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“Good evening, Chicago, it’s time again to dim the lights, sit back, relax, and spend the next three hours with your favorite radio host, Dr. Mona Hoffman!” “It was an incredible day in the Big Windy today, but now it’s time to unwind and Get Connected!” My screener, Polly Caston, informs me that out our phone lines are already jammed with anxious callers, but before we take out first call let’s go over the ground rules for our program.” “This is a show for open minded adults, so I don’t want to hear from anyone complaining about the content!” “If what we’re talking about offends you, TURN OFF THE RADIO!!!” “This is America for gosh sakes, even our President is doing it with the hired help, so get a LIFE!” “Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, so if you will, Polly, give me our first caller please!” “Hello, caller, your on the line with Dr. Mona Hoffman, please give you name and make your request!” “H-hello, Dr. Mona, my name’s Gloria and I’m a fifty two year old widow.” “What I’d like to do is talk to a young man who would like to tell me what he’d like to do to me.” “And I assume that you’d like to do the same to him,” Mona added. “Yes, that’s it,” Gloria replied softly. “Okay, Polly, do we have a young man on the line who would like to fulfill Gloria’s request?!?” “I can see Polly working through the switchboard, she’s giving me the high sign, okay, who am I speaking with please?” “My name’s Mark.” “How old are you Mark?” “I’m twenty three.” “Did you hear my conversation with Gloria?” “Yes, I did.” “Would you like to fulfill her request?” “Yes, I certainly would!” Okay, audience, we have a Connection!!!” Mark and Gloria are going to be going into intimate detail as if they were alone on the phone, with my little interjections, of course!” “So, if you’re all quite ready, Mark, Gloria, let’s have at it!!!”

“First of all, Gloria, tell Mark exactly what you’d like him to do for you!” “Well, uh, I’d like Mark to masturbate for me.” “Mark, would you do that for Gloria?” “Mmmm, of course I would, I’d love to!” “Okay, Gloria, he’s ready, willing, and able, so tell him exactly what to do!” “Mark, can you tell what kind of underwear you have on?” “Bright red bikinis.” “Oh myyyyy, I’ll bet you can really see you cock and balls bulging out!” “Oh yeah, it looks like someone stuck a banana in there.” “Can you pull it out for me?!?” “Ohhhhhh, it’s out and it’s hard as a rock!” “A-are you cut or natural???” “One hundred percent natural, honey, long, thick, and hard!” “Do you have a girl friend?” “You bet, very young and very hot!” “D-do you fuck her!?!” “When ever I want to, she’s a little fucking cock hound!” “D-does she suck you?!?” “Like a French whore!” “Jesus, I’m so fucking wet!!!” “Tell me, Gloria, what do you look like?” “I-I’m 5’4”, 165 lbs, dark hair, brown eyes, and I measure 40dd-32-42!” “Oh, myyyy, I just love big tits and a big ass!” “Do you have a hairy pussy?” “It’s very hairy, I never shave it!” “Mmmmmm, I’ve never been with a girl with a hairy cunt, my girl friend keeps her shaved smooth as a baby’s bottom!” “Is she good to suck?!?” “God, she tastes just like sweet honey, and she’s so fucking wet…….” “A-are you jerking your big cock!?!” “Like fucking maniac, baby!” “What about your fat cunt, are you doing your big fucking clit!?!” “I-I’m burying three fingers deep in my hairy snatch!” “Y-you’re a hot assed fucking bitch who loves hard young cock!” “Oh, god I do, I just love hard young pecker!!!” “Okay, now, hold it right there you two, it’s time for a commercial break!” “So all you fellow masturbaters put it on hold!” “Well be back in sixty!!!”

Jesus christ, you two, I’ve got my fingers in my own pussy!” “Are you enjoying yourselves!?!” Oh yes, I’m really close!” “What about you, Mark?” “I’m harder that a piece of steel!” “Good, we’re almost ready to go back on the air, one, two, three, and here we are back with Gloria and Mark.” “It’s fiftysome year old Gloria’s fantasy to have twentysomething Mark masturbate for her!” “For the past fifteen minutes they’ve been going back and forth, with their very hot verbal repartee!” So if our two participants are quite ready, we’ll get back to the game!” “Are you still hard?” “You’re kidding, right?” I’m fucking ready to shoot a tonner!!!” “Oh goooooood, I love seeing a man shoot his load!” “So does my girl friend, she loves getting right in the face!” The little bitch is a fucking cum freak!” “D-does she swallow?” “Like it was nectar from the gods, baby!” “She’s a fucking vacuum!” “I-I love the taste of hot sperm in my mouth, it makes my pussy so fucking wet!” “When’s the last time you sucked a hard one, cunt!?!” “Ohhhhh, I’m so close, I-it was a month ago!” “How old was he?!?” “I-it was the paper boy, I-I think he’s about eighteen, I’m not sure!” “Big cock?!?” “Not huge, just right for sucking, long and slim!” “Now don’t lie to me, Gloria, you did more than suck him off didn’t you!?!” “W-what do you mean, ohhhhhhhh myyyyy???” “You know damn well what I mean, slut!” “You let him fuck your hairy fat cunt with his hard young cock!” “Y-yesssssssssss, I let him fuck me!” “I didn’t want him to, but he shoved me onto my back and just did it!” “Ohhhhhhhh, please, Gloria, admit it, you wanted his hard boy cock shoved all the way into your hairy old pussy!!!” “Y-you’re trying to confuse me!!!” “Listen to her, Dr. Mona, do you think she’s telling the truth!?!”

“This is Dr. Mona again, dear.” “Mark has a point!” “I think you encouraged that young boy into fucking your hot wet pussy!” “Am I right!?!” “O-okay, I admit it, but I couldn’t help myself, it was such a pretty cock, I just had to fuck it!!!” “Of course you did, dear, you were helpless to stop it!” “Did you let him do anything else!?!” “H-he fucked my tits!!!” “And…………..?” “Oh god, h-he came all over my chest and face, load after load!!!” “And of course you cleaned it up with your tongue, right?” “I did, I licked it all up, I never lost a drop!!!” “Of course, Mark’s never fucked a pair of tits has he!?!” “Oh yesssssssss I have!” “My girl friend has perfect tits!” “Does she let you fuck them!” “Yesssssss, she had bright pink nipples, I just love putting my cock on her chest!” “How does that sound to you, Gloria!” “F-fucking incredible, sweet jesus I’m gonna cum!” “I’m soooooooo fucking wet!!!” “W-what about you, Mark?” “Are you getting close?” “I-I’m jerking it, harder and harder, oh god, there it cums!” “All over my belly!!!” “Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” M-my pussy just let goooooooo!” “My clit, so hard and stiff!!!” “Cumming, over and over again!!!” “Wonderful orgasssssssssssm!!!”

“My goodness!!!” That was quite the little demonstration, wasn’t it!!!” “I could her cocks and cunts popping all over Chicago!!!” “I’ll have to dry off my hands during the next commercial break!” “This is very damp Dr. Mona Hoffman, I’ll be back in sixty!!!”



2005-06-17 12:52:06
That would be incredible, a fucking radio show. Now talk about cummmming on the air!


2005-01-15 20:36:50
HOLY FUCK WHAT A RADIO SHOW...GOT ME HARD LISTENING TO THE DOC TALKING TO THAT OLDER LADY ABOUT HOW SHEE LOVED THAT FUCKING SH GOT FROM THAT YOUNG GUY i TELL YOU WORLD THERE JUST ISN'T ANYTHING LIKE FUCKING AN OLDER WOMAN OR YOUR MOTHER..why because they got that experience and they got a fuckable smell about them great story my friend you had my cock hard write another good one...loved this one


2004-02-23 11:11:21

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