bikini tops and tied everything in place. They sure did look sexy. Heidi decided that it was her turn to sit in the front with me. She got in the seat, turned slightly toward me, and then opened up her legs. After a moment to think about it she slipped off her panties, put them in my glove box, and reached her hand toward Pamela. Soon her panties joined Heidi’s in the glove box.

My hand was in her crotch before we were out of the parking lot. Pamela reached up between the seats and shifted gears as I shouted them out. Meanwhile my hand was working on Heidi’s clit. By the time we got to the hotdog stand she had had two orgasms and her nipples were totally exposed. Right at the very last second Heidi covered up her nipples. All three of us got out to place our orders. I suggested that we each get two but Heidi said that if she got just one that she could walk back up for another one later, giving me twice the show. Okay. So we ordered three Coney’s and one big drink to share. There were picnic tables to sit on and several people around. No one could take their eyes off my girls. I sat on one side of the table and watched the girls sit on the other side. Heidi lifted her leg up rather high to get it over the bench. Then she swung her other leg over the bench giving me two very nice glimpses of her fur-covered pussy. Pamela did the same for me. We ate our Coney’s and then the girls went back for another one. I stayed seated until both girls had gotten up and given me and several other guys a terrific view of their exposed pussies. When I got up I could feel my cock trying to escape my pants. I thought about adjusting it and decided not too. I was sporting a huge lump in my pants and noticed several girls checking me out. We each got another Coney and then went back to our picnic table. This time I sat right down to watch the show and what a show it was too. It looked like Heidi and Pamela were competing to see how many erections they could cause. After Heidi finished I watched my sister squeeze her bun to cause a prop of mustard to drip onto her left tit. Then I watched as she used a napkin to clean it off causing her nipple to pop out. Then she over compensated by jerking her top over to expose her other nipple too. It was like watching an old Charlie Chaplain movie. The harder she tried the behinder she got. I just had to smile. Heidi was furious that she hadn’t thought about it first. So about a dozen guys watched my sister get her nipples covered just to expose her pussy as she got up.

As we took off my sister was laughing her ass off in the back seat. I gave Heidi another orgasm to sooth her wounds. After we dropped Heidi off Pamela got in the front seat with me. I gave her a well-needed orgasm too. At home Pamela started to open the glove box and remembered that Heidi hadn’t taken her bra and panties with her. So Pamela decided to leave hers in there too.

That Wednesday mom called me from work right after I got home from school. Her car had broken down in the parking lot and she needed a ride home. She also said that dad had to work late so he couldn’t pick her up. She even promised me gas money but I told her that it wasn’t necessary.

A few minutes after five o’clock mom came out, looked around, and saw me. As she walked toward me in her high heels and her blue dress I had to admire her. For just turning forty she was stunning. She certainly was not skinny but she sure turned heads. Men were craning their necks to watch her hips sway as she walked. Mom did it on purpose too. When she was younger she was in several beauty pageants and had learned to place one foot exactly in front of the other when she walked. That gave her that terrific swing.

I watched as mom got in the car. Her legs opened up and her dress rose up her thighs. She did not straighten it up either after closing the door. She needed to stop at the grocery store and pick up something to eat that night. As we drove mom opened up my glove box. I had forgotten about the girl’s bras and panties. Mom took them out and smiled as she looked them over.

“These belong to your sister so I guess that these belong to Heidi then.” She said so matter of factly. Then she looked at the tags and said, “32-B they are both ready for a bigger size. I’m a 40-D just the same as my age and my middle initial. D for desirable.” Then mom laughed.

I knew perfectly well that her middle name was Desiree because dad always said that it was desire with a yeah at the end.

Mom put the bras and panties back in my glove box and got out. I got out too and walked her into the grocery store. She took my arm just like she does to dad. We shopped and she got my favorite pie because I was with her. It was strawberry rhubarb. When we got back to the car mom placed the bags in the back seat as I handed them to her. The further in she reached the higher her dress went. I couldn’t see her panties but I must have been awfully close. Then mom sat down in the front seat and swung just one leg in. That spread her legs wide open and raised her dress up to her crotch so that I could see her panties before putting her other leg in the car. I put away the shopping cart and went to the driver’s side to get in. I had a big lump in my pants and was hoping that mom wouldn’t notice it.

Mom said, “I’m sorry. I always do that for your father when he holds my door open for me. He used to call his car The Mayflower too and I always came across.”

Before we were out of the parking lot mom had her panties off and in my glove box. She turned toward me, spread her legs, and said, “I overheard Pamela talking to Heidi last night. It appears that you had quite a bit of fun with them the other day. I like fun too you know.”

With that mom took my hand off the stick shift and placed it under her dress right at her crotch. She took over the shifting and let me play with her pussy. Mom’s pussy was a lot bigger and her lips were puffier that the other two girls had been. She was really wet too and said that it was all my fault. So with an invitation like that I poked around in her wet hole and rubbed her clit. She almost had an orgasm as I pulled up in front of the house. Mom told me to drive around the block once. That was just enough time for mom to have an orgasm. It must have been a butte too.

After I got back home and backed into the driveway mom said that there was nothing wrong with her car and that later we would need to go back out and get it. We got the groceries into the kitchen and then mom went up to change. Mom came down in a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. She was braless and her nipples were hard. She handed me her bra and told me to add it to my collection. I smiled and took it out to my car then I decided to bring all of my stuff back into the house and up to my room. Mom saw me coming into the house and handed me three large Ziploc bags to put them in. She suggested that I should put names and dates on them for future reference.

When Pamela saw mom in that T-shirt she just smiled. Mom simply confessed to hearing her conversation the night before, faking car trouble, and paying the toll to ride in The Mayflower. Pamela smiled and asked if she could wear her tight jeans and tiny bikini top to dinner. Mom said yes without knowing what she had said yes too. When Pamela returned Mom took one look at her and just smiled. She had her do a slow spin and told her that she would die for a body like hers. Pamela thought that her tits were too small so mom turned her around, reached under her arms, and cupped both of her daughter’s breasts. Mom felt her up for a good minute then said, “Just perfect, More than a handful is a waist.” Pamela then got behind mom, reached under her arms and under her T-shirt to grab a hold of her tits. After another minute Pamela said, “God they’re heavy mom. How can you hold them up all the time?” Mom laughed and said, “They just grew on me.” Then Pamela laughed too.

Dinner was ready when dad got home. He looked at Pamela and smiled, then he looked at mom and smiled, and finally he looked at me and shook his head. Dinner was different. Mom and Pamela talked about bigger bras, sexier panties, and see-through nighties. They talked about love, sex, and fooling around. When dinner was over mom told us to clean up, and then she practically dragged dad up to their bedroom. Pamela smiled at me. We had both seen dad’s crotch. We were almost done with the dishes when mom returned. She had on Pamela’s other new bikini top with a tight pair of pants on too. Wow! Then she said that the three of us should go get her car. Mom told Pamela to get in the backseat and that she could pay for her ride on the way home.

Before we even left the driveway mom’s top was off the one side and my hand was on her tit as mom shifted gears for me. She let me play with her all the way to her parking lot before she covered up that nipple. Once I was stopped next to her car mom told me to get in the back next to my sister but in the middle on the hump. When I was in position mom reclined both front seats to rest on our knees. Mom removed her tight jeans and her panties. She let me and Pamela feel how damp they were before she put them in my glove box. Then amazingly mom got on her knees facing me and pushed back onto the gearshift lever sliding her pussy over the stick shift knob. While mom fucked herself with my shift lever she unzipped my pants, took my cock out, and started to suck me. Mom rocked back and forth impaling herself first on my cock and then on my knob. Pamela watched mom intently and cheered her on. Pamela couldn’t believe that mom was sucking my cock any more than I could plus she couldn’t believed that my shift knob was in her pussy either. Just about the time that I started to fill mom’s mouth she was vibrating like crazy from an orgasm. Soon I was slipping out of her mouth and mom was slipping off the knob. She offered to clean my shift knob off but I told her that I would cherish it just like it was for as long as I owned the car. Mom put her tight pants back on and adjusted her skimpy top before getting out. Then Pamela and I got back in the front seats. Mom told Pamela that I tasted really good if she wanted to try it for herself. Apparently I taste even better than my father does.

I followed mom home while I felt of my sister’s breasts. She promised me a blowjob when we went up to bed. I just smiled at that. In our driveway mom drove into the garage while I backed in. Mom took Pamela’s hand and walked her into the house. Dad was in the living room watching television when we entered. He took one look at mom and then at Pamela. All he did was smile. Mom sat in his lap, uncovered one of her nipples, and pulled his head to it. Pamela pushed me onto the couch, sat on my lap, and fed me one of her nipples too.

Dad watched us out of the corner of his eye. After about a whole minute dad asked, “What has gotten into you two.”

Mom pulled him back to her breast and said, “Your son named his Mustang ‘The Mayflower.’ I got in and I had to cum across. Now I need to get fucked real good. Cum with me honey.”

Dad looked at Pamela and I and then said, “Get a room you two…we are.”

I took Pamela up to my bedroom but she wanted to use her bedroom instead. She said that she wasn’t sure what I had done in my bed. I laughed and told her that she had probably been doing the very same thing. Then we laughed together.

As we entered her bedroom we heard loud giggling coming form the end of the hallway. Mom was starting already.

Pamela wondered if we should close her bedroom door. I told her that mom hadn’t. So we didn’t either. Pamela offered me a blowjob but I asked her for a fuck instead. After seeing my shift knob go into mom’s pussy I wanted to put my cock into my sister’s pussy. Luckily she wanted that too.

Shortly we were naked, in her bed, and we had lost our virginities together. After a while mom tapped on the door and asked Pamela to go to the bathroom with her.

When she asked why mom said, “Well if you must know. We take this time to wash out their slimy cum from our pussies. It gives them time to recuperate and no man can resist dirtying a clean pussy. So we get fucked again. Do you want to swap partners this time?”

Pamela smiled and said, “You wouldn’t mind and dad won’t care?”

Mom laughed out loud and replied, “It was your father’s idea and frankly he doesn’t care what I think about it. However no I don’t mind because I get to let your brother fuck me too.”

I just laid there for a while thinking about mom fucking my cock just like she had fucked my shift knob in The Mayflower.

By the time I was hard again mom was back. Mom called down the hallway, “Mine’s hard.”

Pamela called back, “So is mine.”

Mom called back to Pamela and said, “This time just fall asleep in his arms and let him do it again in the morning.” She looked at me and said, “You too young man.”

Not only could I fuck my mother tonight but I could do it again in the morning too. Wow!

The End
The Mayflower
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