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she is getting needy and calls for He Master
She had been so close all day. Every movement had her on edge, yearning for more. Her eyes darkened to the color of the deepest part of the ocean taking in every thing she had used for her own pleasurable torture. The couch arm; a champagne bottle, still full with its bubbly liquid, maybe a bit shook up but still there and good. She had used her spoons both big and small along her body and inside it.

She was breathless, on edge, and needing release now. The day was almost over; she could go to bed in another hour. Her feet spun around off the couch, made contact with the floor and she sobbed out her frustration. Deep resonant wracking sobs, and she felt she would not be able to stop them. But they subsided after a while. She felt hollow, yet so full of energy.

“Oh dear heart.” She took a deep breath, then letting it out, slowly, she shoved herself up off the couch. “Tomorrow He will be home and He will allow you pleasure my sweet.” She looked lovingly at her Master’s chair and sighed heavily letting her eyes roam over His side of the room. His chair sat in the corner, which allowed Him to see every corner of the spacious room. This was one of his favorite and most relaxing pursuits, just sitting there, taking in the energy around him.

Her blue eyes dropped to His side table where He kept His book, work stuff and a small inlaid box for His reading glasses. She swayed over to the table, her hips naturally swinging from side to side. Her long shapely legs carried her delicately over the plush carpet and when she reached His chair she let out a very soft mewling sound.

Her body awoke as if from a dream once more. She could feel her tight little nub stiffen and quake with desire as her walls clenched and her nectar slipped through her swollen folds. Her eyes closed as her head fell back allowing her thick mane of red hair to slide down to her thighs once more. She couldn’t stand yet another round of torture, but His words kept coming back to her. He wanted her so near to the brink of release that she knew she was going to explode when He came home.

She stood quietly at the very edge of the small table, and eyed the small inlaid box. With her small pale hand, she picked it up. “He should have taken this with Him.” She whispered to herself softly. Her fingers dallied over the black box then slowly opening it, she smiled. “He left His glasses here? Oh I hope He won’t need them.”

A suddenly twinge of yearning captured her soul and she collapsed into His chair. A long leg splayed over the arm of His dark chair, the other slightly bent before her. She toyed with the box a little, moving it around in her hands.

“Oh You looks so gorgeous with these glasses on, my Master." She whispered to to no-one in particular, but imagining Him sitting right there. Right now. "I always want to tear into You when I see You wearing these.” She smiled wickedly as she took out His glasses. The ear pieces to the glasses fell open as her fingers began to unfold them. Licking one end then moving it down across her throat then her collar bone she leaned back further in her Master’s chair. She felt a frisson of uncertainty - should she even be in this chair? What would He say if He suddenly came home right then and found her in His sacred place of meditation and relaxation?

The rubber end of the ear piece slid effortlessly between her breasts, then traced around each nipple before she slapped each one, right on the tip . She let out a soft moan as the desire went spiraling to her belly and core. She felt herself pulsing wildly. “Oh, you naughty girl. What would Master think of you right now?” She continued to brush the ear piece of the glasses down over her belly. She circled her little navel, watched it quiver then traced further down, in a squiggly line, until the rubber mounting slipped over her hard and now slick nub.

Yelping out, she slid the whole thin piece of the glasses between her folds. Her petals opened and flared to life as once again she began to bring herself near. She sunk the metal deep into her folds and wriggled it hard against her g-spot, pulling it out swiftly only to move back it in. She did this several times, feeling her walls clench and contract as her hips raised up. Pulling the glasses free from her she breathed heavily. Her breaths came in ragged spurts.

Sitting up and keeping her legs open wide she lowered her open cunt on to the lens of His glasses. She pressed the coolness to her moist heat, and she rocked her hips back and forth, smearing the nectar all over each lens. Smiling to herself, her fingers folded the glasses together.

She turned to face the seat of His chair and reaching behind her, she took His glasses and started to slide them in from behind. Her breasts were crushed against the leather seat. As she rocked onto the glasses, her nipples grazed the edge of the seat. The shivers that ran through her body caused her to sink the glasses in deeper.

Her narrow back began to arch and curve as she pumped her hips. Slurp! Slurp! The wet sound filling her ears as she felt the lens rub against her clit just right. She jolted and heaved loudly. Her hips wantonly undulated against the chair as her cunt swallowed His glasses.

“No pet. You will not cum until I have returned from my trip.” His words came to her once more. She could feel herself so close. She could cum right now if she would allow her self to. She wanted closer. She wanted to be where she could not stop. She would stop then. She knew she could. Or at least, thought she could.

With that decision in her head she began to gyrate her hips. Her clit slammed against the edge of the chair then back onto the glasses. She began to imagine her Master fucking her.

He would take her from behind, His favorite position. His fingers would pinch her clit as He rode her hard. She could feel His cock spearing into her depths and stretching her wide open. He would then let go of her clit and wrap his fist into her hair and pull on it hard, letting her know exactly who was in charge.

She arched her back and screamed out as the sudden rush of pleasure slammed into her body. She dropped the glasses onto the floor and began to heave loudly. She fought for control. Her sweet hot sex was vibrating immensely and her walls clamped and tried let her liquid flow.

“NO! Dear heart not now. You have to wait for Him.” She fought hard for the self-control and got it but with repercussions.

She got no sleep that night. She tossed and turned because her body was so inflamed with need and desire. She missed her Master. She needed her Master, and was fearful she would be too overwhelmingly greedy tomorrow to get what she wanted.

“Oh Master, please come home now!”
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