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After breaking the ice and finaling getting to fulfill their fantasies of fucking Clara senseless, Mr. Smith and John try again to sate their lust with Clara's body
Clara woke up from her sleep in a haze. She was vaguely aware of the sunlight streaming through her curtains and the feeling of a presence by her bed. Turning over, she looked for the presence pervading her senses. Seeing nothing, she decided to relive the previous days events in her mind before having to make her way downstairs to serve her master.

She pictured Mr. Smith sliding his dick between her pert butt cheeks, she remembered John sliding his hard cock in the mare's pussy. Her hand slide beneath her nightgown, gently rubbing the smooth cloth covering her bald mound. Her thoughts continued to wander, imaging John between her legs, licking her pussy juice from her slit and clit. Her fingers slid into her wet cunt, fingering her hole as she continued to think about John and Mr. Smith double teaming her as she moaned like a whore.

Her left hand tweaked her nipples as she got closer to orgasm. Her hips began to buck of the bed as her fingers thrust faster into her twat. With a loud groan, she came, spilling her juice onto her sheets.

Clara was wrong to assume the presence she felt was simply her imagination. Instead, it was Mr. Smith, peeking through her keyhole into her room. As she began to masterbate, he unleashed his cock, jacking in rhythm to the maid's ministrations. Once Clara came, she lulled back into sleep. Sensing his chance, Mr. Smith let himself into her room and crawled between her knees.

Mr. Smith lifted Clara's nightgown, seeing that she had removed her panties to better access her moist pussy. Unable to control himself, he lowered his head to her sex, and began to eat the delicious treat that had tempted him for so long.

Fast asleep, Clara began to dream. Oddly enough, Mr. Smith's dog King somehow was her partner. In her dream, the dog had clamored on her bed and began licking her cunt like a new doggie treat. Mr. Smith was unrelentless in his pussy feast, nibbling on her clit and adding a finger into Clara's tight hole. Thrusting his finger into her pussy, Mr. Smith began to hump the bed beneath him, nearing desperation for release. In her dream, Clara was confused by King's attention, but it felt so good that she simply could not turn him away.

Mr. Smith finally gave his throbbing cock was it was begging for. Opening her legs further, he climbed between her moist thighs and thrust his dick into her wet hole, letting out a low moan. He threw caution to the wind and began to fuck Clara wildly, his hard cock sliding easily into her.

In her unconscious state, Clara was being mounted by King, who's dick was wildly fucking her tight pussy. Despite the strangeness of the situation, Clara threw her legs around the animal, moaning and thrusting her hips to meet his fucking.

Mr. Smith heard the moans, and picked up his pace, feeling Clara's pussy beginning to clutch around his dick. Fucking her harder, he felt his balls contract, and he came, shooting his load into Clara's hot cunt.

To finish her dream, Clara moaned and came, clutching King's dick and milking it of its seed.

Pulling out, Mr. Smith rushed from the room, intent on finding John and giving him his daily chores before waking Clara up and possibly using the situation of her oversleeping to his future benefit.

Clara woke from her dream and realized how late in the morning it was becoming.

Rushing, she donned her dress and mader her way to the kitchen, forgetting her panties due to her dripping pussy- it was one less piece of clothing to wash.

Mr. Smith had already found John and chastised him for being asleep in the hay. After humiliating the boy, he retired to his room, his daily routine calling for a nice long shower. John's mind began to churn, angry with his master for telling him he was a useless prick. "I'll show you how useless my prick is," John thought.

He walked into the kitchen where he found Clara hurrying to complete her morning chores before Mr. Smith finished his shower. She was hoping he wouldn't notice her sleeping in.

John, seeing she was running late, took advantage of the situation.

"Running late this morning, Clara?" he said, stroking his hardening dick through his pants.

Seeing his actions, Clara answered warily, "Yyyeess... I .. uh... overslept."

"Aw well we wouldn't want Mr. Smith to find out... I won't say anything..."

"Oh! Well thank -"

".. for a price."

Clara's eyes widened, remembering her thorough fucking on the laundry room table.

Only slightly begrudgingly, she followed John from the kitchen to the barn. King was laying in the straw and raised his head when the couple entered.

Sitting on a wooden stool, John told Clara to strip. Looking at the ground, she began to undress, first lowering her top, revealing her beautiful perky breasts, then pulling the dress from her body, revealing her already naked pussy.

"Get on your knees and suck my dick."

Clara crawled over to John, and lowered her mouth onto his dick. Coating the head with her saliva, she began to jerk the base of his cock in rhythm with her sucking. The action piqued King's interest, and he walked over to Clara's wobbling hips. His tongue snaked out and began to taste her leaking pussy.

Clara moaned in surprise, earning attention from John who saw what the canine was doing. He pulled her mouth back onto his dick, thrusting harder and faster.

"Go on, King. Get some for you, too."

King lapped faster at Clara's pussy before mounting her like a bitch. His cock penetrated her cunt, and he began fucking wildly.

She was moaning and screaming, muffled by her mouthful of cock. The vibrations of her moans were sending John close to the edge. Clara began to cum as King also began to shoot his load into her cunt. Before he could properly tie with her, John pushed King away and mounted her in King's place. Clara was screaming and moaning, John's dick fucking her pussy thoroughly while he pawed at her tits.

Finally reaching his climax, John came once into Clara's pussy before flipping her over and finishing on her breasts, a load or two reaching her chin.

Panting, Clara tried to compose herself.

"I won't tell Mr. Smith anything, but you may want to hurry up and finish those chores," John said with a smile.

Grabbing her clothes, Clara quickly dressed and rushed to the kitchen, a part of her hoping Mr. Smith would catch her and punish her with another fucking.....
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