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Kim Burns was in the process of feeding the two Springer Spaniels when the front door to burst open and a female voice called out, “Hello, girls, mama’s home, come and give kisses!” The two dogs hearing their mistresses voice literally tore out of the kitchen on their way to the front of the spacious house. Kim smiled to herself as she trailed off after the happily barking duo and laughed out loud at the scene she found in the foyer! Both pups were happily bouncing up and down around the smiling woman who managed to offer, “My goodness, I guess they’re glad to see me!” “I wasn’t expecting you until tomorrow,” Kim said while grabbing a suitcase. “I just got tired of all the traveling and decided to come home a day early,” the middle aged woman replied. “Did everything go okay?’ she asked the pretty young blonde. “Just fine,” the nineteen year old replied. “I had some good company!” Rhonda Marks hushed the excited animals and picked up her over night bag while motioning Kim to follow her up the stairs. “Thanks for taking care of everything when I was gone,” the older woman said over her shoulder. “It’s not easy to find someone with the time to watch these two little monsters!” “I was happy to do it, Mrs. Marks,” Kim answered quickly. “Well, it certainly put my mind at ease knowing that you were minding the store, so to speak,” Rhonda replied with a smile. She tossed her bag over the back of chair an sat down on the edge of the bed and began undressing. “You don’t mind sticking around for another hour or so, do you?” she asked while kicking off her shoes. “Uh, no, not at all,” Kim replied. “Good,” Rhonda replied, “now be a dear and start me a bath.” Kim entered the well appointed bathroom and started the water running in the oversized whirlpool bath. “How do you like it?” she called out. “Very hot!” came the reply from the bedroom. “And put in some bath oil, my skin feels like leather!” Kim finished readying the bath just as Rhonda Marks slipped up behind her and asked, “All set?” “Yeah,” the surprised young woman answered. “All ready to go!” “Good, help me in,” Rhonda ordered as she dropped her terry cloth bathrobe to the tile floor. Kim’s cheeks turned a shade of bright red as the older woman casually stood naked before her, but she gamely took her by the arm and helped her into the swirling bubbling waters. “God, does that feel good,” she sighed while lounging back and letting the water do its thing. “Be a dear and scrub me with that wash cloth,” Rhonda said while closing her eyes. “Y-you want me to wash you?” Kim asked nervously. “Of course I do,” the older woman replied a matter of factly. “Why, do you have something against it?” “Uh, no, not at all.” Kim stammered. “It’s just that, well, I’ve never done anything like this before.” “Like what?” Rhonda asked softly. “You know,” Kim replied, “I mean I’ve never washed a grown woman.” “Well don’t worry,” Rhonda chuckled, “I promise not to bite!”

Kim dipped the dry wash cloth into the warm water and picked up a bar of lilac scented soap before rubbing them together to form a frothy suds. “Okay, where do you want me to start,” the young woman asked softly. “Land sakes, child!” and exasperated Rhonda replied. “”Just do it, I don’t care where you start!” Kim made audible gulp, and then with quite a bit of trepidation slid her rag covered hand under the swirling water. “Ahhhh, that feels nice,” the older woman sighed while Kim began working around the round tummy. “Maybe this wouldn’t turn out to be so bad,” Kim said to herself as she worked her way down Rhonda Burns’ full thighs. “Are you sure that you haven’t done this before?” Rhonda asked dreamily. “You have a wonderful touch!” “T-thanks,” Kim stammered, “you have a very pretty body.” Rhonda opened her eyes while at the same time cupping her immense breasts before replying softly, “Why thank you, Kimberly, that’s the nicest thing anyone’s every said to me.” Now turning a deeper shade of red the young woman offered no resistance when Rhonda guided her hand to her heavy bosom. “I think these need a little attention, don’t you?” she asked huskily. Kim couldn’t even look the older woman in the eyes, but without a word of protest began gently washing and massaging Rhonda’s incredible chest. “Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyy!” the older woman moaned. “I-it’s been so long since anyone’s touched me this way!” Kim couldn’t understand what was happening to her! Never in her entire life had she ever even contemplated having sex with another woman, let alone a woman old enough to be her mother! But as incredible as it seemed, she was unmistakably drenching her panties while caressing Rhonda Burns’ massive chest!

Rhonda’s head rolled from side to side as the young woman used her wash rag covered hand on her floating breasts. “W-what are you doing with your other hand, dear?” Rhonda stammered softly. “Nothing!” Kim whispered in return. “I’ve got a good idea where you can put it,” the older woman sighed. “W-where!?!” Kim asked nervously. While her eyes grew to the size of saucers, Kim watched in utter disbelief as Rhonda Burns grabbed her left hand and pulled it directly to her red hot vagina! “W-will you please help me!?!” Rhonda Burns pleaded. Kim licked her dry lips once or twice, and then after swallowing hard, answered Rhonda’s question by letting her finger press insistently into the older woman’s gaping organ! “Ohhhhhhhh, you sweet little girl!” Rhonda gasped. “T-that’s it, ohhhhhhh yesssssssss!” “Do mama’s big fat clitty!” “Mmmmmmmm, make her feel like a real pussy!” In only a matter of several seconds Kim had the older woman begging for release! With her right hand pinching and twisting the dark pink nipples, her left hand worked feverishly on Rhonda Burns’ overly deveopled clitoris. “D-do you like by breasts?!?” Rhonda moaned. “Oh yes!” Kim replied urgently. “They’re absolutely beautiful!” “Oh god!” she gasped. “I-I’m on the edge!” “S-so close now!” “Do it faster!” “Oh yessssssss, faster, faster!!!” “Ohhhhhhh fuck!” “I’m cumming so fucking hard!!!” With those words Rhonda Burns hips lurched forward as an orgasm of brutal intensity slammed into her cunt like a freight train out of control! With her hips bucking around like a wild animal, it was all Kim could do to keep her finger in contact with the incredibly distended clitoris!

Then it was over! Rhonda lay relaxed back in the water with a satisfied smile on her face and a small sigh escaping her lips! “That was wonderful!” she said with a smile. “Thank you ever so much.” “It was my pleasure, ma’am,” Kim replied with her face again turning red. “If you’re anything like me,” the older woman said softly. “I can just about guarantee that you’re pussy is literally dripping.” “Isn’t that right?” “I-I don’t know what you mean,” a totally embarrassed Kim replied. “I think you do,” Rhonda replied softly. “Now I want you to stand up, and take off your shorts and panties!” “I-I just couldn’t!” Kim answered with her eyes cast down. “Oh but you can!” Rhonda replied evenly. “now do as your told!” she replied with a bit of edge to her voice. Now completely humiliated, the young woman slowly stood up, and with her back turned, dropped her shorts to the floor! Her tight bottom was encased in a pair of white cotton panties, that even though were totally utilitarian, couldn’t hide the fact that what they were covering was an incredibly sexy ass! “Now the panties!” Rhonda ordered. Kim rolled her eyes to the ceiling, and then after taking a deep breath, shoved the white cottons down around her ankles.

“Oh myyyyyy,” Rhonda sighed. “You have a very pretty bottom, young lady!” “Thank you,” Kim answered softly. “Step closer so I can feel it!” the older woman demanded. Now unable to resist, Kim stepped backward until she felt a soft damp fingers caressing her firm yet supple cheeks. “Simply incredible!” Rhonda intoned while gently cupping the two perfectly shaped globes. “Okay, child,” she said, “now turn around and show mama what you’ve got.” With her face now the color of a beet, Kim slowly turned around, exposing her partially shaved vagina to the eager eyes of the older woman! “Sweet jesus in heaven!” Rhonda gasped. “Y-you’re lips are huge!” “You are so ready!!!” “May I ask you a question?” Rhonda intoned softly. “What?” Kim replied in obvious distress. “How often do you masturbate?!?” “I-I’m not sure,” she replied with her head down. “Don’t give me that!” Rhonda snapped. “When was the last time you touched your clit?!?” “L-last night,” came the soft reply. “Did you climax?” the older woman pressed on. “Y-yessss, I came very hard!” “Good,” Rhonda replied. “Because do you know what we’re going to do now?!?” Kim shook her head from side to side and waited for the older woman to reply. “Well, you and I are going to masturbate in front of each other, that’s what we’re going do!” Kim’s legs buckled slightly at the very thought, and without even thinking, her left hand slipped between her thighs and sought out her erect little clit!

“Ohhhhh, Mrs. Burns!!!” Kim gasped as her finger tip flicked over her hard little nub. “My goodness gracious, child!” the older woman sighed while staring at the young woman’s bulging labia. “You are indeed a wonder!” “I-I love to touch myself,” Kim stammered. “I just can’t seem to stop doing it!” “Do you have a boyfriend?” Rhonda asked while cupping her huge chest. “No!” Kim replied with groan. “Have you ever seen a man’s penis?” Rhonda pressed on. “Just daddy’s,” the young woman replied. “One night I came home early and saw him having sex with mommy through a crack in the door.” “Did it excite you?” “Oh, yesssssss!!!” she replied. “Mommy was on her knees sucking daddy’s penis!” “Was he large, I mean did he have a big erection?” Rhonda asked softly. “I think so,” Kim answered, “mama kept saying how she loved it when daddy stuck all nine inches inside of her pussy.” “D-did you see him fuck her?” the old woman gasped. “After mommy sucked him off, daddy lay back and mommy climbed on top of him!” “Then what happened?” Rhonda begged. “S-she sat down on his penis!” Kim managed to stammer. “It went all the way in and mommy had a huge orgasm!” “Then daddy rolled over on top of her and rammed his erection in and out of her like he was going crazy or something!”

By now both Kim and Rhonda’s fingers were flying over their hot clits while images of Kim’s father fucking her mother danced in their heads! Kim overtly opened her legs even farther giving the old woman a perfect view of her pussy as a stunning climax wrenched her over heated cunt! “Good lord in heaven!!!” Rhonda screamed as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her unabated. With her legs now the consistency of jelly, Kim slowly slipped to the floor with a satisfied smile covering her face. “Wow!” the young woman sighed. “That was more than wonderful!” “Mmmmmm,” Rhonda hummed, “so very much more.”



2007-01-30 02:58:56
Loves those old lesbos,and thank god for young sluts


2007-01-12 14:30:09
good but way too short


2007-01-01 18:39:05
Good story and have got a couple of sticky fingers; but not long enough


2006-12-27 02:40:43
That story was hot.....longer next time pleez!!!!


2005-12-02 17:19:00
wow wat an awesome story i luv it when an older girl goes down on some one younger. That story gave me such a boner i cant wait to read more.

i wish i could,ve been there to fuck them and get blown. You should make the story longer next time.

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