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After Miriam left I realised I might have got her pregnant because my cum ended deep in her little tummy. That same evening I send her a text message to visit a doctor to get contraception pills. She understood and replied positively but did not want to go to the family physician. It is a school holiday and I will take her to a anonymous clinic in another town. We will meet at a fast food restaurant near her home.

After a thirty minutes drive we arrived. "Well Miriam," I say when I park the car, "the clinic is around the corner, I will wait here." I notice her face pouting, "can you come with me please?" "Sweetie, how should I put this," I say hesitating, "I am to old to be your boyfriend, but to young to be your daddy." I think for minute. "Okay, but I am an angry daddy," I tell her to get the facts straight. "Yesterday I caught you in the act and I am still very angry."

In front of the clinic I grab her upper arm and pull her inside. At the desk there is a nurse. "Hello, can I help you?" she asks friendly. "Yes," I say in an angry voice, "this slut." I see astonishment in the nurses face. "Um, I caught my daughter hot in the act." "Okay," the nurse replied. "I don't want the slut pregnant at thirteen." "Okay love," the nurse turns to Miriam, "what is your name?" "Her name is Miriam," I reply immediately, "and I want you to stitch her cunt shut." "Well," the nurse laughs awkward, "We don't do that here love," she tells to comfort Miriam. After a short while the nurse comes to collect Miriam, I get up as well. "No sir," the nurse stops me, "the doctor only wants Miriam." After Miriam is finished I pay en we leave.

As soon as we are in the car Miriam starts to laugh. "You were great," she says just before kissing me on my cheek. She places her hand on my crotch and pouts her mouth. "We will have to use a condom for a week before it is safe, daddy." "We have got other ways," I tell her.

I already had the intention to buy her something for the great evening she gave me. I park the car in an almost empty car park under a big department store. At the sports department I find what I was looking for. I hand Miriam a tiny yellow bikini, "try this on for me." I wait in front of the fitting cubicle. "Look daddy," she calls me. I peek in, "Mmm, delicious," I whisper. "Are you sure, love," I speak out loud, "it looks rather small." I slip two fingers under the fabric and pinch her nipple. "but daddy," Miriam wails, "we are going to Spain." She puts her clothes back on and I pay for the bikini. "You go to the clothes department," I tell her, "I have to buy something for mummy." She looks confused at me, "okay, see you there daddy."

I go to the lingerie department. Immediately a salesgirl comes to me. "Can I help you sir." "Uh yes please" I say, "next weekend is my fifth anniversary and I would like to buy something very sexy for my wife." "Of course sir, what are you thinking of." Hard passionate sex right here, right now. But that's something I can not ask her. "Euh, something black, something very sexy." I answer cool. "Black, sexy," repeats the woman, "bra? stockings? panties? corset?" she continues. "Bra and panties," I reply keeping Miriam in mind. "But really naughty," I add. "I understand, please follow me." I follow the salesgirl almost hypnotised by her delicious ass wiggling in her tight black skirt. She takes me to a separate section, divided by a deep red curtain.

"Here we have our Victoria's secret," she says presenting it with a wave of her arm. On a mannequin I notice the slutty outfit I was looking for. Tight thong, bra with half cups, stockings with a garter. "Ah, this I like," I tell the salesgirl. "I need to know the measurements of your wife." I must have looked worried. "Can you show me," she ask me. I start moving my hands to give an indication of Miriam's proportions. "Petite," the salesgirl say. "Yes," I answer, " she is Asian." Miriam is not Asian but I can not tell she is only thirteen. "I see, do you know her breast size?" "Euh small, very small." She must have seen me worry again and pulls her blouse tight over her own breast. "This is a b-cup," she explains. "Are your wife's smaller or the same." I move my hand before her tit, how I want to grab it. She gets my hand and puts it on her breast as if she does it daily. "Smaller or bigger." "Euh... smaller," I stammer. "Okay, one moment please." "I am sure you want it gift wrapped," she laughs when she returns. She puts the gift in a plastic bag. "Have a great weekend sir," she says winking.

I go to the clothes department to pick up Miriam. I can not find her but a salesgirl comes to me. "Are you looking for your daughter?" she asks. "Yes," I reply, "Miriam, a pretty little blond." She laughs, "she is in the fitting room." When I am almost there Miriam comes out of a cubicle. "Daddy, do you like this?" she says while spinning around in a wide short summer dress. "Perfect for Spain," she adds. The salesgirl laughs, "daughters always know how to charm daddy." "Well okay, only this dress." "Thanks daddy," she jumps around my neck and kisses my cheek.

Back in the car I give Miriam the plastic bag with her bikini. "Put it on for me Miriam," I tell her. The parking lot is deserted. Immediately she pulls off her tank top and puts the bikini top on. She pulls off her white panties from under her denim skirt and puts on the bikini slip. "Don't you want to put on your summer dress too." "Of course. may I?" she asks already taking off her skirt. "But first," I stop her, "first you have to thank me properly." She leans over and gives me an intimate kiss. I grab her titty and pinch her nipple hard enough to get her attention. "Properly," I correct her. Like a good little slut she understands and starts to get my dick out. She sucks it in deep in and I caress her buttocks, teasing her cunt with my finger. Soon I treat her on my cum and she swallows it all. "Now that's a good girl," I tell her while I put my cock back.

I drop Miriam off at the fast food restaurant to get her bicycle. "See you in fifteen minutes love." At home I make preparations for a hot afternoon. Selecting music, putting a digital vidcam on the tripod, lighting some candles, condoms and KY. Soon Miriam arrives, when I open the door I see her talking to my neighbour. "R! You never told me you had such a beautiful daughter." Miriam smiles bashfully. "I did not know either until she showed up yesterday." I laugh. "Hi daddy," Miriam greets me and kisses me on my cheek. "Well have fun," my neighbour says and walks away.

Miriam sits besides me on the couch. "Strip for me on the coffee table," I ask Miriam after some intimate kisses and sweet caresses. "I want to take a video for the moments I have to miss you," I tell her and start Latin Jazz music. Miriam gets on the table and I take the camera from its tripod. She is dancing, lifting her summer dress letting me peek at her yellow covered cunt. After her dress is off she gets on her knees. Spreads wide, rotating her hips. Her hands caressing her body. Slipping under the fabric of her tiny yellow bikini. "You want my titties" she says in a horny voice, "don't you daddy." Slowly she pulls the tiny triangles to the side. "You love my titties daddy." she brings two fingers to her mouth and sucks them. "You love my titties like I love daddies cock."

When I look up from the camera screen I notice her other hand sheared her panties and toyed her cunt. "Yeah," she sighs, "that's where I love daddies cock to be." I want to fill her right now but planned differently. "Masturbate slut," I command her, "Cum for daddy." "Yeah daddy," she moans while she rubs her clit roughly, "Your slut daughter will do everything to please her daddy, I am daddies naughty little whore," she continuous. Shortly after her body shivers violently. "Yeah daddy, yes, yes" she cries out. I get up and kiss her intimately. She starts pulling at my pants. "Patients love."

I put the camera back on the tripod and make sure the image is okay. "Park your ass on the table Miriam," I direct her while pulling down my pants. "Suck." I feed her my toy and fuck her face rough. Her saliva dripping over her chest. When I retrieve just before I cum she is coughing and gagging. "Almost, little suck slut," I tell her bending over to her red face, "You took it almost all in your little mouth." She attempts to kiss me but I pull her legs up and kneel between them.

"Enjoy." I say before I start licking her red swollen cunt. I can hear her moan. She pulls my face in her crotch. With a finger I bring some of her juice and use it to lube her tight bum hole. Her grip on my head looses. "No," she cries out when i slowly penetrate. I stop and look at her. "My little whore," I say softly. "b-but..." she stutters, "but it will hurt." I laugh. "No love, I am going to lube it first," I say in between kissing her clit, "trust me, you will be begging me to take you there." My finger already penetrated halfway. Her ass starts lubricating itself already. Short after her face no longer showing fear but excitement. I continue kissing and nibbling her clit. When the second finger has joined the first I notice her orgasm.

I get my cock and while she is still cumming I penetrate only the tip. "Yeah," she moans pulling her cunt. "Fuck my little ass daddy." My god, it is still so tight I don't dare to force it deeper. "Fuck, fuck, fuck your slut," Miriam encourages me. My excitement keeps me from thinking straight. I gab her thighs and force my cock deep inside. Miriam cries out in pain. Tears wet her eyes. After a few trusts her face turns back to excitement. Biting her lower lip. "Yes daddy," she cries out, "I am cumming again." These words makes me cum too. I retrieve quickly, grab her neck and pull her face to my cock. Without jerking I shoot my load over her face. Miriam lays back breathing heavily. Bringing my cum with two fingers to her mouth. "Love you daddy," she smiles at the camera.

After a long shower together she changes back in the clothes of this morning. When we are saying goodbye I give her my present. "Here my love," I smile, "I want to see it tomorrow at ten on msn chat." "Can't I come tomorrow," she says with a sad face. "No love," I have to leave at twelve. When I am with you I will forget the time and fuck you all day." "I understand, bye"

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2009-09-27 13:15:11
Good story but improve on the sentence structure a bit. Break up the paragraphs. Use complete sentences, basically proper English.


2008-07-15 12:36:46
good stoiry would like 2 see a follow on...

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