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It was a hot summer day, my long time girlfriend, Mendy, was over for the weekend. We had just gotten back together. We have broken up many times before, mostly because she likes to fuck other guys now and then. She was pulling weeds from the flower bed and I was mowing the yard. I was watching her ass more than where I was going. She has a sweet little ass and you could see the outline of her pussy through the tight, thin material. I saw her go into the house and I jumped off the mower and followed her in. She was bent over, looking in the fridge. I came up behind her and grabbed her hips and ground my hard on into her ass crack. She stood up and turned around. I grabbed a handfull of that ass, her tit with the other hand and kissed her. "No", she said, "I am all sweaty and dirty." I didn't care, I was horny and kept up my assault. I slid my hand into her bottoms and found her pussy. I slid a finger in it and rubbed her clit a little. She said "no" again. "But I'm horny and want you now." She slid to her knees, undid my shorts, and pulled out my dick. She gave it a little kiss on the head, her lips felt so good. Mendy then looked up at me and said "I'll give you what you want now, if I can have what I want later." I couldn't wait to have those lips all the way around my head and would have agreed to anything. "Ok" I mumbled.
Mendy was a great cock sucker and had me bucking and moaning in no time. She grabbed ahold of it, put her mouth around the head and swirled her tongue around it. I grabbed the back of her head and picked up the pace a bit. Her firm grip on my dick and wonderful tongue soon brought the tingling feeling to my balls. My dick swelled and I pulled her in till her chin was against her fist which now had a death grip on my cock. My toes curled and I blew my wad. Mendy went to the bathroom to spit, as she normaly does. When she came out I ask her if she wanted hers now. She said "nope, you said I could have what I want. I want to go to a bar, pick up a stranger and fuck him in front of you. I know it's your fantasy to watch me fuck someone." My heart sunk, but my dick got hard again, she was right. I always wanted to watch her fuck one of those other guys.
Mendy was looking really hot in her little black dress and off we went to the bar. We got a booth in a darker corner, ordered some drinks, and checked out the place. We downed those drinks and ordered more. Mendy said she had to go to the little girls room. I could see all the guys check her out as he strutted to the bathroom. Quite a few minutes had gone by and I was looking aroung for her. I looked up to the dance floor and saw her pressed up to a huge hunk of a man. Both his hands were on her ass and her short dress began to ride up as his huge hands rubbed her ass. Everyone in the bar could see her the bottom of her ass cheaks. They turned some, and it looked like her hand was between them rubbing his dick. My dick got hard, I'm sure his was too.
After a couple songs they came to the booth. Mendy slid in and him right beside her. She introduced us, Mike was his name. They were thirsty, so I got up to go to the pisser and get some drinks. When I returned, Mendys top had a couple buttons undone and her face was flushed. She cums so easy. I sat down, winked at them, and said "what was you guys doing?" Mendy slid down a little, and put a leg on each side of me. I could see his muscles in his arm flex as he was working her pussy with a couple fingers. Mendy laid her head back and she pulled her nipples herself. I whipped out my phone and snapped a couple pics, one from under the table. The manager saw the flashes and came over. When he saw what was going on, he told us to leave. Mike said he brought his friend Rob and can't leave him. Mendy said "get him and follow us." The bouncers were coming and I didn't have time to object. When we got in the car I said "two guys?" Mendy grinned and said "oh yea, hit the nearest motel."

We got to the motel room. Mike and Rob came in and Mendy went right over to Mike. He grabbed her and she almost disappeared in his arms. Rob nodded a hello to me, got behind Mendy and slid her dress up and off. She raised her arms for him and her tits sprung out. I didn't know she wasn't even wearing underwear. "The little whore" I thought to myself and smiled. Then she showed me what a whore was and dropped to her knees. She undid Mikes pants and pulled out the biggest dick I have ever seen in person. You see shit in the movies, but damn. She waisted no time working that 10 inch cock. Rob was trying to get undressed and finger Mendys pussy at the same time. Robs dick was big too, but not as big as Mikes. Robs stood on one side of her and said "how about sharing that mouth?" Mendy was happy to and turned to suck Robs cock some too. Mendy was jerking one and sucking the other. Switching back and forth. She stopped for a second and looked right at me. She said "how am I doing baby? you liking this?" I was sitting in a chair watching in awe. I almost came in my pants when she said that. "Looks like your doing fine." Mike said "thanks for leting us fuck your old lady." Rob said "yea thanks man." "no problem, fuck her good, she likes it a lil rough too." They both said "cool" at the same time. Rob grabbed her head and was drilling her good. Mike said let me try. Mendy gagged on his 10 inches. First time I ever heard her gag. Mike picked her up and laid her on the bed. He got on top of her and started working his huge cock into her. Slowly but steady that big dick disappeared into my girlfriend. She arched her back and let out a loud "OH BABY!!! YOUR DICK IS SO BIG!!!" He hooked her legs with his arms which put her knees beside her head. This gave Rob and me a great view. His cock was shinny from her cum and you could see a wet spot growing under her ass. Mendy could really soak the bed when she came. He was pulling it all the way out and ramming all the way back in, hard. Her ass was smacking against him with each thrust. He pulled back too far one time and it slid out. When he thrusted again his dick popped out. I saw her squirt for the first time at that moment. Rob said "hey I thought we was sharing?" Mike rolled off her, Rob said "on your knees please." Mendy flipped right around and stuck her ass up. Mike went to the front and she was sucking him while Rob was drilling her from behind. After a while of this Rob said "I want to fuck your asshole baby, you have any lube?" Mendy looked at me and said "my purse." I found it, held it over her asshole and poured some out. Rob worked it around with a couple fingers while still fucking her pussy. I pulled her nipples while Rob put his 8 inches to her little butt hole and pushed it in. She let Mikes dick fall from her mouth and she groaned "OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING!!! FUCK ME BABY!!! FUCK MY ASSHOLE!!!" I could see her cum running down her leg. She looked up at mike and said "I want you to fuck my pussy while he fucks my ass. I want double stuffed!!" Rob and Mendy rolled over together, they were stuck together like a couple dogs. So now, Rob was on his back, Mendy was laying on her back on him. Robs dick still buried in her ass, Mendys legs spread wide and Mike mounted her. All I could see of her was her legs, arms, and face. Our eyes locked as Mike slid his dick in her pussy. As they pounded away at her, she mouthed "I love you baby." They were all grunting and growning and fucking like wild people. Rob said "I'm cumming!!" and blew his wad up her ass. Mike was right behind him with his wad. Lucky for Rob, his cock had slid out already, because a bunch of Mikes cum ran out of her pussy and down her crack when he pulled out.
They all lay on the bed, spent. Mendy said "light me a smoke please babe." I did and she laid on the bed and smoked. Mike and Rob got dressed, said thanks, and left. Mendy was laying there, smoking, cum still dripping from her two holes.
Mendy said "well, say something." I said "WOW, that was awesome, but my balls must be blue by now." She said "come here and I'll suck you off." "No, it's my turn to fuck you." She said "but I'm all sweaty and dirty." I said " your dirty alright." And slid my dick in her swelled up pussy. It slid in so easy, her pussy was so hot, it felt like it was on fire. It was soaking wet with hers and Mikes cum. She let out a pussy fart and more of Mikes cum came out all soaking my balls. This was all I could take and I unloaded more cum into her pussy.
We showered and went home. She would let me fuck her in the morning, said her pussy was sore. lol


2011-06-23 00:51:21
Do you still share your wife? Lol.


2010-05-11 12:50:27
brillant... fucking hot

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2009-06-24 06:27:15
Kids! Kids! I want kids!

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2009-05-29 14:22:08
fag hater , u lil kid ... grow up


2009-04-22 01:02:58
i wouldnt worry about unknowledgeable lil kids opinons..i think the story was hot

fag hater is just a stupid lil kid ..probably still liviing in his mom and dads basement....

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