Please read parts 1 and 2 to get an idea of what happened
Chapter 7
Saturday rolled around, but just my great aunt Sally, Annie's mother, came home from doing the Red Cross work with the tornado victims in Southern Illinois. Annie and I had decided to tell her parents what had happened to her with Kevin, since we were positive that it would come out with Mrs. Dr. Sullivan on Monday, especially after we found out that Kimmie, Jody, Jane, and Sarah got similar calls and would be in the doctor's office Monday afternoon, too.

"Mommy," Annie said in a sweet innocent voice. "Something bad happened to me the day you left."
Instinctively, Sally screamed, "If you did anything to hurt my baby, so help me God I will kill you where you stand."
"No, mommy, James saved me. It was Kevin. . .," she said through eyes that were starting to tear up. "Kevin Sullivan raped me in his house during the party. James found me and saved me, he is my knight in shining armor."
Great aunt Sally had this look of wanting to kill some one on her face.
I knew it wasn’t me and I started with the water works with a look of shame on my face, "If only I had noticed she was gone earlier. I feel so bad that I didn't. . . I knocked the bastard out."
Sally had a hint of a smile when she heard that I knocked Kevin out, "It's OK, you did all you could. You protected and cared for my Annie after that."
"I think Mrs. Dr. Sullivan knows, mommy," Annie said. "She wants me and you to come to her office Monday. I want James to come with us, he will protect me. I took a pregnancy test and . . . " She started sobbing uncontrollably, "It said I am pregnant."
"Where is the shotgun," Sally roared like a lioness. "I am going to make sure Kevin Sullivan . . ."
"No," I yelled. "That will just make things worse. There are worse things than death, you know."
That seemed to calm her down.

It was a bit strange going about the house clothed and not almost constantly making love to Annie since we could not afford to get caught, especially after our Tony Award performance on Saturday. Sally did catch us sleeping cuddled up together in Annie's bed together, but since we were in our sleeping gear and another award performance about how she needs her knight in shining armor to protect her in her delicate condition, she understood and left us alone and complemented me on being so dedicated to Annie. If she only knew!

Chapter 8
As expected when we got to the office of Dr. Moira Sullivan on Monday Kimmie, Jody, Jane, and Sarah were all there with their mothers. They had already spoken to Dr. Sullivan and the mothers had a murderous look on their faces.
Dr. Sullivan called Annie and great aunt Sally in, but Annie protested because the Doctor didn't want me to come in. "He has to," Annie pleaded, "He is my knight in shining armor. James protects me!"
"He'll see your private areas," Dr. Sullivan noted.
Annie insisted, "He is my cousin and he is here to protect me!"
Sullivan gave in and I went in the exam room with them.

Once the door closed the doctor was blunt, "My son Kevin raped your daughter. He did the same to the other girls you saw out there and I caught him with his sister when I got home from Chicago. His own sister! They are all pregnant and I suspect Annie is too. Don't worry about Kevin, we shipped him off to the Bradley Davis Military Academy. He needs to get away from girls. I'll need to examine Annie privately, if you don't mind." The doctor looked at me and Annie picked up the vibe I wasn't welcome.
"No," Annie said, "James saved me from Kevin. He is going to protect me. He has seen everything. He can't hurt me."
Annie stripped for the examination and somehow I kept myself under control as she was poked, prodded and tested.

"She is pregnant, I am afraid. Judging from how far along she is Kevin is definitely to blame. I don't believe in abortion, but I will pay any expenses related to the pregnancy and baby. If you decide to keep it I'll set up a trust fund for expenses and education. My family has a lot of money, but my husband knows nothing of it. There are special schools we can send Annie to so she won't face shame here in town."
"I am not leaving James, he protects me," my cousin insisted.
"She can come to my school. Saint Eligius Prep always has a couple of pregnant pupils and nobody cares since we are Episcopalians," I offered. "I feel so bad about what happened and I'll do everything I can to help her. Plus a change of scenery could do her a lot of good."
Annie squealed, "Please!"
Great aunt Sally asked, "Do you think your mother would be OK with it?"
"Let's give her a call," I offered not realizing it would be in the middle of the night in Australia. We called, apologized for waking her up, put her on speakerphone, explained the whole situation and our solution. My mom praised me for being so responsible and chivalrous and would work on the problem of lining up a spot at school and getting doctors for Annie in New York. She also noted that she wouldn't be back for three or four months and it isn't easy to pop in from Sydney.

I could see that Annie had this look of glee on her face, knowing that she would be spending the next few months alone with her knight in shining armor.

Chapter 9
A few days later Annie and I were aboard a private jet to Teterboro Airport where a car would take us to my apartment. The jet was normally used on longer haul flights and had a cabin with a bed in the aft section. Annie was quite happy with that and proposed we join the mile high club. We needed to release our days of pent up lust that made us so horny we just striped and started making love somewhere over Ohio. Annie, suggested that I pop her anal cherry so she lubed me up with her mouth, which also got me ready for action. I spread her supple ass cheeks and took aim at her tight little asshole. She didn't do anything to herself, apparently wanting to focus on the complete sensation of my member in her anus. It was nice and tight and a bit of an odd sensation for the both of us, but we wound up cumming together.
"I didn't really like that," Annie smirked.
"That's fine," I said since I really wasn't all that impressed with it myself.

When we got to the apartment, all the boxes of Annie's stuff had arrived and she was drawn to the picture window with an amazing view of the Hudson River.
"It is beautiful," she said looking at New Jersey.
I of course had my mind on only one amazing view - Annie, who thanks to all the hormones associated with pregnancy had become horny all the time.
"Not as beautiful as you."
She giggled and said, "What am I doing still dressed.” My cousin looked at her clothed body and began to disrobe giving anyone in New Jersey with a telescope a sight to behold. I quickly followed her lead and we made love into the evening right there in the living room.

Our love making, Annie refused to call it sex, was almost constant over the next few days and like back in Miskatonic we slept together in the nude coupled together. However, during the times the cleaning staff came to tidy we set about exploring the city together. Thanks to my cousin, I was able to see through her eyes the wonder of the things I found commonplace. We were both aware of the wonderful connection between us and it made us even more passionate towards each other. We both realized we were soul mates and I lamented the fact that we were cousins.

Saturday, we both got a surprise. Hannah my first love and the girl I lost my virginity to before her family moved back to England appeared at the door that morning. Annie and I quickly threw some clothes on and answered the door.

Hannah looked amazing with her pale skin, raven black hair now cut boyishly short, and her wonderful pert little A cups. She had a strange look on her face as we exchanged pleasantries. "I have a bit of a strange request," she said in her wonderful accent. "It is my little brother Ian. His leukemia is at a stage where it is getting bad. There is a new experimental treatment involving umbilical stem cells, but for the best results it should come from a close family member. My parents can't have any more kids and the doctors studied the genotypes and you and I would be the best bet."
A bit amazed by the turn of events I asked, "So you want to make a baby with me?"
"Yes. It is perfect. You are the only boy I ever liked and I realized off at boarding school that I really like girls. You didn't turn me lesbian it is just that I couldn't find any guy as good as you, and not just in bed. I don't want to be artificially inseminated like some piece of livestock and am so happy that I can do this with someone I love, assuming that it is OK with you. Your mom said it was OK. Check your e-mail she should have sent you a note."
I just stood there dumbfounded when she said this. I quickly checked the e-mail on the iPhone and there was an e-mail from mom about it.
"You should do it," Annie said. "You are a knight in shining armor and it is the right thing to do. Plus, I can have someone to be pregnant with."
"Hannah, of course I would we are more family than friends, you know," I added exchanging a look with Annie who mouthed, "Tell her."" "Now there is something that we have to tell you. . ."
I had told Hannah about Annie in our e-mails, well not the whole truth, and I started to tell everything.
Hannah said as she unconsciously stroked her pussy through her clothes, "God, that is hot. It made me horny!"
"Me too, but I am always horny. Seeing you made me even hornier and I never got horny over a girl before," said Annie who was now naked and starting to help Hannah strip. Within seconds they were on the floor of the living room 69ing each other with Annie's face burried in Hannah's shaven pussy and Hannah's burried in Annie's furry one. I stripped and wondered what to do given that Annie didn't really like anal and neither did I. Hannah took a brief pause from licking Annie's pussy and gave me instructions, "Lube up and put it in my arse!"

I quickly ducked into the bathroom to get some K-Y, lubed up and inserted my throbbing member into the hole between Hannah's supple ass cheeks. It was tight, even tighter than Annie's. It was an amazing sensation and I guessed some girls were designed for rear entry and some were not. My thoughts about anal penetration were changed then and there. Both girls were making some wonderful sounds of pleasure, albeit somewhat muffled with a mouth full of pussy. After what could have been a moment or ten we all came together in unison.

"That was bloody amazing," Hannah gasped. "Never had it up the bum, but that was really good, but we can't waste you on that end since we have a job to do. Annie, you are amazing. We'll have to shave you, though."
"But I like my hair. It makes me feel like a woman," Annie responded.
"Give it a try, you may like it," I offered.
"OK, I will but you two will have to do it to me," She said.
"Sure," Hannah and I said in unison.
We all went into the bathroom to shave Annie's pubes. Annie giggled as Hannah and I shaved her. When we were finished, Hannah announced that it was time for the tongue test.
I asked, "What is that?"
She replied that it was something they did at her school when a new girl came to make sure she was properly shaven and it took two for a proper inspection.

We went into my room which now had a California King to accommodate Annie and myself and I guess now Hannah and had Annie lay on her back with her pussy and ass in the air so we could begin the inspection. Hannah and I began to explore Annie’s pubic region with our tongues while Annie was making some pleasurable squeals. I got to her anus and started licking as Hannah was licking Annie's clit. I was a bit surprised how good it tasted, but a bit more when Annie came on both of us.
"You two should lick my juices off of each other's faces. Pregnant girl cum probably has magical fertility powers," she giggled. We did and it was delicious, and Hannah and I rolled around until we coupled together.
"I'll just watch, since you two need to make love together, but once she has one in the oven it is twofer time," Annie said.

Hannah and I went at it for the rest of the weekend while Annie discreetly watched and pleasured herself. It was almost as good as those first couple of days with Annie and the three of us were hoping for the same result.

It wasn't a surprise when Annie woke Hannah and I, still coupled together, on Monday morning. Annie was holding a pregnancy test up saying, "I really want to know if I am not the only one knocked up here!"
We all repaired to the bathroom and Hannah stood over the toilet while I held the test in her pee stream. Both girls hugged each other and let out a great squeal of joy when they saw the result - pregnant!
The sight of my best friend next to my beautiful cousin standing there naked and pregnant with my children was even more of turn on than when it was just Annie. Life was very good at that moment.

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