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Let me start out by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Matt, and i'm 18 years old. I'm almost 5' 9, 190 lbs. I play football, baseball, and i'm on the wrestling team. I'm not exactly ripped, but i'm definitely not fat. In the summer time from playing sports year round, i'm tanner than most of my friends and my sister who couldn't get a tan to save her life. The summer is precisely when this story takes place. It's the day of my graduation party, June 16th. It had to be the hottest day of the entire summer. All day relatives arrived, which wasn't exactly thrilling. My friends stopped over and a lot of girls I knew. My niece Danielle stopped over. She's only 14 but looks like she's my age. All my friends were asking who she was and I told them they better back off because of her age.
As day turned to night, me and my friends decided to step the party up a little bit. Everyone there threw down five dollars and we got a keg of Busch Light. Within an hour of when we got back with the keg, everyone was smashed. Game after game of beer pong can do that to a person. I decide to take a trip outside and see what's happening in my yard. I walk around the side of my house to find someone running towards me. It was Danielle, she wrapped both her hands around one of my arms and immediately I got a massive erection. Maybe it was the alcohol, but I looked at my niece not as her Uncle, but as my friends did. She was 4'9 maybe 90 lbs. I do twice her weight in warmups in the weight room. She father was Mexican, which meant she put my tan to shame. She was wearing pink pump high heels, which made her come almost to my chin. A black miniskirt with a white button up top. Bright pink lipstick, how did she convince her mom to let her wear what she's wearing. This girl was begging to be fucked. She leaned into my ear and whispered, "Uncle Matt, I saw a cop car." The first thing I picked up was the scent of alcohol on her breath; I didn't even ask her about it.
"If the cops come they can't do a thing. And for the last time just call me Matt.
"Well I'm scared. I'm only 14, what will they do if they catch me?" She wrapped her hands around my chest and impaled her chest on my cock. It stuck into her chest, then slip up my pants until it was pointing straight up. There's no way she didn't feel that, I thought to myself. She didn't even seem to notice though, she still clung to me with a kung fu grip. "Please can we go inside or something?"
"Alright if it will make you feel better lets go." We walked back inside my house. I didn't want to go back in my bedroom where all my friends were, so we found ourselves alone in the living room. We both sat on the couch, her sitting right next to me. I couldn't help but look down at her smooth legs. She looked so sexy it was hard from stopping myself. I turned on some random MTV bologna and we sat watching it for a while. I sat there trying to find another way to get laid, but it was getting so late I tried dozing off for a minute, that's when Danielle looked up at me, "Uncle Matt, can I ask you a question?"
"Sure, what's on your mind?"
"What's this thing?" She lifted her head from my lap and replaced it with her hand. She looked down at it for a second and looked up at me with a grin. "I could feel it when I hugged you. You have a big one, Uncle Matt." I looked down at my niece with her hand on my cock, with one of the hardest erections in my life as the door opened. It was my mom.
"Your sister's leaving," she said, "you better go say goodbye. Danielle, that means you're leavin' too."
"My mom said I could stay over, I mean.... if that's okay with you."
"Yes of course you're always welcome here. You have to find you're own place to sleep though."
"Oh don't worry," she looked at me, "I will."
I walked outside and said goodbye to my sister and a couple other fleeting relatives. On my way back inside, I heard my friends coming down from upstairs in my room. They said they were leaving, so I said bye to them too and headed back inside. When I got back to Danielle, she was complaining about being tired and wanting to go to sleep. I told her to go and she said I had to come with her, cuz she was scared of my room being so dark. Our house is old, and the wiring is weird so the switches are in weird places. I can see how she could get scared because you can't see where you're going sometimes. I led her upstairs, and we stumbled around in the dark, not even bothering with the switches. She fell backwards onto the weight machine and pulled me on top of her. She spread her legs and wrapped them around me laughing. Her skirt lift all the way up exposing her pink thong, driving my raging boner crazy. I wanted to pull it off to the side and ram my eight inch rod up her tiny hole. I started thinking about if she's been fucked before. She acts like a little whore, I have a sixth sense for them, family or not I can tell. I pulled myself off of her and pulled her on to her feet. We entered the second bedroom where my bed is. She fell onto her stomach, and i fell onto my back. I didn't bother turning the lights on, it looked like she was passed out anyway. I started feeling my pants, wondering if she was asleep so I could stroke it. I need some relief from this sexual tension. She started snoring a little bit, so I whipped it out and started wacking away. I worked it up into a full out erection again. I noticed that her snores had stopped a second too late. I opened my eyes and she stood gazing at my dick.
"Uncle Matt, yours is so big."
"Danielle, I'm your Uncle." I started packaging my raging hard-on away in my pants when she grabbed a firm hand onto it.
"No, I won't tell no one, just let me play with it."
"You're my niece, and you're 14! I'll go to prison!"
"Come on, you're so hot, all my friends wanna fuck you." She started stroking my cock at a good pace; I had to stop myself from exploding right then and there. "See? I've had lots of practice."
"On Who?"
"Some boyfriends I've had let me suck theirs, but they were half your size. I want to suck yours. I'm good at sucking too they tell me"
"You're insane. I'd never let you."
"Don't act like you don't want to, you're the one that got a boner in the first place. Now i'm telling you I want to suck it, so you can't get in trouble right? See? Problem solved." She pulled my cock into the upright position, pointing straight into her mouth. She plunged her head onto my steel rod. Her tiny mouth barely fit around it. Hell, her hand barely fit around it. She got about three inches in, and started to gag. The feeling of her lips wrapped around my cock sent flames through my body. She would use her tongue to try to coax her head farther down. The feeling was amazing, even if she wasn't getting it in any deeper.
"All that talk you had me thinking you were a pro"
"I am, i'm just getting warmed up." She plunged her head down again, this time four, maybe five inches down. She stuck her tongue out and flicked it back and forth on my shaft. With her hand she pulled my balls towards her mouth. With one last attempt, she speared her head down harder than before, but she had hit a brick wall. At this point I knew a couple things. One, I had three more inches of cock I had to get into her mouth. Two, I knew her mouth wasn't 5 inches deep. That meant my cock was part way in her throat, and if it could get part way in, she could get the rest in. I gave out a moan and smoothly placed my hand on her cheek. She stuck the tip of my dick between her teeth and her cheek so I could feel it. After feeling my dick through my niece's small cheek, she went back to sucking. Up, down, up, down. As amazing as it felt, her cute face staring up at me begged for more. I could see it in her eyes that she, just as much as me, wanted my dick buried in the back of her throat. My hand went from her cheek to the back of her head. I grabbed a handful of hair and started plunging her head down hard. I didn't push anything at first, just down the usual five inches. After a minute of this just as I had her down deep as she could go, I gave out a moan and thrust into her head. I slipped another inch into her mouth, but she instantly gagged and pulled off giggling. "I think you can read my mind."
"I think I can too. Now suck." She obediantly wrapped her lips around me again, only taking the tip in. I grabbed her head with both hands, and slammed her down again once more. Only two inches to go I thought to myself.
"Here this might be easier, stand up," she said. I stood up and stepped out of my pants. She lifted up onto her knees doggystyle, my cock pointing straight at her mouth. This will be way easier, I said to myself. My niece is a good little whore. I grabbed her head and bobbed it down a few inches. "I'd take a deep breath," I said, and without warning plunged her head down. Her throat was so tight as my cock slid seven long inches down her 14 year old throat. I started fucking her face pretty violently. I couldn't control myself at this point. I pulled it out, then down seven inches. I could hear her breathing heavy after every ascent. Pulled it out, down seven inches. I was slowly working myself into a rhythm. I felt that familiar tingle in my balls, and I didn't have to look far to find a place to shoot my load. Without warning I shoved my cock eight inches deep into her throat. She started to gag, put her hands on my hips and pushed away. She was no match for my strength at this point. I shot the first load of sticky cum directly down her throat. Then I slid her up slowly until just the tip was in her mouth. I rested here for a second, shooting a few streams of sticky fluid into her mouth before diving back down her throat to empty the rest of my load directly into her stomach. When I was done I slowly slid my cock once more out of my niece's slippery mouth. I had forgotten about the cum into her mouth until I saw it open, and she gave her tongue a swirl. One minute it was there, and the next it was gone as she swallowed every last drop.
"I think that stuff tastes good," she said as she licked her lips hungrily.
"Well then, this won't be the last time you get a free meal from me!"

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2011-05-12 13:43:47
lol person before me
great story BTW

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2011-05-12 13:43:01
Incest is the very best, but im sorry to say this isnt the best of incest


2009-11-16 03:55:29
good story, although i would have preferred this to be a dad/daughter story or her being a neighbor/friend. also i would have liked her to be younger (5-9yrs). i think if stories are going to be posted under young they should be preteens
(12-n-under), otherwise post them in the teens section.


2009-05-10 18:57:31
good story but the niece needed to be 9 or 10 yrs old and lot more details i give this story an 8 due to betails

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2008-11-30 19:23:06
Ew sick bastard lol ;°8

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