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Part 3 to the great weekend
Chapter 3:

The first night has past and it was a great one.

I was waking up at around 12 pm. I slept in long since I did go to sleep late. I looked over to see if Jenny was still sleeping, but she was gone.

I rolled out of my bed and took a long stretch.

I looked out the window and saw the beautiful beach water, waving back and forth and the sun shining against it.

I picked up my bags and looked for some fresh clothes. I grabbed some fresh underwear and my camo shorts then walked to the bathroom to shower.

The shower was gorgeous. It was very big and nicely tiled.

I turned on the water and pulled down my shorts. I looked down and noticed my dick had its morning hardness to it.

I waited for the water to heat up, then I walked into the shower and stood under the water.

The hot water gently washed down my body as I began to soap up.

My body full of soap suds and hot water was very refreshing. I washed my whole body clean then just remained under the hot water,

I was just about done when the door opened slowly and quietly.

I did not notice anyone walk in so I continued to finish my shower.

Then all of a sudden the shower door opened.

The fog cleared up and I saw my aunt standing there.

"OMG im so sorry Lucas, I thought it was Jenny in here" She said

I covered up.

"Thats fine Jessie, happens all the time" I said back

"She said she was coming up to shower, Im so Sorry. I really am" She said as she closed the door and walked out.

This little moment with my aunt got me thinking really hard. I never thought about my aunt this way. I was always distracted by my cousin Jenny and Kristina, my step mother.

Just as the thoughts entered my mind, My dick became very hard.

I was glad I was still in the shower because the water hitting my hard dick felt really good.

I started grabbing the tip of my dick and rubbing it as I closed my eyes and thought of my aunt naked. This really got my going because I knew she had fake tits and they always looked very perky and perfect in her shirts.

I began stroking my cock in the water. The wetness was making it feel more better, and of course easier to stroke.

My now hard throbbing cock was fully erect and I was going faster and faster.

I opened my eyes and looked over past the glass walls of the shower.

Standing there was Jenny washing her face,

I don't think she noticed me or heard the shower running because it looked like she had headphones on.

She was all sweaty and red faced. Looked like she had just finished a run on the beach.

She was wearing these tiny short shorts and this very small, revealing top full of sweat down the neck line.

She was bent over washing her face and her ass looked very juicy and hot. I continued to stroke my dick. watching her bent over ass.

To my suprise she began undressing. Removing her shorts first, very slowly dropping them to her feet. NO PANTIES.

She then lifted up her shirt and pulled it off also. Her body was all red and tanned. It was still sweaty and wet and this made me very horny.

I stroked my cock faster and faster., I even grabbed some soap and used it as lubricant.

Jenny then removed her headphones and surprisinly still did not notice the shower on and the heat coming from it.

She walked over to the shower door and opened it.

I stopped stroking but held my cock tightly in my hand.

Jenny looked up at me then quickly her eyes moved down to my hard cock still in my hand.

"Fuck, I didn't know you were in here, Im sorry" She said.

"You know this happend twice in about 10 mintues" I said back then laughing.

"Maybe you should use the lock on the door next time, you know its the little thing on the doorknob" she answered back

"Im just so used to having noone at home so i usually dont lock the door." I said

"Well,,,can I join you?" She said

Without an answer she walked in.

"Why you still holding that thing? dont be ashamed, you definitely have nothing to be ashamed about" she said as she looked down again at my hard cock.

"Im not hiding it," I said

"Oh shit, you were beating off. Omg hahaha" she said

"Shut up" I answered back

She then turned away from me and grabbed some soap. She drips the liquid soap all over her body and began to rub it all over.

"You can continue if you want," she said

I really didnt know what to do. i was very horny and she was standing naked in front of me. So I continued to stroke.

"Its very big Lucas" She said as she was now full of suds

"thank you" i responded

"Have you washed up yet? so you want soap?" She said

I have already washed up but I lied. I didnt want to ruin the moment.

"No actually, ill take some soap." I said

Jenny then poured liquid soap all over my body and put the bottle away.

"Do you want me to rub it over your body?"

"Yes sure" i said still stroking my cock.

She began rubbing her hand over my chest, over my shoulders, over my abs.

She then stopped and looked down.

"Would you like some down there?" she said

I just nodded as she dragged some soap from my abs down to my pubic area.

She went around my cock, as i was still stroking, and she wrapped her hands around my balls.

"May i?" she said

She then grabbed my hand and moved it away from my cock.

She placed her hand over it and began teasing it. rubbing one finger up and down the shaft,

My cock pulsed and throbbed and she did this. It was such an amazing feeling.

Jenny then gripped my cock and began to stroke it slowly.

Up and Down, Up and down, slowly and gently she stroked.

The water washed away all the soap as it was now just really wet and slippery with pre cum dripping out.

"Mmm, you are so fucking sexy Lucas," she said

She then moved her mouth down to my cock. She licked the tip gently and began to flicker her tongue.

My cock entered her mouth as she slurped on it with passion. Looked like she was enjoying it more then I was.

"When I felt it last night I knew it was huge." she said

I looked down at her in shock.

"What did you just say?" I asked

"Oh nothing, dont worry. just enjoy it" She answered

Was she saying this because she felt me fuck her last night. Was she faking sleeping. I think she was.

She was now sucking on my cock with amazing pressure and usage of her tongue. She was a pro. this family knew how to please men and I was glad to be in it.

" I want you to fuck me again Lucas, Please I cant take it" she said

She said AGAIN? She did fake sleep last night.

She stood up and gave me the most passionate kiss I have ever had.

Her wet body pressed up against me and her sexy tits felt amazing.

I went down and sucked on her left tit. she moaned a bit as i sucked on the other tit. her nipples were very hard and she was horny as hell.

She kept stroking my dick with her free hand as i sucked on her tits. i then began kissing her neck and going up to her mouth then down to her tits again.

We were having a very passionate moment and i felt like I could stay like this forever.

"I knew you fucked me last night, and i know you fucked your step mother" she said

"I knew it" i answered

"I thought it would have been awkard and wrong, so i pretended to sleep....Come on you think someone could stay awake while you fucked them with your hard cock? and Kristina screaming all night, I was soo horny." She said

"I feel much better knowing you werent sleeping, when you started moving your ass on my cock I couldnt help myself" I said

"Well that was my prerogative, I knew you wouldnt bend me over and take me Lucas, please" she demanded

I turned her over and slapped her great sexy ass. I held my hand there and tighlt squeezed her ass cheek. I was so glad i had all my senses. or this experience would be nothing like it is.

I then got down and opened her cheeks, revealing her sexy pussy lips. they opened as i spread her cheeks.

I stuck one finger in and checked the elastisity of her very wet pussy. she was very ready for my cock.

I stood up and stuck my cock right in.

She grabbed my ass with her hands and pulled me forward.

My cock filled her sexy warm and inviting pussy.

She held my ass as i began pounding her hard.

"I like it hard lucas, do me hard baby" She screamed

I began pounding her harder and harder, driving her face and tits into the glass walls of the shower.

We went on for about 5 more minutes in this position until she pulled my cock out of her.

She placed her hands on my chest and lowered me to the floor.

The water was still showering us and i was now sitting on my ass on the shower floor.

"Let me do some work for you this time" she said

She then lowered herself onto my hard cock.

Her tits rubbed on my face as I started to lick them.

She slowly grinded my cock then gradually went faster and faster and harder and harder.

Her body was the hottest thing I have ever seen moving up and down.

She kissed me and licked me and rubbed her hands all over my body. the feeling of this was undescribable.

"I want you to hold me up with my legs around you, i wanna see your muscles flex as we fuck" she moaned.

She then hoped off my hard cock and stood up. I hopped up very quick and grabbed her by the hips and lifted her up.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and held on tight.

"OMG Your body is sexy Lucas,"

I lowered Jenny on my cock and began slamming her on it.

"Thats it harder lucas, use those muscles"

I slammed her harder and harder. Lifting her higher and higher and slamming her down on my cock.

"Im coming DONT STOP" she screamed.

I continued to slam her on my cock as she gasped for air and moaned in pleasure.

"DONT STOP. KEEP GOING, PLEASE BABY" She screamed louder

I continued faster nd faster as she let out this very loud scream of pleasure.


She couldnt even talk as she cummed all over my hard cock.

Her pussy clentching my cock, holding it in this tight grip.

She hugged me as she was still cumming.

"OH FUCKKKK YEAAAA" she continued

Her orgasm lasted very long, and she was going crazy.

As she finished up I lifted her off of my cock.

"Your turn, do you want it in my mouth or my pussy?" She asked

"Surprise me jenny" I said

She smiled and got down on her knees.

She wrapped her big tits around my hard cock and opened her mouth.

"Go through my tits and fuck my mouth. Then cum all in it baby" She said

I slid my cock through her tits and into her mouth. She sucked on the tip for a few seconds with amazing suction then let go of my cock everytime I slid between her tits.

I was now feeling the orgasm coming. I was ready.

I continued to fuck her tits and her mouth faster as she slobbed all over it.

I felt my orgasm coming when she stood up.

"What are you doind im ready?" I asked

She stood there with a smile on her face.

"In my pussy, trust me it will feel better. for both of us" She said

She laid down on her back and pulled me on top of her.

She pulled my cock into her nd I started to thrust hard.

the little stop tease made this even more intense. She knew what she was doing.

I fucked her hard and fast as I began to feel it come.
"Here it is,," I said

"Mine too" she said

I went faster and faster.

"OHHHHHHHHHH" she screamed

"FUCKKKK YEAAA" I screamed as I squirt into her pussy over and over again.


"FEELS SO GOOOOD" I screamed louder.

We were both cumming together and it did feel much better, as she stated.

"OMGGG I FUcKING LOVE YOuR cock LUCAS" she screamed as she twitched and cummed

"OHHH YEAAAA" I screamed as i finished cumming.

"You are a GODDD Lucas" She said as she began getting up.

I also got up, then turned off the water.

"That was amazing" I said

Jenny kissed me on the lips.

"It really was more then amazing" she answered

"Let me get out first so we dont get caught together" She said

She then exited the shower grabbed a towel and exited the bathroom.

I walked out of the shower and dried myself up.

For some reason i was feeling this strong feeling in my stomach. Kind of like i was beginning to really like Jenny. More then a cousin. It felt so right. Especially after that.

I quickly got dressed and walked out of the bathroom.


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2013-08-11 19:38:16
Yes, please keep writing. This is a great story. I love it.

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2009-05-13 23:26:46
The story is great, who gives a shit if there ARE a few spelling mistakes.


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Well firstly "iceskoal" you quite obviously have a fanciful (though illiterate)
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The first time i senn my stepmom i was 8 she had huge tits and a hairy bush at that time.Then when i turned 13 i started jacking off with her panties but the strange thing was every night there was a clen pair of her panties under my matress everynight did not know why did not care.That lasted till i was 22 i was taking a shower as i was getting out she walked n and shut the door me why there were clean panties all those years then she got totally naked walked over to me we started kissing she grab my cock and it was on i fucked the shit out of her her pussy was awsome and she could suck dick the best i ever had I am now 30 and we fuck at least 3 or 4 times a week

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yea this shit is good!! tht badthroom scene on the floor specially...good work!

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