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Sister Mary Katherine, or Sister Kate as she was known in the convent, sucked lovingly on Father Paul’s turgid pecker while she furiously masturbated her profusely dripping cunt. For the past ten years it had been Sister Kate’s sole responsibility to keep the good Father’s massive sex drive under some semblance of control. Every night around nine o’clock the phone in her private quarters would ring, indicating that Reverend Paul’s penis was in a very angry state indeed! Dressed in only a common black skirt and white blouse, she would make her way through the rectory to Father Paul’s private office. And then as usual she would stand next to his chair and allow him to lift the hem of her skirt and then calmly tongue her pantiless vagina to a stunning orgasm. If his nine inch cock wasn’t hard when he started, by the time he was finished sucking her off he was rock hard and ready for a good fucking or sucking. Usually he would nod for her to take her place on her knees between his thighs and then offer his raging hardon for her oral servitude. Once or twice a month, however, he would have her mount his incredible organ for the ride of her life. On these rare occasions her hairy pussy would be impaled by the enormous piece of manhood until she was literally being fucked into total and complete submission. The string of seemingly endless orgasms that enveloped her pussy were unbelievably satisfying as well as gratifying. Gratifying in that she knew that she was doing the Lord’s work in calming the demon spirit that seemed to habituate Father Paul’s organ. Now as her finger flew over her distended clitty, Father Paul’s prick suddenly and without warning began to spasm violently in her mouth as load after load of hot cum rocketed down her unsuspecting throat! As the very first blast slammed into her mouth, her pussy convulsed out of control as it contracted over and over again in a final orgasmic rush! Sister Katie slipped backwards onto the floor with her legs still splayed open and her glassy eyes staring at the Father’s huge cock hanging semi hard and as if getting ready for some more action. “My god,” she sighed softly while massaging her still hot cunt. “You are insatiable!” Father Paul smiled down at the forty five year old nun while lighting up a big cigar. He took a few moments to get it started before asking, “How long have you been performing your service?” “You mean to you?” she asked. “Yes, how long has it been?” “Uh, ten years or so,” she replied. The fifty seven year old priest took a long drag on his stogie and offered, “I think that it’s time we introduced some new blood into the service.” “Y-you’re not happy with me?” she asked in a hurt voice. “Of course I am,” he replied gently. “But by adding a third member to out little group could be exciting for both of us.” Sister Katie was quiet for a few moments before finally asking, “Did you have someone in mind?” He took another drag on his cigar, blew a couple of smoke rings and replied, “I’ve been thinking about it, and I think that Sister Constance would make an ideal addition!” “B-but she’s just in her first year,” Sister Katie replied. “She’s only twenty two years old!” “I know,” he replied impassively, “and I want her.” “Make the necessary arrangements!” Sister Katie pondered that for a moment before asking, “When do you want her?” The good father took another puff on his cigar and then replied evenly, “There’s no time like the present, do it!!!”

“That man is insatiable!” Sister Mary Katherine mumbled while she made her way to Sister Constance’s quarters. She glanced at her watch and grimaced when she saw that it was well past eleven o’clock. She knew that the young woman would more than likely be asleep since morning prayers started at five thirty sharp. After giving two sharp raps on the heavy door it took a few moments before a very sleepy eyed Constance opened the door and mumbled, “What time is it, it’s not time for prayers yet?” “I’m sorry to wake you,” Sister Katie said softly, “but Father Paul wants to see you in his office right away.” Immediately the young woman snapped to attention while asking nervously, “I-I’m not in any trouble am I?” “Not that I’m aware of,” the older nun replied a little distantly, “so if you’ll please follow me……” “Shouldn’t I put on some clothes?” Sister Constance asked. “No, your bathrobe is just fine, now let’s get going.” Even thought the two women walked in silence, both of their minds were literally swimming with nervous thoughts. It wasn’t until they reached Father Paul’s office door that Sister Katie hugged the young woman and whispered, “Just remember to do as you’re told, all right?” “Of course I will,” Constance replied. “Why wouldn’t I?” “Why indeed!” Sister Katie shot back. “Let’s go inside, he’s waiting.”

Constance had to squint just to see across the dimly lit smoke filled room whereupon she finally spotted Father Paul sitting in large stuffed leather chair against the far wall. Sister Katie took the nervous young nun by the arm and led her over to the impassive cleric. “G-good evening, Father,” Constance stammered. Even though he was only several feet away the unsuspecting young woman hadn’t even noticed the huge erection that was standing at attention in Father Paul’s lap. Sister Katie, now standing directly behind the confused nun, leaned up against her back and whispered into her ear, “Let’s take off your coat, dear, I’m sure that you will be much more comfortable.” For the first time since they entered the room a stab of fear ran through her body as she involuntarily shivered while the older nun slipped her house bath robe from her shoulders. She shivered again as the cool evening air caressed her skin through her light blue night gown. It was almost at that very moment that she noticed the brutally thick pecker pointing directly at her causing her to gasp and stammer, “W-what’s going on here?!?” “Just remember what we talked about,” Sister Katie said while gently pushing the terrified young woman to her knees. “T-this is wrong,” Constance cried softly as the big penis now stood but inches away from her face. “No, child,” Sister Katie replied smoothly. “You are one of the chosen ones, one of those who will take care of the Father’s incredible erection.” “B-but I’ve never done anything like this in my life,” she mewled softly. “You’re a virgin?” the father asked evenly. “Of course I am!” Sister Constance replied quickly. “That’s good,” he replied, “that’s very good, indeed.”

Seeing that the poor girl was unsure of what to do next, Sister Katie took her place along side the confused woman and said softly, “Just watch and do what I do.” With her eyes the size of saucers Constance stared in rapt fascination as the older nun dropped her mouth over the monster head and began sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. She was stunned when out of the blue Sister Katie began moaning while at the same time running her finger into her hairy snatch. She had expected Father Paul to become excited, but seeing Sister Katie masturbating like a maniac while she sucked the big dick was very confusing indeed! In only a matter of a few minutes Sister Katie’s pussy convulsed as a very intense orgasm racked her now shaking body! When it was over, she reluctantly released the huge cock head and nodded for the young woman to take her turn. Even though she knew that she should jump up and flee the room, feelings deep inside of her damp vagina were clouding her usually good judgment. Then like a magnet is attracted to metal, she leaned over and gingerly licked the velvety smooth cock head before spreading her lips and letting it slide easily into her now very hungry mouth!

Sister Constance was rapidly slipping into hyper sexual shock. For the very first time in her life she was experiencing intimate sexual interaction with another real live person and to be perfectly honest about it, it was almost too much for her take. Father Paul’s incredible penis was all at once the most important thing in her life. It was dangerous, exciting, and intoxicating all at the same time. She had the insatiable urge to keep the keep the monstrous pecker safely in her warm wet mouth. She was lost in her own little world when Sister Katie gently pulled her away and whispered, “It’s time now, dear, let’s get you out of this night gown.” Even though she was inexperienced, she wasn’t stupid, and the words “it’s time now” could only mean one thing! “O-oh, nooooo!!!” she cried in real terror. “Please, don’t make me do it!” Both the good father and Sister Katie ignored her incantations as they drank in the beauty of her ripe young body. “She’s just incredible!” Sister Katie sighed while gently twisting the young woman’s pert pink nipples. Involuntarily Constance gasped as the insistent fingers only intensified her already heightened sense of excitement. Constance closed her eyes as the older nun’s hands ran up and down her lithe body, until all at once her legs buckled as a finger penetrated her most private of regions.

Just in the nick of time Sister Katie grabbed the shell shocked woman by the arm to prevent her from tumbling to the floor in a heap. “Okay, honey,” Sister Katie offered, “let’s stop all this fooling around and get down to it.” Seconds later two powerful hands slipped under her armpits and easily hoisted her in the air until her bulging little organ was pressing directly against the head of Father Paul’s brutal erection! “Oh my, oh my!!” she moaned as his thickness slowly but surely disappeared inside of her helpless little cunt! “Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!” she shrieked as he penetrated her still intact hymen. “Don’t worry, dear,” Sister Katie whispered while caressing her soft sweet breasts, “in few moments you’ll be begging him to fuck you harder.” Constance was absolutely sure that wasn’t about to happen as it felt as if there was a hot burning poker in her poor little pussy! She struggled to eject the invading monster, but all she managed to do was hold it in place, about halfway into her terrified cunt. Father Paul was becoming a little bit put out at the young woman’s attitude, and again with the mere nod of his head, he instructed Sister Katie on a course of action. Leaving those soft succulent breasts for later, the old nun placed her hands firmly on the young sister’s shoulders, Then with another nod from the father, she jammed the poor girl downward, impaling the enormous pecker balls deep inside of her now fully packed cunt!

Then just as quickly as it started it was over! Constance gave out a low guttural moan as her little cunt convulsed violently around the biggest prick that would ever have the pleasure of fucking it! With all of her strength sapped form her tiny body, she slumped against the father’s chest and practically fell asleep with his big prick still inside of her. The next morning she woke up in her own bed with and incredible soreness still apparent between her legs. It was good soreness, however, and as she turned over to go back to sleep her mind drifted off thinking about tonight, and all the other nights that would be forth coming while a small smile crossed her face as the image of Father Paul’s huge cock danced in her head. After all, she was the chosen one!!!



2005-04-22 15:24:32
A wonderful story. Quite illuminating. Most pleasurable. The Truth at last. Do continue to write. You have the gift.


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2004-06-07 22:35:16
What the fuck was that
it was the worst story I have read in this whole site
Please do not try again

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