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A girl who loses her self to her sexuality
You may say this story is horrible, and I ruined a girls life… All I can say is we had a lot of fun, and she has enjoyed every minute. You see, Everyone in this world has a vice. Some people drink, some do various drugs, some buy expensive things. My vice is sex. Much like Amber, the girl of object. I met Amber when I was 21, she was 15. I had just finished a tour of duty in the Iraqi sandbox, and she had sent me a message on my Myspace. A very cute girl, 5’6’’ slender, dark brown hair, and matching eyes, with nice full a cups on their way to a promising B cup, possibly C. Her legs were well muscled and quite shapely. She always accented her gorgeous body with tight, short clothes, but never cared for make up. She didn’t need any, she was naturally beautiful.

As I said I met amber when she was 15. We went out for the first time and we smoked a little weed. She said she had smoked before, so I didn’t think anything about it. We drove for a while and she flirted with me as I flirted with her. She was intoxicating, pushing her young pert breasts towards me. I found it difficult to drive, and view what she was offering. My cock was doing jumping jacks in my pants, as she would do her best to arouse me, and I would do my best to remain calm but the longer this game went on, the more I felt my aching balls swell in my jeans.

She certainly knew how to get to a man, but she hadn’t been with a man like me. After our drive to get some munchies, we ended up back at her parents place. They were away on a cruise, and she invited me in to have another smoke. Once inside, she sat upon my lap and our game of tease came to a new level. We pawed and groped each other, kissing and nibbling for twenty minutes until I got the courage to remove her clothes. It was a glorious sight to see the beautiful tanned teen body laying in arousal beneath me. I disrobed and as she saw my full erection, she gasped. At 9 inches and very thick, I was not falling short in the endowment department. She leaped onto it, sucking it between her lips and fording it down her throat. I let her continue until I felt my balls boil and I spun her around. She spread her legs and let her feet go limp, exposing her trimmed teen pussy to me. The smell was sweet, and I licked her to an orgasm before she told me to fuck her deep. I worked my cock into her quivering pussy bareback, and she moaned with every inch I fed to her.

She was no virgin, and in no time I built up to a good pace. Her cunt gripped my thick dick as it slid in and out. I had been teased so much my balls were begging to release their burden. I raised her legs in the air and told her to point her toes. As she did her body launched into a massive orgasm. Her juices poured over my hot rod inside her pulsating cunt. I forced myself into her until I felt my cockhead bottom out on her cervix. The feeling was too much and I held my self deep within her, letting my balls unload the gallons of sperm beggin for release. I grabbed amber by the hair as I started cum and looked in her eyes, and yelled “Im gonna knock you up!”. Her eyes went wide and her body reacted, sending her deeper into orgasm, her mind gone in pleasure. She ground her cunt into my balls and whimpered “ deeper, make me pregnant, knock up my pussy” As her pussy twitched I unloaded thick hot stream after thick hot stream of sweet seed directly onto her spasming cervix. I could feel every heavy volley ejected deep into her. My cream worked its way back down my shaft, mixing with her cum and pooling on my balls and in her ass crack. I could feel how soaked my crotch was. As I slowly withdrew, I realized how much cum I had shot into her. My cock was completely white with our cum, and her pussy looked like it was smeared with mayonnaise.

She laid their catching her breath, her legs still bent up in the air, pussy open. It was beautiful seeing her sweet little teen pussy absolutely filled with my cum. She said that was the first time anyone ever came inside her, and she wanted more. She said it was the greatest feeling in the world being used for a cum dumpster. She loved cum, and she made it obvious to me that she wanted more… Much more..

Amber and I saw each other everday after that, and I fucked her every day. I never wore a condom and never pulled out. We fucked just so I could cum inside her. I loved filling her young cunt with cream, and she loved it. It didn’t take long, and she was pregnant. It made her even hornier when she found out she actually got knocked up. We fucked more and I came inside of her more. She still begged me to knock her up, and she really got off on me cumming deep inside her womb.

She had an abortion 1 month into the pregnany, and we continued to fuck like stoned rabbits. We would go out and get hi, just to fuck each other. She often would go out without panties, and if she decided to wear a skirt, would usually end up having to wipe cum off her knees and thighs that ran out of her pussy after we fucked. She started calling her self my personal slut, and telling me my cum would never have to go anywhere but inside her belly. It got to be a game to see how much of my cum we could get into her pussy. We fucked anywhere, and anyway we could until her 2nd pregnancy.

It was 2 months after her first abortion. Her mother found out about our little sex life one day. She had been suspecting her daughter of being promiscuous after doing her laundry and finding all her dirty panties were very dirty, some even still wet with my cum. Her mother set her up to be caught, and walked in on us one afternoon fucking on her bedroom floor. Her mom walked in just as I buried my huge cock into ambers pussy to my balls and started filling her with seed. She opened the door and heard amber moan for me to fill up her cunt with baby seeds. Amber’s mom went ballistic, calling me a sick fuck, and her daughter a worthless whore. I couldn’t help but get turned on seeing amber sit on the floor being called a complete slut by her mother while her pussy sat open and exposed, leakin my cum onto the carpet.

I left alone that day, praying I didn’t get arrested that nite. I never heard from the cops, nor from amber for 2 weeks. It was a Tuesday morning when her mother and her showed up. Her mother just said “ She is your fuckin whore now, you take her” and left Amber standing on my door step with 4 bags… I helped her inside and told her she could live with me, and we immediately tore into each other in my foyer. She cried her mother made her get another abortion, and she needed my cum. She wanted to be pregnant. She needed to be knocked up, any way, any how. She told me she was my little whore, my slut to use and cum inside whenever I wanted. She bounced on my cock and begged for me to drain my balls into her. I finally blew what has to have been the biggest load in my life, Cumming my fuckin brains out into the now 16 yr old girl laying naked and wanton below me. I was exhausted, but she wasn’t. she was on fire. And wanted more now. She stood up and looked out my door, still naked with cum dripping from her little cunny lips, and walked outside. The mailman, just walking up to deliver my mail, was met by a raging horny teen hellbent on being pregnant by sundown. She bent over, grabbing the front door and ordered the mailman to fuck her hard and fast right now. He obliged and fucked her for about a minute until he unloaded into her sticky wet hole. She sucked his cock clean and buttoned him up, sending him about his way. My neighbor had seen her actions and gawked at her. She motioned for him to come over, and he jumped the fence to run to my door.

She led him into my living room and popped his hard cock out, mounting and riding him right on my couch. I could tell from my vantage point across the room he was trying to hold his load, but in minutes he lost it, and she dropped onto his cock, accepting his warm load into her pussy. After he left, she lay on my couch, playing with her cum riddled cunt. She looked at me and said “ I love being a little slut”. I fucked her again, feeling how sloppy her pussy had become from the 3 men she fucked and took cum from already. Her twat frothed as I fucked her deep and hard, tell her she was my slut, my cum dumpster, and telling her how nasty her pussy feels all full of cum. She was in constant state of orgasm as I fucked her and finally filled her pussy once more time. She dressed without cleaning up and said she was going for a walk.

She staggered back in sometime after 4am, her clothes ripped and dirty, smudges on her arms, legs and face, her hair wild. I could see a damp spot in the crotch of her shorts. She collapsed on the couch and asked me to take her pants off. As I slid her panties down, I revealed her gooey cream fill pussy. Her panties were soaked, almost dipping, with pools of cum in them. Her pussy was milky white and cum still oozed from her pussy. I knew she had been fucked hard and long that night, and I was horny as fuck seeing her well creamed pussy spread before me. I asked herewith happened and she told me all of it.

First, she said she met some guys in a truck, who too her outside of town with intentions on raping her. She allowed all of them to fuck her hard and rough. She said the stuck fingers up her ass, called her a nasty white trash whore, and she said she came like crazy. The all unloaded in her and left her alone. She got a ride hitch hiking, and fucked the old man that picked her up, riding him until he came into her pussy. She had him drop her off at a park down the street from my house where she walked over and stole the ball from some guys playing basketball. She wouldn’t give their ball back until they gave her their balls, she took them in the woods and had them all jerk off as she stripped and showed her body off, she told them they must all cum in her pussy, and sucked their cocks to get them ready. One by one, as they were ready to cum, they would slide into her greasy well used cunt and drop their load inside her. She walked home after all 10 guys had shot a load into her pussy. I didn’t even realize her story turned me on so much, I was jerking off, licking her dirty cunt and fingering her asshole as she spoke. I took my turn on my whore, finishing her off for the night with one last hot load.

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2015-05-05 13:13:29
For all you guys out there, I don't think you understand how we girls feel when we are horny and need to be filled with cum. It becomes almost a burning desire to breed. I wen through a period much like this where I wanted to be filled every day. I suppose I was pretty much a slut and enjoyed many many different cocks during that time. From my History teacher and his poker buddies, to my soccer coach. I wanted them all and got all of them. I even fucked the priest at my mom's church when she made me go for counseling. He actually loved eating me after I had a pussy full. I would have sex with a couple of guys in a car in the paki g lot, then go in for counseling with Father Dominic. In a couple of minutes he would have his face buried in my dripping snatch, sucking the cum from it.


2010-07-26 01:01:13
Great ending.... Then he can spend some time with her doctor getting his HIV treated along with other stds she probably got as a bonus.

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2009-11-25 16:27:02
gross at the end but had a nice beggining


2008-11-19 02:47:50
i love being cumed inside this story made me twitch

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2008-09-14 16:06:13
been horney since i was very young could have used a good fucking and a few cocks to make me feel real good this girl knows how to get what she wants good story write more!

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