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the main person is my siter shelly and me jason.this is my fisrt time so bear wiht me
well it all started when my sister turn 11 i was had my way with your i could finger pussy since she was 3 but now i want more they say brother and sister must show love well we are doing that well one day when we were alone my shelly was sleeping i was horny has hell.So i say shelly i crept up to here and put my hand one her tight ass i started to spank here she woke up and say stop it no jason we have to stop this is come sis lets do it i want to make love to you you have been a virgin way too long sis.SO WHAT [/b come on [b]NO!!!

Hey sis sorry for what happen i was just horny well it is my flat i was just trying not to lose my virginity
bro will you come to my room please sure sis we went up to the stairs we entered here pink clouted room
my sis sure like pink she grab me and we kiss for like up 10 min she said fuck me bro do it now please i trow here bed then she grab ,y hard cock in my pants she strip me so fast i did not know it i took my time to strip so i can get it all in her shaved pussy her c cup bra i grab her nice tit and put one in my mouth while i brought t my hand down to remove that nice panty it took it of and push 2 finger up there damn that girl is running like a river she started to stroke my cock in here nice hands i almost cum there but i had control she said push it in now i cam down to her nice pussy i took my 7 inches in my hand i aim it right at her opening i push it in she scream out dam n she was tight she said keep going i strated to go further until i reach her cervix i took it almost all the way out then slam in back in is kept up the pace then i felt her pussy clenched around my cock then i know that my little sis is about to cum the i gave her 6 strong ram then my sis started to cum i kept going then she siad i a m going to cum bro HAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IM CUMINGGGG!!!!!!!!
THEN I SHOT 6 STRONG load of semen in here nice pussy we both collapsed on each what a nice fuck sis
WE woke up early the next morning with my sis in my arms i said good moreing slut she said don't call me that .
so sis want to take some pic sure
Mekala repeated, “Why don’t you take a picture! I know that you really want too!”

She followed me to my computer desk where I keep my camera and posed against a wall. I took about six pictures of shelly with her breasts out of her dress then I asked her to tuck them back in for a couple more pictures. shelly asked me if I wanted a ‘burst’ of pictures as she shook her tits free. Okay! With my new camera I could take a short burst of pictures at the speed of 3 pictures per second. Mekala had done her famous back flips for me on a number of occasions while I shot a five or ten second burst. Usually one very good picture appeared out the burst. Enough to make it worth while. Besides that digital camera doesn’t cost me anything for the pictures that I don’t print out. So as I started the burst shelly started shaking her shoulders and lifting the hem of her dress too. In the end I saw breasts, her bush, and a very beautiful sis. The only thing missing was her butt however she turned and provided that too. I was flabbergasted and speechless. Then shelly pushed her shoulder straps off her shoulders and let the loose fitting dress fall to the floor. My finger was twitching on the trigger of my camera as I stared at my beautiful thirteen-year-old niece standing nude before me. Her dark blonde downy covered pussy was just as beautiful as her breasts were. She turned slowly around for me and then sat down opening her legs for me as she did.
damn sis i want to fuck you now well we have some time till mom and dad get home so let start i took of my boxer and shelly grab my cock and took it in here mouth damn she could do a blow job good
she took me in her mouth all the way i took it out and push it all the way in and started to fuck my sister in her tight mouth
shelly had gotten very excited while posing for me. Her nipples were in a constant state of arousal, her pussy lips were glistening from her sexual fluids, and she was simply glowing. I had never seen my niece more radiant. Oh God how I wished she were sixteen years old and fuckable. What was I thinking? I shouldn’t even be taking pictures of her like this until she is eighteen years old. This was what they call incest and I could get in some serious trouble. However, all I wanted to do at that very moment was to fuck her, then the doorbell rang. The expression ‘saved by the bell’ came to mind instantly.

As soon as the delivery boy left shelly came out of my den still completely naked. and drank a soda before asking me if she could pose for some more pictures. Of course she could. So for the next hour shelly posed for me in every room in the house and on every piece of furniture. She masturbated for me too while I took pictures.
damn sis lets fuck now i push my cock in here pussy and fuck here like there is the world is coming to a end damn sis you are good


2015-09-11 02:41:12
I would like to be able to at least comprehend what is written.

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2012-03-13 06:02:29
Your story sucks !!
first go learn your grammer properly then think to write understood donkey..

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2011-01-03 03:11:41
i cummed so hard omg so sexy i drank my cum too afterwards.

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2010-05-05 12:34:20
My god....I couldn't even finish the first paragraph because it was written so shitty....
BIG thumbs down!!

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