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Being seduced by a 13 year old girl
wife came and sat down next to me at the table. “We’ve got a problem” she said.
“A problem” I replied. “Yes” she continued ”You know that Ann and I are going out tomorrow night”. She and Ann had arranged a girls night out. They were not going to be back home until the early hours of the morning, I had rented a porno for the night and was looking forward to a good old fashioned wank. My wife was not the most highly sexed woman in the world and sometimes I needed a little extra.
“So what’s the problem? “ I enquired. “Well it’s Ann” she said “You know that Mike is away” ( I did, Mike was attached to the military and had been gone for three months and would be gone for three more) “Well” she continued “Ann thinks that there is a stalker watching her and the girls”. Ann and Mike had two teenage daughters, Vicky 15 and Becky 13. “ A stalker” I responded “I think Ann is fantasising, wishful thinking” I said.
“Well she was wondering if you would go over to hers, whilst we are out tonight and keep an eye on the girls” she asked. Dam there goes my evening of pleasure I thought.
“The girls are old enough to look after themselves aren’t they?” I asked trying to weed my way out of looking after two brats. “Well if you won’t then we shan’t go” my wife informed me. Dam and blast (or words to that effect) I thought. “ O.K. then” I surrendered.
Next evening we called around to Ann and Mike’s house. We went in, without knocking, “Were here” my wife called out. Ann came down the stairs, all dolled up. Ann was 36 years old, bottle blonde, busty and dizzy. “Hi” she said as she wrapped her arms around my wife, she then wrapped herself around me and said “Thanks so much for agreeing to look after the girls, I was so worried but I know they will be safe with you in the house”. She grabbed my head and thrust it into her cleavage, she’d always had a nice pair of boobs and wasn’t afraid to use them. It was almost worth not seeing my porno! “Now I’ve told them both to be good and do as you tell them, no matter what” she said “And you let me know if they don’t”.
With that I got two pecks on the cheek, one from each, and then both women left.
I settled into the armchair in front on the T.V. and switched it on. Boring, boring, boring, nothing on worth watching, wish I’d brought my porno with me. Vicky came into the room. Vicky was short, blonde, blue eyed and for all her shortness had an hour glass figure and a nice pair of boobs for her age, obviously taking after her mother. She would, when she turned her attention to it be a catch for some young lad. “I’m going to have a shower and then go on my computer for a bit before going to bed” she informed me. As she finished her sentence Becky bounded in. “Hi” she said with the biggest grin on her face. Now I hadn’t seen either girl for a while and whereas Vicky had simply continued to blossom Becky had transformed. Gone was the little girl, she had shot up in height, taller than her sister, for all her lankiness she had also started to develop. Her eyes shone like radiant pools of blue water and her smile lit up the room. “Whoch ya upto?” she asked Vickie. Vickie informed Becky of her intentions and left the room to do as she had said. “That’s rude” Becky told me “I’ll keep you company for a while shall I?”. I just nodded, did I really want a pubescent 13 year old keeping me company?
I watched the T.V. for a while. A film came on at last “Lolita”, how apt I thought, a young girl seducing an older man. Not that I had any intention or even thought about Becky or come to that Vicky either, I was just pissed for not being able to watch my porno. “What’s it about” Becky asked, as she lay on the floor, half facing the T.V. and half facing me. “Er you’ll just have to watch it to find out” I flippantly responded.
We watched for a while and I was aware that Becky was watching me as much as the T.V. She did try to make idle chatter but I was being rude and trying to ignore her. I realised I was being rude myself and made an attempt to show interest. What could I talk to a 13 year old girl about? “Still doing your gymnastics” I enquired. Becky looked at me, she was now laying on the floor on her belly her head held in her hands. Her eyes lit up at the attention, her wonderful smile once again lit up the room and her eyes sparkled. “Nope but I can show you what I can still do” she told me. She got up and raced out of the door, saying as she left, “I’ll have to get my outfit on”. After what seemed like only a couple of seconds she was back. Now I think the uniform Becky was wearing was either another little girls or one she had worn before the sudden growth spurt. Her skirt bearly covered her arse and the top she had on was cut short above her belly and I could see from where I was sitting the roundness of the pert boobs which were being squashed into her now tight top. “What would you like to see” she asked me. There was a question, I was probably seeing much more than I ought to be anyway and looking at this developing young lady was starting to have an undesired effect on my groin. “I don’t know” I replied “Show me one of your routines”. Becky immediately did a cartwheel followed by the splits and then somehow lifted herself up into a handstand. Her skirt couldn’t defy gravity and headed towards the floor revealing that Becky was wearing a little white thong, her pussy lips easily showing themselves as her thong strained in between them. Her top had also dropped but was so tight that although it revealed the bottom of her boobs it didn’t drop enough to reveal any nipples. My groin again felt the urge to remind me it wasn’t dead. Becky continued to roll and romp around the floor, giving me ample flashes of both her boobs and her nearly thong covered pubic area (not much in the way of pubes as far as I could see though. “There” she said “What did you think to that”. What could I say? “Well little girl with you flashing your pussy and tits at me I’ve got a stonking hard on!”. Nope I couldn’t say that. “Er very impressive” I said “Tell me aren’t you supposed to wear those big knickers and a sports bra?” I enquired. “Couldn’t be bothered” she responded, her eyes I noticed now transfixed on my ever growing groin. I attempted to shift myself, partly to hide my bulge from her view and partly to get a little more comfortable as my cock strained against my jeans begging for release. Becky’s head followed my groin movement and she looked quizzically at me. “Have you got a hard- on” she asked looking me straight in the eye. I could have lied but it was so obvious. “Yes” I replied “So you know what a hard on is do you?” I asked her. “It’s what a guy gets when he wants to have sex” she replied “He wants to put it into a girls vagina until all creamy stuff comes out, we’ve done it in sex education” she informed me. “That’s right I said “More or less”. “Well why has it got big now?” she asked. “Well it was because you were making me … errrr excited, moving around and flashing your bits”. It was no good me lying and I couldn’t really think of anything else to say. “So you got that because you think I was sexy dancing around?” she asked me. “Well not so much the dancing as what you were exposing” I told her. She looked herself up and down and smiled. “Do you think I look sexy in this?”. “You would probably look a lot sexier out of it” I replied. What the hell I’d dug myself into a hole already so I was already in trouble!
Becky lifted her top up to expose her boobs, elbows high in the air she asked “Do you think I’ve got nice boobs, they’re not very big yet”. “ Mouth dropping open I replied “You have very nice boobs” I said “And it’s not the size that matters”. This brought a bigger smile to her face, still with her elbows held high she approached me and stood right at my feet. “Would you like to touch them” she asked. I looked her in the eye, frowned a little and replied, “If I do I could get into a lot of trouble, your only young and I could go to jail”. “I won’t tell anybody, it’s just all these things are happening to me and I don’t really understand about them. I’ve learnt all the technical side of things but no-one really shows you what to do and I want to know, I promise I won’t tell” she reiterated. How could I turn this down, what had gone on already was enough to lock me up, so in for a penny in for a pound, I reached my hands out and slowly and gently cupped her small boobs in my hands. They were lovely, firm and pert, I gently moved my thumbs and stroked her precious little boobies, coming into contact with her delicate little nipples as I did so. Becky shuddered. “That’s nice” she told me. Well this will be nicer” I replied as I moved my mouth onto one of her boobs, took nearly the whole boob into my mouth and tickled her nipple with my tongue. Becky giggled “That tickles” she said as I continued on her booby. I proceeded to do the same to her other boob, swapping hand and mouth several times. Becky stood there, her elbows still high giving little judders now and then. “I think I need to go to the toilet” she informed me. “You getting a little tingle in your pussy?” I asked. She fidgeted her hips a little and replied “Mmmmmm” as she crossed her knees back and forth. “It’s not a wee you want” I said “It’s because your starting to feel sexy, like when a guy gets a hard on”. Becky, now her arms starting to ache pulled her top over her head, as she did so her groin came forward onto my knee, rubbing against me as she did. She shot her hips back and gave out a little squeal. “That proves you are feeling sexy” I told her. She looked at me a little puzzled as I stroked up the inside of her thigh with my hand, her legs parted automatically and my hand soon reached her pussy. With my finger I pushed my hand between her legs, over her thong but as it was tight between her pussy lips, parting them I almost had unrestricted access.
“Mmmmm” she moaned as she thrust her hips back forward “That feels funny”. I continued to suckle on her boob and stroke her pussy with my hand. “You like this?” I asked her. She giggled gave out the biggest smile and replied “Mmm sure do”. “Let’s take these off” I said as I pulled her thong down her long legs. She stepped outt of them and ther before me was this gorgeous young creature just waiting for me to devour her. She stepped back forward and I retuned to suckling her boobs and stroking her pussy. Her juices were flowing, lubricating my finger as it slid back and forth. It didn’t take long breathing to become rapid and her body suddenly went into spazm, out of control she collapsed onto me, her legs outside mine and her arms flung around my shoulders, she rested her head on my shoulder and I nibbled her ear . She pulled herself back and kissed me on the lips, a little school girl peck, at first which developed into a full on French kiss. I cupped the cheeks of her bottom in both hands, a firm bottom not yet having gained the excess bodyweight of a grown woman. A little boys arse nearly.
“That was really really nice” she told me”I liked that a lot”. We kissed some more and I had a great time fondling her arse, I even managed to tickle her anus for a little while with my finger.



2014-03-02 06:37:08
another great story. keep it up

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2012-09-16 09:52:53
Got my cock rock hard. Cum all over chest. Mmmmm

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2010-06-23 08:22:46
When she fell forward onto him, how come she didn't land with her saliva and cum soaked pussy wrapped around his cock? That would have led to them to the point of him taking his jeans off, stuffing his cock in her tight little orifice and fucking a load of cum into her. .. After all, didn't their mom pointedly tell him that the girls were to do whatever he told them to do? Big sis could have heard her cry out when he popped her cherry and by the time she got something on and came downstairs, her younger sister would already have discovered that she was enjoying being fucked. Neither of them would have known that the older sister was watching and after they finished, she'd be hot and demanding to try it, too.


2009-11-22 20:00:05
It's ok, but the phrase 'back forward' is annoying!! What does it mean??


2009-10-07 14:00:59
Bump to read your stories later - so far they are great. Keep em cummmming please.

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