Let me introduce myself. My name is Johnny and I am 17 years old and am in my junior year in high school. I am just an average guy accept for my above average penis which is about 6 inches soft and 10 inches hard and it was pretty thick. I’m as horny as hell, but I am very shy around girls and am still a virgin. This is the story of my summer.

My parents were going away on a summer vacation and didn’t trust me alone in the house so they told me that I was going to stay with my parents’ friends the Scott’s. I wouldn’t have minded so much except for their son Nick who went to my school and was in my grade. I had known Nick for a long time because of the friendship between our parents and they thought we were best friends. I hated Nick he was the biggest douche bag in school. He was your typical jock type. He was a bully and picked on me constantly. He was so cocky; he thought he was the shit.

The reason I didn’t mind staying over there was because of Mrs. Scott, Nick’s drop dead gorgeous mom. All the guys were in love with Mrs. Scott. She had long blond hair, a kick ass athletic body from all the exercising she did, perfect tan skin, perky voluptuous 36 DD tits that were real and one of the biggest bubble butts I had ever seen. She looked better than any playboy model. And the best thing about her was that she liked to show it off. She wore things that would make a porn star blush. It was hard for me not to get an erection every time I saw her.

I was dropped off at the house and knocked on the door. Nick answered the door.

“What the fuck are you doing here loser,” he said

“Ummmm,” I stammered as I looked at the floor

“He’s staying here for the summer,” Mrs. Scott said who had appeared behind Nick. When I heard her I looked up and saw her in one of the sexiest outfits I had ever seen. She was in a tennis attire, but as if it was a sexy tennis player at a strip show. I started from the bottom up. She had the shortest white skirt that I had ever seen. It didn’t even cover her pussy, which was visible through a matching sheer white g-string. Her shirt was just as eye popping. Her tight stomach was totally bare and above that looked like a matching white tennis shirt except much, much smaller. It was cut so high that it just covered her nipples and the bottom of her boobs were clearly visible. And the collar was cut very low to show an enormous amount of cleavage. It seemed that if I just thought about it hard enough her boobs would fall out. I was starting to get an erection just looking at her, which I had to sneakily hide. And then I looked up and timidly said “Hi” as I looked into that gorgeous, perfect face and blond hair tied back in a ponytail.

“What the fuck are you looking at you dweeb,” Nick said angrily. He obviously wasn’t happy with people looking at his hot mom. “Mom what are you wearing!?!? Can you please change.” And he obviously didn’t like how his mom dressed and showed off her amazing body.

“What sweety? This is my tennis gear I’m going out to play.”

She was totally clueless to the effect she was having on Nick, which made me smile inside to see someone be able to push his buttons even if she didn’t know she was doing it.

“Johnny’s parents have gone away and I told them he could stay here until they got back. Nick I thought you would like having a friend stay with us honey. Could you show him to the guest room. Thanks pookie I’ll be back soon.”

“Mom he’s not my friend, I’ve told you a thousand times.” Nick said

But she wasn’t listening as she greeted me then waved goodbye. When she walked to her car I couldn’t help myself watching her go. The skirt was nearly low enough to cover her perfect ass, which swayed sexily as she walked. Her g-string didn’t cover anything either so from behind it seemed as if she wasn’t wearing anything at all. I was quickly removed from my hypnosis by a hard punch in the arm from Nick.

“I’m going to make your life a living hell dork,” Nick threatened. God I hated Nick. One of these days he was going to get his and I would be there to enjoy. He reluctantly showed me to my room, left without saying a word and went back to his room.

I had just come from helping my parents pack for their trip, which was sweaty work in my house, which didn’t have air conditioning so I felt like having a shower. There was a bathroom attached to my room so I went in took of my clothes and jumped in. I was pleasantly refreshed, and content after the shower. I dried off and then went out wrapped in a towel to find a clean set of clothes. To my dismay all my clothes were gone. Nick must’ve taken them all when I was in the shower as a joke. I wasn’t laughing.

I went to go, still just wrapped in a towel, trying to see if I could find Nick and get even just some of my clothes back. I heard a noise in the kitchen and I thought that it must have been Nick. I walked in and much to my surprise I didn’t see Nick, but his mom who I reckoned just got back from tennis because she was wearing the same thing. Luckily she didn’t notice me right away so I had time to stare and look at what she was doing. It was like the movies. She took out her elastic keeping her golden blond hair in a ponytail and shook it out and flipped it back. She then took her water bottle not to drink, but to pour over her face and body. While she was doing it she was making some of the sexiest moaning noises I had ever heard. And as a double plus her white shirt had become quite see through so that her nipples were visible. Without noticing, all these things added made me get quite a large, hard boner and it had poked through the front of the towel around my waist so it was free for anyone to see.

I was still in a trance when I heard something that brought me out of it, “OH MY GOD!!!”

Mrs. Scott’s mouth was open, eyes popping out, staring right at my crotch. I was red with embarrassment. I was so embarrassed that I dropped my towel so I had nothing but my hands to cover myself up, but I was still erect so they didn’t cover much because I was so well endowed.

“I’m sorry,” I stuttered

“What are you doing?”

“I didn’t mean to. I was just…”

She walked over to me slowly, her eyes never leaving my crotch. I thought she was furious. I thought she was going to accuse me of being a pervert, kick me out and then tell my parents. But I was so wrong.

“What are you doing without that beautiful cock in some girl’s lucky hole?”

“I’m sorry what?” I stammered

“That is the biggest, most mouth watering cock I have ever seen.” She grabbed it and took a sharp breath in and then started to slowly stroke it. I thought that I must have died and gone to heaven. “Oh my god it’s so long and thick. Fuck you’re as hard as a metal rod. Come with me”

She took my cock and led me into the family room. She stood me in front of the couch and told me to take a seat and then knelt in-between my legs, which gave me a great view of her perfect, round tits, which were straining the shirt and were just begging to escape the confines of the shirt. It made me harder than ever. She looked at my crotch, licked her lips and then she began slowly stroking my dick again. I was in heaven.

“I have to insist. I can’t in my right mind just let you and your massive pussy pounder go to waste. I can see that your dick is just aching to be relieved and as the person your mother left incharge I believe that it is my duty to give you atleast some relief with my mouth.

All I could say is “Ummmmm.”

“Why are you being so cruel. Do you want me to beg? Is that it? Fine. Please Johnny. Will you please let me put this throbbing tree trunk between your legs in my mouth and lick it and suck it until you feed me your delicious cum. Please let me be your little cum slum. Please let me give you mouth pleasure. Pretty please” And then added the sexiest pout any one has ever seen. All I could do was nod and just with that her eyes lit and put a huge smile on her gorgeous face. “oh thank you, thank you , thank you.” And then she slowly lowered her mouth onto my dick and started giving me the best blowjob of my life. “I can hardly fit this thing in my mouth.” Oh the things Mrs. Scott could do with her mouth. It was amazing.

I was about to cum when we were suddenly interrupted.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!?!” Nick yelled. He was standing 5 feet away in the doorway staring at us. He was the angriest I had ever seen him.

Mrs. Scott looked at me and rolled her eyes, with her mouth still half way down my dick and then reluctantly raised her head and turned her head around to face her smouldering son while stroking my dick.

“Honey don’t be rude, as you can see I was in the middle of sucking Johnny’s throbbing horse cock. With that he turned his face from his mother’s to my lap and his eyes bugged out.

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed and then quickly looked away in embarrassment. “Johnny you better get up right now, I’m going to kick the living shit out of you. When I’m done with you I’m you’re going to be eating out of a straw.”

“Oh Nick just you shush. Don’t be jealous because Johnny has one of the biggest cocks I’ve seen and you unfortunately inherited your father’s baby penis.” She turned back around to me and raised her pinky finger and we both tried to laugh out loud. This was my dream come true. Nick looked like he was about to cry. “You should be happy for him. Johnny is going to be able to give women unspeakable pleasure with his huge fuck stick. I can’t keep my hands off of him. I’m sorry honey if I can’t say the same for you. I know life’s not fair”

“What about dad?”

“Oh what about him. He’s pathetic and small in the pants. I have been starving for a big cock like this.”

“Oh Johnny, this reminds me of a funny story. Nick’s girlfriend, Daisy, and I are really close and we talk about him all the time. One day she was complaining to me about how small Nick is and how she doesn’t think she will be able to feel him if they have sex and he is a premature ejaculator. Well I said how could he and suggested that maybe she could just give him blowjobs or jack him off to be nice. She told me that she only does that to big dicks and I understand completely. She also said that she is only going out with him because he is the captain of the football team and it’s good for her image. So I told her that she should find some big dick if that’s what she wants. You only live once right. You know what she would just love your baseball bat cock. I’m going to send her your way. She’ll just love you.”

All I could say was thanks and hope that she did send Daisy his way because she was the hottest girl in school.

“Daisy,” Nick whimpered. He ran of the room crying.

“Finally. I’m sorry about that. I thought he would never leave. You must be dying. Let me make everything better and put my mouth back on your huge delicious lollipop and I’m getting hungry for the creamy filling.”

She was about to go down on me when she suddenly pulled back up.

“Wait. This thing is getting in the way,” and then took off her shirt to expose her magnificent, soft orbs that rested on my thighs. “That’s better. Now I’m ready.”

Mrs. Scott went back to the mind boggling blowjob that she had started earlier. I thought that I was going to pass out from the pleasure.

“I’m going to cum,” I exclaimed

“Go for it, do it in my mouth. I want it so badly. Don’t make me wait any longer,” she pleaded

She went back down and started bobbing her head faster and sucking harder than ever and never broke I contact. I was going to explode and I did. 7 big spurts right down her throat, but it was too much and some dribbled down on her tits. She quickly scooped that up and put it back in her mouth.

“You are going to make a lot of women very happy.”

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