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Prim and Proper Lucy Harper becomes a sex slave.
Mrs. Lucy Harper (43) was proud of her academic standards. Teaching school was her calling. Just last week she had gotten one of her students expelled for cheating on a test and making wolf whistles when she turned her back. She was accustomed to appreciative whistles from male admirers as she walked home. And no wonder, at 5’6” her hour-glass figure with 36C bust would turn any man’s head especially considering her tight sweaters and skirts. But impertinent students making wolf whistles at a teacher was totally unacceptable. She hoped 18 yr. old John would learn his lesson from this incident.

Lucy really enjoyed her conservative life with her successful husband and her teenage son. Hers was a loving, respectful family.

The only dark cloud was her son’s gambling habit. A few weeks after expelling John, she discovered her son Brian had borrowed money from an inner city gang known for its violence. He had lost the money gambling and the gang had threatened to kill him if he didn’t pay up. It was a frightful lot of money and she could not understand how he had gotten into the clutches of this gang. She agreed to meet with two gang members at a coffee shop to arrange a settlement.

Unknown to Lucy, John was a member of the gang and had, in fact, tricked Brian into borrowing and gambling. It was a set up to get revenge on his old teacher.

“Well, well, well. Mrs. Harper, we meet again.” John grinned at Lucy’s discomfort as he took in her conservative brown jacket, ankle-length brown skirt and white blouse. Then he offered, “I’ll buy you coffee to show there’s no hard feelings.” Getting the coffee he pretended to put cream and sugar in it while actually pouring several drops of an extremely powerful and addictive drug that had fallen into the gang’s possession.

Lucy took several large gulps of the coffee to calm her nerves and then said, “You loaned Brian $20,000. He can’t pay. I can’t pay. Can we please make a deal?”

“Well, Mrs. Harper, maybe we can cut a deal. But why don’t you just finish off your coffee first. We’ll go for a walk in the park across the street where we can talk without prying ears.” John stalled to let the drug take effect.

Lucy nervously gulped the rest of the coffee. She didn’t like the idea of going anywhere with these hoods but she needed to help Brian. Entering the park, Lucy felt strange, hot, turned on!! Why? She couldn’t understand. She felt wobbly on her feet, her head spun.

Opening her eyes, Lucy found herself in a dirty, dingy room with a dozen young hooligans. This must be the gang clubhouse! How did she get here?

She was on her knees, her wrists tied to a chain hanging from the ceiling! Her jacket was lying on the floor. Oh gawd, what was going to happen to her!? She looked up. “What do you want? Please let me go. I’ll raise the money somehow. Please.” She struggled to her feet.

A vicious slap stung her face. John grinned. “First you will entertain us. Then we will make arrangements for you to EARN the money. Remember, interest is 20% per week so you will have to EARN a lot for us.”

Lucy spluttered, “Earn? How? What do you want? Let me go!” Her feet wouldn’t hold her up; she was dizzy. Strangely, just as in the park, she felt turned on.

“I hope you enjoyed your coffee. There was something a little extra in it.” John smirked again.

Realization dawned on poor Lucy, “YOU DRUGGED ME?? Let me go. Please!” Lucy pleaded even as her breasts warmed and her nipples hardened. Her face seemed to be blushing. And she was wet!! What was in that coffee??

The biggest, meanest looking thug, mid-20s, came forward, grinning from ear to ear. He touched her cheek, caressing. His hand slid to her blouse then ripped her blouse right down the front exposing her beautiful, proud breasts in their lacy white bra, the one she had bought to tease her loving husband. Her red nipples became rock-hard, jutting through the thin material.

“Look at this old school teacher’s titties. Nice, huh? She’s hot! Let’s see what she’s hiding down below.” The big, muscular hood guffawed in her face and she heard loud laughter all around the room. They were all leering!

She could do nothing hanging from the chain. His breasts felt very warm. She could feel a warm sensation between her legs. Oh gawd! What kind of drug was it?

The same hood unzipped her conservative brown skirt letting it fall to the dirty floor; more laughter.

“See. School teacher’s panties are damp. Let’s see why.” The horrible man snorted then seized her panties and tore them off exposing her mature, patch of dark hair protecting her womanhood. She gasped as his finger drove into her pussy and wiggled. Bringing it out, he displaying it to the leering low-life’s.

“See. Wet. She’s hot. Old but hot. Ok teacher, time to start earning the interest on Brian’s loan. Entertain us.” He almost doubled up with laughter.

The hooligans all got up and stripped in front of her, waving their dicks tauntingly. John let the chain drop and prim, proper Lucy collapsed on the floor.

In seconds, naked bodies swarmed her, ripping off her bra, squeezing, pinching her breasts. Pulling her nipples! Twisting her mature, hard, erect, red, nipples. Others had their fingers stuck in her cunt, rubbing. She was amazingly well-lubricated. Cocks everywhere touched her everywhere. Squeezing, poking, and pinching.

“Please stop. Don’t. Please stop. Don’t. Please. Stop. Stop. Please. Don’t. Please. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” Lucy’s desperate pleas went unheard and shockingly changed their tone. She was pleading for more!!

One by one the gangsters spread her legs, plunged their dicks in and pumped hard, watching her breasts heave, filling her cunt with their cum. Some grinned, one slobbered on her face. Three fucked her tits, jerking off over her face so that sticky cum dribbled down her hot cheeks. Two more turned her around and took turns fucking her ass while another two took turns sticking their ugly rods in her mouth cutting off her air until they exploded in her mouth filling it with their salty cum.

Helpless to stop them, poor Lucy found the drug even made her enjoy the abuse. The louts cocks pounded her with ease as her hot, wet pussy eagerly felt their hot, stiff members bringing her to ecstasy. Lucy, the devoted wife, shuddered as her waves of joy convulsed her drugged body. As each gangster entered and violated her, Lucy felt wave after wave of ecstasy.

The last one squirted in her hair, laughed and stepped back watching her chest heaving and shaking from the humiliation.

Next, they held her arms and legs while John approached with a dry razor. Soon her pussy was shaved bare like a white chicken. Another thug approached holding something that buzzed and looked like a needle. It jabbed Lucy’s shaved pubes over and over until finally he stepped back, surveyed his work and said, “Enjoy the tattoo, it’s our gang’s emblem. You will always bear our brand – the sign of the blood-shot eye!”

“That was the down-payment. The drug is highly addictive. You will die if you don’t get more. You will make another payment 3 times a week, more if we feel like it. Some of our clients want old bitches like you. If you satisfy them you should be able to pay off the weekly interest and maybe a bit more.” The gang leader sneered then said, “Take the old bitch and dump her in the park.”

Fainting, she woke in the park, naked, red marks all over. Looking down, she was appalled at the tattoo on her shaved pussy. Her brown jacket and skirt lay a short distance away. No sign of bra, panties or blouse.

Her heart raced as she thought about what had happened. What would happen next?? Would they come back for her as threatened? Could she tell her husband? How would she explain the evil-eye tattoo?! OH GAWD NO!!

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2014-10-03 23:51:32
I have read this along time ago and loved it. I read it again, and it DID, once again, make me wet. Thanks!

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2013-07-12 00:36:50

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2013-03-14 19:13:51
Good story but too short. Cant wait for more

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2010-08-10 21:17:36
The story has potential, but as it is it is way too short. Hopefully you will add chapters to it. If you do, and I certainly hope you do, the story would become hot if you would describe in detail the individual sex acts. What the guy is feeling as well as what she is feeling. You could even bring in the husband as a voyeur and a wimp with him made to suck the cum from her dripping pussy and ass. Then there is the son Brian. He could become her at home lover with him taking liberties with her pussy, tits, ass, and mouth. He might even bring in some friends of his to pay off some more of his gambling debts. I did give you a positive rating based on the foundation you have started here.



2010-06-15 20:17:09
"Just last week she had gotten one of her students expelled for cheating on a test"

"A few weeks after expelling John, she discovered her son Brian had borrowed money from an inner city gang known for its violence."

Wow! she can see the future?

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