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Part 3 of 4
With rage still pulsing through his body, he glared at the nurse. He now had all the answers to the feelings he had be experiencing. Where the answers came from he did not know but, he understood what his purpose was now. He was a killer, nothing more, a blood sucking, life taking, night walking killer. He had no disgust for himself but, he despised the nurse, for she did this to him. She made him in to this, as much as he wanted to kill her, he had the feeling he was outmatched.

“WHY?” Justin screamed. “ Why did you do this to me? For what reason?”

“You did it to yourself.” She told him. “You were so caught up in yourself, that you saw no greater purpose in life than getting what you desired. Now you have an eternity to deal with a life poorly lived. You are exactly what makes a great vampire, there was a hole in you that could’ve never been filled, it left you always hungry for more. Now that hole will never be filled, you will never be satisfied, you will never feel truly happy again.”

“Because you thought I lived my life poorly, you’ve cursed me. If I was living my life so poorly why not just kill me? Why make me one of you?” He questioned

“You think a good person can be made in to a vampire? Ha, no, it takes someone who is miserable to make a vampire. They have to have a disgust for the world, they have to feel cursed and betrayed. Not just anyone can suck the life out of a human and feel no emotion.” She told him pointing at Tiffany’s corpse. “ By killing her you have proved you can be a vampire, if you had not been able to, I would have killed you then her as well. Now I have given you the reasons for my actions, I have just a few more things to tell you then you are on your own.”

“Wait a minute, so that’s it, you turn me into this and then leave me alone in the misery?” He asked

“ Why yes that’s the idea, two vampires cannot travel together, they can’t get along for long. Eventually one will kill the other out of hatred. Only two vampires in love can stay together. Now what I must tell you is, you will never again be able to walk in the daylight, the only thing other than the sun that can kill you is another vampire, and anyone you bite has the potential to turn into a vampire. Even if you have sucked them dry they can return to life in a few hours, they come back as a sort of virgin vampire, just like you were. That is until they taste their first victim. You have to snap the neck after you drink them, just like this.” The nurse leaned down and twisted Tiffany’s neck till a loud snap was heard. “ Now she is dead. Remember to snap the necks. It is also in your best interest to get rid of the bodies. It will keep people from suspecting anything. “

“There is also quite a bit of abilities that will come to you with time. You have a great mind over matter ability in both yourself and others. You’ll discover these with time. Finally, you must feed on blood. You may be able to go a few days without, but after too long you grow weak and wither. You won’t die from it but believe me it’s a fate worse than death. You would live in perpetual pain until you feed again. Now that’s all I have to tell you and it is time I leave.” she said.

“Wait, you can’t leave me. I have no idea what to do with myself. You owe me more answers than that.” he told her.

“I have given you more, than I was given when I was turned. You are on your own.” She said.

With a quick move she leaped over Justin and out the window. He ran to see where she had went but she had disappeared in to the night. He sat for a while, thinking of what to do with his cursed life. He wondered if what the nurse had told him was true and he couldn’t be killed by normal means. This thought consumed him. He sprang up from the floor, ran to the window, and jumped. He did not fall, opening his eyes he realized he was souring over the city, like a bird. He soured for a few minutes and decided to land. As soon as he thought to land, he dropped to the ground, landing on his feet. He had traveled clear across town, all the way to the ghetto.

“ Hey baby, where’d you come from?” Said a voice behind him

He turned and was greeted by a rough looking prostitute. Her smell captivated him, she had been the first human he’d been near since he turned. From the smell of her body he knew she had been out for a while but had yet to find a customer. The smell that captured him the most was her blood, the smell of it gave him such a thirst.

“ So, are you looking for fun or are you just going to stare at me?” she asked him

“ No, I’m gonna fuck you.” He said

“ Oh, is that right. Well that costs money. How much you got?” she questioned

“ For you I’ve got enough.” He told her, handing over a twenty.

“ Ok baby, lets step in to the alley and you can nail me over the boxes back there.” she told him.

They walked into the alley and the whore lifted her skirt, she had no panties on. Justin grabbed her by the pussy lips a squeezed them tell she moaned. “ Yeah, be rough baby.” She told him. He let go and pulled his cock from his pants and plowed into her cunt. She screamed with agony, her pussy was not wet yet and he had tore her open as he thrusted. Justin could feel the blood coming from her pussy, it made him more excited and he thrusted harder.

“Stop, please stop!” the whore yelled “ You’ve torn me open, it hurts, please stop.”

Her pleas fell on deaf ears, Justin just continued on tell the blood lubed her pussy and it eased the fucking. He grew tired of her cries and slapped her across the face. “ shut up bitch, quit your crying.” He demanded

“It hurts, please stop! Your making me hurt so bad.” she cried.

Justin slapped her again and told her if she didn’t shut up he rip her head off. She quieted down, Justin’s thrusts had now picked up pace and were driving deep into her cunt. Warm blood was still bleeding out of her and running down her legs. The feeling was too great for him and he felt himself reaching climax. With one last thrust he came in her pussy. For a moment he let his grip of her slip and she tried to run. Justin gave chase and tackled her to the ground. He stood over her, she looked pitiful, covered in blood and cum. He knelt in front of her and lowered his head to her pussy , the smell of cunt, cum, and blood made him hunger.
As she whimpered in fear, Justin licked her pussy, he lapped up al the juice that came flowing out of her. When he had cleaned her, he wanted more and bit her clit. She screamed in pain as he started to suck her blood out from her pussy. Her blood in his body made him feel powerful. He continued to suck until her cries died down, he drank his last drop as she took her last breath.

Satisfied, he stood up over his victim. What a worthless whore he thought as he snapped her neck. He picked her up and leapt to the roof of the nearest building. He was in love with his powers and could not wait to learn what all he could do. He took flight again, souring back to Tiffany’s apartment. Dropping the whore on top of his previous victim, he walked to the kitchen. Grabbing a bottle of vodka and a lighter, he walked back to the bodies. He dumped the vodka and lit them on fire. He turned and jumped from the window into flight. Finding his home he landed in the alley and walked up to his apartment. With daylight fast approaching he wanted to rest. On his door was a note.

Please call me. I’m sorry for what I said to you. I need you. Jill

He tore the note off and walked inside. He’d deal with her tonight.

To Be Continued.

The final part is coming up soon.

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2012-08-09 13:01:59
We have another threoy: Over the last decade, cunnilingus has become such a widely accepted, much-discussed, bedroom activity that the transformation of it into an art form was sure to follow. In fact, think about how oral sex has moved from a once almost-taboo topic to the dominant action between sweethearts ever since the the safe sex 90 s by the time Congress was up in arms over the President being blown in the Oval Office, it was pretty commonplace to read about it in the headlines. The avalanche of Cosmo articles and Sex and the City episodes highlighting pussy licking as the sure-fire way to obtain female orgasm (and thus male enjoyment) also happily coincided with the rapid worshiping of the Brazilian wax (or outright bare) look, so that in porn you could not only see the damn thing but really enjoy those mouth-watering lap-ups. Your third shot is the winner common to see women literally french kissing each other's pussies or as Katie is giving the thumb's up right now, Fuck

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2011-07-06 18:25:05
You fucking dickhead! Vampires can be whatever the hell the author wants them to be. Just like Edward sparkles in the sun and vampires turn stone when theyre killed in the Twilight Saga. Vampires can have any ability you judgmental fuck face. Anyway, wonderful story. I like the aggressiveness. You make the reader feel as though there is no hope for Justin. You rarely see that in vampire stories. Lovely.

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2011-07-06 18:23:44
You fucking dickhead! Vampires can be whatever the hell the author wants them to be. Just like Edward sparkles in the sun and vampires turn stone when theyre killed in the Twilight Saga. Vampires can have any ability you judgmental fuck face. Anyway, wonderful story. I like the aggressiveness. You make the reader feel as though there is no hope for Justin. You rarely see that in vampire stories. Lovely.


2009-05-02 03:54:53
Why are all your viewers illiterates?

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2009-02-22 00:13:08
Oh shiitt can't waitto read the final part. I really felt so excited. Love this story.

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