It was wrong, but that didn't stop us...
Well here it is: "The 2nd Time". This one has two parts to it . The first part is me trying to figure out why my sister is depressed. Forgive me if its not as good as good as "The 1st Time".

It had been two months since that Christmas Eve morning. Nothing serious had happened (not counting a few moments of oral sex. But on the morning of my sixteenth birthday, I realized something had changed with my sister. She wasn't herself and I wanted to know why...

It started out like a normal Saturday. I woke up in room with the alarm clock blaring next to my ear. I got up, grabbed my clothes, and hopped in the shower. The water felt good on my skin for some reason.

When I got out of the shower, I saw Jacqui sitting at the table eating breakfast. She looked tense for some reason. Her hair was a tangled mess and her skin was almost pale, not as it was two months ago.

I sat down accross from her and asked her if she was alright.
"You don't look good," I said, concerned.
"What do you mean?" she said unconvincingly.
"You look like-" I was cut off when i heard a sharp "Shush!" eminate from Jacqui's pinkish lips.
She just sat there as I heard my mom come down the stairs. She walked past the door and left.

When we knew our mom's car was gone, she turned to me and said, "You want to know what happened to me?"
I nodded my head intently.
"My boss raped me," she said on the brink of tears.

I sat there quietly for a minute. I was almost afraid to ask, but, being the caring person that I am, asked what happened.
"Lets go to my room. I'll explain what happened."

We went into her room where she lay on the bed. She grabbed the near empty bottle of lotion and asked me to give her a massage while she relayed the story. I took the bottle and squirted some in my hands. I started with the feet as she started with her story...


Jacqui's job was at the local supermarket as a cashier. She had told me about a guy she had a crush on named Keith, who also worked there. She also tole me she knew the boss (Mr. Lee we shall call him) was a perverted bastard. A few times, she caught him looking at her well formed ass.

A week after our first time together, Mr. Lee began making sexual passes at Jacqui. There was a twenty-four year age difference between him and Jacqui (he's forty) and he loved younger women. The story Jacqui relayed to me happened the week before.

Jacqui was closing up the store when Mr. Lee asked her to step into his office. Thinking it was a pay-raise, jacqui willingly stepped into his office.

Mr. Lee's office wasn't big. Jacqui took one step into the room and sat down in a chair. Mr. Lee opened a refrigerator and grabbed a root beer.

Jacqui took the bottle and took a swig. The last thing she remembered was Mr. Lee talking about something very special in store for her.

Jacqui woke up with her hands tied up. She realized she was naked and very cold. She saw Mr. Lee with his hands on his cock just a few feet away. He approached Jacqui, grabbed her head, and forced his cock into her throat. There was nothing she could do but struggle in resistance.


"Thats terrible," I said as I massaged Jacqui's soft legs. "What did you do."
"I couldn't do shit, James. I was at his mercey..."


Mr. Lee took his cock ou of Jacqui's mouth and forced her to swallow his cum. He grabbed her throat and choked her until he felt her swallow it. She almost puked it up, but didn't. Mr. Lee moved to Jacqui's open pussy. He stuck his hand in her and began fisting her. She squirmed as Mr. Lee pulled his hand out and put his cock in.
"Let go of me, fucker!" Jacqui screamed. Mr. Lee slapped Jacqui hard and left a red mark on her face. He went back to her pussy and began fucking her senseless. He moaned when he was on the brink. He pulled out and blasted Jacqui's face with his cum.


"And that's it," Jacqui said as she finished the story. "He untied me, handed me my clothes, shoved me in his car and drove me back to the store naked." She was fighting to jerk back the tears.

My hands massaged her shoulders, trying to relax her.
"Why didn't you tell anyone?" I asked.
"Its my word against his. No one will believe me," she said, crying.
"I believe you," I said comfortingly. I moved my hands to her soft, warm arms.

Jacqui looked at me with her wet, blue eyes, each glistening in the natural light og the room. In a splitsecond, her arms became cold as ice.
"I'm so cold, Jacob," she said.
"I can fix that," I said as our eyes and lips locked in one fiery moment of love.

To be continued...

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You ruined everything. Who was jason in the first part? And u didnt mind hr being raped? Sucker

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Way too short and not much in the way of plot, story or character build up not good really must try harder D grade . Luvsalik

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This story was shit!! I hated it

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