When they walked in the living room, they saw Beast Boy girlfriend she was hot.... So what r hiding? What do u mean what is she hiding Robin? Beast Boy how many girl's did u ask out before she said yes? A lot ok she yes and we talked all night long.... So when you going to him Tanya? Robin I will tell Beast Boy when I'm ready.... Tell me what Tanya? Beast Boy u will still like me no matter what won't u? Tanya I really like you nothing can change that....I have a dick Beast Boy.... OH your like Raven then... What do u mean I'm like Raven? Raven is a hermaphrodite..... NO Beast Boy I'm not a hermaphrodite, I'm a shemale.... Beast Boy was just standing there thinking... While Raven was laughing.... Do u hate me Beast Boy? No Tanya I don't just didn't think you were a shemale...I still what to fuck you Beast Boy.... You really mean that u want fuck me and not me fucking you don't you? Yes I do Beast Boy...

Beast Boy let's go to your room... I don't know I was all for it before I found out you were a shemale.... Your not backing out now you promise me sex after you show me off to your friends you got a girlfriend... Raven was laughing her ass off....The only way you could get a girlfriend is if she had a dick....Let's go to your room slut I'm hard and I want that virgin ass....Tanya their is no way we are going to my room...Hey Tanya why don't u take him into Robin old room....Tanya have u master your ability's.... Yes I have Robin... Then I say you are part of the team now....Beast Boy show Tanya to her room... Where is her room then Robin... My old room Beast Boy.... Beast Boy gulp's down some air...
Let's go slut...While everyone is in the living room... They hear Beast Boy screaming in pain.... He shouldn't of promise her sex if he wasn't planning on giving it up to her....
Tanya please stop you are hurting my ass....I don't care I told u at the bar that I wanted your virgin ass and u said ok....Yea but I thought u were kidding.... Tanya just slammed her cock into his ass harder and faster....Beast Boy lowered his head while taking her cock in his ass.... I got a few rule for you slut...Before Beast Boy could say anything he start to feel cum filling his ass.... What do u mean rule's Tanya? Your going have to learn to give a blow job, second we are going to be sharing a room, third I'm in charge not your, and last of all your going have to find another way to get satisfied because your the only one who gets his ass fucked and the one who will be giving the blow job...

Raven was sitting in a chair laughing her ass off... That was funny Raven Beast Boy thinking he was dating a normal girl... Then he fine out she is a shemale... Yea I know I love the part where he got it in his ass, that was the funny the most of all Starfire...Tanya
came out of her room... Robin I won't be needing your old room... Why is that Tanya? Because I'm going to be sharing a room with Beast Boy.... Ok then....Where is he at now Tanya? Oh he went to the bathroom to relief himself... He got some stuff he need to learn.... Like what learn how to give a blow job.. Raven started laughing after she said that...Well yes he does did to learn how to give a blow job...

I could care less what Beast Boy need's to learn Tanya.... Well I do care.... Good for you...Raven get up and head's to her room....Let go Bitch....Robin start following Raven right on her heels....When they got into her room Raven screamed.... Raven why are you mad? I can't believe that it....Why what is wrong? She is trying to turn Beast Boy into you.... Raven she want what you got....I don't care their is no way it is going to turn Beast Boy into you.....Raven why do you even care what she is doing? Your the one who has me..... YOur right bitch I am the one who own's you.....Robin drop's to his knees puts Raven panties to the sides and start licking her pussy.... OH that feels wonderful, but that not why we came in here... Oh yea don't stop we came in here so I can yell and scream...OH you got your own way of calming me down and I like it... Robin was sliding his tongue in and out of her pussy bring her close to an orgasm.... Oh you are good Bitch.... Raven start cumming all over Robin's face...See Raven Beast Boy can never do that to her...I see what you mean bitch, you can please me five different ways.... Yes and she only got two way's...

Tanya was sitting in a chair when Beast Boy walked in.... Everyone heard Robin moaning from Raven fucking his ass...Raven was slamming her cock in and out of his ass...As Raven was pounding the hell out of Robin ass outside Raven Tara was watching Raven fuck Robins ass.. Tara dropped her pants and underwear... She started sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy.... While Raven was fucking his ass she looks out the window to see Tara masturbating to her fucking Robin... Tara was sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy faster..Raven slide the window open come in
Tara watch the show from in the room... Tara come in the room while she keep sliding her fingers in and out her pussy... Do you like watching me fuck Robin Tara? OH yes Raven don't stop fucking him... Tara start to have her orgasm, just as Raven started to fill Robin ass with cum...So Tara want to watch me fuck him again... Oh yes Raven but not right now... I will leave my window unlock so you can come into my room anytime you want... once you come into my room you can come and get me then I will fuck him again in front of you... Thanks Raven...But the reason I was here was because I am wanting a place to sleep but I don't Beast Boy to know I don't have a place to stay... Raven started thinking of what to do....Tara I am leaving the window open for you when you want to watch Robin and I can fucking so why don't you just stay in here with us....
Thank you Raven I will see you guys tonight... Tara when you come in I will be fucking Robin in the ass.... Great I will get to have a second orgasm before I go to sleep.... bye for now guys... Bye Tara....

I can't wait for tonight bitch when Tara watches me fucking you... Raven I don't want anyone watching while we are having sex.... I don't care what you want.... Your mine and that is it... So I have to give it up no matter as normal.... See you know your place bitch... When Raven got dress she was smiling when she walked out of her room.....
What r you smiling about Raven? I just got done fucking my bitch Beast Boy... ok Raven... Tanya was laughing because she didn't hear Robin... What is so funny? Well Starfire and I think our leader is out cold from the fucking Raven gave him sound like he can't handle a dick.... Just Raven and Robin walked in to the room... Tanya I can handle Raven dick with no problem... Oh yea forgot she just got a small dick any way's.... Raven turn around so you think I got a small cock.... Yes I do... Then Tanya stood up and dropped her pants then showed everyone her 9 inch cock.... So you got a bigger cock than Beast Boy..... All Tanya could do was stare as Raven cock started growing and it was long enough to put any black man to shame. Now you don't got a bigger dick than me though.... Tanya just stood there staring at her dick.... I never seen a dick that big.... Well I give it to Robin when ever I am horny.... You can't satisfy Robin with your small dick..... Tanya just stood there not saying a word....

Raven walked over to her.... There is no way you can get Beast Boy to do what I got my Bitch to do... Raven do you want me back in the room... Yes go to the room now bitch... See as soon as I get hard he know to go to the room so I can use him....Tanya didn't say a thing just stood there... Raven walks into the room smiling.... You had to show off your huge dick Raven..... I see you started drooling after I got rock hard... Robin didn't say anything, but drop to his knees and started sucking on her cock. Raven was smiling as she watched Tara come in through the window. Robin looks up while he keep sucking Raven cock.

Want to watch me fuck him again Tara? Yes I do please. Raven bends Robin over and slams her cock into his ass.Raven was smiling while Tara masturbating in front of her. Robin is begging Raven to fuck him harder. Raven is slamming her cock into Robin as Raven fucks Robin Tara climax and pass out.

Raven wakes up and find Tara has left. Robin wake up as soon as he feels Raven cock slides out of his ass. "Raven what is wrong?" "Why do you ask Robin?" "You normally fuck me for a half hour after you want wake up Raven." "I would fuck you but Tanya is bothering me." Why is she bothering you, you got me and I beg for your cock when you slam it into my ass. "Because she is trying to make Beast Boy into you. that is why it is bothering me." Raven Beast Boy will never be me he couldn't never handle your cock up his ass, just look at it, it is huge your the only one who can fit inside my ass no one else can.. "Robin I'm going for a walk when I get back breakfast better be ready and no you can't get dressed." Yes Raven. Robin went into the kitchen to fix him something to.

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