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It was just the seven of us at Andy’s parents’s cottage for a long four day weekend. Friends, celebrating the end of their senior year of high school. The cottage itself lay alone on a multi-acre plot of land with its own private piece of shore. There was myself, a modest looking guy 5’10’’ 140 pounds with brown hair and a non-de face, Andy, who at 6’4, 190 pounds had been accepted into the Air Force Academy, and Mike, the same height as me who weight in at about 20 more pounds.

We were part of the preppy crowd all through high school, in honors and advanced placement classes, and we brought with us three like minded girls. There was Liz, a 5’6’’voluptuous olive skinned girl of Greek descent who had the most delightful curves and just the perfect amount of meat on her. She had wavy brown hair that dipped below her shoulders, and the fullest lips you’d ever see. Her perky c-cup breasts nicely filled a red and yellow floral patterned bikini.

Kat was in the same build as Liz, though a bit thicker, and a bit more stacked on top. She had slightly darker skin, and much more angular facial features than Liz. She also had a good amount of muscle on her 5’4 frame. D cups strained at the fabric of her small red bikini, and in a risqu?ove, her bottoms were a tight red thong.

Rachel was tall, almost reaching six feet, with straight blonde hair, and a thin frame. She had long thin legs that ended in a perfectly sculpted ass. She had on a small pink string bikini with a top that safely hid little A-cups. Her face always carried that slight smirk that blond girls tend to have.

Finally there was Beth, Crawford’s girlfriend, a short 5’3 with thick, but not too thick legs and wide hips Her pink and brown tankini hid a surprisingly firm ass and nice b-cups. She had cherubian facial features and big blue eyes.

We were currently embroiled in a deathmatch of a volleyball game, girls against guys. It would have been just for fun, but Rachel had been on the varsity team since she was a sophomore. She was going all out trying to will her team to victory.

Both sides had already won one game, and the score had just reached 15 apiece (playing to 25), thanks to a vicious spike by Rachel.

“Jesus,” I said “I’ve never seen someone try so hard just to lose before.” This got under her skin, I knew.

“Who said anything about losing?” she growled.

“That first game.” We had trounced them 25-15 the first game, but they’d rallied to win the second 25-21.

“Wanna bet on it? We win, you buy us dinner.”

“Fine,” the guys agreed. “What if we win? Mike asked. Rachel just shrugged her shoulders. A plan was forming in my head.

“Well, since it’s a private beach, if we win…” I paused for effect, grinning devilishly, “you girls go topless.”

“For the rest of the night?”

“For the rest of the weekend,” Andy said, grinning evilly at Beth.

“Then you have to buy us dinner for the entire weekend,” Rachel countered.

“Fine,” I said, hoping my wallet wouldn’t have to take the hit. We all looked back and forth at one another.

“Shake?” Mike finally asked. The four girls looked back and forth and after a moments hesitation nodded. Everyone shook on it, and we resumed playing, with newfound intensity. Rachel, somewhat of a diva that she was wanted to be treated the whole weekend. We guys all knew what we were playing for.

Rachel’s tenacity paid off early as they grabbed the next few points, taking a 17-15 lead. “I think I want lobster tonight,” she sneered at me after I’d dove for a return and missed. The guys rallied back to take an 18-17 lead, and I looked triumphantly at Rachel. She stared coldly into space. We traded points until the score was 23-22 in favor of us.

“Two more points,” I informed the girls, knowing they would not come easy. Unfortunately for them the three of us moderately athletic guys proved to be more than enough of a match for a one girl team. The 24th point came after a long volley in which Rachel barely carried a shot out of bounds. The 25th came easy, a few shots after our next serve.

Rachel kicked the sand. “Line up,” I said triumphantly. The three girls stood facing us with their hands on their hips, glaring. We walked up behind them and one by one pulled loose bikini strings. Andy had Beth’s tankini top in his hands, and grabbed the rest of the tops one by one. The girls stood there, covering themselves, too embarrassed to move. Finally, Crawford grabbed his girlfriend’s arms and wrestled them away and behind her back until she was exposed for all to see. They were just as perky as they looked, with nice small areola’s.

“Come on Rachel, I’m sure they’re bigger than mine,” I teased. She put her hands on her hips and started towards me, mouth open, ready to yell. She made it before she realized what she’d done and covered herself once more, blushing and falling silent. Too late, I’d gotten a good look. They were tiny, but they were there.

Behind her Kat snorted with laughter and dropped her hands. Her large breasts fell, but only an inch. They were magnificent. She grinned and pinched her nipples. Finally I approached Liz, still too shy to reveal herself. “I’ll make you if I have to,” I told her. She just shook her head nervously. I walked around behind her, her head followed, watching my steps. I put my hands on her shoulders and started massaging. She relaxed visibly, a small moan of pleasure escaping her lips. “Calm down” I told her, running my fingernails down her back and up again. She shuddered at this, and her arms fell slightly. I tried to move them completely, but they still wouldn’t budge. I moved my hands back to her shoulders, then lightly down her back, going all the way to the top of her bikini bottoms. My hands encircled her waist, then my fingers deftly went under her bottoms and jerked them down an inch, just enough go get her attention.

Her hands flew to keep me from pantsing her and when she did, I grabbed her wrists. She dropped to the ground and curled up in an attempt to cover herself. I wrestled with her for a moment, my cock taking some notice in my trunks, until I finally slipped an arm in behind hers, holding her in a one-armed full nelson.

With some effort, I lifted her to her feet, for all to see. Unfortunately, all could also see my hard-on. To hide it, I made sure I was right behind her, knowing she could probably feel my cock pressing against her back. I held her so that everyone could get a good look, then finally let her go. She didn’t immediately cover herself, she just scratched her back absent mindedly where my cock had been.

I realized that neither Mike nor Andy had probably fared any better, and I was right. Andy was kissing beth, a hand just cupping the bottom of her breast, and Mike was staring agape at Rachel and Kat who were in turn staring agape at his pants.

Liz awkwardly stared at Andy and Beth for a moment, before deciding I was a better place to look. Her eyes stayed right at waist level as she spaced out. “Uh, I’m up here,” I said mimicking the haughty complaint of many a well endowed movie bimbo.

“Huh?” she said, looking up, then realized what was going on and turned away.

“It’s ok, I’m sure I’ll return the favor a hundred times over.” It was the truth, her round c-cups were so firm had not fallen an inch when her top came off. She grinned a little and looked up at me, something deeper dancing behind her eyes.

Meanwhile, Rachel had picked up the ball and was bouncing it to herself on her wrists. “Ready to go double or nothing panties?” Mike asked, smacking her on the ass. She looked like she was going to yell at him, but instead just smiled and shook her head.

“Looks like Beth is already going for it,” Liz whispered. Sure enough, Crawford’s hand had buried itself in his girlfriend’s pussy. To the shock of everyone, Kat walked up to them and slid them down and off Beth’s legs, flinging them at Mike. Beth looked up from her reverie momentarily, but the inexorable movements of Crawford’s hand just made her moan and plop her head back on the sand.

“Maybe we should let them be,” Liz said.

“Good idea, we need to unpack anyways,” I said smacking Liz in the ass just as Mike had done to Rachel. She looked at me incredulously. “What if he gets to do it, I do,” I said gesturing to Mike as we walked back to the drive.

“Ahem,” Kat cleared her throat. “The only one in a thong and you smack those two,” she said in a bit of mock hurt.

Rachel pinched Kat’s ass, hard, eliciting a squeal from the girl and hurried steps to get away. My eyes glazed over as I stared at Kat’s bouncing boobs. I’d never seen even one girl as attractive as these three nude, and here I practically had three…well, four, but I considered Beth to be off limits.

Rachel led her friend over to a bench that was besides the front walk to the house. She grabbed Kat and made her bend over, touching the seat. Kat wiggled her ass invitingly. Rachel gave it a hard smack and Mike followed suit, his hand lingering on her ass for a moment. I made no pretense about hitting her, then giving it a nice long squeeze. It was remarkably firm. Apparently I had the right touch because Kat’s back started to arch before I let go.

“You next?” I asked Liz. She grinned, but shook her head. “Aw come on,” I ran a hand lightly up and down her ass and upper thighs, bringing my fingers dangerously close to her pussy. “You certainly have much better to offer,” I whispered in her ear. She turned and looked at me, shocked that I had the audacity to say such a thing.

“Don’t worry, no one heard,” I said motioning towards the house. Mike was already leading Rachel inside, one hand firmly on her ass, while Kat pulled her bag out of the SUV’s luggage rack. Liz and I headed over and grabbed out things. I enjoyed the sight as she had to reach way up into the rack to get her bag, leaving her tits just hanging out there.

I came up behind her, making sure she could feel my hard cock. “I was telling the truth,” I whispered in her ear, running a hand lightly up her stomach, stopping just before her breasts. She shuddered and let out a deep sigh, before turning towards me. She had an intense look on her face, her lips parted ever so slightly. She put a finger to them, as if deep in thought and looked over my shoulder for a second before pulling me close and kissing me forcefully. Before I even had a chance to react, her tongue was in my mouth, begging for mine to come out and play. I obliged her, twirling it around, entering her mouth and running it lightly off the roof. This provoked a definite reaction as she pulled at me harder, pushing my cock into her stomach.

After several minutes, she pulled up, staring at me. Emarassed at her rash actions, she blushed and covered herself once more. I pulled at her arms and this time they fell away, a deep yearning lingering in her eyes. I ran my hands from her hips up her curves and lightly over her breasts until they lay around her neck. I pulled her close and kissed her once more before moving them to her shoulders and guiding her down.

She immediately took the hint and crouched on the driveway, her fingernails making long scratches down my stomach before they curled under my trunks and pulled them down. I opened the door to the SUV and sat on its floor while she ran her hand up and down my 6.5’’ cock. She stared at me for a moment, stroking it before I ut my hand on the back of her head. That was all the cue she needed as she moved forward and took it in her mouth.

I jumped as her tongue hit my cock with an electric passion that I’d never felt before, and tightly gripped the sides of the SUV as she started to slowly move up and down. Her perfect full lips stroked me in a way I could only have dreamed of while her tongue danced over my cock. She stared into my eyes the whole time as if to convince me that it was a sweet reality. I leaned back and interlaced my fingers behind my head, shutting my eyes and enjoying the moment.

Liz went wonderfully slow, preserving the feeling, prolonging the rush, the moment. I felt like she could suck my cock for hours, but I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. She took her mouth off it and stroked it for a minute.

“How am I doing?” she blurted. My eyes fluttered open.

“You’ve never done this before?” She bit her lip and shook her head in a kind of embarrassed way. “You’re doing wonderful,” I told her, “please don’t stop.” She smiled at the compliment and took me once more. I shut my eyes again while she continued pleasure me.

Then all of a sudden, I felt her stop and tense up. My eyes flew open to see what was the matter. Kat had come up behind her and was now stroking Liz’s hair. She stood, her boobs inches from my face, which turned me on even more.

“Don’t let me distract you,” Kat said, “I promise I won’t get in the way.” She rubbed Liz’s shoulders. At that the girl relaxed a bit and resumed her fantastic blowjob.

Kat grinned at me and shook her boobs back and forth for my benefit. I reached out and squeezed one, testing Liz’s with the other hand. Not as firm as Liz’s, but nice nonetheless. She leaned forward, letting me run my tongue over her half dollar sized areolas. They were nice and soft, jiggling with each lick.

I licked and sucked on her nipples until both were soaked. Kat had taken to fingering herself while I pleasured her. Suddenly I pulled away, “Oh god,” I said, feeling the first ripples of a powerful orgasm. Kat grinned and walked back towards the house.

“Holy shit, I’m, I’m///” I started, struggling to get the words out. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Mmhmm,” Liz said, never taking her eyes off me. That hot little gesture sent me over the edge as I started to explode in her mouth. Her eyes widened in shock at first, and she nearly pulled off, but quickly got used to the taste and dutifully stayed with her lips wrapped around me until she’d siphoned every last drop.

“Oh god you’re good at that,” I said as she pulled off, prompting a giggle and a little dribble of cum to run down her chin and splash on her breasts. She swallowed it all and beamed at me, continuing to surprise.

“Thank you,” she told me.

I was too shocked to mutter anything but “you’re welcome.”

We grabbed our stuff and headed inside to find Kat spread eagle, butt naked, fingers buried in herself on the kitchen table. She looked up at our entrance wearing a look of both “shit, I’m caught,” and “oh god do I have to stop?”

“Keep going,” I urged, and Liz watched in rapt fascination. The buxom girl continued to moan and writhe on the table for several more moments, until she could make no more noise and her back arched impossibly. Her face contorted in a look of extreme pleasure that I knew to be a very powerful orgasm.

She humped her fingers for several more seconds before finally dropping her hips to the table and sighing. Her arms and legs hung off the table and she just lay there staring into space. I was going to head upstairs with Liz, but I had a better idea. I made her get on the table on all fours over the top of Kat. Before she could protest, I stripped off her bikini bottoms and started lightly rubbing her pussy. It was already dripping wet and as she moaned, was only going to become more so.

I rubbed her slit, prompting more moans, before pushing her down closer to Kat. “Lick,” I commanded Kat as Liz’s breasts were pushed right into her face. The girl answered the call of duty as I slid my middle and ring fingers deep into Liz’s pussy. She shook, and at first I was afraid to collapse, but she found the strength to stay on her knees while I started to move in and out.

I toyed with the girl, slowly finger fucking her, occasionally pausing to rub her clit or tickle her g-spot while Kat lapped away at her nipples. I climbed onto the table for more leverage, and a feel at any of the four tits at my disposal. I could feel the muscles in Liz’s pussy contracting involuntarily at the pleasure. This, and a handful of her firm breasts made my cock rock hard once more.

I slid my fingers out and smacked Liz, hard, harder than I had before. She let out a surprised yelp, but quickly forgot about the pain as I moved behind her, rubbing my cock on her slit.

“Oh yes,” she breathed She had a handful of Kat’s hair and was practically smoothing the girl with herself. I slid myself into her, causing every muscle in her body to tense and her back to arch. I thrusted in and out slowly, bringing her up once more. I knew it wouldn’t last nearly long enough to get off, but that wasn’t my intention. I reached around and rubbed her clit while I fucked her, while Kat had no choice but to pleasure her breasts.

Liz came hard and without warning. She started screaming, and her pussy gripped my dick with such force, I was worried for a second and stopped, but only momentarily. I continued to fuck her through her orgasm which seemed like it never stopped. Her yells and moans got louder and louder. Finally after a full minute she let out one last long sigh and slid off of me, collapsing onto Kat.

I leaned back onto my knees, and as I did, I heard a crunching sound. The legs to the table gave out, and we came crashing down on top of one another. Both girls moaned as my still hard cock somehow ended up brushing both girls pussies.

I gingerly got to my feet, Liz and Kat both kneeling, trying to wipe the sweat off themselves.

‘What the fuck happened?” Andy yelled, strolling up with Beth. I looked for something to cover myself with. Liz leaned away, in modesty so I grabbed the only thing I could and pulled it in front of my crotch.

Kat stared up at me as my cock rubbed against her cheek, but said nothing and didn’t move.

“Uh, there was an unfortunate mishap with the table,” I said weakly. The two legs had snapped off completely, leaving the others intact, sloping it down sharply towards the floor. Andy was trying not to catch sight of any part of me, and Beth tried to do the same though she kept sneaking a peek.

“My parent’s are gonna kill me. We better get a new one and make up some story,” he said shaking his head and heading upstairs.

“You can let go of me now,” Kat said awkwardly.

“Hmm, nah,” I said with a laugh and humped her face. She swatted me playfully and finally succeeded in pulling away a few inches, laughing. She tood in front of me and fixed her hair. Siezing an opportunity, I slid a finger in her unguarded pussy.

“Hey!” she said, giving me a look that said anything but ‘stop.’

I grabbed a handful of her hair and turned her around facing the high end of the table. I bent her way over it, until her face touched the wood. I started fucking her, using her hips for leverage. She’d already cum recently, but she just bit her lip and let me enjoy myself.

Suddenly I felt a sensation beneath me. I looked down, and Liz was doing her best to get her tongue on my balls. I’d forgotten about her, but she smiled back at me in between thrusts. As I plowed away at Kat, she started to get horny again.

She started to moan and put her hands on the table, steadying us. Mine found her breasts and squeezed. “Harder,” she breathed, so I kneaded them even more forcefully, pinching her nipples occasionally as I went.

“Harder,” she said, louder this time, and I grabbed them with all my might, squeezing them and rolling them around in my hands until I thought they were going to pop.

“Oh fuck yes,” she said, her hair falling into her face once more. I grabbed her hair, pulling her head back with one hand, and assaulted her breasts with the other. Her wet pussy and Liz’s tongue got me close in a hurry. Kat meanwhile was close herself.

The force of my fucking was shifting the table forwards. I grabbed Kat’s tits and held her close, my dick almost ready to burst.

“Oh shit,” she breathed, and her pussy squeezed my cock, sending me into convulsions as I came nearly as hard into her as I had before. I grabbed her breasts and kept on thrusting, intent on enjoying every last second of my orgasm while Kat yelled and weathered her own.

She collapsed into the table as she finished, sliding my half limp cock out of her. As soon as it hit fresh air, it was gobbled up by Liz who cleaned every last bit of cum off me. When it finally slid out, it was completely soft, and Liz had her head rolled back, eyes shut, enjoying the taste and the moment. After several moments, she started at my, eyes momentarily widening in a look that said, “I can’t believe what just happened.”

Kat meanwhile breathed heavily, but hadn’t moved off the ground. Liz and I left her to herself, grabbing our stuff and finally making it up the stairs.

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