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what cums next?
The Second Meeting

Judy Tsang fretted over the next month. She was surprised that she only felt mildly guilty over her little liaison. She was even perturbed that her boyfriend hadn’t noticed any difference in her. As soon as he had returned home that evening she had a meal prepared for him but didn’t give him chance to digest it before she dragged him off to the bathroom for sex in the shower. Perhaps that was her Freudian way of cleansing herself.

Of course the internet contact with John continued with neither of them making any direct reference to that day. John was very secretive about what might happen at the next meeting. As they talked she could tell he was inquiring into her own wishes by the subtle questions or references to things like 3somes, horses, bondage or even gang bangs. She thought she had given him the answers that would secretly spell out her wishes.

Perhaps it was part of the game but by the time the next meeting was arranged there were certainly enough alternatives for him to choose. Almost business like John told her to be at New Street by 1pm on the Saturday. He also instructed her to have a spare set of clothes with her. This in itself seemed to tell her to wear her cheapest, disposable gear.

At 1pm as arranged she strode up to John in an old but clean pair of jeans, Yellow T shirt and not so special underwear. John gave a hint of a smile. He approved.

Once again they were soon speeding off down Hagley Road towards his abode. Very few words were said but he made a point of making sure she felt good by praising her looks and saying that she got better by the minute.

In the house John led her to the same bedroom as before. Inside she noticed that there were a number of pairs of silk stockings lying on the bed. There was nothing else to indicate what might be going to happen.

John noticed her looking at them then spoke.

“Now we will do this one thing at a time ok? First thing is that I want you to put that bag over there to one side and then lay on the bed starfish fashion.”

Without feeling the need to ask why Judy did just that. She was already feeling moist as she lay back and looked directly at the ceiling.

John sat beside her and quietly set about his business. First of all he tied her right hand to one of the bedposts using one of the stockings. Although fairly tightly knotted she didn’t feel any discomfort. It was the same when he moved to the other side of the bed and repeated the process. The ankles were next.

Her mind was racing now. She was still fully clothed but she had expected her clothes to be ripped off her even before she had arrived. She asked John what was going to happen next.

Calmly John took a blindfold from the bedside cabinet and explained that she was not going to see anything. He also told her that there was to be no gagging so she need have no fears of pain. However she wasn’t to scream out. Judy readily agreed to this little condition.

Blindfolded now and breathing deeper it seemed an eternity before she heard john leave the room. A minute or so later the door opened and she felt someone kneeling between her legs.

First she felt him taking her shoes off, then a hand took hold of her jeans at the bottom and she heard a scything sound. She quickly realised that he wasn’t tearing her clothes off. He was merely cutting them off with scissors.

This made her smile as she could see the funny side of it. Just as she was relaxing into this scenario she was shocked to feel another person kneel beside her head. Two hands quite firmly but at the same time gently turned her head to one side. Then she felt a huge cock, obviously not Johns, prising her lips apart. She didn’t argue and relished the lovely hot poker in her mouth.

As she willingly slid her lips up and down the shaft she thought that it must be John meticulously cutting her jeans away. He had almost cut up to the beltline on both legs when she heard the door yet again being opened. She knew that the two men so far were still at work on the bed so this must be a third man. She was on the point of an orgasm.

Her mind was frantically trying to work out what this man would do just as her jeans were dragged away from under her legs. It was only 30 seconds later that her knickers were snipped away. She could feel her clitoris pulsing before the mouth of presumably the man who just entered found its way to her fanny.

It went on like this for a few minutes with the big cock in her mouth starting to expand as if ready to unload. As this went on her T shirt and bra were in tatters and she was totally naked. She orgasmed.

After she had stopped shaking from the first orgasm the man who was licking her pulled away and she suddenly became aware of panting. She recognised that sound. It was the dog from the previous month and she looked forward to it taking its turn fucking her now. Just then the big cocked man pulled away from her face and repositioned himself between her legs. She felt a need to speak out.

“Please, please let the dog fuck me first. Then I will be lubricated enough for that big thing.”

No man answered and after a 10 second pause he carried on as if he didn’t care what she wanted. She gritted her teeth to stop herself from screaming out but then another pair of hands grabbed her face and made her open her mouth; she felt a cock sliding in. It was strange however. It was very smooth and wet and it didn’t take her long to realise it was the dog’s.

She had vague memories of sucking her family’s dog when she was very young and it soon revived memories of that. The best thing about it was that her mind had been diverted from the pain she was feeling between her legs. He was huge.

Pretty soon she got into the rhythm though and soon forgot the pain side of it. Another pair of hands were even pinching her nipples now. She was in heaven. She began to wonder where John was. Were the hands on her tits his or was he just watching. Then it was obvious. Above all the commotion that was happening on the bed she heard a faint humming sound. A video camera was on.

At first she was angry, then afraid but then gave way to reason and told herself that no one would recognise her if she had a blindfold over her eyes. She carried on without a murmur.

Soon there were seemingly gallons of dog cum shooting down her throat and all over her face. This brought on another orgasm just moments before the big man shot his load. This gave her an even bigger sensation.

Just as quickly as they had come they departed the room. Judy lay relieved then began to worry about the film. Five minutes later she heard Johns voice. He obviously had never left the room.

“Ok! Time for a shower now methinks and you must let me do all the washing.”

He undid her feet first then her hands. He left her to take the mask off. She looked at him pleadingly.

“You filmed that didn’t you? You bastard had better not sell it.”

John went on to explain that he had no intention of anyone seeing the film except herself. His intention all along had been to film her then give her the film straight away to reassure her that no one, but no one but herself had access. She felt good.

After the well earned shower and fuck in there with John she dressed in her new clothes and retrieved her purse and keys from her old jeans. 30 minutes later she was on the platform waiting for her train. She smiled to herself and felt good that her original trusting assessment of John had been proved correct. The film was safely in her bag. She would even see the identity of the others involved. Just as she felt good a terrifying thought came into her head. What if he had been running two video cameras?

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2018-02-13 19:43:54
This group of storys really needs a repost for people that dont have the time to search as far back


2014-08-19 21:17:27
i like this story line please continue it


2010-04-25 12:35:37
I loved this story but there should have been more fucking... This was a nice way to get her to engage in group sex and whenever John decides he really wants to go for it in a wild manner, she'll probably be up for it.


2008-10-25 19:26:45
Needs work


2008-08-18 16:35:58
yeah please write more

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