I know that I am truely lost . . .
There is a fine line between being in control and losing all self control . . .

. . . to get hard again.
One thing about girls versus women is once they decide to give of themselves, they do so with abandon. No complaints, no directions, nothing but complacency . . .
Kellie was sucking on me and it felt oh so good! I was getting hard again. How long has it been since I’ve been this hard for so long? This little girl was making me forget about what was right and what I wanted.
I was so fucking horny that I didn’t know what to do next. But I really wanted to fuck this oh so young little girl that was trying so hard to make me do her. While she was sucking on my cock I knew I wanted to stick it in her young pussy and, if I could, cum in her.
I made her move around so that she was still sucking me while her pussy was on my face. I began to lick her as she played with my cock. She didn’t have a strong taste and wasn’t really wet, but thinking about how forbidden she was made me so fucking horny that I couldn’t be rational. I started to lick at her pussy like there was no tomorrow. I had to lean my head forward in order to make contact.
I brought my head away and looked over at her sisters. They were both reclining and watching us, not smiling, but . . . engaged. They were absent mindedly touching themselves.
I returned my gaze to the prize at hand. I moved my hands to her soft little back side. I fondled her cheeks and moved a thumb to her lips. I used it to penetrate her, moving it in oh so slowly. Once it was all the way in I began to stroke in and out. I could feel her moan on my dick.
I withdrew my thumb and replaced it with my finger. In and out I stroked, slowly, ever so slowly.
“Would you like me to stick my cock in your pussy?”
“Oh yes! Would you fuck me, please?”
“Nothing would make me happier!” And with that thought I took her little body and rolled her over so that she was lying flat on her back. I moved up to suck on her little nipples. First one, then I licked up to her neck and began to nibble on an ear lobe. Then back down to her other nipple. At her age I figured this was more for me than her.
“Honey, this might hurt.” I positioned her so that I could stick my stiff cock at the entrance of her little pussy and eased my way into her. The tip of my dick was at her tiny little cunt and I couldn’t resist trying to push it into her and she gasped as I penetrated her and forced myself as far into her as I could. She had her eyes closed and was making a face that indicated that it hurt. She was still so dry. I held myself still for just a moment and then began losing myself as I tried to stroke in and out. It wasn’t working. I could tell by her reaction that I wasn’t giving her pleasure. I withdrew and moved across the bed to the table. I grabbed my lube and squirted some into my palm. I stroked myself and lubricated my dick. Then I used my finger to penetrate her and moisten her insides.
I resumed my place between her legs and put my cock to her. This time I slipped in easily and pushed myself in and out of this beautiful little girl, deeper each time, deeper and deeper until I was all the way in. Her face lost its tension and she opened her eyes and smiled. She was so fucking tight! I held myself still, enjoying the fact that I was able to accomplish my goal.
I was fucking her and she was just lying there, letting me have my way with her. I was stoking slowly and it felt so fucking good! I was propped up on my arms and fucking her with all my might. My cock was as hard as it had ever been and I was looking down at this gorgeous little girl and wanting this to never end. I had cum so many times in the last few hours. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy to cum again and realized that making this last was what I really wanted.
I looked over at her sisters and they were fingering themselves. Voyeurs, just as I imagined them to be as they were watching their mom. I thought “Maybe I could watch them as they watched their mom . . .”
I said “Jenny, why don’t you move over and lick your big sister.” Amy rolled over onto her back and spread her legs as Jenny moved between them. She greedily began to pleasure her sister.
I pulled myself out and Kellie protested. I grabbed her by the hips and easily turned her onto her tummy. I told her “Get up on your knees.” I pulled her hips back and used one hand to aim my cock at her pussy. As it began to penetrate her I used both hands to pull her to me and then push her away, pull her, push her. Now I could hold still and control the penetration by moving her little body.
I let my dick decide whether to go fast or slow, shallow or deep. I looked at the other girls and couldn’t believe how my world had changed . . . watching two teens that I had fucked have sex while violating their little sister.
I was really lost now. Pure lust had taken over and the feeling I was experiencing had more to do with conquest than pleasure. I wanted to fuck her in every position I could imagine. I pulled out of her again and slipped off of the bed. I grabbed her legs and rolled her onto her back. Then I pulled her towards me, raised her feet up to my chest, grabbed her hips an entered her once more. Now I was standing at the edge of the bed and fucking her mercifully.
Amy had her head turned and was watching us. “Oh yeah Jenny, that feels so good!” Her eyes were glazed.
I could feel the pressure building and I was so turned on! I was burying my cock into this tight little girl and finally, without any control, pushed myself in as far as I could and released into my beautiful little granddaughter.
End of Part Four

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