14 yr-old Becky seduces teacher Karla
This story is about a female gym teacher who basically gets seduced by one of her young female students.

Becky and Sierra have been best friends forever. They are both 16 year olds and their moms are
also best friends. Becky and Sierra have had a lot of sleep-overs even though they live next door to
each other. During one sleep-over, when they were both 11 years old, Becky asked Sierra if she had
ever been kissed. Sierra laughed and said no. So then Becky asked her if she ever thought about boys.
Sierra said "yuck no". Sierra was very athletic and was better than a lot of boys her age in different sports.
A lot of the boys thought she was a tomboy but she really wasn't. Becky always went to all of Sierra's games. Becky always thought that Sierra had a nice athletic body and would always catch herself looking at Sierra. After Sierra said she never thought about boys, Becky told her "if I were a guy I would make a pass at you" and then started laughing. Sierra laughed too. Then Becky asked her if she ever looked at a girl in a sexual way. Sierra immediately said "of course not". Becky was hoping to play around with Sierra and experiment with sex because she recently started getting urges she didn't quite understand. She was a little more developed than Sierra and her body was sending signals to her pussy. Becky than asked Sierra if she had ever masturbated. Sierra said she didn't know what she meant. Becky asked her if she had ever
touched herself. Sierra then said, "oh - no not really". Becky said she started to touch herself recently and that sometimes it felt pretty good. Becky got up from her bed and went to put some slow music on. She then went to Sierra's bed and put her hand out. Sierra looked at her and asked "what do you want"? Becky laughed and said "let's dance". Sierra got up and said "you're being silly tonight". Becky said nothing, took Sierra by the hand and started dancing around the room with her. After awhile Becky slowed down and brought Sierra closer to her and started to slow dance with her. Sierra got a weird sensation which she didn't understand. Becky was just hoping that Sierra wouldn't pull away and then put her head on Sierra's shoulders. Becky put her leg between Sierra's legs and began to grind her leg against her, again hoping that Sierra would not move away. But Sierra was getting a weird sensation which kind of scared her and pulled away looking at Becky. Then Sierra asked her "what are you doing" and went back to her bed. Becky laughed and said she was just having fun with her best friend. Then she went and sat beside Sierra on her bed. Becky told her she was getting weird feelings lately and that's why she was acting like she was. She then started to cry and apologized to Sierra. Sierra immediately hugged Becky and told her it was ok. Becky looked up at her and kissed her on the cheek saying "I don't want you to hate me". Sierra said "I could never hate you - you're my best friend". Becky stopped crying and then asked Sierra what she felt when they were slow dancing. Sierra said she got a weird tingling in her pussy which scared her and that is why she pulled
away. Becky told her that those were the feelings she had been getting lately for some reason. She was thinking that maybe together they could find out what it meant, but only if Sierra wanted to. Sierra looked at her and said "well I guess so - what do you want to do"? Becky then said she wanted to kiss Sierra and then have her tell her what she feels. Sierra was nervous but then said ok. So Becky leaned over and kissed Sierra lightly on the lips and then pulled away. "How did that feel" Becky asked. "It felt weird but kind of exciting too" Sierra said. So Becky told her she was going to kiss her again but longer this time and wanted Sierra to kiss her back. As Becky kissed her again Sierra felt a tingle in her pussy. When Becky broke the kiss she noticed Sierra had a hand in her crotch. Becky said people kiss with their tongues
too so they should try it. Sierra said ok and as they kissed they both parted their lips and touched their tongues together. Becky did more and put her tongue all the way inside Sierra's mouth and placed her hand on Sierra's leg moving it up and down as they held their kiss. Sierra's pussy was really tingling now and so was Becky's. As Becky again broke the kiss Sierra said "wow". Becky got bold and told Sierra to take her clothes off and lay back on the bed because she wanted to touch and caress her body. As Sierra did this Becky also undressed and got back on the bed with Sierra. Becky had a hand on each of Sierra's legs and moved her hands up and down them bringing them all the way up toward her pussy. Every time she got close to Sierra's pussy, Sierra would raise her bottom and twitch. Becky then moved her hand over Sierra's pussy and started to rub it with one hand as she continued to stroke the other leg up and down. This appeared to be driving Sierra wild and she started to moan. Becky suddenly stopped and asked her if she was ok. Sierra told her it felt incredible. So Becky then decided to put her finger inside Sierra's pussy like she had done to herself. Sierra moaned as Becky started to move her finger in and out of Sierra's pussy. As Sierra kept thrashing around and moaning, Becky suddenly felt something wet her finger. She pulled her finger out as Sierra was looking like she was having contractions. Becky asked her what happened and Sierra said she didn't know but that it was the best feeling she has ever had in her life. Becky then told her she wanted Sierra to do it to her so they switched places. As Sierra started finger-fucking Becky she began to moan as well and was thrashing about until an incredible feeling also came over her and Sierra could tell by her reaction that what happened to her had just happened to Becky. As Sierra pulled her finger out of Becky's pussy Becky suddenly took Sierra's hand and licked her finger that she had in her pussy. There was a knock on the door all of a sudden and the girls got scared. Becky asked who it was and her Mom said she heard noises in the room and wanted to know if everything was ok. Becky said they were just playing around and that they were going to go to sleep now. Her Mom said ok and Becky looked at Sierra and kissed her on the lips. Then she went to her bed and told Sierra they had to keep experimenting with this. Sierra agreed. As time went on and they kept playing around with each other, they learned that the incredible feeling they had felt was called an orgasm. They also learned that licking each other's pussy gave them that same great feeling. They even pretended that one of them was a boy (Sierra since she was so athletic) and ground each others pussy until they were able to achieve the same sensational feeling. Becky and Sierra have been playing around with each other ever since.

Now both 16 years old and in Junior High School, Becky asked Sierra what she thought of their gym teacher. Sierra said she thought she was pretty. Becky agreed and said "I'd sure like her to lick my pussy". Sierra laughed and said "wouldn't that be something". So one day while in gym class, Becky waited til the other girls had left the gym. As she started to walk out she pretended to turn her ankle and fell to the floor letting out a whimper. When Karla, the gym teacher, saw her fall she rushed to her side. She asked Becky if she was ok. Becky told her she thinks she turned her ankle. As Karla put her hands on her leg to check, Becky quickly felt her pussy tingle. She also noticed what a nice body Karla had. Karla said she was going to call the Nurse but Becky quickly said, "No, just please help me get up". So Karla helped her up and told her to put her arm around her neck so she could take her to her office to sit down. As they walked to her office Becky had a good view of her teacher's boobs. She was already wishing she could suck on them. As they got to the office Becky suddenly began to cry. As Karla helped her sit down she asked "oh honey does it hurt that bad"? Becky apologized and said it wasn't that. It was just that she didn't seem to be very popular in school like her best friend Sierra. No one seemed to notice her. Karla looked at her and said "that's ridiculous - you're a very pretty girl - the guys are probably checking you out all the time. Becky asked
if Karla really thought she was pretty and Karla said "of course I do". Karla then asked her about the ankle and Becky said it felt better and that she could probably walk home now. Karla told her "don't be silly - wait here a moment while I shower and I will give you a ride home". Becky smiled and said ok. As Becky waited she heard the shower come on. She yelled out to Karla if whe would mind if she showered now as well and Karla said it would be ok. So Becky undressed and walked to one of the stalls across from Karla. Again she noticed what a great body she had. She looked really athletic like her friend Sierra. As she started to lather herself she let out a whimper and fell to the ground. Karla heard her and immediately went to her stall to check on her. She asked Becky if she was ok. Becky was getting that tingling feeling in her pussy again having Karla's naked body so close to her. She was wondering if Karla could tell she was leaking pussy juice. Karla helped her up and as she did Becky leaned into her and their boobs brushed, Becky apologized and Karla said it was ok. Becky then said she thought Karla was really pretty, had a nice body, and that any guy would ask her out. Becky again apologized but again Karla said it was ok. Becky then asked Karla if she had ever had sex with a girl and Karla replied no. Becky asked if she thought she would ever like to try it. Karla then stopped and looked Becky in the eyes, Then for some unknown reason she suddenly leaned over and kissed Becky on the lips. Becky kissed her back hard and her legs went weak. As they broke the kiss Karla apologized. Becky said she liked it. Karla took her by the hand and led her back to the office where he had a small bed. Karla told Becky to lay down. She then started to rub Becky's legs with her hands stopping just short of her pussy. It reminded her of when she was 11 years old playing around with Sierra. Then Karla put her face between Becky's legs and started to lick her pussy. Becky started to moan and as Karla continued to lick her she suddenly inserted one finger, then two fingers into Beck's pussy and started finger-fucking her. All the while she kept licking her clit. Becky was thrashing and suddenly came like never before. Karla just kept licking and finger-fucking her which made Becky come for a 2nd time. Karla looked at her with a smile and kissed her on the lips. They parted their lips and were sword fighting with their tongues. Karla then got on top of Becky and started to grind her pussy into hers. They continued to grind their pussies together never breaking the kiss. They came together and Becky started thrusting her pussy into Karla's as if she were a guy til her orgasm died down. Becky told Karla that was incredible then said she had to go home. Becky dressed, said bye and walked out of the Office. Karla noticed she walked with no pain and questioned her about it. Becky looked back at her, smiled, and said "I just wanted to have a chance to seduce you".

When she got home Sierra was there waiting for her and asked her where she had been. When Becky told her what had happened Sierra got so wet she told Becky she had to have her right now. She told Becky to undress and wait for her in bed. She needed to go home a minute but would be right back. When Sierra got back Becky pulled the sheet off herself and Sierra licked her lips as she saw her spread her legs waiting for her. Sierra said she needed to go to the bathroom real quick so she would undress there. When she came back out she had something hanging around her waist. Becky noticed it looked like it had a penis tied to it. Sierra told her she saw women doing this on a website. "It's called a strap-on dildo. It allows a woman to fuck another woman like if she were a man. I ordered it and have been dying to try it on you. So honey open wide and get ready to be fucked". Sierra jumped into the bed, drove the dildo into Becky's pussy and fucked her as she sucked on her tits. Then she continued to fuck her as they kissed each other passionately. Becky came as they were kissing. Sierra then pulled out of her pussy and told Becky it was her turn to fuck her now. So they changed places and Becky began to fuck Sierra. Sierra came so fast that Becky just continued to fuck her making Sierra come for a 2nd time. They really enjoyed this new toy and Becky even got bold enough to let Sierra fuck her in the ass with it. After seeing how much fun Becky had she wanted to try it so Becky returned the favor and fucked Sierra in her ass. Afterwards they straddled each other's pussies, ground them together, and brought each other off again as they locked in another passionate kiss. They then talked about having a threesome with their gym teacher Karla.

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