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John work life turns into his sex life
Hey this is my first story ever, so please leave helpful criticism and leave the negative comments in your head. If you like it, let me know I have a lot of ideas.

"Another day in this miserable hell hole." I said to myself. This is my life. I’m John 23 and working at the biggest real estate agency in the country. I make a 6 figure salary and more benefits than I can handle. But still this place tortures me day after day. It's all because I’m infatuated with a married woman. Her name is Vanessa. I have wanted to fuck her brains out since the day I started here 3 years ago. She is about 5'5 no more than 130 lbs. Full lips. She was some what busty, from the looks of her chest full C cups. But her best feature was her ass. It just stood out there all proud. I don’t know if there wasn’t anyone in the office that didn’t want to pound it. But she is a senior partner and so out of my league. But, that doesn’t matter to me when I’m at my desk spaced out day dreaming about me sliding by rod in and out of her tight snatch. Little did I know that my dreams were going to become a reality.

So I woke up on Friday morning after another tantalizing dream about Vanessa. I got up quick and went through t the daily routine fore getting ready to go to work. When I got there the people I work with gay me the stare(Working folk know the stare, when someone you work with is finna get fired). So after enduring people givin me the stare 6 floors up to my office, I finally make it to my desk. But no sooner had I sat down, I got a message from my secretary that Vanessa wanted to have a word with me. So I got my ass up and got back in the elevator and rode up to the 7th floor, where the 5 senior partner's offices are. When I got to her office, I stopped took a deep breath, fixed my dick and walked in.

There she sat, looking all intimidating. It was ridiculous. I just walked through the door and I was already sweating profusely. She had a somewhat stern but soft look on her beautiful face. I'd give anything at that moment to hop over her desk and shove my dick in her mouth. The first words out of mouth were in beautifully seductive voice, " Please sit down John." So like an obedient puppy I sat. She continued, " I’m sure you know why I called you in today." When I shook my head she explained," Well Over the past two weeks I have made more frequent trips to lower floors and when I venture on to your floor, I can’t help but notice how you always seem to find a way to follow me. In any other case Id fire your ass, but I find myself needing your help." Well at least I wasn’t getting fired. What she said next just floored me. " I've heard from a number of reliable sources that you have a big cock." In my head I was screaming " HOLY SHIT, THE HOTTEST WOMEN I KNOW JUST ASKED ME ABOUT MY DICK!" I couldn’t be happier for my dick. It certainly was big at a full 11 inches hard and 5 inches around. I somehow managed to remain cool and say, " Well ma' am, what about it". ( I am the bee’s knees). She replied, " I am tired of my husbands mediocre penis, and you have just the change I’m looking for and I will not take no for an answer." She got up and walked around her desk, got to my chair and dropped to her knees.

As she undid my pants, all I could think was "FUCK!!'" And there was not a more beautiful moment than when she saw my hard, throbbing, thick and stout manhood. A tiny gasp escaped her mouth" ohm". I don’t think she fully understood what she had got herself into but I knew I was going to get into her. She stared at it with a mortified look on her face. Then she opened her zesty lips and placed them on my thick mushroom head. "Mmmmmmm" is all she could say for my cock had already filled her mouth up and I sill had about 9 inches left. She started slowly bobbing up and down on my cock slowly and sensually. I was in pure bliss. And after coming up every time she would go down even deeper. It was wonderful. It sound of a plunger started coming from her mouth. And then she pulled off completely. She looked at me with a little pre-cum on her lip and with a sexy ass voice said two words, " Take Control". These words said so much with so little. It said don’t fuck up, don’t disappoint me, in my head I was thinking, " This is my chance, take your time". So I stood up and said, " Take a deep breath." Then I grabbed the back of head and began to throat fuck the shit out off her mouth. "Hrghhhh-ohhhhhh-whhhhhhh" and a cornucopia of other noise came from her mouth as I rammed my dick in and out of her mouth. It sensations going through me were wonderful. Every pump made me feel like I was going to come. But I held together and managed not to. And I was quite enjoying to plunging sucking noise coming from Vanessa but I had to stop because her somewhat already pale skin was turning a tinge of blue. So I gave one final thrust into her mouth and got almost balls deep and she screamed and gagged with a mouth full of dick. Then I slowly pulled up and she took a big gasp of air and said, " Fuck yea I love that shit." I thought in my head, “This is a kinky ass bitch. I nearly suffocated her to death and she still wants dick. This bitch is hella kinky, I like it." So I lifted Vanessa up off the ground and sat her down on her desk. It was then I noticed she was full clothed. “Let’s do something about these clothes."

She was wearing a red button up, so I grabbed between two middle buttons and ripped the shirt open. "Ohhhh" a squeal of excitement escaped her mouth at the same time. As I looked at her breast I realized that looking at them through a blouse just didn’t do them justice. The bra she was wearing was black and white lace with a little frill at the top (looked like something out of a Victoria don’t tell nobody catalog) and it looked a little too small for her busty chest. So I said, " Take it off " and it was on the floor before I could say off. As I gazed at her bare tits I saw perfection. They were nice round globes with just the proper amount of sag, so they had to be real. Beautiful pink nipples that were little bigger than stubs and nice quarter size areolas. So by now, I'm entranced by these magnificent tits and was brought back by a curt voice and Vanessa saying, " You just gonna stare at them?" I didn’t need to be told, so I dived right in. First I latched on to her left tit and started to lick her nipples. " Yea, baby that feels good." Then at the same time with left hand I started to rub her right tit. Now constant mmhhh- and -ohhhh was coming from her . Then I switched to the right tit and started to suck her breast and used the right amount of teeth for her nipples She said out loud," yea I love that shit." Just then something went off inside of me. The best way to describe it is that there was a beast inside that was unchained. I stopped suckin her tits and stood up to my full 6'3 so I was towering over her. She said," Why'd you stop?" And I replied, ' I want that pussy."

I fully took off my pants and shirt till I was just in a tank top and she started to take off her skirt when I said, " Naw, leave it on. I kinda like clothed sex." She looked at me with lusty eyes and said, "O.K." I got closer to the desk and pushed her so she was lying on her back. Then I grabbed the tail of her skirt and shoved it up to her hips which reveled a G-string to match her bra. I scooted the crotch of the thong aside and put the head of my dick in her pussy. Just after initial contact, I felt her shudder. In my head I thought, " I’m about to tear her up." So with all I had, all 11 inches I slammed into her full force. “Aghh" was to sound that came out of my mouth because all evidence to the contrary, her pussy was extremely tight. She was must have been caught off guard and did not expect to get it all at once because she screamed, loudly. I was worried the other partners would come in and check on her. But after she subsided I just got down to business, if you call fucking a beautiful women work. So this time I went in way more slowly and she was already moaning. “Ohhhh-too, damn it John it's so big." I had found a groove to work in. I was already feeling ready to cum but I hung in there. Then she started to move her hips a little. Well, that was just the best feeling. So I started to fuck her faster. Now her it were going up and down as I fuck her tight cunt with a rapid pace. The moans she emitted were now endless. “Aaaaaa-ohhhh-ooooooo, yea that's right, fuck like that oh, you make my pussy all hot and I’m ready to fucking cum." As I kept pound, I felt her pussy clinch and thought, “Here comes the first one." Then she screamed, "FUCK YEA, IM CUMMING KEPT FUCKING ME, AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!" Then she came all over my dick and started getting the papers underneath her wet. That didn’t stop me. I was in pure bliss. The warmth and tightness of her pussy was overwhelming me. All I wanted to do was fuck her more. So I was fuckin upset when she pushed me off her and she stood up. I was thinking, " Damn, fun's over." But she said, "I've never came like that before, so you get a special treat". So she grabbed my tank top and pulled her close to and as she started to kiss me. The feeling of her full yet soft lips was unbearable. Then she took her hands and grabbed mine which were on her hip. Then she slowly moved them down to her ass. When I felt it, I just went to heaven. I almost fainted when she turned around and bent over her desk and said, “Fuck me in my ass big daddy."

I must have stared at her ass for an eternity. I couldn’t help it. It was for lack of a better word, perfect. It was lily white, rounded and shaped like an apple. It was huge too had to be at least 45 inches. And I couldn’t help noticing how her having her skirt pushed up around her hips and her panties still on were just making it look all the better. I finally snapped out of my daze and thought, “I wanna play with this thing for a while.” So I just gave a little playful slap. Vanessa said, “Mmmm.” “So she likes spanking huh? Alright I’ll spank that naughty bitch.” I thought to myself. So I pulled back and gave it a more energy and it made a nice plopping sound. And I pulled back again and, this time I smacked it harder. I got really into it and her ass started to a bright red. And she started to moan more and more, “Oh yea that shit feel so good, smack it harder!” she exclaimed. So I pulled back hella far and gave her ass one last might smack, and on contact her ass jiggled like Jell-O in an earthquake. She damn near had another orgasm right there. I felt her body shudder and her breathing get kinda heavy. So I decided to help her get hers so I started to finger her pussy from behind. I just double barreled that shit, and started moving it in and out super fast. And since she was already close it didn’t take fucking long for her to orgasm. She spilt her clear fluid all over my fingers and was breathing like she just ran a 10k at full speed. But, then after she regained her breath she said with a begging kind of voice that had just the right of slutty in it, “Please stop toying with me, put it in my ass.” So as a gentleman, I could only oblige. So I adjusted my self to be centered behind her I took my dick and probed her ass with just the head. But even that was enough; she was already ready getting pretty loud. “Aghhhhhh-Aaaaaa.” I asked in out of consideration, “Do you want me to stop?” She said with anger in her voice, “No, now fuck me!” So I got a pissed and decided to teach her a lesson. I backed out just a little and then with one almighty thrust, I slammed all 11 inches into her ass at once. And as expected, she screamed loud enough to shatter windows 5 blocks away. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa, SHIT OH MY GOD MY ASS IS ON FIRE, SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And while she was still screaming I just pound her ass balls deep. I got to the point where it sounded like a banshee. I was just amazed at how nobody came into check on why she was screamed like someone was killing her. But eventually she got into to it with me. She started to move her hips and wiggle her ass at the same time. So I stated to pound faster. The moans came back, “Aghhhhh shit, you’re killing my ass, don’t stop.” Her body was starting to move started to move every time I slammed into her ass. She was just unleashing a torrent of moans and groans. Just then I was hit by sexual inspiration. So I said, “Put your right knee up on your desk.” She obeyed like a puppy. Then I started to fuck her again, but this time with the left hand her left breast and started to knead it. Then with the right I began furiously rubbing her clit. It had the effect I was looking for. She came almost instantly, “ OOOOOOOOOOOOO-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, THAT RIGHT FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT, I WANT YOU TO UNLOAD ALL YOUR CUM IN MY ASS.!” How she figured out I was really close, I had no idea, but I didn’t care. I then placed both of my hands on her hip and just went into a hyper fucking mode. Every pump had more vigor than the last. “Fuck yea Vanessa, you so good, I’m about to bust.” She replied in a moaning voice, “Ohhhh yea, fucking cum in my ass!” So I gave her one last slam with everything I had left and opened the flood gates while I was balls deep. I just felt all that nut just pour out of my dick into her ass. “Aghhhhh, shit that felt good.” I said while trying to catch my breath. She then said, “I’ve have never been worked that hard before. When’s the next time you can fuck?” I just looked at her in amazement and passed out.

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2012-05-10 02:49:57
that was a beast story ,i wonder if you can make that dream a reality with me my boobs is doublle d so i hope you can come fuck my brains out bitch

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2009-06-23 20:54:19
very nice, needa part 2

2009-02-13 18:42:15
Most enjoyable, a bit of S&M and toys would be good for your next story.


2008-08-06 19:48:34
That was a good story. You have a good imagination when it comes to the sex. The story could use a little more depth, but that may not be too important. The main thing is that you need to proof read it before you submit it. The grammer was lacking a bit. I hope I'm not being too much of a douche. Keep it up!


2008-07-11 11:31:22

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