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My dog and the girl next door
After my divorce I managed to buy a nice little place right on the beach front. It wasn’t large but large enough for me and my dog “Bruiser” a Staffordshire Bull-Terrier. Bruiser was a great dog very obedient. It was probably the best thing that I’d managed to keep at the “settlement”. He didn’t like strangers or anyone approaching “my space” but all I had to do was look at him and say the word “O.K.” This made him relax and treat whoever was with me as a “Friend”.
One side of the chalet Bungalow was open space where the end of the crescent of the beach could be seen. The other side had a row of similar chalet bungalows, about 20 altogether. Next door lived a rather attractive lady and her 16 year old daughter. I was later to find out that she was also a divorcee but a bitter one who hated men and that the daughter was actually her Step daughter, from the marriage. Apparently the Step-daughter also disliked her father enough to want to live with her Step-mom instead.

Most mornings I would jog along the beach, in either one direction or the other, to the head of the crescent and back home. Bruiser enjoyed our time together, he was very loyal and wanted to be with me all the time and whenever I could I took him to work with me. As a self employed electrician this was mostly possible but not always. On the days I left him at home on his own he pined and made such a fuss upon my return I was sure that his enthusiasm would damage one of us. His one feature which was an embarrassment was his “Groin attack”. Whenever I introduced him to a female he would shove his snout into their groin with quite some force. Not always welcomed but mostly laughed off with embarrassment.

One Saturday morning, on returning from one of our early morning runs along the beach, as we approached home past the bungalows, I noticed the Step-daughter sat in her gate that lead from the bungalow to the beach (each bungalow had one). I looked down at Bruiser, his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth from the exercise and gave him the command “O.K.” The last thing I wanted was for him to growl or snarl at my neighbours.
We steadied from a jog to a walk as we approached. “Hi” I greeted the young lady “I’m Djohmari from next door, and this is Bruiser” I noticed the look of apprehension on her face as she stared at Bruiser. Apparently he looked mean to everyone else, to me he was a handsome dog. “It’s o.k.” I told her “He’s as good as gold” I assured “Say hello Bruiser”. Now normally when I told him to say hello he would “gruff” and then stick out his tongue with a kind of smile on his face. Today he decided he was going to do his “ Groin attack”. He pushed the young ladies knees apart, effortlessly, and rammed his snout up the short skirt she was wearing and into her groin. Startled by this invasion the young lady gasped and with her mouth wide open she looked at me. “I’m sorry” I said “It’s his way of saying hello to pretty young ladies” trying to make light of the situation.
“Well helloooo to you Bruiser” she said to him gathering her composure whilst pushing him away. “I’m Angela” she informed me with a smile for the recent assault on her person, a smile I hoped that was forgiveness. She had the most incredible green eyes I had ever seen and a smile as wide as the bay we lived in. As we were about to enter into conversation a voice bellowed from within her yard “Angela come here, you know you shouldn’t talk to strangers, especially MEN!” Angela stood up turned around and headed back into her bungalow “Sorry” she said “Got to go”. I watched as she walked up the pathway back to her door. She had shiny long brown hair that swayed from side to side as she walked, much as did her hips. It was then that I really noticed what an incredibly beautiful young lady it was that I had just met. Dam, I thought to myself as I continued back home next door.

Later that day I went, with Bruiser, to the local supermarket. I left him in the car as I went to collect my shopping. Whilst at the check-out I bumped into Angela. “We meet again” I said “ But not with quite the same greeting as this morning” I continued, referring to Bruiser’s greeting. Angela smiled that smile again, her eyes shone as she replied “No and where is that rather friendly dog of yours?” “Oh I’ve left him in the car” I informed her “I can’t have him greeting every woman he meets as he did this morning”. She laughed, thankfully I must have been forgiven. “You’ve got quite a hand-full there I said, referring to the shopping she was holding, she looked down at her cleavage, she was wearing a “V” neck sweater. “I meant the shopping” I interjected, realising what I had said could have been taking the wrong way. “Oh” she replied “I thought you were as rude as your dog” she laughed. “Need a lift?” I offered . “Yes please” she responded “If it’s not too much trouble?” “No trouble at all” I said “I happen to be going near to where you live. She again laughed and beamed those eyes at me.
As we approached the car Bruiser, sensing someone approaching, leapt up to the window. I mouthed “O.K.” to him and although he continued to eye Angela suspiciously he allowed her to climb into the passenger seat. “He’s o.k. isn’t he?” she enquired. Bruiser gave her the biggest lick on the side of her face. “I suppose that answers your question?” I asked her. Again she giggled “That tongue should be locked up!” she said with a half smile. It was on the journey home that she told me all about her Step-mom and their circumstances. They had not long been in the area themselves. Angela hated it here, there was no-one her age around she was “Bored as hell” as she informed me and her Step-mom kept a very close eye on her and any male she may come into contact with.
We got along great on our short but pleasant journey, I didn’t want it to end, end it must, as I pulled up to the entrance to her home. My mind was working overtime, there must be some way I could get her alone. “Say” I approached her with my excuse, “I’ve got to go on a job tomorrow night and I need a dog sitter, Bruiser doesn’t like being alone and seeing as he knows you… I wondered if you might. After all” I continued “You can tell your Step-mom I won’t be there so?”. “Why not” she replied, turning and stroking Bruisers head, he enjoyed the fuss. My plan was set.

The next evening Angela called around, with her Step mom in tow. “I thought you were going out?” the wizened old witch accused me. “I er I am” I stammered “Just want to show Angela the place first. “It’s the same layout as ours” the witch said “She won’t have a problem!” “Right then” I said “I’d better be off. I might be late as I don’t really know what I’ve got to do but it’s a cash job and I can’t afford to turn it down. Bruiser didn’t like the old witch either and he bared his teeth. The old witch didn’t like the look of him either and walked with me to my car. “Now make sure you walk her back when you return” she said. “Don’t worry” I replied “ No-one and nothing will get near your daughter with Bruiser in the house.” She huffed and walked off.
What I haven’t told you, nor anyone else for that matter is that I’ve installed hidden spy cams all over the bungalow. Pictures from the cams can be accessed onto my mobile, (The technology is out there folks, believe me). Whilst going about the work in hand, which didn’t turn out to be as much as I’d anticipated, I kept an eye on what was going on back home. I dialled the number and a picture came onto my mobile screen, Angela was sat in my favourite chair, Bruiser was watching T.V. Now I’ve been told dogs can’t see the picture but Bruiser always watched T.V. with me? Angela called Bruiser over, he obeyed and as he approached her she parted her knees. Bruiser not wasting the opportunity stuck his snout into her groin. “Good boy” she said. Bruiser nuzzled between her legs. From where the cam was positioned I could see him from behind, his tail wagging and his head buried up her skirt. Angela had her head back and was stroking the back of Bruiser’s head. “Good boy” she repeated. I couldn’t believe what was happening, this young lady was allowing my dog to nuzzle his nose into her crotch. I was glued to my screen. Angela then sent Bruiser away, he looked dejected. She then hooked her hands into her skirt and took off her panties. She then called him back to her. Bruiser rushed back to resume his and apparently her pleasure. She lifted her skirt up onto her stomach allowing her, and me, a good view of what Bruiser was doing. Bruiser now having no restriction was lapping his huge tongue up and down her pussy. Obviously the smell of her juices attracted his taste and attention. Angela laid her head back and enjoyed he oral stimulation she was receiving. To be honest I had a boner just watching it and almost a “birds eye view”. It wasn’t long before Angela started to pant, she again placed her hand on Bruiser’s head and pulled his snout into her, he must be burying his tongue deep inside her, from what I could see, as she writhed on the chair.
She came and Bruiser, probably enjoying the juices quenched his thirst. This seemed to drive Angela even more crazy as she seemed to have a second orgasm almost immediately. “Good boy” she said “Very good boy”. She praised him with a head massage with both hands and kissed hi on the snout. The very snout that had been on her juicy pussy just seconds earlier.

I quickly finished what I had to do, got paid and leapt into my car, I had to get home quick. I once again dialled my cam number as I drove home. Angela had gone to the kitchen and made herself a drink, returning to my chair. I silently crept the car into the driveway. I didn’t want the witch to know I had returned. I switched the engine off and continued to watch my phone screen. Angela had looked at the clock, put her drink down and then proceeded to take off the rest of her clothes. I enjoyed watching her strip, she was in no rush. Bruiser was also watching somewhat confused.
With all her clothes off Angela knelt on the floor, her ass not only facing Bruiser but also giving me a wonderful shot to camera. Her pussy was clean shaven and looked as sweet as honey. Bruiser must’ve also thought so as he once again got up and approached her rear. “Like another lick?” she asked him. Oh to be that dog I thought to myself as I rubbed my cock inside my jeans. I continued to watch as Bruiser resumed his pussy licking. Angela again didn’t take long to reach orgasm, screaming “Good dog.".good dog” as he lapped at her. Now I don’t know if it was Angela's intention but Bruiser receiving all this encouragement stopped his licking and in a flash had mounted her. “Bruiser… what are you doing?” she asked as he gripped her with his front legs. It didn’t take long for her to find out as Bruiser entered her with his doggy cock. “Owww” Angela squealed. Now I couldn’t see which orifice the lucky son of a bitch was entering but it certainly made her buck as he hammered home at record breaking speed. That was enough for me, I had to get a closer look at what was going on. I crept in the house and opened the living room door. Seeing Bruiser and Angela literally in “Doggy fashion” I noticed that he had “Locked”. His cock had swollen into a knot and there was no way that his cock which had just dumped doggy cum inside her was going to be removed. Angela was panting like a bitch, when she saw me she looked shocked and then tried to explain “He pushed me over and mounted me, and now he’s stuck up my bum”. Well that answered one question. “I suppose he took off all your clothed and folded then onto the coffee table as well?” I questioned. Angela knew her little game was up. “Look” I said “It’s going to take a while for his knot to go down so get comfortable”. I sat in my chair “Now whilst your going nowhere for a while and I have your attention you can suck on this, I pulled my cock out of my jeans and slid forward on the chair, presenting it to her mouth. “Now be a good girl and no-one will find out about your doggy fetish” I assured her. Angela pleaded. “I’m sorry I was bored and… well I haven’t been near a boy for ages and things just happened”. “Well things are going to continue to happen” I told her “Unless you would like me to broadcast to the world you like doggy cock up your ass”. She explained that she didn’t want it to happen it just… did and so quick, before she realised Bruiser was up her arse. “Enough talking” I said “Try explaining with a mouthful of this. I pushed my cock into her mouth. At first she reluctantly accepted it then as Bruiser, seeing that the fun was going to continue for a while moved his hips, just once. This must have spurred Angela on as she then started to suck my cock with relish. She wasn’t a bad cock sucker at that. This green eyed beauty was mine!
Bruiser eventually slipped out of Angela’s arse and went over to the corner of the room to lick himself clean. Wouldn’t most blokes kill to be able to do that? Sensing my opportunity and feeling my balls starting to tingle, I pushed Angela’s head form my cock.
“Stay in that position” I commanded her, as I crept around behind her. I saw Bruiser’s cum leaking out of her anus and gave myself a little chortle as I stuck my cock up and into her pussy. I wasn’t going to be gentle with this little doggy whore. I pummelled my cock in and out of her. Now I’m much bigger than my dog and she bucked and writhed as I forced my hard big cock into her. She moaned as I pushed deeper and deeper and faster and faster with each thrust. Again she came hard and loud. I almost came too but gripped the base of my cock, withdrew from her juicy lip swollen pussy and shoved it right up her doggy lubricated arse. Again she squealed, this time much louder. I continued to bugger her arse good n proper. I was going to enjoy this!
It wasn’t long before I came, squirting my cum up her and mixing it with the cum deposited by my dog earlier. My cock didn’t knot though and slipped out of her anus, even though her anal ring tried as it might to hold me inside her. Unfortunately she didn’t reach another orgasm as we fell onto the floor, side by side. “That was fucking awesome” she said to me “I’ve never done anything like that before”. Bruiser, having finished cleaning himself came over to us, Angela lifted her legs up I the air and commanded him to “Clean me now you naughty dog”. Bruiser did as he was told. I told you he was obedient. Angela had her final orgasm of the night with Bruiser cleaning her out. Unfortunately it was now late and I had to walk Angela home.
As I walked her next door, with Bruiser at my side, Angela turned to me and said “You promise not to tell a living soul about tonight?” “I promise” I replied “Providing e do this on a regular basis?” I questioned her. “You betcha” she responded. The old witch was at the door, “See you” Angela said to me, she bent down and kissed Bruiser on the snout “And see you, you little monster.” Bruiser and I turned around and went home.
It wasn’t to be our last encounter with Angela, in fact it was a regular thing as soon as the old witch was out the way we were at it like dogs on heat, Bruiser joined in most times but not always although he mostly got to “Clean up”.

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2012-11-03 15:54:48
"Oh to be that dog I thought to myself as I rubbed my cock inside my jeans."

I was like WTF!!! I thought it was a woman lol!


2012-07-30 10:35:25
It's been my experience (& I've been into bdsm & beastiality a l o n g time) that women who are into dogs are also deeply into bdsm and submission. You might consider that with your next storie.

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2010-09-21 23:41:21
Great Story but i didnt get the fact that it was a dude until later

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2010-08-09 23:39:34
I need a dog to fuck me! Wanna feel that big cock, that fast fucking, that big knot claiming me, and that hot cum filling my pussy!


2010-06-12 14:06:28
very fucked up but i couldn't look away... i had to read it all. and it was good???

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