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an introduction to the dark reign
It had only been a few days since my 21st birthday but id already changed into some one, no something else it was the right of every first born male in my family to take the curse upon themselves at the time of there 21st birthday, well they call it a curse I see it more as a way to take revenge on all those who thought they were too good for me, male female young old I would have them all I just had to get to grips with my newly found strength and my new weaknesses.
It was clear that all the vampire myths had some elements of truth sunlight didn’t cause me to burst into flames but after a while it did make me tired so I would wait till darkness fell and select my first victim.
Here see is jenny, blond hair blue eyes firm 32 c cup breasts 5ft 5 with just a hint of natural tan , but its her ass that makes my blood flow south. A firm peach if ever I saw one and no man would ever get between those cheeks; well I’m not a man and tonight after she finishes work and drives to an empty house ill be waiting. as i waited i thought of all the people i coulf fuck ther was a few teachers from my old school
thwere were waitresses from the local resurants a few boys from the local schools a a few i had mentored

I had been waiting in her bedroom for a few minuets when I decided to take a look around she had a small stash of dope and lesbian porn in a secret bottom drawer and a picture of her kissing her friend stefy I reached inside my jeans and stroked my 10inchs to full erection, she had turned me down soo many times even for a drink and soon I would here her scream and her eyes water as I force my length inside her. A car she’s here I set the picture on the bed and sink into the shadows once she comes into the room I wait for her to notice the picture and just as I planed she does “what the fuck is this doing here”
“I got it out too have a wank over” I replyed
“but I decided I’d rather have the real thing”
With the greatest of speed I slapped her across the face she fell to the bed dazed and scared.
“martin what the fuc…”
“ its darkoinous now that’s my real name but you wont remember”
I punched her hard in the chest taking her breath as she tried to crawl from me I ripped her tight jeans from her and kissed her as my tongue darted in and out of her ass and pussy from behind her thong my searching hands found her breasts and tore her shirt and bra from them, her tits hung loss and firm I grabbed the nipples and made them hard forcing them into erection, as I did I noticed her pussy become wetter and softer to taste, she even started to grind on my face I was driving her wild and she knew it I with drew from my oral pleasure and positioned myself behind her I grabbed her hips and pressed my head anus.
“ would you like me to stop”
“ don’t do that it wont fit I never want anyone too”
With that I spat on her ass and fucked her pussy her juices soon started to flow and drip to her bum with my cock soaked with her juices I pushed the head of my dick in she screamed “stop stop you sona of a bitch “

I shouted back “bet you wished you shagged me human you little slut”
she bucked hard against the intrusion but could do little to stop me i was too strong too horney too sadistic

I fucked her hard while I fingered her pussy within minutes I felt her virgin ass tighten again as she came I fucked her ass for another hour before I was ready to release my load but I wasn’t going to release in her ass I withdrew from her ass.

as she shit a little on my dick grabbing her hair in my strong hands I forced the head of my cock in her mouth then I fucked her mouth, she started to chock on the thickness in her mouth gagging slightly felling sick as she tasted her own shit on my member I started to feel and intense orgasmic pressure build cumin in her and making her swallow I kissed her mouth as she slumped to the bed already forgetting who it was who had violated her so but If I wanted she would remember, I slipped out of the house and road my 1100 blackbird into the night all the while thinking of my next victim

You decide by commenting who should it be the girl stef from the lesbian pick my bosses daughter the young male glass washer or my pregnant ex-girlfriend who is also 14 you decide and the story will be call rebirth………………….

signed vamp 616 ……

Badd Jackal~N~Sikk FrostyReport

2011-06-30 03:50:15
The lesbian. We like it. x} 'Nd as for all them assholes who like to be dicks just because it's not typed correctly or what-the-hell-ever... SDFU. x} Seesh, get over yourselves. -.-

anonymous readerReport

2011-05-18 07:44:47
the lezbian... Dont worry about other ppl i liked ur story, just add more detail...

Anonymous readerReport

2009-05-04 10:36:43
Go with the boss daughter /PANTHER/

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-01 07:03:20
use spell check dude, its not that difficult to figure out

Anonymous readerReport

2009-01-03 02:01:35
the lack of actual mistakes is astounding, theres a new thing out called WORDPERFECT it a wonderful writing tool that corrects spelling and evn has a thesaurus so you don't use the same flipping words a million times, i found this storry dull, i mean, its not even realistic and it has little or no detail, you turned what could have been a detailed and good story into a wham bam thank you mam with little plot all in all it sucked

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